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How To Cast To Onn TV

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Roku Screen Mirroring From Android Device


Similar to Casting to Firestick, Roku Screen Mirroring from an Android Device is the simplest of the 3 methods described in this guide.

Oftentimes, users can simply open the notifications menu on their Android Device and choose Cast or Screen Mirroring.

In this instance, we are using a Samsung Android smartphone. However, this will vary depending on the Android mobile device you own.

Here are a few common terms used for screen mirroring:

  • Smart View
  • Screen casting
  • Cast

Swipe down or open the notifications menu on your Android and select SmartView or other screen mirroring option.

Choose your Roku device from the list of available devices and you can begin to cast to your Roku. Enjoy!

Cast Audio From A Tab

There are several ways to cast audio content from a Chrome tab:

  • If youve pinned the Cast button to your toolbar, click the Cast button in the Chrome toolbar in the upper right corner of your browser.
  • Choose the device you want to cast to.
  • Open up a Chromecast-enabled site like YouTube.
  • Click the Cast button in the bottom right corner of the video player. Note: The Cast button may be in a different location on some Chromecast-enabled sites.
  • Choose the device you want to cast to.
  • Navigate to the Chrome Settings menu in the Chrome toolbar in the upper right corner of your browser click Cast….
  • Open a tab in Chrome browser.
  • Right click on the webpage click Cast….
  • Choose the device you want to cast to.
  • How To Cast Content To Roku

    Casting to Roku is a straightforward process. There are just a few more steps to go.

    1. On your mobile device, open the app you want to use and choose the video you want to cast to your TV.

    2. Tap the casting icon from inside the app.

    3. Choose your Roku when prompted to select a device.

    4. The appropriate Roku channel will launch automatically and playback will begin.

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    Walmarts New Onn Android TV Box Versus The Chromecast With Google TV

    July 16, 2021 By Robby Payne

    As soon as the new Onn Android TV box showed up at Walmart, we were immediately intrigued. Armed with the new Android TV interface that pulls heavily from the already-great Google TV UI and a price that is absolutely jaw-dropping, there was already a good chance we were going to be happy with this streaming dongle. Upon further inspection after getting it out of the box, it turns out that this streaming device is better than expected and not just in a for-the-price sort of way.

    From a hardware perspective, there isnt much to talk about with the Onn Android TV box. Its a small, black box that has an HDMI port on one side and a micro USB port on the other. Theres 8GB of storage and 2GB of RAM inside, very similar to the internals of the new Chromecast. And, just like the Chromecast with Google TV, this device isnt meant to be placed on a table or in view. Instead, it is intended to hang off the back of your television and remain out of sight. So, as far as hardware goes, the real difference between this box and the new Chromecast comes down to the remote.

    How To Cast iPhone To TV With Chromecast

    How To Cast/Screen Mirror WITHOUT INTERNET TO 58"  ONN ROKU ...
  • Are your Apple device, Chromecast, and computer on the same Wi-Fi? If not, make it so.
  • Plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port on your TV.
  • Install and open a Chromecast-supported app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the Cast button. Select Chromecast from the list of available devices to cast to TV.
  • Many popular smart TV brands now come with Chromecast already built in. Just look for the Cast button!

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    What Do You Need

    • TV with an unused HDMI port

    When buying HDMI cables, theres a huge selection to choose from.

    Think about your budget, interests and most common uses. Also bear in mind the cable will need to run from the back of your TV to your iPhone so make sure you buy one thats long enough.

    Additionally, when buying any cables making sure that your iPhone and iOS software are compatible with the one you choose.

    Using Google Chromecast Device

    If your TV isnt smart or doesnt have WiFi, then you can buy a Google Chromecast device. It plugs into your HDTVs HDMI Port and connects your TV to your home network to which your computer is also connected. Chromecast supports over 100+ streaming services including Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV+, HBO, Plex etc. Also you can cast any tab on Chrome browser to the TV. Just look for the Cast button from supported Apps and services and youll be able to view content on your TV.

    Now if you dont have a Smart TV with WiFi, dont forget that you can go the Cable route. Simply connect your Laptop to TV using HDMI cable and you are done.

    Alright, there you have it, how to cast content from your Windows 10 Laptop to Smart TV.

    Image: CNet

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    Setting Up Your Devices

    Set-up is required the first time you use the cast feature on Roku. Rest assured, you won’t need to repeat these steps each time you want to cast video from your mobile device.

    1. Verify your mobile device and Roku are accessing the same network. Casting to Roku will only work if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    2. Ensure the app you want to use is installed on your mobile device and on Roku. The Roku version of the app you want to use must be installed on Roku before you can cast to it.

    Cast To Device Windows 10 Not Working

    How To Cast/Screen Mirror WITHOUT INTERNET TO 58″ ONN ROKU TV |Walmart Black Friday TV Android Apple

    In Windows 10, there is a feature called Cast to Device that allows you to stream media content to your Miracast/DLNA devices directly, for example, smart TVs, multimedia hardware, etc. This weeds out troubles of manually transferring the video or picture and makes it easy to share any content you want.

    The Cast to Device feature has been very popular in the market after other cast tools like Chromecast appear in the tech market.


    However, this feature doesnt always work for you and some issues happen – for example, no cast devices found Windows 10, Cast to Device not responding, etc. These situations can happen if the network drivers are outdated or the network is not configured correctly. Fortunately, it is an easy problem to fix as long as you follow these methods below.

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    How To Connect Kindle Fire To Smart TV

  • Make sure both your Fire tablet and the device you want to stream to are connected to the internet. They should be on the same network as well if you have multiple Wi-Fis youll have to connect them to the same one.
  • Turn on your Fire TV or stick and make sure they are active.
  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same Amazon account. Without this, its impossible to continue.
  • Using your Fire tablet, go to the Home Page.
  • Swipe down for the droppable menu. In the Videos section, select the Store.
  • This will show you all of the content available on your Amazon account, including content you rented or purchased, and all of the Amazon Prime content if youre a subscriber. All of these are available for streaming on your TV or stick.
  • Select the title you want to watch. Between the Watch now and Download button youll notice either Watch on Fire TV or Watch on Fire TV stick, depending on the device you have available.
  • A second screen interface will appear on the TV with expanded information on the movie and other options. You can play the content as if its a DVD. Youre able to pause, stop, skip among other things.
  • You can now switch off your Fire tablet screen if you want, and start watching.
  • How To Screen Mirror From Android To Roku

    • First, check to see if your Android phone or tablet will let you mirror your screen to Roku. Some phones may label the feature differently. For example, LG phones may label its casting feature either as Screen Mirroring, or Screen Share. Samsung phones use the term Smart View for screen mirroring. , oddly, use the term Cast.
    • Once you find your phones screen mirroring feature, just tap on it.
    • If you have more than one Roku TV or device on your network, you will be asked to pick which one you want to display the content.
    • The Roku screen will then show a notification, asking you if you want to cast your screen from your device. You can select Accept, or Always accept if you want to keep using this same device to mirror your phones screen. Alternatively, you can also select Ignore or Always ignore if you decide not to mirror your phones screen.
    • The phones screen should then be displayed on your Roku TV.

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    The Price Is What Matters

    So, at the end of the day, if youre getting similar specs, a better remote, a similar UI, and a similar overall experience to the Chromecast with Google TV, the differences really come down to price point. The Onn Android TV starts at $24.99 for the Full HD version and goes all the way up to a whopping $29.99 for the 4K version. Yeah, you read that right. This streaming box costs around half of what youd pay for the already-inexpensive Chromecast with Google TV.

    So if everything is relatively the same in use, shouldnt price dictate the purchase? Not always, but in this case the answer is a definitive yes. We used the Onn Android TV here in the office for a solid week and to be honest, I didnt really miss the Chromecast at all. They do the same stuff, I like the remote better on the Onn box, and the price tag is simply staggering. From this point forward, I dont see any reason I wouldnt recommend this device as the absolute go-to streaming dongle for nearly everyone.

    Isnt Mirroring The Same As Casting

    ONN 50"  TV Double Image Problem Model: ONA50UB19E05 : TVRepair

    We tend to use these two terms interchangeably. However, there are differences between screen mirroring and screencasting. Well explain briefly.

  • While casting specific content from your phone, you can do other things without the content getting interrupted. Thats not something you can do with mirroring, as everything you do shows up on the device to which youre mirroring.
  • Casting is available on iOS devices, while screen mirroring is not.
  • Certain apps allow you to cast from your mobile phone to your TV. With screen mirroring, you can use any app, and it will be displayed on the big screen.
  • When casting, you can use your Roku remote to control whats happening on the TV. As for mirroring, you can only use commands on your phone.
  • When you cast a TV show, for instance, you only see the playback on your TV. But not when youre mirroring, where the whole screen will be shown.
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    Fix : Reset Stream Permissions For Windows Media Player

    According to users, resetting stream permissions in Windows Media Player can be helpful to fix the issue of Cast to Device Windows 10 not working. This can ensure the player to be configured for media streaming as required.

    Step 1: Type Windows Media Player to the search box and click the result.

    Step 2: Go to Stream > Allow Internet access to home media and confirm the selection.

    Step 3: Go to Stream > Turn on media streaming and confirm your selection.

    Step 4: After returning back to the main window, ensure the option – Automatically allow devices to play my media is ticked on.

    Connecting Your iPhone To Your Smart TV

    Some models of smart TV actually have iPhone support built in look for a feature called Airplay on your TVs specs.

    For TVs that dont support Airplay, there are specific apps, depending on the brand of your TV, that allows you to mirror what you are seeing on your iPhone on your TV. This way you can play games and stream your paid subscriptions on a big screen.

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    How To Cast From Google Chrome To Your TV To View Videos Websites And More On A Larger Screen

    • You can cast Google Chrome to your TV through the browser’s “Cast…” menu, which is available on PC, Mac, or Chromebook computers, and Android phones.
    • If you have a Chromecast, you can cast nearly any webpage other streaming devices will only support certain sites like YouTube or Netflix.
    • Before you cast Chrome to your TV, make sure that your streaming device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer or phone.

    We all know that there are multiple ways to cast from your phone to your TV – but what you may not have known is that you can cast from a computer to your TV too.

    If you’re using , you can cast websites from the browser to nearly any streaming device. All you’ll have to do is use the “Cast…” menu, which you can find in Chrome’s three-dot “kebab” menu.

    However, there are some caveats to this. Unless you’re using a Google Chromecast , you can’t stream any webpage most devices, like Rokus, will only accept video sites like YouTube and Netflix. A Chromecast, however, can cast nearly any website to your TV, as well as certain files.

    You’ll also need to make sure that your phone or computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your streaming device.

    Here’s how to cast from Google Chrome to your TV.

    How To Enable Mirroring To Roku Devices

    How To Screen Mirror iPhone to a ONN TV

    Rokus mirroring feature allows you to send anything from your Android phone to your TV wirelessly. You can send music, photos, videos, web pages, and more. To get started, you need to enable this option on your smartphone or tablet and connect it to your Roku. In most cases, you dont have to do anything to enable the mirroring feature on your Roku device, as itll work automatically.

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    Using The Project Feature

    In this case your whole laptop appears on the TV the same way you would connecting your PC to the projector. Windows has the Project feature which enables you connect to an external display in this case your TV either using wired means like HDMI or wireless via WiFi.

    Then you choose to duplicate or extend your screen. Its better you extend so that you can have two screens showing or doing different things. With this method, media still plays on your computer via whatever multimedia player you have installed, but the display happens on the TV.

    This method is the options if you want to play media files that your TV doesnt natively support. Most TVs support mostly MP4 and MKVs so if you instance have a movie in AVI, it wont play using the TVs Media player.

    Anycast Cast Screen To TV With Wifi

    Like the previous method, this one is also more of a hack then an actual workaround. Instead of getting a Smart TV, a better solution is to get a cheap Miracast dongle from Amazon. Consider it as a cheaper alternative to chromecast. They come from a local brand, and support 3 modes, Airplay/DLNA/Miracast. Meaning itll not only works for Android and Windows PCs but also support Apple ecosystem.

    To get started, simply plugin the Anycast dongle to your TV HDMI port and power it on with the USB cable that comes along with it. Next, you will see the AnyCast page under your WiFi settings, connect it with your WiFi network and it should start casting your smartphone screen to the bigger TV.

    One thing to keep in mind is, some streaming apps do not support screen mirroring while using Miracast standard. So, before you make a purchase make sure to read the reviews to find out what works and whatnot.

    While the screen mirroring is good with no lag, the only issue is, a decent Miracast dongle will cost you 15 to $20. You can easily buy a Chromecast for $35, which offers much more feature over Miracast dongle. And lets be honest, although, its practical to spend $15 extra and get a Chromecast instead.


    • Cast both Android and iOS
    • Cast both Audio and video with almost no lag


    • A bit expensive and not value for money

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    How To Connect Your iPhone With An Hdmi Cable And The Lightning Adapter

  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to a free HDMI port on your TV. Look for it on the sides of the TV and also behind it. It should have the HDMI label on it make a note of the number.
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the Lightning Digital AV Adapter.
  • Connect the Lighting connector to your iPhone.
  • Turn on your TV, and use your remote control or the TV controls to switch to the correct HDMI port you just plugged the cable into.
  • The picture and sound from your iPhone or iPad should appear on screen.
  • Cast Android Screen To Smart TV

    70"  4K Smart TV Only $549.98 Shipped on ...

    But what if you dont want to carry an extra dongle with you all the time? Well, thats where smart TV comes in.

    Most smart TVs now come equipped with Miracast, meaning you can connect the phone to the TV directly, without the need for extra hardware. For instance, we have this LG smart TV with us, that supports screen mirroring via Miracast.

    For the unknown, Miracast is wireless standard, designed for mirroring a smartphone, Windows PC screen to television without requiring any physical cables. FireStick and Roku both use Miracast standard, and so does most Smart TV. This is why youll find most Mirroring devices are compatible with Android and Windows computers but not with Apple devices.

    Like Chromecast, Miracast also uses the peer-to-peer connection, meaning the mirroring can be done securely and without an Internet connection. Miracast hardware also supports HD and 4K streaming, we were able to play games and HD videos without any issues, even though the connection is wireless, there is no lag. And yes, for all those who are wondering, Miracast transmit both Audio and video.

    However, there is a downside to using Miracast. Unlike Apples AirPlay and Googles Chromecast, which can directly pick up the video source from the web Miracast on the other hand, can only mirror a devices screen. Meaning, with Miracast, your phones screen would have to stay ON the entire time.


    • Work flawlessly on Android and Windows 8/10


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