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How To Turn On Philips TV Without Remote

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Use The Roku App As Remote Control

Philips Smart TV: How to Turn Off or Sleep without Remote (Power Button on TV)

The alternative to powering your Roku TV on by pressing the physical power button is using the Roku smartphone app. Whether your phone has an IR sensor, you can use both IR and Wifi to control your TV. This is also a method we discussed to sync your Roku remote without pairing button.

The Roku app is available for both iOS and Android users. Here is how to do that:

  • Once you are in, it will search for nearby Roku devices.
  • Once your Roku TV pops up, you can power on and off the TV by tapping the power button located at the top right of the app screen.
  • Note: We dont recommend any third-party apps to control your Roku TV.

    How To Control Philips TV Without Remote Using Nintendo Switch

    Step1: Using the Dock, associate your Nintendo Switch with your Philips TV.

    Step2: Turn on your Nintendo Switch and go to System Settings.

    Step3: Choose the TV Settings option which will be available in the left panel.

    Step4: Navigate to and enable the Match TV Power State option

    Step5: As everything is all set, restart your Nintendo Switch and witness the power-on of your TV without a remote.

    In the above-mentioned 2 methods of using PlayStation4and Nintendo Switch to turn on Philips TV without a remote can be used only when the consoles are already configured with your Philips TV.

    Which Phones Support Remote Control

    When it comes to remote control in your mobile phone, it excites everyone. But not every mobile is capable of doing so because not every mobile supports this function. So which mobiles support this function?

    This function is only supported by the devices using Built-in Infrared blasters in them, Those phones not having this feature can not support the functioning of remote control through it.

    You can google your mobile and find out whether your mobile has an infrared blaster or not.

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    Press The Physical Power Button On Your Roku TV

    This is the easiest and most direct way to turn your Roku TV on or off without a remote. If you are reading this article, it is probably because you couldnt locate it.

    This is because the design trend among TVs is to hide the power button. Since Roku TVs are made by more than a dozen manufacturers, this gets tricky.

    Sometimes the power button is located behind a flap, on the back of the TV, or in some cases, its behind on the sides.

    To make your life simple, we dedicated multiple hours digging up the manuals of all major Roku TV manufacturers to find out exactly where the power button is located on the TV.

    It is worth pointing out that powering off the TV using the physical button or the remote only puts the Roku TV in a low power standby mode. It does not entirely turn the power off. To completely power off your TCL Roku TV, you need to unplug the power cable.

    Using The Optical Cable

    How to Turn On Philips TV Without Remote

    You can connect the soundbar to a TV with the optical cable thats been included in the package.

    Just connect the cable to the analog audio input of the soundbar and the other end to the aux output of the TV. Then, go to the TV settings and enable HDMI control.

    Now within the Sync Menu of your TV, you can select the Sony SA-CT60BT. Now you can control the soundbar with your TV remote.

    Without selecting in TV series, likely, the Sony soundbar wont turn on.

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    How Do We Turn On The TV

    Sometimes, your remote goes missing by accident. This is especially true for small children who may accidentally drop it behind a piece of furniture or hide it in some hidden corner in their room.

    If thats happened, dont worry you can still turn on your Emerson TV without a remote. Simply unplug your television and plug it back in within 15 seconds after you unplugged it. You should see an orange light appear on your television screen letting you know that it has been turned off.

    After about 30 seconds, try pressing buttons on your TV. You should see a red light flash if you have successfully turned on your Emerson TV without a remote control! Just make sure not to leave it plugged in for too long because over-charging could damage your battery life over time.

    You have successfully turned your TV on without a remote. If still, this does not work, then you can try other steps.

    Can I Control My Philips Smart TV With My Phone

    Remote for Philips TV is a virtual remote control that allows you to connect your TV from your smartphone . The application is completely free and can replace your standard remote control of your TV . To use the remote control, you must have your mobile / tablet is on the same wifi network as your TV .

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    Philips TV Remote Keeps Blinking

    Most of us would be lost without our remote control. If your Phillips TV remote keeps blinking, heres what you can do.

    Anytime a remote is blinking, there is some type of problem. The remote blinks in order to alert the user that something must be done in order to correct the issue. Some of the more common reasons why a Phillips remote may be blinking include Bluetooth issues, a bad signal, or low batteries.

    Once you identify the issue, you can go about correcting it. There will be times, however, when there is a flashing light on the remote and you arent sure why it is occurring.

    In addition, there is a red flashing light that sometimes shows up on the remote when it is working properly. If it is not connecting to the TV or if none of the buttons seem to be working, it could be caused by an issue with the TV.

    The first thing to do if your remote is blinking is to change the batteries. From there, you can start testing various buttons from various distances from the TV to determine what is wrong.

    How To Reset Your Philips TV Without A Remote

    Philips Smart TV: How to Change Input (HDMI Port), Increase/Decrease Volume, Turn Off without Remote

    Misplacing a TV remote is a very common problem. Without a remote, controlling a smart TV becomes a frustrating experience. Today, we will reset Philips TV without using remote.

    If you are a Philips TV owner, maybe the remote of your TV is lost or it is not working. In addition, your Philips TV is also troubling you and you want to reset it.

    Apparently, it seems impossible to reset without a remote. But, luckily, it is possible and very easy. In this article, we are telling you a very easy trick to reset your Philips TV without a remote.

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    Turn Your Philips TV On Via Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch is also a kind of gaming console. It has a Dock to connect with other devices. This device can also be used to turn ON and OFF your TV.

  • Using Dock, connect your Nintendo Switch to your Philips TV.
  • Now, open the settings and then System settings on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Tap the option TV settings.
  • Scroll and select the option Match TV power state, turn this setting ON.
  • Your Philips TV will turn ON and OFF with the Nintendo Switch.
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    How Do I Lock Youtube On My Philips Smart TV

    Here are the steps to follow.

  • Use your remote to access the menu.
  • On the full menu page, select System and then click on Parental Controls.
  • Press the OK button on your remote, and youll be prompted to enter a PIN on the Enter PIN Window that displays.
  • Select Locks and press to turn on all the Locks.
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    How To Turn On Soundbar Without Remote

    Soundbars are for those users who want a surround sound experience without breaking the wallet. They provide excellent bass and fill the room with deep audio.

    Modern flat-panel TVs and smart televisions look great and crispy, but they sound very dull. They simply dont have enough space on them to fit a large speaker.

    Thats where soundbars shine. However, a common issue can be found in almost all of them. Which is, turning them on without remotes.

    Here well go through some easy steps to turn on the soundbar without a remote.

    You might need some extra equipment too to make the soundbar turn on automatically. Lets see how we can solve this issue for each of them.

    Philips TV Remote Not Changing Channel

    How to Turn On Philips TV Without Remote

    Changing the channel is an important part of using the remote control. What do you do when your TV remote is no longer changing channels?

    The two most common problems that stop a Phillips TV remote from changing channels are problems with the batteries and being too far from the TV. Its always a good idea to put a fresh set of batteries in when anything goes wrong with the remote. You could also try being within a few feet of the TV to send the strongest signal from the remote.

    Since the issue is with the channel buttons, you can go to the TV and try the channel buttons directly. At least this will help to narrow down the problem if they are still working on the television.

    Finally, ensure that you are using fresh batteries and they are put inside of the remote properly. Try various buttons on the remote at random to make sure that it is not just the channel buttons that are experiencing a problem.

    Anytime your Phillips TV remote is not working you should check the batteries. Low batteries will cause the remote to act sluggish and it may be difficult to get the TV to respond unless you are very close to it or the remote is pointing directly at it. Keep some fresh batteries on hand and replace them periodically to get the most out of your TV viewing.

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    Accessing The Menu Without The Remote

    If your television has a child-lock feature, you wouldnt be able to do it.

    So, make sure that the child-lock feature is turned off or deactivated so you can click the necessary buttons.

    Once done, follow these simple steps:

    Step #1: Volume Up and Volume Down

    On your television, press the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously. Doing so will activate and open the menu of your Philips TV.

    Once youre able to access the menu, itll be easy going from there. Actually, the next step would include

    Step #2: Navigate Using P+ and P- Buttons

    But, how can you navigate the menu and the settings without the remote? You can actually use the P+ and the P- buttons to navigate.

    If youre going right or if youre going up, you can use the P+ button to do it. For selecting a specific option, though, you can press the volumes up and volumes down button.

    Volume Up if you want to select an option, then Volume Down if youre opting to go back.

    Step #3: Navigate to General Settings

    Once you get the hang of it, head on to General Settings. Its the same process as to how you can reset it using a remote. Youll have to access the menu, go to Settings > General Settings.

    Step #4: Select Reinstall TV

    Then, at the last part of it, you can navigate and go to the option that says reinstall TV. Confirm the reinstallation and youre all set! Just wait for it to boot up and voila youre done!

    And thats just about it! Thats how you can factory reset your Philips Smart TV without the remote!

    S To Turn On Philips TV Without A Remote

    As I always say, smart TV manufacturers are good at prediction. Especially about their customers. Correspondingly, they are very much sure that we will end up losing or damaging the remote controls.

    So with their smart TVs, they also have given some possible method to turn on our TV in case we lose the remote control. Chiefly, TV remotes are the master controls to have complete access to our TV.

    But it will be really a moment of pity if the remote is misplaced or it is not working. Certainly, we will be out of mind in such situations. We have found some of the best solutions for you to turn on Philips TV without a remote.

    • Using Philips TV remote app
    • Using Physical buttons

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    With Philips TV Remote App

    Install the TV remote for the Philips TV app on your smartphone. You can find the app from the Play Store. The phone can be used to control the functions of your TV. This works on two different modes, Wi-Fi Mode and Infrared IR blaster mode.

    Using Wi-Fi mode to turn on TV isnt possible as your TV is not connected to Wi-Fi while it is in power-off mode. But then you can use a remote to control all the other functions in this mode. Apart from this app, you can also use the Android TV Remote services app to turn on your Philips Smart TV without using the remote.

    Infrared IR blaster mode

    There are smartphones that come with an in-built infrared IR blaster that can be used to control the TV and other IR-supported devices without any external connection like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Check your mobile phone features to find where it has an in-built infrared IR blaster.

    Few mobiles with in-built infrared IR blaster are Samsung Galaxy S, Note 4, LG G3/G4/G5, HTC One, Xiaomi MI/ Redmi etc.

    #1 Launch the TV remote for the Philips TV app on your smartphone.

    #2 Just point the remote on your TV and use the buttons to operate your TV.

    #3 Tap the Power button to turn it on.

    #1 Connect your smartphone and your TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

    #2 Then launch the app on your mobile.

    #3 Proceed with the on-screen instructions to complete the initial set up. Accept the confirmation message to grant necessary access.

    How To Access The Menu On A Philips TV Without A Remote

    Roku TVs: How Turn Off/On with Button on TV (No Remote Needed)

    by Brittiany Cahoon / in Computers & electronics

    Nothing is more aggravating than trying to operate a TV without a remote. Luckily, a system of a few steps and a certain combination of buttons will help you access the menu and change your options. Although it isn’t ideal to have to push buttons on the TV, these steps can work as an alternative until you are able to purchase a new remote. Philips has a customer service line that you can access for television remote replacement.

    Ensure that the child-lock feature is off so the TV control buttons can be accessed. Press the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons at the same time to make the menu appear.

    Press the “P+” or “P-” buttons to move through the menu options. Push the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons to enter your selections or route to the sub-menu.

    • Nothing is more aggravating than trying to operate a TV without a remote.
    • Press the “P+” or “P-” buttons to move through the menu options.

    Hold down the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons at the same time to exit sub-menus and return to the main menu. Press the volume buttons together repeatedly to exit the menu.


    Contact Philips customer service at 1-866-310-0787 or 1-866-771-4018 if your remote is damaged beyond repair for a replacement. You can also contact Philips through e-mail and online chat.


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    Change Input On Philips TV: The Remote App

    The smart Philips TV is supported by an app. You can download this app on your Android phone. This app functions just like a remote and allows you full access to your Philips TV.

    Let us know the process of controlling your Philips TV through the smart app

  • Go to Play Store on your mobile device. Download and install the Philips TV Remote app.
  • Launch the Philips TV Remote app and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Connect your Philips TV to the same Wifi network to which your phone is connected.
  • Next, add your specific Philips TV model to the app.
  • The app gives all the control options. So, you can change the input on your Philips TV.
  • Another method to use this app is via an Infrared IR sensor.

  • You need to investigate your phone whether has an Infrared IR sensor or not.
  • Many smartphones come with this feature. So, your smartphone can work just like a remote.
  • Launch the app into your smartphone.
  • Direct your phone towards the IR sensor on your Philips TV. Now, you can change the input.
  • Moreover, you can also control volume, channels, turn on and off your TV through this app.

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    Reason : Incompatible Firmware

    Like computers, TV and soundbars have their firmware that needs updating. Backdated driver software might be incompatible with one another, causing the soundbar not to connect or work.

    For these cases, try updating the software to the latest version on both devices. Sometimes, factory resetting these devices also work fixing software issues.

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    Can I Use My Phone As A Remote If I Dont Have A Smart TV

    In the event that you are willing to download an app or purchase some physical hardware, you can use your phone as a remote for a non-smart TV even if it is not a smart one. Theres no doubt that your phone has an IR blaster. In the event that you do not have an IR blaster, you will only have to purchase one that connects to your phone.

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