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Where To Buy Sony TV

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Sony Bravia Xr A80j Review: Test Results

Sony TV Buying Guide 2020: How To Choose The Right TV

We test TVs using two pattern generators , an X-Rite i1 Pro spectrophotometer, and Portrait Displays Calman calibration software. Our typical modus operandi is to disable all dynamic display adjustment features so we are evaluating all TVs on as level a playing field as possible. But it quickly became clear this approach would have some limitations with the A80J: Its picture quality is dependent on a lot of the settings we turned off.

Tested our usual way, the set covered just 99.9916% of the Rec. 709 color gamut in Standard mode and maxed out at 145.2 nits in its brightest picture mode well below the stellar performance we saw from LGs G1 and CX OLED televisions. Our contact at Sony recommended testing in Custom mode, with the dynamic adjustments off, and the sets color gamut coverage skyrocketed to 111.3361%. When tested in Vivid mode with the two most prominent dynamic settings disabled , the brightness was a dazzling 713.7 nits .

There are a few key takeaways here. First, and most important, the A80J is a first-rate performer on a technical level in this price range, and has the capacity to please even the most demanding viewers. But its picture modes and individual settings carry more weight than on many sets, so if youre not passionate about these nuances, you may better off leaving well enough alone.

Which Sony TV Is Best

That question depends entirely on what you’re looking to do with your new Sony display. If you’re into gaming, the BRAVIA line is probably the best to check out as it offers the proper tech to take advantage of the new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. With HDMI 2.1 ports included in most models, these displays can deliver 4K 60FPS console gaming for a truly immersive experience.

If you’re just looking for a solid display to watch your favorite TV shows and movies, you can save a little bit of money by browsing their LED line up. The X90J Series offers a solid display for the price, but in many cases you’ll want to keep an eye on Sony OLED TV deals as they can be just as cheap if you’re patient enough.

We’ve Got The Scoop On The Brand’s Best Tubes

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    Sony is one of the most trusted brands in electronics, so its no surprise that their TVs are some of the best on the market. Since releasing its first TV in 1960, the company has led the way in television innovation ever since. If youre in the market for a new Sony TV, weve rounded up some of our top pics of both 4K and 8K Sony models, offering streaming, video game compatibility, and smart functionality, like voice controls. You can also pick from a variety of screen sizes, from as small as 43 inches to the standard 55 inches, and as big as 75 inches. That’s enough range to cover your living room or bedroom no matter the size of space you’re working with.

    Whether youre looking to set up a home theater in your basement or simply need to upgrade your TV to a newer or larger model, make sure to read our guide to Smart TVs before diving into our reviews of some of the best Sony TVs on the market.

    • Competitive pricing for an OLED TV

    • Impressive color and rich blacks

    • Lot of customization options

    • No HDMI 2.1 option

    • Design isnt as sleek as it could be

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    Sony Bravia Xr A80j Review: Gaming

    We use two Leo Bodnar Video Signal Lag Testers to measure the delay between a video signal passing from the input and displaying on the screen. In the A80Js Game Mode, the results were 16.5 ms and 15.8 ms respectivelyboth on the high side for a TV such as this, but well below our 20 ms threshold for solid gaming performance.

    The A80Js 120 Hz maximum refresh rate is ideal for gaming on newer consoles like the Xbox Series X or the PS5. As previously mentioned, though, to take advantage of this feature, youll need to connect your console to either HDMI port 3 or 4, which are the only two that support HDMI 2.1 otherwise, youre stuck with 60 Hz.

    Roku TV Vs Google TV Vs Smart TV Platforms Which Is Best For Streaming

    Sony X9500H review: The best Android TV you can buy

    It’s just about impossible to buy a “dumb” TV anymore they all come with some kind of smart platform. LG ships with webOS, Samsung TVs typically have a Tizen-based platform, Sony TVs often have Android TV, and several others have Google TV, Roku TV, or Amazon’s Fire TV platform built in.

    In all cases, you can still use a separate streaming device like a Roku or an Apple TV, just hook it up to any of the TV’s HDMI ports and you can ignore the TV’s built-in option.

    That said, if you don’t have a streaming device or you’re buying a TV for a bedroom or a secondary room, it’s an added benefit to have something like Roku built right in, so you don’t need to spend the extra $20-30 to add a streaming stick or something to get apps like Netflix on those TVs.

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    What Is A Cognitive Intelligence Television

    While the name certainly implies your TV might have a mind of its own, Sonys media materials say the cognitive intelligence televisions include a processor that cross-analyses multiple picture elements combined with focal points, recreating human perspective.

    Interesting so your TV is designed to better replicate reality? Sony says in its news release, the Cognitive Processor XR or the brain of the new BRAVIA XR uses a completely new processing method designed to replicate the ways humans see and hear, explaining further that when we see objects, we unconsciously focus on certain points. Cognitive Processor XR, powered by cognitive intelligence, divides the screen into numerous zones and detects where the focal point is in the picture.

    Sony Bravia Xr A80j Review: Audio

    On the A80J, the 0.25-inch-thick screen becomes a speaker by way of Sonys Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, which uses two actuators and two subwoofers to turn the screen itself into the speaker while helping the TV maintain its slim profile. The other audio technologies that come by way of the Cognitive Processor XR are more difficult to test definitively.

    Though the hard-driving action scenes in Zack Snyders Justice League can sometimes feel oppressive, the sound was crystalline.

    I watched a number of different types of video, from action movies to comedies to musicals, and had trouble detecting much of what Sony indicated Id hear. When I closed my eyes, I was wrong at least as many times as I was correct about where the sound should have been coming from, and Im not positive I heard anything that could be mistaken for full-room surround sound. At least the setup process, which the remotes microphone measuring sounds produced by the TV to allow it to optimize its performance, is simple and takes mere seconds to complete. If you end up not liking what you hear from the TV, your best bet may be investing in one of the best soundbars.

    Maybe die-hard audiophiles wouldnt be ecstatic, but to my ear, this was some of the best sound Ive ever heard from an OLEDor a television of any type.

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    Bravia Xr A80j 4k Oled TV

    The A80J has a ton of similarities to the A90J so many, in fact, that its easier to point out where these two OLED models differ:

    • The A90J has Sonys newest and brightest OLED panel, while the A80J doesnt get quite as bright .
    • The A90J and A80J both use Sonys Acoustic Surface Audio+, which turns the OLED panel into a speaker, but the A80J has half the power , and you cant use the A80J as a center channel speaker for your audio/visual receiver.
    • Both TVs have Google Assistant, but only the A90J lets you use the A.I. hands-free. The A80J requires that you press a button on the remote.
    • Speaking of the remote, the A90J gets a pretty fancy aluminum model with backlighting, while the A80J is a more conventional style.
    • 77-inch A80J: $4,500, available for pre-order now
    • 65-inch A80J: $2,800, available for pre-order now
    • 55-inch A80J: $2,300, available for pre-order now

    Compared To Other Brands

    The 4 Best Sony TVs To Buy (2020) Budget, Mid-Range, LCD, And OLED
    • Versatile lineup.Sony is one of a few companies that make both OLED and LED options. This means that you can choose whichever panel type you prefer and both their OLEDs and LED TVs provide good picture quality.
    • Great upscaling.Sony TVs, even the cheaper models, do better than average when it comes to upscaling lower-resolution content.
    • Great color accuracy.Most Sony TVs we’ve tested have great out-of-the-box color accuracy. You likely won’t need to get your Sony TV calibrated to enjoy the best viewing experience.
    • Lacking on gaming features.While Samsung and LG are industry leaders in gaming features like VRR support, Sony TVs generally lack any sort of VRR support. Sony has said they will release as part of a firmware update in 2021, but we’ll see.
    • High price.Sony TVs will most often be priced above their competition in their category.

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    Should You Wait For Black Friday Deals On TVs

    Trying to weigh future price drops and availability now can be daunting. However, some retailers offer assurances through a Black Friday guarantee. What that means: “If you happen to buy a new TV in the weeks leading up to Black Friday and that very same model is discounted shortly after your purchase,” Desjardin said, “the retailer may reimburse you for the difference.”

    Best Buy, for example, guarantees that if the price goes lower on a qualifying item, it will refund the difference automatically for its My Best Buy and Best Buy Totaltech members. Non-members can also get their price difference refunded but will need to visit a Best Buy store or contact customer service to receive it.

    Continuing supply and labor shortages this year mean that resupply and delivery times for all products have been challenged. Shoppers who have specific models in mind, or who have their heart set on delivery by a certain date, should strongly consider buying products with that in mind.

    Shopping For A Smart TV Or Any Other TV Leon’s Is The Place

    Ready to watch your favourite TV shows and movies in HD on your brand new TV? Leon’s is your source for the best selection of well priced TV’s. Whether you’re after an LED, HD TV, the best Smart TV your money can buy, or all of the above, we’ve got a TV that’s going to suit your viewing needs and preferences best at a price that’s unbeatable!

    We carry a great selection of Smart, LED TV’s in a wide range of sizes. Enjoy watching your HD TV in the biggest and boldest way possible on an 88″ LED TV that’s also 3D, or kick back in comfort to watch your favourite shows on a smaller Smart TV that’s the perfect size for your bedroom. LED, HD, Smart and 3D – finding and buying a better value TV for less has never been easier!

    Got a question about LED? Want to get the low-down on HD? One of the experts in our TV department will be more than happy to assist you. Visit one of our locations to learn more today!

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    Are Black Friday TV Deals The Lowest Prices Of The Year

    In most cases, yes. Though the supply chain has made 2021 one of the weirdest years to buy a TV, this is typically when you’ll find the best deal on a TV at any size. You can also safely buy a TV now even though it’s not Black Friday yet retailers are either offering some form of price-matching if the TV were to drop lower in the next few weeks, or the TVs are already on sale.

    The one exception would be doorbuster deals from brands like Sharp, Westinghouse, Onn, Insignia, and some very low-level TVs that are on deep discount at retailers. Some of these TVs are okay for the price and we’ll include those deals where we see them, but in most cases these limited time TVs are not worth the deal.

    You can almost always find a TV we actually recommend for the same price or a little moreincluding 50-inch and 55-inch TVs for $200 or lessand they’re made by brands that we know and trust.

    Dont get thwarted by shipping delays or sold-out favorites this holiday season. Sign up for our free weekly newsletter to get shopping tips, deals, product reviews, gift guides and more.

    The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered. Follow Reviewed on , , , TikTok or Flipboard for the latest deals, product reviews and more.

    Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

    No Soundbar Buy A Sony Oled TV With Acoustic Surface Audio+

    Buy Sony 50 Inch LED Full HD Smart TV KDL

    The best flatpanel TV sound solution to date

    Its not just picture quality that separates the very best OLED TVs. An AV experience is only halfway there without the sound, and for the very best built-in sound right now, it has to be Sonys Acoustic Surface Audio+.

    Acoustic Surface Audio+ is Sonys name for its innovative solution to OLED TV sound. The eternal problem since the dawn of flatscreen TVs is how to get good audio performance when theres precious little space for any decent sized speaker cabinets in that ever-decreasing wafer of TV?

    Sonys rethinking of the problem has been nothing short of revolutionary. Instead of trying to fit speakers into those tiny spaces and then apply better and better DSP, the approach of Acoustic Surface Audio+ is to turn the TV itself into the speaker.

    As it turns out, this sound from screen approach has more benefits than simply the quality of the audio. If youre determined not to have a soundbar or other external speakers to help out your TV, then you should really consider going for a Sony.

    This is how Acoustic Surface Audio+ works and what it will do for you.

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    Early Hisense Fire TV Black Friday Deals

    A ULED 4K Quantum TV screen for just $499 sounds too good to be true, but Hisense is not joking around with its massive Black Friday discounts. Deals start at just $430 for 50-inch screens, but you can maximize savings when you pick up its 75-inch ULED Android Smart TV that’s on sale for $300 off, making it $1,199.99 right now .

    • 43-Inch 4K UHD Android Smart TV, $299.99 at or
    • 50-Inch Quantum 4K ULED Android Smart TV, $429.99 at
    • 55-Inch 4K ULED Android Smart TV, $499 at
    • 65-Inch Quantum 4K Premium ULED Hisense Android Smart TV, $989.99 at
    • 65-Inch 4K ULED Premium Android Smart TV, $999.99 at or
    • 75-Inch 4K ULED Android Smart TV, $1,199.99 at or

    Which TV Should I Buy

    There are many things to consider when buying a TV. We try to highlight a range of the best TV deals going into Black Friday, but there are still some decisions you’ll want to make before deciding which deal is the best one for you.

    The most important features to consider are the TV size, the screen type, refresh rate, the number of HDMI ports, any gaming features, and features that will work well with the streaming TV apps you prefer to use, like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+.

    For size, the standard these days is 55 inches. That’s the most common size across TV makers and types, and it’s usually where you’ll find the best deals. You can find an excellent 55-inch TV for $300 and under on Black Friday. If you have the wall space, a 65-inch TV gives you a little more real estate, and usually the price difference is less significant on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    If you want a massive TV, you’ll likely need to pay a little bit more money, as they are less common, though we’ll feature plenty of deals on TVs that are 80 inches or bigger. Though it may be on a TV that is a traditional LCD or LED TV instead of the newer QLED or OLED TVs.

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    What TV Brand Is Best

    We test thousands of TVs in our labs in Cambridge, MA to find the best TVs possible, including every major release from every major brand like Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, TCL, Hisense, and more. There is no brand that is the “best” TV brand, every one of those brands makes some TVs we recommend highly and some that we do not.

    Is Black Friday A Good Time To Buy A TV

    Which SONY TV to BUY? Sony 4K TV 2020 Review – SONY X950H 4K TV Review

    In a word, yes. You’ll see some of the biggest price drops of the year on TVs during Black Friday. That’s because manufacturers are preparing to launch their new 2022 model TVs, which means they’ll be offering deep discounts on older models, including ones from 2021, confirmed Michael Desjardin, senior TV writer at Reviewed. Some of the best TVs weve seen this year have already come down in price, and in some cases, the discounts are steep, as much as $800 off, depending on the brand, features, size and year model of the TV.

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