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Can You Watch Live TV On Roku

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Accessing Cable With A Roku TV Using Coaxial Cable

The ultimate guide on how to watch live TV on Roku devices

If your cable box requires a coax cable to connect to the Roku TV, the method is slightly different than using an HDMI connection. Follow these steps:

  • Plug the coaxial cable into the cable box and into your Roku TVs Coax In.
  • Turn on the Roku TV.
  • Hit the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Use the arrow keys on your remote to navigate to the Antenna card/block.
  • Select OK using the remote to confirm.
  • Choose Start finding channels to set up the cable box tuner and find all the available channels.
  • Choose No, channels 3 and 4 are not required if you are using coax without a cable box . Choose Yes if your cable box uses a coax output .
  • Wait for the TV to scan for all the available channels.
  • After the scanning is finished, the TV will notify you of how many channels it found, alerting you that the cable box is successfully set up. As long as your cable box is connected to your Roku TV, youll be able to access it via the Antenna card/block.

    Take note that cable boxes with a coaxial Out to TV connection still handle the tuning of channels. No matter what gets selected on the box, the signal gets transmitted to the TV via analog channel 3 or 4 and is NOT high definition. These cable boxes are ancient versions, but some semi-old models still offer the coax out.

    You can always upgrade your cable box via your service provider to get rid of the old analog channel 3/4 output to tv and use an HDMI cable instead!

    What Is The Roku Live TV Zone

    Rokus Live TV Zone is a section of the navigation menu that provides you with live TV options from different sources. Youll automatically see any free options, such as The Roku Channel, ABC News Live, Adventure Sports Network and many more.

    Aside from that, the Live TV Zone also shows premium choices for live TV. Youll see options from cable alternatives like Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu and so on, which require a paid subscription. These are shown in individual tiles so you can easily see whats available.

    If you scroll through the Live TV Zone section, you can see your recently watched content, as well as a bunch of categories like sports, news, kids and family, crime, reality and many more.

    If you have a Roku TV with an antenna connected, the Live TV Zone will also include local channels however, channels differ by location, so youll only see those that are available in your area.

    Theres also the Live TV channel guide, which provides a scrollable list of more than 200 free live linear channels. Its powered by Rokus own channel, meaning you see all available content from The Roku Channel in one place. It allows you to surf quickly and find something you want to watch, and includes both free content and any premium content youve subscribed to on The Roku Channel.

    A Guide For Cord Cutters

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    Cord-cutting is growing more popular every day with the convenience and cheaper costs of broadband internet. Like a dying dinosaur, cable and even satellite services are quickly becoming a relic of the past. If youre considering cutting the cord and eyeballing a Roku, there a few things you need to know before pulling the cable TV plug, most importantly, how to watch live TV on a Roku. You may be eager to cut that cord, however watching live television on your Roku is easier than you think.

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    A Whole Channel That’s Just Mystery Science Theater 3000

    Channel 336 in the Roku Channel just plays old episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 all day, every day, with the occasional Rifftrax thrown in for good measure. That’s one of the most specialized and specific TV channels of all time, albeit one with a genuine use and audience.

    There’s something oddly comforting about knowing you can just throw on classic episodes of comedians doing bits and gags over crappy old movies like Parts: The Clonus Horror, a wretched piece of sci-fi shlock that’s only noteworthy for having been ripped off for Michael Bay’s The Island. Seriously, there was a lawsuit and everything.

    This channel represents what’s so fascinating and unique about the Roku Channel as a whole. It wouldn’t make much sense for a real cable or satellite provider to include a channel like this in anything but the most expensive packages, but Roku just gives it to you for free. Considering how beloved MST3K is, it’s good that it’s this easily available.

    Live Sports & Espn On Roku With Sling TV

    Roku rolls out a programming guide for its free streaming TV channels ...

    The day of a la carte cable channels will likely never come. The majority of live TV streaming services have crept around the $70-per-month mark.

    But there are still a couple of inexpensive options for cord cutters who want to pay less for live TV channels such as CNN, Fox News, or ESPN.

    Sling TV is one of the cheapest options around for live streaming television channels at $35 per month.

    With a Sling subscription, you need to pick a core bundle of channels. The Orange plan has a little over 32 channels such as ESPN, AMC and A& E.

    The other core bundle is Sling Blue, which has about 47 channels, including NFL Network and FS1.

    The Blue bundle also offers local NBC and FOX channels in some markets. But Sling TV recommends using their service in addition to a TV antenna.

    Sling TV is built on the premise of offering smaller bundles, so budget-minded people have more control over cost and what channels are added to their subscription.

    You can check the latest offer Sling TV is making to new and returning customers.

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    Sweet Sweet 2000s Nostalgia With A Bit Of Drake

    The Roku Channel is arguably at its best when entire channels are dedicated to airing one show 24/7, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on channel 392. It’s a nonstop barrage of everyone’s favorite Canadian teen drama that happened to feature a young Aubrey Graham: Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    This channel is worth your time for a couple of reasons. First, you may have watched this show when it was airing, as it was extremely popular, partly due to its willingness to deal with subjects like drug use and mental illness among high school students. There’s nothing wrong with going down a nostalgia rabbit hole every now and then. Plus, as mentioned, Drake was a main cast member, which is a fact that just gets weirder over time.

    Even if you missed out on the Degrassi phenomenon in its day, it’s a fascinating cultural artifact. The 2000s were a baffling time in culture, with music and fashion that will probably seem absurd to all the Zoomers out there. Heck, I was there, and all that stuff is weird to me. Whether channel 392 makes you yearn for a different time or glad that it’s over, go ahead and just bask in it for a few minutes.

    How Reliable Is Hulu + Live TV

    Ive tested Hulu Live many times since it first launched in mid-2017. Back then, I had quite a bit of trouble with reliability issues despite a strong internet connection.

    But more recently, Ive experienced very limited buffering and error messages while streaming Hulu Live on Roku devices.

    For some context, my internet service has download speeds of up to 300 Mbps. Hulu Live recommends a download speed of 8 Mbps for a consistent, quality viewing experience.

    You can check your download speed for free at and

    If youve had a different experience with Hulus live TV streaming quality, share a comment below. Include your internet download speed and the streaming device you use.

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    Perfect Quality Multiple Devices

    As you can see, anyone can easily connect their Roku TV to a cable box using one of the available cable ports. The process doesnt differ from connecting any other TV to a cable or a satellite receiver, and at the same time, it provides a clear image and much better audio when using HDMI. Of course, HDMI-CEC delivers the ability to have connected devices communicate with each other or adjust the TVs volume using the devices remote to do cool things like turning both devices on simultaneously.

    Thanks to the variety of available ports, you can connect multiple devices to your Roku TV. For example, you can connect a cable box with a coaxial cable while connecting a Chromecast or another streaming platform in a USB porteach one providing you with countless high-definition content.

    Top Channels To Watch Live Sports On Roku For Free

    How To Watch Live TV On Roku

    If youre interested in paying for access to live sporting TV, Roku offers all of the familiar names in sports. You can access FuboTV for example which is a great soccer station, or even subscribe to the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL if you have other specific favorite teams. If youre interested in lots of different types of games and matches, ESPN and CBS Sports are both available. However, if youre more interested in exploring alternative streaming options but dont know which ones are the best for sports, keep reading. As mentioned before, a lot of the channels on Roku are free you just need to know which ones will be available for online free live streaming. For this article on How to Watch Live Sports on Roku for Free , weve picked out our top picks for you.

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    How To Get Live Local TV On Roku

    There are several local channels available to Roku users. Some of those allow you to stream content Live for free while others are often paid services. If youre a true cord-cutter and would like to have your local channels for news and TV shows, search the local channels guide on the Roku website.

    Once youve finally installed your local channels, you will officially be free from cable. Keep in mind, if you do not find a channel in your area be patient. Rokus channel list is ever-evolving. As the company completes negotiations with networks, more channels are added.

    Can Multiple People Use Hulu + Live TV At The Same Time

    Hulu with Live TV allows users to stream simultaneously on two devices, which is definitely important if you have people in your house with different TV tastes.

    For example, you could watch something on Hulu with Live TV from the living room and your kids could watch something else in the basement.

    If you have a larger household, two streams may not be enough. Unfortunately, Hulu Live has not increased the number of streams allowed in the base plan like some of its competitors.

    Instead, it offers a $9.99 per month upgrade for unlimited streams.

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    Apps To Stream Live TV On Roku Without A TV Antenna

    There is a new generation of ad-supported television used by cord-cutters who dont want to pay for their TV viewing. You can watch these so-called live TV channels that are streaming over the internet.

    These channels are also sometimes referred to as FAST channels, or free ad-supported streaming television.

    How To Watch Bengals Game On Roku TV

    Plex Live TV Comes to Roku Players

    How To Watch Bengals Game On Roku TV. Fubotv includes every network you need to watch every nfl game in your market. Directv stream is another option available to watch bengals games live without a cable tv and is the replacement for at& t tv.

    Apple tv, amazon fire tv. Plus, fans can watch the game on their phones via the yahoo sports app. Watch bengals games live on the official bengals ios mobile app.


    Apple tv, amazon fire tv. How to watch bengals game on hulu.the chiefs vs bengals afc championship game will be broadcast live on cbs at 3 p.m.


    After landing the afc’s no. All 17 bengals games are streamed live on direc tv stream.


    These games are easy to watch for people who live in the bengals market. Directv stream is another option available to watch bengals games live without a cable tv and is the replacement for at& t tv.


    Most of the major subscription live tv streaming services carry this weeks games, so fans can watch the game from anywhere. You can watch cincinnati bengals on roku with one of these streaming services:


    Fubotv is available on your phone, tablet, desktop, tv, connected tv devices including roku. Central the game will air on newschannel 5 and paramount+.

    Source: radiocaca-token.comSource: radiocaca-token.comSource: radiocaca-token.comSource: heavy.comSource:

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    Stream Roku Channel On Your Phone Or Tablet

    You dont need to sit in front of a computer to use the Roku Channel! Just download the Roku app on your Android or iOS device and enjoy free live TV and on-demand content.

    This app doesnt require an account, though I suggest making one just to build a watchlist. Because the Roku app doesnt have a channel guide or comprehensive list of show and movie categories, your watchlist will really come in handy. Trust me.

    One last thing the Roku app doubles as a remote control for Roku streaming sticks and smart TVs. If your friend loses their Roku remote, let them know that they can just use the app.

    The Roku Channel App On Roku

    The Roku Channelhas also been expanding quite a bit in the last year. It now has roughly270 live TV channels that are free to watch. The company announced in February that 25 new channels were added to the lineup.

    The Roku Channel app comes pre-installed on all Roku streaming devices and Roku TVs. You just need to head over to the live tab to get the channel guide.

    Scrolling through 270 channels is a lot to get through. So I dug through the whole channel lineup for you to give you some highlights to help you find something to watch.

    • News & Weather: 115-160
    • Reality TV 633-649
    • Sci-Fi & Horror 755- 773

    This isnt a complete list by any means. But it should save you some time, and make navigating the channel list a little less overwhelming.

    Also be sure to check out the Roku Originals tab under the Featured Section for short-form thrillers, comedies and dramas.

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    The Best Way To Stream Local TV

    An over-the-air solution is the only guaranteed way to get your local TV stations. The broadcast TV system is a patchwork of independently-owned stations linked together through affiliate relationships with the national networks. ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX only own a dozen TV stations apiece. The hundreds of other TV stations across the country are owned by independent companies.

    That makes it much more complicated for streaming services to get the licenses needed to stream local content live TV over the internet. Not every broadcast network has deals with every streaming service. And even when one of the networks cuts a deal with one of the streaming services, the station owners may not be on board.

    DirecTV Now, for example, can stream all four of the big networks to its customers in Denver, but can only stream content from the ABC and FOX affiliates in Houston. Hulus live TV service, on the other hand, can stream ABC, NBC and FOX in Houston but only CBS, NBC and FOX in Denver.

    What Is Live TV On Roku

    How to Watch Live TV on Roku without an Antenna!

    Roku live TV gives you access to programming from TV channels in your streaming subscription. That means you get to stream the program at the same time as it airs on TV. So, for example, you can watch breaking news on CNN as soon as it broadcasts. And you can watch the latest episodes of a currently-airing AMC show at the same time as it broadcasts on cable.

    In other words, Roku live TV lets you watch programming from cable networks over the internet. And you wont need a cable subscription for this. But youll need a subscription to a live TV streaming service.

    Unlike on-demand content, this live TV programming is available to watch only during its specific airing time. And you wont have the option to rewatch it unless it airs again or youve recorded it on your cloud DVR. Some streaming services also give you a replay feature that lets you rewatch the programming on-demand for a limited time.

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    Hulu + Live TV Review: Roku Edition

    Ive tested all of the major live TV streaming services like YouTube TV, Sling TV, fuboTV, DIRECTV STREAM and Philo, but Hulu Live offers something a little bit special.

    After its latest price adjustment, the service includes the Disney Bundle with the live TV plan.

    The biggest complaints Ive heard about Hulu with Live TV over the years are related to the navigation, but some improvements have been made to its home screen and live guide.

    Ill address everything in my real customer review. Lets get started!

    Access The Roku Live TV Channel List

    Youll also find the Roku live TV guide in the Live TV Zone. When you open it, youre provided with a scrollable channel list from The Roku Channel, similar in style to a cable experience. Below are the steps on how to use it.

  • Scroll Down to Live TV and Press OK

    In the left-hand navigation menu on the home screen, scroll down to Live TV and press OK. You can also use the search function to search for live TV.

  • Select the Live TV Channel Guide and press OK.

  • Scroll Through the Channels and Pick One

    This will open a scrollable TV guide. Look through them, select a channel you want to watch and press OK to watch it.

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