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Is TV Guide Still Published

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TV Guide Channel/Network

In June 1998, the TV Guide brand and magazine were acquired by United Video Satellite Group, the parent company of the Prevue Channel a channel first launched in 1981 as the Electronic Program Guide network, that was carried by cable and some satellite television providers and was originally formatted to feature a scrolling program guide, short segments featuring previews of upcoming programs, and promos and short-form film trailers for programs airing on various channels. Its new owners promptly rebranded Prevue as the TV Guide Channel on February 1, 1999. With the rebranding, some of the hourly segments featured on the channel at that point were renamed after features in the magazine, including TV Guide Close-Up, TV Guide Sportsview and TV Guide Insider. After Gemstar’s acquisition of TV Guide, the channel began to shift toward airing full-length programs featuring celebrity gossip and movie-focused talk shows alongside the program listings. The channel was rebranded as the TV Guide Network in 2007.

TV Insider

TV Insider is a website promoted internally as an online “guide to…TV” published by TV Guide‘s parent holding company TVGM Holdings, LLC, which launched in January 2015. The website features reviews and interviews from critics and columnists who write for the print magazine.

TV Weekly

TV Guide Magazine Subscription

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TV Guide is New Zealand’s most comprehensive and interactive entertainment magazine, providing the whole family with unique insight into the wonderful world of television and entertainment.

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All prices for magazine subscriptions listed on isubscribe include free NZ delivery.

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TV Guide is published by Stuff Limited who handle delivery and stipulate the lead time shown above. To view other titles by this publisher

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    Is There A Large Print TV Guide

    Each week, you can receive The Big Print TV & Radio Guide and the Big Print Freeview TV Guide directly to your door. The titles are printed on high quality paper to prevent ink from bleeding through the page when you mark out your favorite shows, and both are 16-point font, making them easier to read.

    How Often Did TV Guide Come Out

    WCTV is back on the air

    One of the most iconic publications in America, TV Guide magazine has been arriving weekly in homes since 1953. Over two million issues are in circulation as of 2011. In addition to television listings included in every issue, the magazine also features celebrity news, interviews, gossip, and film reviews.

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    Whatever Happened To TV Guide

    • Blog
    • Whatever Happened to TV Guide?

    Hows the iconic TV Guide magazine doing these days, now that just about everything we know about television has changed? According to Caysey Welton in Folio:, its doing just fine, thanks.

    TV Guides backstory is a long one, but whats important to know is that the magazine was once distributed to nearly 20 million American households and at one time was valued at more than $3 billion dollars, Welton explains. As digital cable and internet disrupted their primary focus, they did try to adapt.

    Yet Welton notes that those changes in hindsight were reactionary and ill-conceived and led to crippling debts. Since 1988, the brand has changed ownership a handful of times, and the magazine and its digital assets were split, with the digital business going to CBS Interactive.

    But TV Guide the magazine is still here, he continues. And not only has it survived, its new debt-free owner NTVB Media has transformed it into a money maker thats increased its EBITDA by $4 million dollars since its 2015 acquisition.

    This positioned them beautifully to take on the assets of TV Guide but CEO Andy DeAngelis knew they needed a big change.

    When the investment bankers came to us my comment was are you kidding? DeAngelis quips. The magazine was trying to be like People, but there was already a People. It was trying to be a general interest magazine and we didnt see that as the way forward. There needed to be a sea change.

    The TV Guide Format Took Some Time To Figure Out

    The most important part of the TV Guide is also the trickiest. Laying out the guide is all about space. It would cost way too much to print a Bible-thick magazine every week. This constant push and pull of the changing format has created some interesting issues with the magazine.

    Initially, every program except for local and national news received a synopsis. As more stations were added those synopses began to shrink before they were eradicated save for special programs, usually something airing in primetime. This varied from region to region because in the ’60s television programming was still the wild west in some aspects. For instance, Star Trekcould air at 7pm in one market and 8pm in another.

    Rather than just send out a book with a bunch of ads and a bracket of TV listings, the magazine also ran reviews of different programs in the “Close-Up” section as well as “Cheers and Jeers” as well as “Hits and Misses,” which were used as a way to create some genuinely interesting critiquesof broadcast television. What’s so cool about this is that the people behind the magazine were able to slip in genuinely interesting articles into what was essentially a phonebook for TV shows.

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    TV Guide Magazine Is Sold For The Third Time In Less Than 10 Years To Ntvb Media

    • Print

    TV Guide Magazine, once the unrivaled bible for television fans and a powerhouse in the publishing business, has been sold for the third time in less than 10 years.

    NTVB Media, the Troy, Mich., publisher of the TV listings books Channel Guide and TV Weekly, will announce Wednesday that it has acquired the magazine from private equity firm OpenGate Capital of Beverly Hills. The price was not disclosed.

    It was much more than a dollar, said NTVB Media Chief Executive Andy DeAngelis, referring to the sale price the last time the magazine changed hands.

    The 62-year-old TV Guide is far from its glory days as the top revenue-generating title in the magazine business and the leading source for program information. But its current paid circulation of 1.8 million copies is still among the highest celebrity-entertainment publications in the nation, behind Time Inc.’s People.

    NTVB already has TV Weekly, which carries local television listings and is mostly distributed through Sunday newspapers across the country. The company also has several channel guides that are custom published for cable and satellite services, which provide them to their subscribers.

    DeAngelis said the ad pages in TV Guide Magazine will be sold in a package with its other titles, giving advertisers the opportunity to reach 3 million subscribers.

    We see this as a very powerful combination, DeAngelis said.


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    TV Guide: History Of The Most Popular Magazine Of The ’60s & ’70s

    Entertainment | TV Guide covers featuring Mary Tyler Moore, the Six Million Dollar Man, the Smothers Brothers, Lucille Ball, and Dinah Shore. Source: Flickr

    TV Guide was the most popular magazine in America at the height of the Groovy Era. In today’s world where everything is on-demand and available at your fingertips the concept of requiring a magazine to tell you what time a television program is going to air is bizarre. That wasn’t the case in the ’60s and ’70s. In mid-century America, TV Guide was considered an essential part of the household. It helped families plan their evenings and people something to look at when boredom took hold.

    By the early ’70s, TV Guide was the biggest magazine in the country with a peak circulation of 19 million. In its heyday the Guide did its best to keep up with television trends, changing styles, and the spread of cable television. There’s never going to be another phenomenon quite TV Guide.

    Cable Changed TV Guide Forever

    In the late ’70s and early ’80s cable offered viewers more than their standard three or four channels. They were suddenly able to flip through anywhere between 30 to 50 channels depending on their service provider, and the number of new channels added to a cable system only grew with the decades. TV Guide began a slow roll out of cable guides in 1980 and by the next year cable channels were listed in every addition but even then things got tricky.

    Some regional editions of the magazine featured sections for “STV Programming,” which was a local subscription based service, while major players in cable like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, CNN, and Nickelodeon were phased into the magazine as the channels became more readily available. To accommodate so many new channels the magazine adopted a one page grid-style listing that featured listings for everything in broadcast stations, basic cable channels, and premium channels airing during primetime. That single page spread to two and branched out of primetime and into the hours surrounding it.

    With cable came the end of TV Guide’s reign as America’s favorite magazine. It’s still out there kicking around, but with streaming and on demand viewing the way of the day TV Guide feels like something from the past.

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    TV Guide Magazine Back Issues

    Reading back issues of magazines can be a fun way to remember the past, especially when theyre related to the entertainment industry. TV Guide is a biweekly magazine published since 1948 that provides television-program listings, news, interviews, film reviews, and crossword puzzles. Back-dated issues contain information from a specific period of time in the past.

    What content is covered in TV Guide magazine?

    • TV channel listings: TV Guide contains information for readers to find out what channels their local or regional TV stations air on.
    • Schedule of shows: The guide lists the time and air date for television programs on many channels.
    • Entertainment gossip: The magazine features newsworthy items about stars or the entertainment industry that were current at the time of the issue.
    • News and interviews: The guide lists brief descriptions of news programs and interviews with notable figures during that biweekly period.
    • Crossword puzzle: The TV Guide crossword puzzle is generally focused on entertainment topics.

    What should one consider when buying back issues?

    When buying TV Guide, you can choose to buy a single magazine or an entire series, which could be a collection of one date with all covers, a full year of old magazines, or something else. Pinpointing exactly what you want will help you narrow down your search, so you might consider the following reasons for collecting back issues.

    The TV Guide: Comprehensive & Knowledgeable

    TV channels urged to adapt to new era

    For businesses, the magazine offers a range of opportunities to get their message in front of a broad audience. The TV Guide attracts a relatively even split of male and female readers, the majority of which are ready to act on advertising they see in the magazine. Offering both print and digital advertising options, The TV Guide is an excellent channel for building a campaign with multiple brand touch-points to ensure frequency of message.

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    Are Large Print Books Condensed

    Myth: Large print books are gigantic! The common reaction to learning this fact is, Well, to be the same size or smaller, they must be abridged. This is also false. The magic here lies in the combination of printing on a thinner, higher quality paper and laying out the text to maximize the use of white space.

    What Is Going On With TV Guide App

    Earlier this week, TV Guide Digital launched a redesigned Android app. Adding your favorite shows, sports teams, movies, and actors to your Watchlist will show you which ways to watch them streaming, on-demand, and DVD-based. Hulu Plus, The CW, HBO GO, MAX GO, and Crackle are now available for streaming instantly.

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    The First Version Of TV Guide Was Regional

    Lee Wagner was a publisher with his eye on television. He wasn’t watching it so much as he was paying attention to its regularly scheduled programming. Already the circulation director at distributor Cowles Media Company where he worked on celebrity magazines, he decided to see if there was interest in a magazine filled solely with television listings.

    The first version of TV Guide was published on June 14, 1948, featuring Gloria Swanson on the cover. This edition of the “TeleVision Guide” was only sold on news stands in the New York City area, making it more of a hyper local TV ‘zine than anything else. The NYC version of the guide was popular enough that Wagner was able to branch out into more regional versions. He first published guides for New England before adding the Baltimore-Washington area to his circulation.

    The guides were so successful that Wagner sold the magazine to Walter Annenberg and Triangle Publications. It’s not clear if Wagner didn’t have the manpower to go national or if he was just done with the magazine, but either way Triangle saw big business with his concept.

    TV Guide Goes National

    Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse Still Gets Recognized from Friends

    On April 3, 1953, Triangle went national with TV Guide, and the publication was distributed to ten cities across the U.S. by that summer. Distribution of the first issue was close to a million and a half copies, but that soon dropped to around 200,000 copies by August. However, things began to change with the magazine’s first “Fall Preview” issue in September 1953.

    While sales remained in flux so did the design of the magazine. Early versions of the magazine started and ended the viewing week on a Friday. by 1954, endings began on Saturday and ended on Friday. TV Guide stuck with this method until the 2000s.

    One thing that hasn’t changed is the way that the magazine was sold. It was available at newsstands and in grocery stores for fifteen cents a pop, or constant readers could pick up a subscription for a discount. It’s this kind of steadfast nature that maintained a steady pool of readers even as the medium of television changed over the decades.

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    TV Guide Helps You Choose The Shows That Are Right For You Youll Find Trusted Advice And Reviews Stories On The Best Broadcast Cable And Streaming Series And Daily Whats Worth Watching Guidance

    Insider Access

    WeâÂÂre on the set, interviewing the stars and producers, and bringing you exclusive first-hand reports on all the brand-new shows you canâÂÂt wait to watch, along with indispensable coverage of the programs you already love.

    Streaming Guidance

    ThereâÂÂs so much to watch online. Where can you find the new shows everyoneâÂÂs talking about and the classics you need to binge? Every TV GUIDE MAGAZINE issue includes an in-depth six-page section devoted exclusively to streaming shows and how and when to watch them.

    We Love TV Superfans

    We write for people who really love their favorites. YouâÂÂll get exclusive Comic-Con coverage from San Diego, year-round reports and stories about your sci-fi and fantasy series picks and up-to-date details on special episodes and crossovers.

    TV Survival Guide

    Watching is more complicated than ever. WeâÂÂll help you sort through the new streaming services and specialty channels, find out which are the best for your taste and budget, plus simply all the latest tech. WeâÂÂll save you time and money.

    Ways To Read And Enjoy Total TV Guide

    Total TV Guide is the perfect choice for any TV-loving family! Every issue is packed with 10 pages of listings per day and more streaming coverage than any other magazine, including catch-up and on demand services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

    With comprehensive features, you’ll never miss an episode of your favourite programme or box set again. All of this, plus seven-day radio listings, the best shows to make time for, interviews with the top TV stars and our podcast picks. We’ve also bumped up our puzzles section, so every week you’ll get a four-page mental workout!

    Whatever and however you like to watch your favourite programmes, Total TV Guide is your total TV week in one magazine.

    We want to make sure you continue to enjoy Total TV Guide over the coming period, so here are all the different ways you can read and engage with us

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