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Where To Watch Rawhide TV Series

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Episode : Violent Land

Rawhide Season 1 Episode 11

Mace and Gorman the new drovers have more than cows on thier minds. Mace shows Favor a reward poster for $10,000 for a white girl captured by the Apaches. Rowdy visits the grave of his sister killed the the indians. Rowdy refuses to sell twelve head to Yuma, the Apache chief.

Release Date – 05-03-1965

Episode : Incident Of The Valley In Shadow

Favor wounds an oversized puma that killed a steer. The wounded puma kills the nine year-old son of Marguerite Colinas. She blames Favor. Ben Teague wants to marry Marguerite. Ben, Favor and Wish go after the puma. Ben sees Favor as competition for Marguerite. Favor has to keep one eye out for the puma and the other for Ben.

Release Date – 20-11-1959

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Episode : Vasquez Woman

Colonel Emilio Vasquez buys 200 head from Quince, Jed and Simon in Mexico. Jed goes to town to see if the pesos are worth anything. The gringo who runs the town says they’re just paper. Emilio’s wife, Maria, was left behind and is in the bar. Emilio sneaks into town and kills the gringo, but doesn’t get Maria. Jed escapes with Maria. Jed and Emilio argue over the terms of her return.

Release Date – 26-10-1965

Episode 2: The Spanish Camp


The spring that feeds a creek, has been dammed by Dr. John Merritt and his friend Phinn Harper and their men. They are looking for the remains of a 200 year old Spanish expedition, and their treasure chest. Merritt has three to four months to live and has nothing to leave his wife and kids. He quit practicing medicine, but is teaching Phinn. The cattle need the water.

Release Date – 07-05-1965

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Episode : Clash At Broken Bluff

Rowdy must convince a young widow to allow the herd on her land to protect it from the a norther. She is involved in the suffragette movement. The saloon owner will do anything to stop women from getting the vote. The drovers are allowed to vote if they stick around. The saloon owner buys their votes, but Rowdy has second thoghts.

Release Date – 02-11-1965

Episode : Damon’s Road

Jonathan Damon is building the C& L Railroad. His crew has quit do to lack of pay. The store says no more credit. Goldie, his girl, and the three girls in her act are leaving. He needs to dig up 20 men. Favor shows up with 2400 cattle and 28 men. Damon tricks the drovers in o signing work contracts and having Favor arrested for abducting Goldie.

Release Date – 13-11-1964

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Episode : Incident Of The Prophecy

The drovers have a Saturday off for the first time in a long time. To wake up the dead town. Rowdy and his friend Rabbit shoot at a schoolhouse bell. A bullet ricochets and kills Jud Hilton. His brother, Brother William, a tetched self proclaimed minister, puts a curse on them and say they can’t outrun death.

Release Date – 21-11-1963

Episode : Prairie Fire

Rawhide Season 1 episode 08

Wish buries Tod Murdoch, his friend, who 500 head he is to take to tie up with Favor’s herd at horsehead crossing. Tod’s foreman Jerry and Milt and Pitts plan to steal the cattle once they get the ownership paper from Wish. Wish has hidden it plain sight. He won’t tell where and they try to beat it out of him.

Release Date – 19-03-1965

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Episode : Incident Of The Blue Fire

Pete has been gone two days. Rowdy has been out looking for him. Pete returns and says there is 80 to 100 Cheyenne ahead. Pete jumps Dagget, a man Favor hired Pete says he’s a bounty hunter. Another bounty hunter teams up with Dagget. He shows him an $8000 reward for Nancy Curtis a girl captured by the Indians. Someone posts the reward poster on the chuck wagon. Favor checks on twelve missing steers. He meets Manso, Cheyenne chief whose come to pay for them. Manso leaves and is captured by Dagget. Favor has him released. Favor takes an arrow in the shoulder. He is taken to Manso’s camp. There is blonde haired, fair skin Winoka. She shows Favor a locket with NC on it. Favor is determined to return her to her birth family. Manso says she is Cheyenne now.

Release Date – 11-12-1959

Episode : Judgement At Hondo Seco

Quince gets a letter. He needs a couple of days off. Jim, Pete, Rowdy and Hey Soos go to Hando Seco. Casey the bartender knocks their drinks out of their hands when he finds out they rode in with Jim. Jim asks Judge Matt Quince how’s his niece Joanna. She wants help running away. She’s in love with Brad Lyons. He has a murder warrant on his head.

Release Date – 20-10-1961

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Episode : Incident Of The Judas Trap

With wolves threatening the herd, Pete is sent to town to get a wolver and traps. None are available, but he meets his old flame, Nora Sage. She is later found strangled in her room. Brad Morgan, Medrina Wilcox’s foreman also came to see her. Medrina has a herd but only one man. They pool herds. Brad was a wolver, and directs Favor’s men in placing the traps. Brad toys with the affections of Nora, Medrina and her sister Paula. Favor lets the sheriff take Pete, but says he needs Morgan.

Release Date – 05-06-1959

Episode : Incident Of The Wager On Payday


Sidney Proctor, along with Joe Stapp, are robbing his father’s bank as a joke. The night watchman, Simpson, wakes up. Joe clunks him. Sid thinks they’re bringing the money back in three days.

Release Date – 16-06-1961

  • The drovers are beating the scrub for strays. Favor finds wagon remains and twelve graves.

    Release Date – 02-10-1961

  • An overbearing Favor leads to many drovers quitting. Five replacements stir trouble.

    Release Date – 13-10-1961

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    Episode 2: Empty Sleeve

    Tom Cowan lost an arm in the war. He had a friend in the hospital write his wife, Jenny, that he died. Tom reluctantly returns to his hometown when the herd needs salt. Sam Butler, the banker, made a deal with Tom when he was caught robbing the bank. Tom enlisted under Sam’s son’s name, Will. Tom is shot by the sheriff and brought into town. Sam wants him snuck out. Will tells Jenny the whole story.

    Release Date – 02-04-1965

    Episode : Incident Of A Burst Of Evil

    A badly beaten wild man, Bing, says that Comancheros are planning to take the herd. Rowdy befriends a woman, once a countess, now being held by the Comancheros. She offers a mirror for the kindness Rowdy has shown. Rowdy says he couldn’t accept it. She sneaks it into his saddlebag. At a trading post the mirror is identified as one taken in a Comanche raid. Rowdy is thought to be a Comanchero and has to fight his way out. Rowdy goes to the Comanchero camp to get Louisa to back up his story and is caught. Loouisa tells Rowdy of the Comancheros plans. Bing was sent by the Comancheros to lead the drive to them.

    Release Date – 26-06-1959

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    Episode 2: The Last Order

    Rowdy’s ex-commanding officer, Jeff McKeever, is part of a band of confederates not willing to admit the war is over. They have stolen $50,000. Wish shoots one of them in the holdup, Decker. Decker stumbles into Favor’s camp with the strongbox and dies. McKeever posing as a deputy sheriff along with Jim Newton come for the money. Wish recognizes McKeever as one of the robbers. Newton escapes. The rebel leader Colonel Reed, poisons steers, shoots one of Favor’s men, poison the water hole, stampedes the herd with blasting powder, and captures Hey Soos in an attempt to get Favor to give up the money and McKeever.

    Release Date – 09-04-1965

    Episode 1: Incident Of The Devil And His Due

    Rawhide Season 1 Episode 17

    Favor, Rowdy and drover Lou Paris find themselves in the middle of a smallpox epidemic in Red River Station. The town’s doctor wants to vaccinate the populous. The barber/dentist relies on acifidity bags, leeches and herb tea. Favor tries unsuccessfully to get vaccine from the army.

    Release Date – 22-01-1960

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    Episode 1: Incident Of The Geisha

    After Rowdy tells Hey Soos to let a wild stallion go, Hey Soos tries to saddle it again. It bolts knocking Rowdy down and injuring his back. The remuda is stampeded. Out collecting the horses Hey Soos sees the stallion. He tries to lasso it. He is knocked of his horse by a limb and rolls down a hill into a stream. He awakes with his clothes drying overhead. He is in a kimona and a geisha kneels nearby.

    Release Date – 19-12-1963

    Episode 2: El Hombre Bravo

    Favor and Mushy are driving six prize bulls toward the American border in Mexico. A band of Mexicans tell Favor they are looking for El Hombre Bravo. General Velasquez’s men rope a drive steer and search the wagons for El Hombre Bravo. Favor and Mushy meet Pajarito, a school teacher and eight orphans heading to a mission north of the border. Pajarito wrote pamphlets for the revolutionaries and signed them El Hombre Bravo.

    Release Date – 14-05-1965

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    Episode : The Gray Rock Hotel

    Favor brings five of his men, sick from either food or water, into a ghost town to the Gray Rock Hotel. Lottie was on the way to Fort McCloud when her horse went lame. Favor asks Lottie to help care for the five. Favor sends Quince to Gold Ridge for a doctor. Four guys are looking for Lottie. She tries to create dissension among the drovers. Lottie tells Favor she is on the run. Mushy defends Lottie from Marty’s advances. Quince falls off his horse. The four find him. Lottie asks Favor to teach her to use a gun.

    Release Date – 21-05-1965

    Episode : Incident Of The Power And The Plow


    Gil Favor gets permission from rancher Jed Reston to drive his herd over Reston’s land. He discovers, however, that Reston has a bigoted attitude toward Indians, particularly a local Comanche named Taslatch who wants to be a farmer and who’s paid for a mail-order plow. Favor earns Reston’s enmity by siding with Taslatch. Tensions soon escalate until violence is set to erupt between the Comanches and local townspeople and Favor must take decisive steps to intervene.

    Release Date – 13-02-1959

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    Episode : Incident At Jacob’s Well

    Favor and Rowdy are unwitting dupes to Rose Whitman’s plan to get her expugilist father-in-law committed. Rose gets Harry riled up by calling him a coward and having him recall his last fight. The townsfolk like Harry and he’s on his best behavior in front of the judge. He’s not committed. The brother of the Marshall who cleaned up the town, comes to Rose with a plan to get Harry riled up in front on the townsfolk.

    Release Date – 16-10-1959

    Episode : Winter Soldier

    Favor and Pete recommend to Kurtz, who has been traveling with the herd with his daughter, a shortcut to the San Luis crossing. Lt. Whitley gets a message to warn the ranchers of Comanches. Winter soldier, Hap Johnson deserts. He trades his army gear for cheap indian trading goods at Watson’s. He asks Watson, Wish’s name. Hap strides into camp telling Wish he is his old friend from Nachodoches. Favor won’t hire Hap. Hap has overheard Kurtz has money. He rides after them and takes them on a shortcut up into the hills. The lieutenant arrests Watson, Favor and Hey Soos for having army goods. Rowdy and Quince go after Hap. They find him with Kurtz. Rowdy sends Quince to get the army and the drover.

    Release Date – 12-03-1965

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    Episode : Duel At Daybreak

    The new drover, a young southern gentleman, Roman Bedford, has incurred the wrath of the ranch foreman they’re picking up cattle from. Roman has paid attention to the ranch owner’s daughter, with whom the foreman has intentions. The ranch owner has keep hidden his past from his daughter.

    Release Date – 16-11-1965

    Episode 2: The House Of The Hunter


    A deaf mute delivers a letter for Rowdy at the camp. Rowdy picks up a guy, Kilo, whose wagon was stolen. They make camp. In the morning, Kilo and the horses are gone. Rowdy walks to a house and enters. The door shuts behind him. Mackie anad five other lock Rowdy in a room. Someone shoots at Rowdy from outside. The six are being held prisoner.

    Release Date – 20-04-1962

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    Episode : Six Weeks To Bent Fork

    Mr. Fletcher offers Rowdy $6,000 to get 1500 head to Bent Fork in six weeks or less. There is a penalty of $30 for each head that doesn’t make it. Lash Whitcomb, one of Fletcher’s men is going along as Segundo . Lash and Rowdy disagree on which trail to take. Rowdy checks his out. It leads to a box canyon. Rowdy’s horse hits a chuckhole and he is thrown and breaks some ribs. Rowdy tells Lash to take over. Ten miles and three days from Bent Fork, Sheriff John Keeley, says there is a sixty day quarantine on Texas cattle.

    Release Date – 28-09-1965

    Episode 1: Incident At Red River Station

    Professor Lismore and his daughter Mave have come to Texas from Boston to look for rumored Druid stones. Favor tells Jim Lark, who tried to force his intentions on Mave, to draw his pay in the morning. Lark and two other drovers hear the Professor speak figuratively about the value of finding the stones. The three draw their pay. They kidnap the Professor and Mave. They go about trying to force the Professor to disclose the location of the treasure.

    Release Date – 15-01-1960

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    Episode 1: Incident Of The Cubasco

    The drive faces a formidable tasks climbing to a plateau known for it’s high winds and dust storms. Favor hires Tom Bryan more for his wagon than the man. Tom sneaks a woman dressed in a bridal gown into the wagon. Jefferson Devereaux, a wealthy land owner, comes looking for a man and a woman, his wife, Jenny. Rowdy was a POW with Tom. He says Tom sold out. Jeff and forty men will be back in the morning for Tom and Jenny.

    Release Date – 03-04-1959

    Episode : Black Sheep

    Rawhide (TV Series 1959â1965)

    Favor asks sheepherder,Tod Stone, to let the herd pass his flock. He won’t. They take the herd over the ridge to the next valley. Tod takes a shortcut and beats them. Rowdy and Collins scatter the flock. Tod the herd. Rowdy fights Tod. Tod falls on his scaling knife. Favor tells Rowdy he’s taking Tod and his flock to Twin Hat.

    Release Date – 10-11-1961

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    Episode 1: Incident At Spanish Rock

    A storm with lightning is making the herd nervous. The blue fire of St. Elmo appears on the horns of the steers. Hey Soos says if a stranger should appear, he stops and blesses himself, death will follow. A stranger, Lucky Markley rides in. A clap of thunder and the herd stampedes. Rowdy turns the herd. Lucky says he has thirty some head to sell. Favor says he can’t use any scrub cattle, but he’ll look at them. Favor says no. Lucky says there is about two dozen Commanches around. Hey Soos says Lucky is the devil. A brave kills a steer the demands Lucky’s horse. The Commanches line the ridge. A young buck comes out to talk. He wants the killer of his brother, ten steers, sugar, rifles and tobacco. Lucky offers Favor to leave. He was killed in a stampede. Hey Soos pulls a knife on Lucky. Collins takes over the fight. Rowdy tells Lucky to get out.

    Release Date – 18-12-1959

    Episode 2: Mrs Harmon

    Wish is tired of trail cooking. He quits the drive and befriends a mother and her three boys. She is married to an abusive drunk, Fred Harmon who beats her. At the hotel, Fred tries to beat Wish to within an inch of his life. Mrs. Harmon shoots her husband. Wish takes the blame. Charlie Peg the hotel clerk knows the Mrs. did it and blackmails Wish.

    Release Date – 16-04-1965

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    Episode : Incident At Seven Fingers

    Sam Turner steals Rowdy’s horse. Sam is an escapee from the army guardhouse, charges with breaking and running in the face of fire. Rowdy’s horse goes lame. Rowdy catches Sam and offers him a job. Captain Coulter and his men rush into camp and arrests Sam. Favor says things don’t add up and comes to his defense.

    Release Date – 07-05-1964

    Episode : Incident Of The Peyote Cup

    Boss of Rawhide full length western complete movie

    Hey Soos is captured by a small secretive tribe of Indians, and forced to drink peyote liquid. An indian girl helps him escape. The new drover, Mister Brothers was a missionary and tried to convert this tribe. They came to believe if they crucified white men they dead ancestors would come back to life.

    Release Date – 14-05-1964

  • Rowdy quits and gets his own herd and races Favor to the railhead.

    Release Date – 25-09-1964

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