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How To Factory Reset Sony Bravia TV

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If A Full Reset Of The TV Is Required

Sony Bravia TV: How to Factory Reset Back to Original Default Settings

If you have trouble such as the picture not displaying on the screen or the remote control not working, reset the TV with the following procedure. If the problem persists, try the factory reset procedure below.If an external USB device is connected to the TV, disconnect the USB device from the TV before resetting.

Restore From The Options Of Sony Bravia

If your Smart TV Sony Bravia works very slow, it hangs, or you have a full memory and you want to erase everything, or you want to sell it or give it away and you want nobody to be able to access your history and passwords you can do a factory reset or format so that it returns to be like the first day.IMPORTANT: formatting or resetting your Sony Bravia to its factory state will eliminate all the personalized settings of the television such as the tuned channels and their order, input names, applications that have been installed, passwords of the accounts linked to this Bravia, Wi-Fi passwords, Google Play user and web browsing history. The Sony Bravia TV will need to be fully configured as when it was turned on for the first time after purchase.

Estimated time: 15 minutes.

1-First step:First go to the start menu of your Sony Bravia 139.7 cm 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Wi-Fi Black TV, once we have it in front of us we go to the settings, it is the gear wheel icon in the upper right part of the screen of your Sony Bravia 139.7 cm 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Wi-Fi Black:

2-Second step:We navigate through the menu of the Bravia TV until we find the section called “Storage and reset”, press to access the storage settings and factory restore.

3-Third step:Once inside the Sony Bravia Storage and reset settings, we look for the “Factory data reset” section with our remote or cursor and click on it.

About the device:

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How To Perform A Factory Reset On Your TV

Keep the following points in mind:

  • The factory reset may take a few minutes. Please wait until you are informed that the process has been completed.
  • You need to enter a PIN code when you select the Erase everything option.
  • After the Factory Reset process completes successfully, your TV proceeds into the Initial Setup wizard. You will need to agree to the Google Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.
  • The Touchpad pairing sequence will have to be activated again after a factory reset.

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How To Reset Sony Bravia TV From Home

This is not how to reset Bravia TV without a remote. You need a working remote to navigate the TV settings to use this method to factory reset your Android TV. If your remote isnt working you may need to get a new remote to use this method.

  • Switch on your Bravia TV
  • Press the HOME button on the remote control.
  • Scroll to Settings and select it.
  • Choose System Settings.
  • Choose Factory Settings.
  • Select OK.

That is all you have to do to reset your Bravia TV when your TV is switched off.

Sony Bravia Factory Reset Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix

Sony Bravia TV: How to Factory Reset Back to Original ...

Smart TVs are the most preferred ones because of their high-end features. For this reason, Sony Bravia has become a common choice. Similarly, when issues occur with the TV, people instantly opt for a factory reset.

Still, some people are struggling with the Sony Bravia factory reset not working and we have all the solutions you need!

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Why Wont My Sony Bravia Turn On

Make sure the AC power cord is securely connected to a working wall outlet. If plugged into a power strip or surge protector, unplug the power cord and plug it directly into the wall outlet. If the TV turns on, the issue is with the power strip or surge protector.

Hard Factory Reset Of Your Sony Smart TV

When youre sure theres no other remedy for your Sony TV, hard factory resetting may solve the issue youre experiencing. Dont forget that a power cycle may work just as well for minor problems before you proceed to reset the TV back to its default settings.

The process may vary depending on the model you have. If your TV uses the Android operating system, you may need to follow different steps to set your Sony TV back to factory data. Newer models are mostly Androids, but you should check to make sure. Under Specifications, find Software. If your TV is Android, youll see it under the operating system.

To reset the TV, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the TV cable from the power outlet and wait 60 seconds.
  • Plug it back in and wait until it turns on. It should happen automatically.
  • Grab your remote. Locate the up arrow, press, and hold.
  • Keep the up arrow pressed and, at the same time, press the power button.
  • Release the power button, and youll see Reset flashing on the screen.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your TV again.
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    If The Home Screen Can Be Displayed:


  • The display screen may differ depending on the model or OS version.
  • For the X7 and W8 series: Skip step 6.
  • On the supplied remote, press the HOME button.
  • Select
  • Follow the steps according to your TV menu:
  • Select Device Preferences Reset.
  • Select Device Preferences About Reset, Factory reset, or Factory data reset..
  • Select Storage & Reset.
  • Select Factory data reset or Reset.
  • Select Erase Everything.
  • How Do I Clear The Memory On My Sony Bravia Smart TV

    Sony Bravia – How to factory reset your Android Smart Television | TV Factory restore | 2020 New TV

    Clear Data and Clear Cache on your Android TV

  • On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
  • Select Settings.
  • The next steps depend on your TV menu options: Select Apps See all apps Show system apps.
  • Under System apps, select your preferred app.
  • Select Clear cache, and then select OK.
  • Select Clear data, and then select OK.
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    How To Reset Sony Bravia TV

    To reset the Sony Bravia TV, you have to know how to use the remote. In this guide, I will be showing you the step by step guide to reset TV. In addition, there will be a screenshot of each step in the instructions.

    Before, heading on how to reset Sony Bravia TV instruction. You should there is two types of reseting option on Sony Bravia TV. They are:

  • Soft reset
  • Factory reset, etc.
  • Soft reset generally refers to complete power cycling the TV. This method is quite useful for solving malfunction, and when apps are extremely slow. But Factory reset is useful for fixing any kind of software issue. It removes everything and sets the TV to original default settings.

    How To Reset Sony Smart TV

    by Thor | Jun 11, 2021 | How to, Sony Smart TV |

    Sony Smart TV is one of the best Smart TVs in the world and is well known for its perfect display. Though the smart TV works smoothly, it may need reset at times for effective functioning. It will bring back the smart TV to the factory settings as a brand new smart TV. Lets see how to reset the Sony Smart TV.

    The reset option is highly useful in the condition of slow functioning, resale, and giving to other users. It completely deletes all the information in the smart TV, including the downloaded apps and login passwords. After resetting to factory settings, you have to set up the TV from the start.

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    Reset Sony Bravia TV To Factory Settings Using The Settings Menu

    Older Sony Bravia Models:

    Step 1. Press the HOME button on your remote control.

    Step 2. Select Settings and then Select Customer Support.

    Step 3. Scroll down using the remote control and select Factory Settings.

    Factory Settings

    Step 5. Select Yes again to confirm it.

    Newer Sony Bravia Models:

    Step 1. Press the HOME button and then select Settings.

    Step 2. Select Storage & reset.

    Step 3. Select Factory data reset.

    Step 4. Select Erase everything.

    Erase everything

    Step 5. At last, Select Yes.

    Method 2. Factory Reset Sony Bravia TV in a Simple Way

    Step 1. Unplug the TV power cord and allow the TV to remain without power for one minute.

    Step 2.Plug the power cord and the TV must turn on, if not turn it on manually.

    Step 3. Now, press and hold the up arrow button on your remote control and make sure the remote control is pointed towards the front and center of the TV.

    Step 4. Press and release the power button on the TV set while holding the up arrow button. The power button is normally located underneath the SONY logo or the backside of the TV.

    Step 5. After holding the up arrow button on the remote control and the power button on the TV, a Reset screen will appear briefly in the lower-left corner of the TV.

    Sony Bravia TV will turn on once the factory reset has been done. Now go ahead and set up a Sony Bravia smart tv thats back to its original Sony Bravia TV.

    Method 3. Reset Sony Bravia to Factory Settings without Remote

    Step 1. Unplug the TV power cord.

    Wrapping Up

    Reset The TV With The Remote Control

    How to Reset a Sony Bravia TV

    Notes on resetting the TV:

    • When an external USB hard disc is connected to the TV, disconnect the USB cable from the TV before resetting.
    • If TV is turned off, turn it on first and perform the following operation.
    • Point the remote control to the illumination LED or status LED and press and hold the POWER button of the remote control for about 5 seconds, or until a message Power off appears.NOTE: Depending on the model and OS, the Cancel or Restart screen may appear after pressing the POWER button on the remote control for 3 seconds or longer. In that case, you can also select Restart to restart.
    • Illumination LED/status LED
    • Remote control POWER button
    • The TV should restart automatically. Wait for approximately one minute, and the TV will turn back on. If it does not reboot, press the POWER button on the remote control to turn on the TV.
    • TV reset operation is complete. Check to see if your issue has been resolved.

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    How To Reset Sony TV

    Posted by Admin | Jun 1, 2021 | How to, Smart TV, Sony Smart TV | 0

    Sony is one of the oldest and most preferred choices of television brands. Nevertheless, it fails to impress its customers with a line of smart TVs. It includes OLED, LED, Android, and 4K. So, users will be able to experience TV watching up to 4K quality. It ensures better clarity, color, contrast, and sharp pictures. Sony TV has lots of apps, movies, music, and more other content. While it gives life to anything on the screen, it does bring in a few issues. Although the possibilities of getting problems are scarce, you still need to fix them up. Just like any device, Sony TV will be back to its working state after the reset. Hence we thought to guide you with the procedure to reset Sony TV.

    How To Reset Sony Bravia TV With A Remote

    You can also use a combination of buttons on your remote to reset your TV. It is a very simple process, with detailed steps given below:

  • Unplug your TV from its outlet to begin this process.
  • Hold the Down button and Power button simultaneously before plugging the TV back into its outlet.
  • A green LED light will start blinking. This is when you should release the buttons you were holding down.
  • The TV will reboot a couple of times before the TV finally resets, and a welcome screen appears on the screen. Your TV will run faster as its cache will be erased completely.
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    If You Are Facing Any Issues On Your Sony Smart TV Then Reset It To Remove Bugs

    With Sony TV, you shall get immersed in everything you watch and hear in the best quality. It is one of the biggest smart TV manufacturers to offers a large number of smart TV models when it comes to home cinema. Sony has TV models that are available as LEDs, OLEDs, 4K HDR, and Full HD smart TVs. It will transform anything ordinary into more realistic. With a high-resolution soundbar, you will experience the cinema-quality sound in your comfort space. A large number of smart apps support will let you watch unlimited videos from different streaming providers. When Sony TV brings up some issues that go unsolvable, a reset is a final option. Resetting your TV is also important when you decided to resell it. If you want a brief clarification about the procedure to reset Sony TV, then we value your time.

    Know the Difference!

    • Power Reset will fix minor issues, slowing down, power issues, etc.
    • Factory Reset will put your TV back just like you have purchased it new. So, you will lose all your data.

    How To Reset Sony Smart TV Without Remote

    How to Restart or Factory Reset your Sony Android TV

    You can also perform the factory reset on Sony TV without the need for a remote. This method uses the physical buttons on the smart TV to do the reset.

    One button

    It has only one power button at the center bottom of the TV.

    . Remove the power supply to the smart TV.

    . Long press the Power button.

    . Provide the power supply to the TV, and a White LED light appears.

    . Leave the Power button, and the TV starts the factory reset function.

    . It will reboot the TV, and you have to press the Power button again to start the TV as a new one.

    Three buttons

    The three buttons on the TV are Power, Volume Up, and Down. It can be on the right or left side of the TV backside.

    . Unplug the power cord of the TV. Press the Power button, Volume Down button, and turn on the TV.

    . Hold the button until the erasing screen comes on the TV or a Green LED Light appears.

    . Release the button, and it will begin the resetting of the TV.

    . After the reset, it will reboot the TV. Power on the TV and go to the setup screen to provide the details from first.

    We have come across various methods to reset the Sony Smart TV. The factory reset deletes all the recording in the Smart TV, and you have to back up the important files for future use. If you face any trouble while resetting, mention them in the comments section below.

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    If You Cannot Operate The Home Menu Screen With The Remote Control

  • Unplug the TV power cord from the electrical outlet.
  • Allow the TV to remain without power for one minute.
  • Plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet.

    NOTE: The TV should turn on automatically. If it does not, turn it on.

  • Wait approximately 40 seconds for the TV to completely start up.
  • On the TV remote control, press and hold the UP ARROW button. Make sure the remote control is pointed towards the front and centre of the TV.
  • While holding the UP ARROW button, press and release the POWER button on the TV set. Depending on the TV, Reset will appear momentarily on the lower left hand corner of the TV.


  • The TV may turn off and then back on.
  • If the TV remains off after this operation, Press the POWER button to turn it on.
  • The button may be on the front, top or side of the TV. If your TV has an Energy Saving switch, be sure to press the POWER button rather than the Energy Saving switch.
  • Release the UP ARROW button.

    NOTE: The initial setup screen displays if the above procedures were performed correctly.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the initial setup.
  • IMPORTANT: If the reset did not complete successfully, disconnect all devices from the TV and turn off or disable the network connection the repeat these steps.

    Cant See Factory Reset Option On Sony Bravia Smart TV

    It depends on your sony bravia smart tv model, in few modelsfactoryreset option will be in customer support and in few model in storage and resetand also in few models storage and reset option or factory reset option will bemissing, so you need to go with second method to perform factory rset sonybravia smart tv.

    How to sony bravia factory reset?

    Go to Home-> Settings-> Storage and settings-> Factory reset to factory reset sony bravia smart tv.

    Sony bravia factory reset not working?

    Perform and power reset on sony bravia smart tv by disconnecting all cables and wait for 30 seconds and try again if sony bravia factory reset not working.

    Can I perform sony bravia factory reset without using remote?

    Yes! You can sony bravia factory reset by using buttons on your sony bravia smart tv.

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    Why Does My Sony TV Reboot Every Time I Turn It On

    If your Sony Android TV is rebooting continuously, or in other words, its stuck in an endless restart loop, you might have to perform a forced factory reset. The continuous reboot issue can happen when the TV software crashes after a firmware update, and youre unable to perform a standard factory reset.

    Faq On How To Reset Sony Smart TV

    How to Reset a Sony Bravia TV

    1. Should I turn on the TV while doing reset?

    Ans: Yes! the TV should turn on so you will be able to browse TV settings.

    2. How do I reset my Sony Bravia TV without a remote?

    Ans: You have to use an inbuilt TV key in order to reset your TV. Check the backside of the TV, there may be some keys. Especially, keys like the menu, volume down-up, and power buttons. Use that key to navigate and then follow the given instructions.

    3. Is Sony Bravia a smart TV?

    Ans: Yes Sony Bravia TV is a smart TV. It uses Android OS as the operating system.

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