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What Is The Best Live TV Streaming Service

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Need Better Internet Speeds For Streaming

What is the Best Live TV Streaming Service for You? (Free Quiz!)

If you have multiple devices in your home using the internet simultaneously, or your internet speeds just arent up to snuff, you may not be getting the best streaming TV experience.

Enter your zip code to check out better speeds or prices available from internet providers in your area.

Philo: Best For Streaming On A Budget

The Basics

3 Key Things To Know

  • Entertainment options galore: For this price, you get a great menu of entertainment channels. ViacomCBS favorites Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central are included as well as Discoverys Food Network, History and HGTV. The service also carries three Hallmark networks and Lifetime.
  • No sports and few news channels: The price is great for a strong package of entertainment channels, but theres a reason youre getting such a good price on them. Sports, news channels and local channel access are not a big priority with Philo, so you wont find ESPN, CNN or your local NBC affiliate on this service.
  • T-Mobile customers get a steep discount: If youre a T-Mobile wireless customer, you may be able to get Philo for just $10 per month. Team Clark has the details here.

Is It Worth It?

If your household has no need for sports channels and youre comfortable getting your local news elsewhere, you could save a good amount of money on your live TV streaming by choosing Philo.

T-Mobile customers, in particular, are in a position to gain access to many of the top cable TV channels for a small monthly investment without long-term obligation.

For people who dont care anything about sports, I love Philo as a live TV streaming option, Clark says.

What Dont We Like About Sling TV

  • Dont expect all of your favorite channels
  • Sling TVs DVR has minimal storage

You get what you pay for with Sling TV

Yes, Sling TV is on the cheaper side, but that also means you might not get all of your favorite channels.

Youll absolutely find a lot of popular channels in their packages , but you wont get your ABC, The CW, Nickelodeon, or Telemundo.

As for the sports channels Lets just say Sling tends to the average sports fan. Sling offers the following sports channels:

  • ESPN
  • Stadium

Sling TV has a DVR storage of 50 hours

Sling TV now includes 50 hours of DVR storage in your service, and it officially doesnt have the lowest storage space in the live TV streaming service world.

DIRECTV STREAM only offers a measly 20!

With Sling, now you have the choice to upgrade to a 200-hour DVR storage for an extra $5 per month to make your monthly bill $40$55.

Oh, and just a heads up: when your DVR storage is full, and you happen to record another show, your old or already watched recordings will erase in your library .

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The Best Cable TV Alternatives You Can Buy Today

Sling TV is getting a huge interface change that really brings it up to snuff with the competitors and helps keep it the best cable replacement alternative right now and the one TG writer Kelly Woo chose to replace cable. Sling also won two of the 2021 Tom’s Guide Awards: for Best Live TV Streaming Service and Best Sports Streaming Service.

Sling TV starts off cheap , though the cost can balloon if you choose add-ons. The service offers two basic packages of channels , then lets viewers pick and choose smaller extras, which usually cost $5 per month. One of our editors is currently testing all the cable replacement services, and has found Sling to be a top competitor, and notes that the new Sling app on Fire, Roku and other platforms is a well-designed upgrade gaining new features by the month. Sling’s new app is still expanding to more platforms, so don’t worry if it’s not on your device yet.

From sports to comedy to kids’ programming to foreign language channels, Sling TV has a little something for everyone. The service’s DVR features are not bad, either. For more details, including lineups and pricing and more, check out our What Is Sling TV?page. Even Sling’s Orange+Blue package is still more affordable than most of its competitors’ base packages. Sling’s also updating its app, with a new and improved interface that’s rolling out in waves.

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Are Your Streaming Device And Apps Compatible

Best Live TV Streaming Services for 2019

Setting up and trying out a streaming TV service is as easy as downloading an appbut is that app available on your set-top box or mobile devices?

Most services reviewed here are available as smart TV apps, though we recommend streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or Roku for better stability and performance.

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Best For A Nostalgic Cbs TV Experience

Paramount Plus — formerly CBS All Access — brings a sort of mash up streaming experience with hints of Netflix, Hulu, Peacock and HBO Max. The service has found its legs since launching in 2014 — expanding, but keeping an affordable $5-a-month price tag.

The service offers a wide range of familiar television shows from the days when everyone had cable. You can watch shows like NCIS, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, The Brady Bunch, Jersey Shore, The Real World, MTV Cribs and more. In addition, Paramount Plus has an impressive lineup for kids, including early Nickelodeon shows like All That, Clarissa Explains it All and Are You Afraid of the Dark.

You can also watch original shows like Star Trek spin-off Picard, The Stand and The Twilight Zone remake. In addition, Paramount Plus has some newer theatrical releases like A Quiet Place II and Infinite.

Paramount Plus also offers an annual plan for $50 a year, or a commercial-free experience for $10 a month .

Best For Sports: Fubotv

  • Expensive plans
  • No TBS, TNT, CNN, or Cartoon Network

fuboTV promises live sports and TV without cable, delivering the perfect mix of sports and entertainment. Its an expansion on the services initial mission to be the Netflix of soccer, which still fits.

The fubo Starter package, at $64.99 a month, offers 100+ live TV streaming channels, including entertainment staples like FX, AMC, Syfy, and Comedy Central. Local channels, on the other hand, are harder to come by.

fubos Elite plan, at $79.99 a month, nets you 150+ channels, including SHOWTIME. It also comes with a DVR upgrade to 1,000 hours. For a beyond-complete live TV streaming experience, Elite is the way to go.

Even with the recent addition of ESPN channels, fuboTVs niche sports programming is where its at, especially if youre really, really, really into soccer . That impressive 105 channel count is mostly soccer networks that even hardcore fans might not recognize. And, with fubos sports add-on packages, you can get even more.

Around the same time fuboTV added ESPN channels, making it a sports powerhouse, it lost a suite of WarnerMedia channels: TBS, TNT, CNN, CNN International, CNN en Español, HLN, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies, truTV, and Boomerang. Thats a serious chunk of missing entertainment.

fuboTV is also an expensive live TV streamer, nearly the same monthly cost as a cable or satellite subscription. You get a lot with fubo, but youll definitely pay for it.

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The Best Live TV Streaming Services For 2021

  • Technology
  • The Best Live TV Streaming Services for 2021
  • Canceling your cablegram declaration does not mean that you tin nary longer ticker unrecorded TV. Many video streaming services present unrecorded channels implicit an net connectionthough not each of them people the aforesaid audiences. For instance, immoderate unrecorded TV services are bully for wide audiences, others connection apical sports channels, and a fewer absorption connected amusement and manner channels.

    All the options successful this roundup are disposable crossed galore platforms, including mobile devices, web browsers, gaming consoles, and media streaming devices. Depending connected which services you subscribe to, you whitethorn adjacent extremity up redeeming wealth implicit your cablegram bill. Other radical whitethorn conscionable cherish the state to physique an à la carte transmission program . Whatever your crushed for leaving cablegram behind, cognize that the fig of streaming options continues to rise.

    Best For Streaming Newer Movies

    Best Live TV Streaming Service Overall In 2021!!!

    If you subscribe to for savings on the e-commerce site — $13 a month, or $6.49 per month for students — you also get access to Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service. The service has new movies to rent or buy, and you can watch a number of movies and shows for free, so long as they have the little Prime tag on the corner of the icon. You can also subscribe to Prime Video without the e-commerce savings for $9 a month.

    If you’re a movie fan, Prime Video might be the right choice for you: Amazon’s platform has three times as many movies as Netflix does, one study found. Not all of them are major blockbusters, but it is an extensive catalog.

    As with Hulu, you can buy add-on channels for Prime Video such as HBO and Starz. You can also find programs by searching a channel like BET or Boomerang. Sometimes, even if a show requires an add-on, you can usually watch a season or two for free on Prime. I like Prime Video because it typically has films that are more off the beaten path in addition to mainstream new releases. Plus, there are quality original shows, including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and The Man in the High Castle, as well as original movies like The Big Sick.

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    Free Live TV Streaming Services Compared


    Though owned by Comcast, Peacock is NBCs foray into the streaming TV landscape, and the ad-supported free tier offers tons of NBC TV shows and an excellent library of moviesmost in full stream high definition. Here you can find NBC faves like Friday Night Lights, the first few seasons of The Office and Saturday Night Live but you can also stream newer shows like This Is Us. But other examples of content that didnt premiere on NBC include Battlestar Galactica and CharmedU, and its the single destination for all the Summer Tokyo Olympics. Unfortunately, only Premium subscribers can get access to most of Peacocks live sports including all the Premium League soccer matches. The completely ad-free Peacock Premium Plus will run you $9.99/month.

    Pluto TV

    Owned by Viacom, Pluto TV is a basic, fully free streaming service with can help you supplement cutting those cords with over 200 different streaming channelsthough many are not the traditional channels you may expect. But its the entertainment area that shines with Pluto TV, including Comedy Central, MTV, Fuse and the Paramount Movie Channel. You can also tune into lifestyle channels like Food TV and This Old House and kids channels like Nick Jr. Pluto TV Kids and Anime All Ages. CNN also recently joined Plutos ranks, which is good news for news junkies. On-demand is available, but the smaller selection of movies and TV shows are constantly changing.


    Best Apps For Live TV On Firestick

    TROYPOINT TIP: While the apps below provide live tv channels for streaming, they will not always have what you are looking for.

    The best way to watch Live TV on Firestick and Fire TV is with a Legal IPTV Service such as Vidgo with access to nearly 100 live channels.

    This includes all the most popular channel options for Sports, News, Entertainment, and more.

    Vidgo $10 Special Offer

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    Best And Worst Services

    YouTube takes top marks in our analysis. It has obviously put a huge effort into cutting the deals it needs. It carries all of the Big 4 networks in most of the markets it serves. Overall, half of the markets we looked at get two-thirds or more of their local stations on YouTube TV.

    Hulu with Live TV isnt far behind in overall coverage, but it can only stream local broadcasts of the Big 4 networks in ten of the thirty markets.

    Best Live TV Streaming Service Overall: Hulu + Live TV

    Best Live TV Streaming Service Providers in 2019

    Hulu + Live TV is our pick for best live TV streaming service because it offers something for everyoneas well as access to its popular on-demand Hulu service. Yes, you get all the live TV channels, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC. But you can also bundle sports, entertainment and news along with Hulus enhanced DVR capabilities for $64.99/month.

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    Stream All Your Favorite Sports Live

    To watch all the sports that you previously could with your cable subscription, you should consult our roundup of the best sports streaming services. When picking a service, verify that it carries all the channels you want to watch in your area, including regional sports networks for coverage of local MLB, NBA, and NHL teams. Most services offer the NBC Sports RSNs, but DirecTV Stream is the only one in this list that offers Bally Sports RSNs and AT& T-owned SportsNet RSNs, too. Which RSNs you need depends on your location and which sports you like to watch.

    Not all services include all the major league channels either, such as NFL Network, NBA TV, or MLB Network. Ensuring that a service covers all the affiliate broadcast channels in your area from ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC is also important, since many games air on those channels. Know that you are not exempt from local market restrictions or coverage blackouts.

    We also have roundups of the best NBA streaming services, MLB streaming services, and NHL streaming services.

    What Dont We Like About Hulu + Live TV

    • Hulu Live has some extra fees for perks youll likely want
    • You cant watch NBA TV, MLB Network, or Nickelodeon with Hulu Live

    Expect to add fees to your monthly bill

    Hulu Live comes in at No. 2 to YouTube TV, and the fees are one reason Hulu Live is sitting in second place.

    Youll have to pay an extra $10 if you want 200 hours of cloud DVR storage, making your service more $10$15 than YouTube TV which has an unlimited DVR storage space.

    And if you want the enhanced DVR and more than two simultaneous streams for the family, youll have to pay an extra $15 per month.


    Watching NBA TV, MLB Network, and Nickelodeon wont be happening

    Data effective 8/23/2021.

    Hulu Live has about 20 channels less than YouTube TV and its the same price as YouTube TV. Another comparison to YouTube TV Now we feel like were comparing the middle child to the oldest.

    Here are a few popular channels youll be missing out on:

    • BBC America

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    What Dont We Like About Directv Stream

    • Its the most expensive live TV streaming service in the industry

    Youll have to budget with DIRECTV STREAM

    Its obvious DIRECTV STREAM is the most expensive of the bunch, so this service might only be for those who love premium channels or want a traditional TV experience.

    To put it in perspective, DIRECTV STREAM averages a little over $1 per channel. YouTube TV is 75 cents per channel, and fuboTV is about 50 cents per channel.

    We hope DIRECTV STREAM will decide to lower its prices one day.

    What Do We Like About Directv Stream

    Best streaming services for live TV
    • Premium channels are included in three of DIRECTV STREAMs packages
    • DIRECTV STREAM has four packages to choose from for the family

    If you like premium channels, youll want the CHOICE plan or above

    If you get any package from CHOICE and above, youll get HBO Max free for three months.

    When you get the ULTIMATE package, youll get STARZ channels in your channel lineup. Or upgrade to PREMIER to get HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and CINEMAX.

    In short, DIRECTV STREAM isnt messing around.

    Which DIRECTV STREAM package is best for you?

    The ENTERTAINMENT package is going to have more of your lifestyle and news channels, like HGTV and MSNBC.

    If you upgrade to CHOICE, youre going to get MLB Network, Nick Jr., and the Tennis Channel.

    The ULTIMATE will give you all of the sports channels DIRECTV STREAM offers, including the Golf Channel and NHL Network, and all of the STARZ channels.

    And lastly, the PREMIER package will give you the most channels you can possibly get with DIRECTV STREAM, including four premium channels.

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    What Are The Best Live TV Streaming Services

    Streaming services run the gamut of super affordable platforms with limited channels to more expensive options with line-ups that have hundreds of channels. On some services, like Hulu for example, you can even upgrade your existing account to add live TV so you dont have to sign up for a brand new service. What were saying is, in the world of live TV streaming, there is something for everyone.

    Today theres a long list of services to choose from, but here are the best live TV streaming services of the bunch:

    • AT& T TV
    7 days

    The Absolute Best Apps To Stream Live TV On Firestick

    The following guide will provide you with the best options to watch Live TV on Firestick and Fire TV.

    In this tutorial, we list the best apps for live streaming that we can install on any Firestick device.

    This includes the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Cube, and more.

    Legal Notice:

    The Amazon Firestick is the most popular media device available today for tons of reasons.

    Users can install applications not available in the Amazon App Store for access to tons of Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, and more absolutely FREE.

    This is oftentimes referred to as jailbreaking and is the best way to get the most out of your Amazon Fire TV device.

    The following applications will provide you with tons of channels to stream Live TV on Firestick.

    We include both Free Apps and Paid Apps that will require a monthly or one-time subscription fee.

    NOTE: All of the apps below and many more are featured in our list of Best Firestick Apps that stays updated with all the best streaming options.

    Install the Best Secret Apps in Seconds

    This free guide will teach you how to unlock your device with a few clicks.

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