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How High To Mount TV

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Why You Should Think Hard About Where You Mount That New TV

How to Find the Right Height to Mount Your TV | Kanto Solutions

Don’t put your TV in the sun and other rules of thumb. Here are the best and worst places to put your TV.

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Believe it or not, proper placement can have a huge effect on your TV’s performance. Both image and sound quality can be significantly reduced by putting the TV in the wrong place. You don’t want to put it too high, and you definitely don’t want to put it above a fireplace. A slight seating shuffle, or adjusting your preferred pedestal placements, could yield better picture quality or allow for a larger TV.

I can’t come to your home to help with ideas , but I can give you some do’s and don’ts when it comes to TV placement, to point you in the right direction .

Objects Underneath The TV

One of the most common TV setups includes having a component stand / entertainment unit sitting below the TV to facilitate components such as cable box, game consoles, modem/router, etc

If you havent purchased a component stand yet, then you should also consider the height of the component stand itself as well. Because they do come in different shapes & sizes and some of the taller ones will make your TV end up higher than you might like.

If you have a Soundbar or a home theater speaker, you have to take that into the total height equation as well, as it also takes up room below the TV .

How High Should A 60 Inch TV Be Mounted

As the TVs get larger, it grows more difficult to arrange them, so the center of the TV is 42 inches from the floor and at eye level. If you were to follow that rule with this TV, it would only be about a foot off the ground. When you own a TV of this size, you likely have a large living room and are looking to create a home theater feel. In these instances, you’ll be installing your TV slightly above eye level.

The distance from the floor to the center of the TV should be about 66 inches. Measure the height of the TV and divide it by two. Add that number to 66 to know the general area in which you should install your mount.

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What Is The Proper Height For Wall

More and more people are adapting to the use of flat-screen TVs in their homes. The flat-screen TVs not only offer you a high-quality image but they also help you save on space. You can mount any flat screen in virtually every other room, including the bedroom, but what is the proper height for wall-mounted TV in your bedroom?

The proper height for wall-mounted TV in the bedroom is at an ideal distance that does not strain your eyes. The distance can vary depending on the size of the screen. Additionally, it should have a viewing angle that allows you to watch comfortably while sitting.

This article will look at the various factors affecting the height you should mount your flat screen. It will provide you with the rules you should follow to mount a screen in your bedroom.


What Height To Mount A TV

UPDATE: Please help, is this TV mounted too high ...

I know thats a lot to take in. Thankfully, theres a calculator that I like to use that helps you choose the right size TV for the room and viewing distance. Part of how high to mount a tv will come down to personal preference like I mentioned though, plus the technology of the TV.

If money were no object, you might buy the exact right size TV for the room. But you live in the real world where rooms can be strange shapes or you move house and dont buy a new TV each time. So use the calculator as a guide on how high to mount a TV and just keep the size of it in mind when youre planning to mount one in your space.

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What Is Your Viewing Angle

It is highly advisable to mount your TV to your eye level while sitting on the bed. But what should you do when you want to shift your position? Sometimes you may feel inclined to watch your TV while lying down instead of sitting down. Other times, the light from the sun may cause a glare on your screen, affecting your eyes.

You may want to use a motorized wall mount that can transform into different positions in such instances. Such a mount allows you to angle your TV however you like depending on where you sit.

K 8k & 1080p TV Viewing Distance

According to Sonys website, they recommend that 4K & 8K televisions should be viewed from minimum 1.5 times the vertical screen size of your TV.

For 1080p televisions, Sony recommends 3 times the vertical screen size of your TV as the minimum distance.

Their minimum distance recommendations are based on being able to watch the television with as much sharp details as possible without seeing individual pixels for most viewers.

In case you didnt know, 4K TV has twice the resolution of 1080p TV & 8K TV has twice the resolution of 4K TV.

  • 8K TV Resolution: 7680 x 4320 pixels
  • 4K TV Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • 1080p TV Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Theoretically, you might think if 4K TV should be viewed from minimum 1.5 times vertical screen size & 1080p TV being 3 times, then 8K TV should be at 0.75 times to see the best resolution without seeing the pixels.

Well, not necessarily. You still need to keep a minimum distance for optimal field of view. Sweet spot is between 30 ~ 40 degrees of field of view. So, if you have a 4K or 8K TV, we suggest that you stick to the higher number in the chart for the optimal distance instead of going with minimal distance for best results.

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Is My TV Mounted Too High

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In this article, we are going to determine the appropriate height for mounting your TV and also find out how to adjust a TV thats mounted too high.

Once you have unboxed your new flat-screen TV, mounting it on your living room wall should top the list of your priorities. You wouldnt want your precious asset to topple over and get damaged within the first few days.

Plus, a wall-mounted flat-screen TV offers the much-needed, theater-like viewing angle you enjoy in cinema halls. However, most people face the dilemma of how high a TV ought to be mounted. Well, we will try to ease the confusion by offering an easy solution to getting a perfect TV mounting height.

You can determine if your TV is mounted too high if you have to raise your head too high anytime you have to watch your favorite TV shows or your eyes and neck feel strained whenever you are watching TV for a prolonged period. To fix a TV that is mounted oo high you can fix your seating position or your viewing angle .

Lets learn more.

Our Television And Frame

How High to Mount a TV

We get lots of questions about not only how high to hang a television, but also what kind of TV do we have. Before moving into our current house, Henry and I were trying to figure out what to hang over our mantle. Henry definitely wanted a TV and I wanted a piece of art. I mean as if we didnt have enough TVs in our home already.

So, we came to an agreement and purchased The Frame by Samsung. The Frame is not just a TV with high-resolution picture quality, it is a canvas that reflects your style. It gives you the opportunity to change your space whenever you choose. You can go from watching a ballgame to a beautiful piece of art with the touch of a button. In our opinion, The Frame was definitely worth the money!

We also added a around the television. A Deco Frame is a decorative frame exclusively made and compatible with The Frame by Samsung. Deco Frames surround the TV and are super easy to install. They come premade in various sizes and styles. We chose antique gold to tie in with other gold accents within our home.

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What Is The Best TV Height

Unfortunately there is not a one size fits all rule for the optimal TV height for those looking for a concrete answer and a specific measurement. The best TV height can be somewhat subjective and there is no easy answer.

Most video professionals agree that the optimal height for the optimal viewing experience is to locate the center of the screen at the same height as your eyes when seated.

The average height of your eyes when seated is 42, assuming an 18 sofa and 24 from the seat to your eyes. If you center a 70 TV at 42, the bottom of the TV will be 25 off the floor for optimal viewing.

Most often to get a comfortable viewing range the rule of thumb is to place the bottom of the TV 25 from the floor.

This may compete with room design, which is another important consideration. Depending on personal preference it may be ok to raise the TV a little. If you lean back while watching TV you may raise the TV a little more.

How High Should I Mount My TV

Do you have a television that you want to mount to a wall but are not sure how high to put it? This can be tricky, since you want the flat screen to be high enough to look good on your wall while being low enough to achieve the ideal viewing angle. There are many things to consider before drilling holes into the wall such as its size, the layout of the room, and what your personal preferences are for comfortable viewing.

One of the greatest benefits of a mounted TV is that youll have full range to customize. It may require some trial and error to confirm the right height for your television and space. To help you determine the perfect height, weve created this introductory guide that will help you review the different factors on how high to mount TV brackets.

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How High To Wall Mount TV

This formula can be a bit tricky and difficult to understand for a layman, so let us answer how high should i mount my tv according to this one fact. Simply keep in mind while mounting your tv on the wall to keep the distance between you and the tv 1.5-2.5 times its screen. So for example, if you have a 65 inch tv and wonder how high to mount 65 inch tv then we multiply our screen inches from 1.5-2.5 in order to find out how high to hang tv on wall. In this case it would be 97.5.

Something that can add to what tv wall mounting height should you use is, understanding how to place it in your bedroom or lounge around obstacles. These obstacles impact the height of your wall hanging tv heavily. Ergo, it is important to realize how to go about it.

On a regular and standard level, your tv manufacturer wouldnt recommend you to use a mounting height as such, whereby your tv is able to be mounted right above a fireplace or so. This is because a tvs wires are made from regular rubber material, and if they come in close contact with a fireplace or so, it could burn them and damage your tv also. While putting a tv above a fireplace looks quite aesthetic, it is strongly recommended to not do so.

Mounting Your TV: Viewing Angle

How High To Mount The TV To Blend Looks And Comfort

When it comes to horizontal angles, of course, having the TV screen perpendicular to your eyeballs is perfect. But Jorgensen says the newer TVs have such clarity, wide viewing angles and refresh rate, that the sweet spot isnt entirely necessary to enjoy your television. She says that having the screen at +/ 25 degrees horizontally is perfectly acceptable. She stresses that comfort and the reduction of glare are more important than the measure of the angle itself.

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Size And Type Of Screen

When a TV or movie screen is exceptionally large, attempting to mount the screen at eye level is difficult. It becomes more a matter of equally fitting the screen between the floor and the ceiling.

A 150-inch diagonal projection screen has a 74-inch-high viewing area and its total height is 84 inches. Fitting a screen of that size in a room with a conventional 8-foot-high ceiling leaves just 12 inches of room: 6 inches on top, 6 inches on the bottom.

Even a more conventional 100-inch screen has an overall height of 66 inches, leaving only 30 inches to be split between the top and the bottom.

How High Should A 50 Inch TV Be Mounted

A 50-inch TV should be mounted with the top of the TV approximately 67 inches from the floor. You can measure how far down the TV the mount attaches to know how many inches below 67 to install the mount. This mounting height will likely be about 64-65 inches from the floor. The bottom of the TV will be about 17 inches from the floor.

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Some Benefits Of Television In The Bedroom

  • For many, it is more comfortable to watch TV from the bed than sitting on a sofa. If you think you do not spend enough time in your hall, you can choose to install the television in your bedroom.
  • With the appropriate bedroom TV mount, you will get a very interesting technological appearance in your environment.
  • TVs can serve as a social meeting point. If you have a partner, this can help you interact with them.
  • During the morning, a bedroom TV will allow you to wake up knowing the most important news, as well as the weather or traffic data.

Installing TVs Above Fireplaces

How High Should I Mount My TV?

I must admit despite having done this myself at my old address this isnât always ideal. If the fireplace is an active fireplace that is in use I would suggest installing the TV elsewhere as electrical items really donât like heat, especially considering heat rises. Another reason why installing TVâs above fireplaces isnât necessarily a good idea is because the TV will naturally finish quite high, but this depends on the height of the fireplace. All that being said above the fireplace can often be the natural place to install a TV on a wall. This would be typically over the years the fireplace would have been the focal point of the room, with furniture angled around this. Over the years this has changed so that the TV now dominates the room and a TV installed above a fireplace can look really good, albeit a bit high when you watch the thing. If youâre considering mounting your TV above your fireplace you way want to consider installing your TV onto a tilting TV wall bracket so that the screen can be angled down to your viewing location.

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The Layout Of The Room

While the TV size is one factor to consider when determining where to play the wall mount, there are more things to consider as well. Another important variable is the layout of the room the TV will be mounted in. What is viewing distance between the TV and the primary seating? What type of furniture will be used for watching TV and how high is it off the ground? These are all questions that will be useful to ask yourself as you are determining the correct height to mount your TV.

This is where your tape measure will come in handy. Start by measuring the distance between your TV screen and the primary viewing position in the room. Next, measure the height to the top of the seat of the couch or chair you will be sitting in. From there, you can use these values to determine the ideal viewing height for your specific setup. For example, if you have a 60-inch television, that means it is about 32 inches tall, which means that the center of the screen is at about the 16 inch mark. If your sofa seat is about 18 inches off the ground, your eye level will be about 24 inches above the seat. If you add those two values together, that means that the center of the television would ideally be at 42 inches . For a 60 inch TV, this means you will probably want the TV installed with the bottom of the screen at about 26 inches off the ground4 .

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