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How To Change Hdmi On Samsung TV

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HDMI ports come in a variety of sizes, including mini-HDMI and micro-HDMI. However, in the majority of cases, the port will be full size. Youll notice that gadgets often feature an output or an input . If you have an older television or a large number of gadgets, you may find that you have more devices than ports.

Solution : Update Your Samsung Smart TV

If youve tried everything and your HDMI ARC still doesnt work, you should update the firmware on your TV. Once the update is complete, try using HDMI ARC again.

You should always check Smart TVs updates on a regular basis that way, you can stay updated on the latest fixes and new features. You can access these updates by navigating to the Support section in your TVs settings and clicking Update Now. If youre using a Samsung Smart TV, dont forget to install any available updates older updates could lead to problems.

Choose The Best Digital Output Audio Setting

Remember, the output format is for devices that receive sound from the TV, such as a soundbar, home theater system, or headphones. If you are not connecting one of these to your TV, then you should leave this setting on PCM, or you may experience reduced audio volume or other issues.

For the best sound experience such as multi-channel surround sound, set this to the highest mode that your sound system can support. For modes with more than 5.1 channels of audio, an optical cable will not suffice. You will need to connect the sound system using HDMI ARC.

Note: If settings are grayed out, it may be because the content you are currently displaying on the TV, or the source you have selected, does not support that output mode. For instance, in the Hulu app, the Dolby Digital option may be grayed out when browsing shows, but once a selection is made and you are watching the show, the option becomes available.

Navigate to Settings, and then select Sound. Select Expert Settings, and then select Digital Output Audio Format. Next, choose your desired audio format:

PCM: This setting is only recommended to use if your sound system experiences issues on higher settings , or if it is the only option available for the content you are currently displaying on the TV. This setting will only output the left and right channels and is not capable of multi-channel surround sound.

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Samsung Smart TV Hdmi Arc Not Working

The Samsung smart TV is one of the most popular brands in the world. However, there are some features that make us feel disappointed. One of them is the HDMI ARC not working problem.

When you use HDMI ARC to connect your Samsung Smart TV to your soundbar or receiver, you dont have to adjust the TVs volume every time you switch between devices. But if your Samsung Smart TV HDMI ARC not working correctly, you could lose sound and need to switch back to the TVs speakers when switching from streaming video from your media server to playing a game on your Playstation.

The TV has numerous types of video inputs, including HDMI, Ethernet, and USB ports. But what if they stopped working? The solution is to troubleshoot the problem first before considering a replacement. Keep in mind that a physical breakdown can only be fixed by a technician.

Soundbars and smart hubs have grown considerably in popularity over the last few years. Theyre designed to work in harmony with TVs, but what happens when that harmony breaks down? What do you do if your ARC stops working? How can you make sure your soundbar works with your TV, no matter what HDMI port theyre both plugged into?

The HDMI port on Samsung smart TVs is an innovative way to transmit audio and video signals through one cord. It also allows you to connect several external devices, including your game console, cable boxes, and more.

Samsung TV Volume Display Is Not Showing

How to use HDMI ARC on Samsung Smart TV

If you have a soundbar connected to your TV then theres a possibility that the volume display wont be shown as this will only be shown on the soundbar.

If you dont have any external speaker connected to your TV then this could already be caused by a software glitch. you should try to restart the TV and if this doesnt work then proceed with a factory reset.

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Using The Control Stick

There are three main locations for the Control Stick on Samsung TVs. The first location is on the back of the TV, in the bottom-left corner. You can use the middle button to display the menu options on the screen as you would with a remote. Use other controls to navigate the menu options screen. Find the input change option and change the input to HDMI.

Alternatively, this button can be at the bottom of the screen. It will either look like the example mentioned above, or like a single button with multiple commands. Use these commands to navigate to the input choice to change to HDMI.

Finally, the Control Stick might be located on the bottom part of the TV, on the right side when youre facing the TV as usual. This type of stick works a bit differently, as it consists of a single button. You bring up the menu with a single press of the button and press it to move between menu entries. You should long-press the button to make the highlighted selection. Use this button to switch to HDMI.

How To Change The Signal Source In The New Models Of Samsung TVs From 2016 With A Standard Or Smart Remote

The new models of Smart TVs have more powerful processors, so the menu is more animated. The order of source selection itself is slightly different, and the One remote that came with the 2016 TVs no longer has a Source button. If you have a regular remote, you can press the Source button and get to the Source selection menu. If you have a TV with a Smart remote , you need to do the following.

  • Press the Home button on the remote One, youre taken to the home menu.
  • Using the Circle Pad control on the One, select Source.
  • Press the Enter Button. You will see a menu of available sources.
  • Select the desired source.
  • Press the Apply button, the TV will switch to receive the signal from the selected source.

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Try Connecting To A Different Hdmi Port

Sometimes your Samsung TV can fail to recognize an HDMI input due to a faulty HDMI port.

HDMI port is one sensitive part of a smart TV.

First, incorrectly plugging and unplugging a cable into it can easily damage the port. Making it more vulnerable to physical damage.

Plus, its open. Meaning dirt, dust, and even small insects can get into it. Which can be harmful and damaging to the device.

That said, you should check whether a particular HDMI port on your Samsung TV is faulty.

And you can do that by plugging the same external device and cable into another port.

If the device works, then the HDMI port is definitely damaged.

If it doesnt, proceed to other ways below.

Why Are There Very Few Articles Online About This Subject

How to Copy All phone data to other phone Using Samsung smart Switch. in Hindi

The fact is that the Samsung TV input/source problem isnt something people write about. In most cases, people find solutions wherever they can, carry out said solution, and then they forget all about it.

Ever played a game like X-Com where theres a massive installation problem, but nobody online, not even the publishers, are offering solutions. So, you have to trawl the forums to find the one kind soul whos uploaded a solution?

The Samsung TV problem is very similar. There are a few solutions out there, and your best bet is to search the online forums, try one solution, fail, try another, fail, and so on until you get it right. Luckily for you, this article features all the known solutions to the problems, including those relating to the recent 4K smart edition.

If there is now a lingering hope that either Samsung will stick to the most recent source/input method and stop changing it, or that theyll make the source/input solution a little clearer in their future TV operating manuals.

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How Do I Know If My Hdmi Port Is 4k

If the labels on your TVs ports are different or absent from the I/O panel, check the manual that you received with the TV. It will have information about which port is best for getting the best possible viewing experience on your TV.

If you are still unsure whether your TV supports 4k streaming via HDMI, check the product specifications on the manufacturers website to find out which port it is.

Replace The Hdmi Cable

Are you sure youre using a working HDMI cable?

HDMI cables can get damaged too. And one of its most common causes is physical damage.

You should consider your HDMI cable faulty if the:

  • Plug is bent.
  • Cable wire has exposed wirings.
  • Cable has burnt marks on any of its ends.

Mine doesnt have any of those.

Then, thats great!

But HDMI cables can get internal damage too.

And the only way to know that is to test the HDMI cable.

Luckily, most Samsung TVs have what they call theHDMI Cable Test feature. Which lets users check the health of their HDMI cables.

So, if your Samsung TV wont recognize an HDMI input, test your HDMI cable.

To do that:

  • Using a TV remote, go to settings.
  • Then, tap Start Test to begin the process.
  • If it says that your cable is Good,check the remaining troubleshooting methods below.

    If it says that your cable is Bad, get an HDMI cable replacement immediately.

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    Is Your Samsung TV Not Recognizing Hdmi Input Fix It This Way

    A High-Definition Multimedia Interface transfers high-quality video and audio simultaneously from sources like consoles, system units, and cable boxes to receivers or displays like TVs and monitors.

    Manufacturers continuously replace the old analog interface with HDMI connections to make streaming HD content easier. However, regardless of how high-end a device is, malfunctions can arise.

    Once an external device is connected to a TV, the device should show up. But sometimes, error messages like No Signal or red HDMI port symbols occur.

    Losing HDMI signal is common in TV and HDMI connections. If a Samsung TV doesnt recognize HDMI input, here are the common causes solutions.

    Is It A Must To Have An Arc

    frenetic rapport: Samsung TV Overscan and Text Fuzzyness Issues

    In an actual sense, it is not that much of a big deal. The feature becomes useless when you listen to audio using your TVs speakers and when you do not have a soundbar or receiver.

    The sound of most TVs is not that pleasant that it is why you are most needed to buy a soundbar to improve the TV experience. And thats when the ARC comes in and sends the audio created through your TV to your external device that is usually a speaker.

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    Samsung TV Volume Keeps Going Up

    One of the main reasons why the audio on your TV keeps going up is if the volume up button on the remote is accidentally pressed. This usually happens if you are sitting on the remote on your couch.

    Another factor that can cause this issue is if the Intelligent Mode of the TV is turned on. This mode automatically adjusts the volume of your TV depending on the environment.

    Press the Home button on your TV remote.

    Navigate to and select Settings.

    Select General.

    Select Intelligent Mode to turn it off.

    Change Hdmi Settings On Samsung TV Using The Source Button

    The Source button of your Samsung TV is on the top of the remote. Follow these instructions to change the HDMI settings using the source button on the remote.

    1. With the help of the HDMI cord, connect your Samsung TV with other devices.

    2. Press the on the Samsung TV remote.

    3. You can see the name of the HDMI on the TV screen.

    3. Keep on pressing the button till the Samsung TV display changes from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2.

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    Solution : Check External Device Connection

    First, check the cable connection between your device and the TV. Ensure that all ends of the cable are connected securely on both ends. Also, check the cables and wires for any damage.

    The solution to Samsung TV not recognizing HDMI input is to check the connection of external devices. Ensure there is no loose connection on either end of the HDMI cord. If you cannot view the picture even after checking the connection, try connecting your HDMI device to another TV.

    If you can view the image, then it means the cable is damaged and will need replacement.

    Check the power indicator it must be yellow. If it is a yellow indicator, then the cable connection is fine, and you have selected the right input source on your TV.

    Now after that, check the power connection on both ends of your device. Double-check the connections on all ends of your device. If you find a loose connection anywhere, get it fixed.

    How To Change Samsung TV To 1080p


    Most Samsung TVs offer a premium viewing experience. This includes watching high-quality content in 1080p resolution.

    If youre not sure how to change the picture size to 1080p, weve got you covered. In this article, well explain everything you need to know about adjusting the resolution whenever you want.

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    Samsung TV Not Recognizing Hdmi Input

    A high-quality picture is a basic requirement to watch a film or just to have the best entertainment in your home. In order to get that high-definition image, you need certain hardware.

    The Samsung TV not recognizing HDMI input is one of the common problems with Samsung TV. Even though you have the best high-definition picture, there are chances your Samsung TV is not reading the input device.

    It means if you connect any external devices like a laptop or DVD player with an HDMI cord, your Samsung TV doesnt recognize these connections. You can still fix this problem with certain troubleshooting.

    Samsung TV not recognizing HDMI input is a problem that many users have encountered. Even though the television set will output video and audio fine, it will not display video from devices that are plugged into the HDMI ports.

    Before you call customer service for help, try troubleshooting on your own.

    You will see a red light icon or no signal icon on your device, the Samsung TV not reading HDMI input. However, this problem is not with the cables or hardware of your devices.

    How To Identify The Specific Problem With Your Samsung TV

    Lets understand what could be the problem with your Samsung TV.

    The following could be the reasons for Samsung TV not reading HDMI input device:

    1) Damaged Cable

    Most of the time, the problem with a Samsung TV not recognizing HDMI input is a faulty or damaged cable. Most of the time, you will get a picture from the cable but not sound.

    In order to check if this is the case, connect a different cable and recheck it. If you dont see a change in the picture or still hear sound from your cable but not from the HDMI-connected device, this may be the case.

    2) Insufficient Power Supply

    Another common reason for Samsung TV not recognizing HDMI input could be that the external device is not getting enough power. If the external devices are not getting sufficient power, they will not be recognized by your TV. In this case, check the power supply on the device.

    Also, check if your TV gives enough power to the connected device. If you dont see a change, in this case, you should contact the service center about this issue.

    3) Input Source Issue

    You may have connected your device to the HDMI port of your TV, but you still cannot get a picture. This may be because of the input source setting on your Samsung television.

    You need to set your input source to HDMI or change the input mode to TV. You can do this by scrolling down on your Samsung remote and clicking on the Input source or TV/HDMI.

    4) Outdated Firmware

    5) Lose HDMI Cable on Both Ends

    But before that:

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    Switching To Hdmi Without A Remote

    Even if your remote breaks down or you misplace it, you can access most Samsung TV functions. The short-term solution is using the Control Stick. You can also download a Samsung TV remote control app to your smartphone or tablet.

    Either way, switching to HDMI on your Samsung TV without the remote is a walk in the park.

    Have you tried finding the Control Stick, where is it located? Have you tried a phone remote app? Join the discussion in the comment section below and tell us about your experience.

    Samsung TV Input Not Working/not Showing Up/keep Switching/stuck

    Solving the Samsung HDTV " PC Input is greyed out"  Problem

    Categories Electronics, Samsung TV, Television

    If you have a Samsung TV, there are likely dozens of moments when you are thankful you purchased such a quality TV. However, there can be moments when the TV input stops working, does not show up, keeps switching, or gets plain stuck.

    If your Samsung TV input stops working, is not showing up when selected on the remote, continues to switch, or gets stuck, resetting your TV, disconnecting HDMI cables one by one, manually changing the input, and changing the settings for newer models with specific issues.

    There are few things more frustrating than your Samsung TV not functioning properly, especially when it comes to something as vital as the input. If you find yourself continually running into problems with the input of your Samsung TV, this may not be a one-time issue and should be addressed in order to ensure better functionality of your device. Continue reading to see the different ways to address various problems with Samsung TVs and inputs.

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