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What Channels Does Hulu TV Have

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Whats The Downside To Hulu + Live TV

Hulu Live TV Review | Pricing, Experience, Channels, & More

The baseline Hulu + Live TV package only includes 50 hours of DVR storage and isnt ad-free. To upgrade these features, you have to pay more. Similarly, if you want extra channels or to watch Hulu + Live TV on more than two screens at once, youll need to pay for upgrades. Depending on the extra services you want, the cost of add-ons can significantly increase the overall price of your Hulu package.

Hulu Video And Audio Quality

Hulu On-Demand supports up to 4K Ultra HD video if the show supports 4K video this includes most Hulu Original shows. Hulu supports 4K Ultra on the following devices.

Hulu 4K Support

  • Samsung TV
  • Xbox One

In other words, if the show has availability in 1080p high definition, Hulu will offer it in that resolution. To stream Hulu in 1080p HD, its recommended you have an internet connection speed of at least 3 Mbps. However, it may be possible to stream at 720p with just 1.5 Mbps without much buffering. Its recommended to have 8 Mbps to stream Hulu Live TV.

Hulu Audio

Hulu Live TV supports 5.1 surround sound audio. Hulu on-demand can stream 4K on some titles but usually streams at 1080p.

Can I Use A Free Vpn To Stream Hulu In Canada

Some readers might be wondering how they can get their hands on a VPN right now.

We recommend you go with one of the tested providers mentioned earlier in this post.

Some readers might be wondering why they should pay for a VPN when there seems to be plenty of free options available in the Apple App or Google Play Stores.

Thats a valid concern, but it also has a simple answer.

According to research on free apps available for your Android or Apple device, most free VPNs, dont encrypt your connection.

You might as well as not use a VPN at all.

In some cases, free VPNs can also present a security threat.

The operator might log your sessions or sell your data to third-party advertisers.

The reality is that all the opt-in terms and conditions we get when we download an app go unread, and you have no idea what the company is doing with your data after installing the free VPN app on your device.

Free VPNs might come with the right price tag, but it could cost you if you try to use them to access Hulu.

The Hulu platform AI has a list of all the free VPN IPs and proxies used by these services, and the chances are that it will block access to Hulu if it detects you using any of these IPs.

With a professional, paid VPN service, youre getting what you pay for.

Theres no in-app advertising and no logging of your session activity.

You get complete encryption of your connection, with no chance of the Hulu platform sniffing out a fake IP or your real IP address.

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Does Hulu With Live TV Have A Free Trial

Yes, there is a Hulu with Live TV free trial. First you’ll have to sign up for Hulu itself. But new and existing Hulu customers can try it for free. The standard free trial is seven days, but right now Hulu is offering a month long free trial to Hulu .

That free trial of Hulu with Live TV will get you full access to all of the live and on-demand channels, cloud-based DVR and the full streaming library.

If you decide to cancel Hulu with Live TV before the end of the trial, your credit card won’t be charged.

What’s The Difference Between Hulu’s Basic Plan And Hulu

What are details of Hulu Basic? Here

Hulu’s basic plan costs just $7 a month, while Hulu is $13 a month. Both offer access to Hulu’s entire on-demand catalog, but the basic version has commercials while the more expensive plan is ad-free.

With its basic plan, Hulu typically airs five minutes of ads for 30-minute programs and 10 minutes of ads for hour-long programs. It’s a small price to pay for nearly halving the cost of your subscription, and it’s still less overall ad time than you’d find on cable.

Hulu’s basic plan is also missing download support, while the Hulu plan adds support for downloading content to watch offline.

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Are Hulu Channels In Hd

Not all Hulu channels are streamable in HD, because live channel quality also depends on the quality of the stream provided by the channel operator. That said, most live channels are available in high definition above 720p. Hulus on-demand content library is also available in 720p, 1080p, and 4k at 60 frames-per-second HD. See the internet speed recommendations listed in our review, too.

What Is Hulu + Live TV And How Does It Work

Hulu + Live TV is an over-the-top streaming service that lets you watch live programming from over 60 channels along with thousands of on-demand videos from the Hulu content library. This makes it perfect for those who enjoy the convenience of online streaming but dont want to miss out on live TV. And you can cancel any time as theres no annual contract to bind you.

With a Hulu + Live TV subscription, you get live access to news and sports coverage as well as access to plenty of on-demand shows and movies so you can stream the latest episodes of your favorite shows or binge on earlier seasons. And you can even stream new episodes of many currently airing shows the day after they come out.

Hulu + Live TV also comes with cloud DVR storage, so you can record up to 50 hours of live broadcasts to watch later. And you get all of this for $64.99/mo., which, though not particularly cheap, is on par with most live TV streaming services. Plus, you can even customize your plan with additional features and networks for an extra fee .

Other than that, you can also bundle your Hulu + Live TV subscription with Disney+ and ESPN+ for an additional $6/mo. Thats quite a steal considering how a Disney+ subscription on its own costs $7.99/mo., and ESPN+ will set you back by $6.99/mo.

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How Can I Switch Plans With Hulu

If youre already subscribed to Hulu and want to switch plans, go to Account> Manage Plan. When you enter this menu, youll see the option to switch to Hulus solo plans, bundle plans, and discounted 1-year plans. You can also purchase add-ons here. In this menu, you can switch plans with two clicks or taps on responsive devices.

Overall Value For The Price

Does Hulu Have Local Channels – Difference Between Hulu vs. Hulu Plus Live TV

In terms of price, Hulu + Live TV is most similar to YouTube TV, fuboTV, and DIRECTV STREAM. The channel lineups for the services are comparable, but Hulu offers original content that can’t be found on other services. Hulu + Live TV is more expensive than Sling TV and “skinny bundles” like Philo but has significantly more content.

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What Is Hulu Basic

Hulu’s basic plan is the company’s most affordable streaming option. For $7 a month you get access to Hulu’s entire on-demand catalog, but you will have to sit through some ads while you stream.

New subscribers can receive a free 30-day trial when they sign up. If you’re a student, you can get Hulu’s basic plan for $2 a month with a verified college enrollment.

Hulu’s catalog hosts a wide variety of content, including a mix of original shows, current network series, and classic titles. Highlights include entire seasons of sitcoms like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Bob’s Burgers,” dramas like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Law & Order: SVU,” and Hulu Originals like “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “The Dropout.”

You can also use Hulu to keep up with many ABC, NBC, Fox, and FX network shows the day after they air on TV â like “This Is Us,” “The Bachelor,” “Atlanta,” and many more. This is a huge advantage over Netflix where you have to wait up to a year or more for entire TV seasons to show up.

Hulu regularly adds new and classic movies to its catalog as well, including popular films like “The King’s Man” and “Deadpool.” Several Hulu Original movies are also available to subscribers, including “Palm Springs” and “Fresh.”

How Much Is Hulu Live TV

A Hulu Live TV plan with no add-ons retails for $68.99 monthly. This plan streams 75+ Live and On Demand TV channels including sports, news, and entertainment, according to Hulu. However, the plan doesnt include access to Hulus extensive streaming library filled with classic TV series, Hulu Originals and exclusive movies.

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Hulu + Live TV Sports Channels

The Hulu + Live TV channel list also includes a robust selection of top national and regional sports channels. That means you can catch live games from both pro and college leagues, including the English Premier League, NBA, NCAA, NFL, and NHL, to name a few.

Your Hulu + Live TV subscription comes with access to major sports channels like Big Ten Network, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, FS1, FS2, Golf Channel, NBC Sports Network, and NFL Network. So whether you enjoy exciting, high-intensity games like basketball or you want to watch a quiet bit of golf, theres something for every type of sports fan.

But note that some channels may be unavailable in certain markets. Plus, blackouts and regional availability still affect which games you get to watch. For example, you may be unable to watch live broadcasts of Golden State Warriors games airing in the local market unless you live in the Bay Area.

Get 75+ channels along with a library of 8,000+ on-demand titles! Bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+ for even more great content.

How Do Hulu + Live TV’s Competitors Compare

Hulu Live TV Channels List 2021: What Channels are on Hulu?

Hulu Live has recently made itself a strong competitor in the live TV streaming world.

Hulu Live used to be our No. 3 overall pick for live TV streaming services, but now it can outweigh fuboTV and YouTube TV depending on the users needs.

fuboTV has 50 sports channels and the best dollar-to-channel ratio. YouTube TV is $11 cheaper than Hulu Live and it has 10 more channels. But what these two don’t have that only Hulu Live carries is two other streaming services .


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Whats The Difference Between Hulu And Hulu + Live TV

Hulu is a streaming service that offers a range of on-demand content that users can watch whenever they want, including TV shows and movies. Access to Hulus on-demand content alone costs $6.99 a month . Hulu + Live TV gives users access to this on-demand content and a range of well-known TV channels that they can watch live, as you might with cable TV. As such, Hulu + Live TV is more expensive than Hulu Basic, with costs starting at $69.99 a month.

Sling TV Packages And Channel Information Compared:

Sling Blue
  • World Fishing Network
  • Z Living HD

*Includes Showtime, Showtime 2, Showtime Beyond, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Family Zone, Showtime Next, Showtime Showcase, Showtime West and Showtime Women**Includes Starz, Starz Comedy, Starz Edge, Starz Encore, Starz Kid & Family and Starz West

Sign up for the Orange or Blue Sling TV packages, or get them both to access 50+ channels. Use the add-ons to customize your streaming experience!

The Sling TV channels list is quite extensive, although its important to note that the channels you get will depend on the plan you choose. The channels on Sling TV are broken up into 2 basic packages, with the option to add on additional packages for more selection. Take a look at the Sling TV packages breakdown in the section below.

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What Hulu Live TV Local Channels Are Available

Hulu + Live TV offers just one package of channels to all of its subscribers. For $69.99 per month, you can get 75+ channels, including popular cable TV channels like AMC, ESPN, History Channel, Discovery Channel.

As for local TV channels, however, your results will vary. Hulu must negotiate broadcast rights with each citys local broadcast company. Some corporations own local broadcasters in multiple cities, making it easier for Hulu, but others are independent. That said, Hulu offers all of the following local broadcast networks in select markets:

  • ABC
  • MyNetworkTV
  • Telemundo

As stated, your results will vary from market-to-market. For example, those in Washington DC will get CBS, FOX, NBC, MyNetworkTV, and Telemundo, but wont get The CW or ABC. However, those in Charlottesville, VA will get ABC, NBC, CBS, and Telemundo.

For sports fans, Hulu Live TV also carries NBC and FOX regional sports networks.

Reality And Documentary Networks

Hulu Live TV Review – 65 Channels for $65 a Month

Over the past few years, the A& E and TruTV networks evolved their programming lineups from documentaries and fact-based series to a complete reliance on reality TV shows like Duck Dynasty and Hack My Life.

If food and kitchen renovation shows are your thing, you can watch Chopped on the Food Network, Kocktails with Khloé on fyi and Flip or Flop on HGTV.

But if youre looking for real reality content, you can catch the documentaries and fact-based programming on National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, History and the Travel Channel.

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What Is Hulu Live’s Interface Like

Hulu Live’s homepage will be similar to Hulu’s with rows of on-demand content to choose from, and you’ll also see easy tabs at the top of your window: Live, TV, Movies, Sports, My Stuff, and Hubs.

Under the Live tab, you’ll find a clean guide with arrows to find what’s on tonight. Just click on a program and click the record button. We also really like the genre options at the top, such as Sports and Kids.

And lastly, we like the My Stuff tab. This is where you’ll find your recordings, but the best part is one for those who love organization or simplicityyour recordings are separated into categories.

Easily find what you want to watch in your recordings as they’re separated by TV Shows, Movies, Kids, Sports, and Teams.

Hulu Plans And Prices

Hulu offers 4 main streaming plans. You can also buy add-ons for extras like DVR and unlimited screens. Take a look at each plan and the monthly price:


Hulu’s $5.99 starter plan offers full, on-demand access to the entire Hulu catalogue with limited ads.

Here’s what else you’ll get:

  • Ability to stream on 2 devices at the same time
  • TV and movie classics
  • All of Hulu’s original programming .
  • Episodes of current network and basic cable shows 1 day after they air
  • FX on Hulu, which includes past and current FX-exclusive shows 1 day after they air
  • Ability to add premium channels for an added fee

If you’d rather watch your favorite shows live, don’t miss Hulu’s Live TV options below.

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How To Sign Up For Hulu Or Hulu With Live TV

  • In your favorite web browser, visit .
  • Choose whether you want Hulu without ads, or Hulu with ads or Hulu with Live TV.
  • Enter email address, choose a strong password and feed Hulu your name and birthdate and gender.
  • Now choose any premium add-ons like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax or STARZ.
  • And that’s that. You can now start watching anything and everything on Hulu.

    How Do You Get It

    Hulu Live TV Channels 2021

    Its easy to register for Hulu on either a smartphone or a computer. Navigate to and go through the prompts on the screen. For easy payments, connect your Hulu account to your Apple or Android account. Hulu also has an easy sign-up process for mobile and TV apps.

    You dont need to sign any contracts or long-term commitments, such as you would with traditional TV, to use Hulu. You can even take advantage of Hulus seven-day free trial and then cancel the service without any payment at all though you still need to enter your credit card information when you register. If you should ever need to cancel your subscription, its an easy process online or with customer service, and Hulu will save your account information if you ever decide to sign up again.

    Editors’ Recommendations

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    Is Hulu Free For Students

    Hulu is not free for students, but eligible students do get a discounted rate of $1.99 per month for Hulu on-demand with ads. The discount is valid for college students and the plan can still be canceled at any time. Eligible students need to be enrolled at a US Title IV accredited college or university and are verified via SheerID.

    What Channels Do You Get With Hulu + Live TV

    Unlike many of its competitors that offer several different subscription options, Hulu + Live TV keeps it simple with just one basic package.

    And its a pretty solid one.

    For $69.99 per month, Hulu + Live TV includes dozens of channels and access to the providers entire streaming library. For an additional $5.99 per month, you can watch the on-demand content ad-free.

    Youll want to visit the website to confirm local channel availability by entering your ZIP code. Where I live, ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC affiliate stations are included with a Hulu + Live TV subscription.

    are not included thats because of contract disputes with a channel provider.)

    Team Clark has assembled a searchable list of Hulu + Live TVs channel offerings.


    Disney+ and ESPN+ Are Now Included

    In addition to the on-demand content from Hulu, youll also have access to more popular streaming options from Disney+ and ESPN+, which are now included with your Hulu + Live TV subscription.

    Access to these streaming services was added in December 2021 as part of a service price increase from $64.99 to $69.99.

    Disney+ is one of the more popular family-oriented video streaming services thanks to a content library that includes both legacy classics and new originals from brands like Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Disney and National Geographic.

    ESPN+ offers live streams of select MLB, NHL, PGA and NCAA sporting events. It also has a robust on-demand library of sports-related content.

    Premium Channels and Services

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