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How To Get On Reality TV

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How To Get A Reality Show


First a foremost, getting discovered can happen several different ways. If youre active on social media and have videos on YouTube, youre more likely to be found by someone like me scouring the web for talent. Make sure your content is exciting. Portray yourself in a way that is worthy of TV.

Not everyone has to be a Jeff Lewis, insane character, but if youre boring#OnToTheNextOne

Screaming Jeff Lewis of Bravos Flipping Out

If you dont want to wait to be discovered and prefer a more aggressive approach, that can work too. For example, if you have a family business of deep-sea fishing and want to pitch you and your family for a show, find production companies that are behind similar shows.

How To Get On Masterchef

Just a heads up: To be on MasterChef, you need to be a good cook, but not an actual professional. Meaning, if you’ve worked in a professional kitchensorry!this isn’t the show for you. It’s recommended that you pre-register before you go to an open casting call, but if there’s zero chance you can make it to an audition in person, you can also send in a video application.

Netflix’s Floor Is Lava

Netflix is seeking teams of 3 for the second season of Floor is Lava. The show is produced by Emmy Award Nominated A. Smith and Co. and competitors do not have to be extremely athletic to play.

Floor is Lava is a binge-able, ultra-competitive, obstacle course show for a chance to win a cash prize of $10,000 Players can be from ages 18-55 and will be filming in Los Angeles, CA.

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Growing A Successful Food Blog

As Lindsay became an adult, she began to realize she couldnt pack on the food the way she had most of her life, but it didnt change her passion for it.

It actually kind of stressed me out transitioning out of that because you get to a certain age where your body cant support all of this food the way that it used to. So, its been a constant struggle my whole life with truly loving to eat. Not just food in general, but a lot of food.

Even with her food struggles, it didnt sway Lindsay from sticking with her goals. She wanted to blog about food. She wanted to share her knowledge and passion for food.

Bwhat If You Dont Want To Work On Reality Shows You Pitch

Wrestling With Reality: How Reality TV Rose From Kayfabe

This guide, How to Pitch a Reality Show is aimed at people who want to pitch and also make reality TV shows and documentary series.

But not everyone wants a full-time career in reality TV. Some people want to take a credit and a small check and keep on living their lives.

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Why We Wrote This

The question were asked most is how can I pitch a reality show?

Its no wondergood advice on the unscripted television business is hard to come by.

A lot of the reality TV advice that litters the internet was written by people whove never sold or made a show, or dont understand how the unscripted television business works. Much of the information about making documentaries looks it the subject in relation to theatrical releases, not making television series.

So we designed How to Pitch a Reality Show to be the webs best, totally honest, and insanely helpful free resource about pitching factual entertainment.

All backed up by real world examples and experiences from TV shows weve both sold and produced, taking productions from beginning to end.

Our hope is that this guide saves you time and resources, and of course, that you consider pitching your shows to us.

Gthe Problem With Pitching To Networks Directly

If you dont have an agent and cant just pick up the phone and get a network on the line, your options are limited. Youll be hacking your way into whatever meeting you can manage to land.

So say you get a meeting with someone at History, but your show is also right for Discovery, NatGeo, and Spike.

You dont have anyone in your corner to call those networks and make sure theyre also seeing your reality show pitch at the same time.

This eliminates any chance that there will be a competitive bidding situation on your show.

It also means the single network you met with wont be in a hurry to get back to you. They know youre not pitching anywhere else.

Finally, all things being equal, youre at a disadvantage. Networks choose projects from established production companies over pitches from new producers.

This was the dilemma we faced when we were starting out.

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What Are Reality Television Jobs

Reality television jobs include a variety of positions, ranging from assistants to directors. In this field, you may help with filming, edit footage for television, write a storyline, select actors and actresses for the show, coordinate marketing campaigns, or otherwise help produce reality television shows. Depending on the job, you may also process mail, order supplies, conduct market research, manage pilot tests, conduct questionnaires, produce reports, or negotiate licenses to use specific material. Reality television jobs normally have regular hours, but companies may occasionally ask you to work overtime to ensure all content is ready to air on television or through internet distribution platforms.

Cwatching Television With A Critical Eye

How To Make Reality TV Shows and Documentary Series with Joke and Biagio

If you want to sell reality shows, watching a lot of TV is a must.

Nothing is more disheartening than when people pitch us shows that would never be on TV today .

Theres no sense in spending time on pitches networks will never buy.

What often happens is people pitch what they think would sell, even if those shows have been out of style for a while.

Often Pitched Reality Shows that Have No Chance

For example, here are some often-pitched shows that arent going to launch your career or get producers excited about working with you.

  • arts and craft shows
  • old school, magazine style travel shows
  • cooking shows .

If you turn on the TV today and look at what most major broadcast and cable networks are airing, youd be hard pressed to find a lot of shows from the list above.

Yet these kinds of shows are some of the most pitched by people just starting out in the reality TV industry.

Sure, some versions of these shows show up from time to time, but theyre not what most networks are programming today.

Theyre also not the kind of pitches that get production companies and networks excited about working with new producers.

Too Unique? Maybe.

In general, if theres nothing like the show youre pitching on major cable or broadcast networks, theres a good reason.

One of our goals with this guide is to save you from wasting time on reality show ideas that have very little chance of making it to air.

The best way to do that is to watch reality TV. All of it.

We hear that a lot.

  • Top Chef

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The Voice Is Suited Specifically For Serious Singers

To apply for “The Voice,” you have to be at least 13 years old. Register on the casting site and select the city you want to audition in. Once you’re at the casting call, you need to be ready with one song and one backup for your audition.

This also isn’t the kind of show where you should show up in a costume the casting website says to dress like a serious performer. Oh, and since it’s “The Voice,” instruments are not allowed at your audition singing only.

According to the eligibility guide, contestants on this CBS series need to be free for up to 100 days in the summer, since the show airs live online 24/7 and you’re not able to leave the house until you’re eliminated. You also have to be at least 21 and able to compete in physical challenges.

To apply, visit a casting call in a city near you or submit an online application with a video showcasing your personality and why you’d be a good fit for the show.

So You Think You Can Dance Is For Performers Looking To Make A Name Themselves

If you have killer dance skills, you can show them off on this FOX show. You can apply in person at an open audition near you. That link also brings you to a page with links to all the documents you need to fill out and bring with you. You can also submit an audition video online here. Keep in mind, contestants must be 18-30 years old.

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How To Pitch A Reality Show Free Ebook Version Honor System

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When You First Set Out To Create A Reality TV Show Idea To Pitch You’re Going To Propose Either A Formatted Concept Or A Documentary Style Concept

10 Reality TV Shows You Can Apply For In 2021 (&  How To Apply)

A Format will be set within either a “Self Contained” or “Arc Series”“Self Contained”“Arc Series”Docu-style reality series are finding unmatched success with Networks right now, and this is perhaps the most viable sub-genre for new Creators to pitch and sell as a reality TV seriesPitching a reality TV idea starts with communicating a Title, Logline, and Synopsis.Creating Loglines that SellWriting a Synopsis for a reality TV show pitch is all about communicating the unique and important moments in the show, in a very efficient and original mannerAnother important technical skill to keep in mind when creating your pitch for a reality show is to be efficient in your writingWhen a Production Company wants to buy your idea for a new reality series, know what you can ask forOften we’re asked, “When is pitching season for new reality shows?”Can I sell a show with a written pitch, or do I need a produced reel?

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How Can I Get A Reality Television Job

The primary qualifications for getting a reality television job depend on this position. This industry employs people from diverse educational backgrounds, ranging from marketing and scripting to casting and acting, so you can often find some way to apply your skills and interests to the industry. Depending on the needs of the show, you may be asked to travel for extended periods, so the ability to be flexible with your schedule is essential to your success. Many reality television jobs are geographically limited when crews are not traveling, so you may need to move near a major studio site before applying for a reality television job. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of a reality TV job requires attention to detail, communication skills, and teamwork skills.

If It Doesn’t Work Out Try Again

There are a lot of reality shows out there that need casting, Edwin points out. “If you do not get cast for a show, don’t let it get you down,” she says. “There are plenty of shows out there and there will always be another that is a great fit.”

Interested in applying to be on reality TV? Some specifics…

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Tips For Getting On A Reality TV Show

Sarah Monson

Monson, author of the new book “Me On TV: The First Ever Kick-Ass Guide To Get You On Any Reality Show,” has some tips on how you can have a successful audition.

You can start by picking a stereotype and sticking to it, she told us in an interview. Once you’re there, make sure you have planned out what you’ll say to impress the directors.

She also gives tons of tips on making sure you stand out for the masses. Hint: leave your hot best friend at home.

You’ll be the next Kardashian or Real Housewife in no time.

How To Be The Star On A Reality TV Show

Poptropica: Reality TV Island Full Walkthrough

Once you have been selected for the show they will have a casting biog written about you which will sum you up in a series of bullet points, exaggerating your characteristic, beliefs and personality traits and if you are appearing on the show with other people they will have exactly the same but all of you will be very different and some of you will have characteristic, beliefs and personality traits that are going to conflict with one another and its likely that the producers will be planning scenes where these differences will be put to battle in order to add drama to the show. Its important you play along and give them what they want. they don’t need to know that you are just playing along. Give a convincing performance by playing to your stereotype. The other people on the show with you will be totally unaware of what is really happening so you are at an advantage and you will be able to produce and direct them in the same way the director does it. Just make sure you don’t get found out. You need to play dumb and appear to be as unaware as the other people being filmed alongside you.

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How To Pitch A Reality Show In 5 Steps

  • Read this free guide
  • Fully understand how the unscripted television and film business works
  • Prepare your pitch for different TV networks and streaming platforms
  • Determine if you need to team with a third party approved production company
  • Take your pitch to buyers
  • This guide will teach you how to do all of that, and much more.

    Bshould You Ever Pay To Pitch

    The common way new producers and filmmakers pitch their projects is at pitch pits, classes, and seminars.


    Theres nothing inherently wrong with going to these types of events. You just have to prepare to do your best, and make sure you get your moneys worth.

    The problem with paying to pitch is that its like speed dating. The people hearing the pitches are slammed with one meeting after the next. By the end, theyre bleary-eyed, and even good projects can be forgotten.

    Weve Been on Both Sides of the Speed Pitch Table

    At times it can be disheartening.

    When youre pitching its fast and furious and exciting in the moment. Later, when you dont hear anything back, its frustrating.

    Receiving pitches at a pitch pit is also hard. Theres no real time to course-correct somebody if their pitch is off. Certainly no real time to build a relationship. Later, its hard to remember who exactly pitched what.

    So its not ideal for people on either side of the table. Still, there are success stories that com out of pitch pits, so wed never say, dont do it. Just know what youre getting into.

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    Fwill Networks Meet With You

    If youre a new producer and dont have an agent, probably not.

    If you do pay to pitch at a seminar or pitch fest, you might be pitching to lower-level execs. They may or may not have the power to move your show up the ladder. However, that is one way to get a network face to face.

    Also, if you pitch to a network first, you might have less choice over which production company you end up with.

    This Is Also A Companion Guide

    Best Reality TV Shows From The Decade, Ranked

    This guide goes hand in hand with our site Producing Unscripted, which we built to teach you the ins and outs of making reality TV, documentary series, and true crime.

    To stay up to date and get tips and info on pitching reality television, get our newsletter.

    To hear us discuss many of these topics in depth be sure to check out our Make Reality TV Podcast. With over 100 episodes, theres plenty to learn about unscripted television. Its all there for the taking.

    Ane be sure to to keep learning about unscripted television. We do get busy but we try to be responsive on twitter whenever possible. And, in the last ten years, weve met some great people there.

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    Awe Believe In Mentorship

    The reason we started Producing Unscripted is to teach you the right way to create, pitch, sell, and make unscripted television, documentary series, and reality TV shows, and to encourage you to pitch to us.

    No, we wont team up with everyone who pitches to us. And not everyone who reads this will want to pitch to us.

    When things do work out, well be working in hand with those new producers. How to Pitch a Reality Show is just the beginning of the journey. We like to help aspiring producers build their careers.

    Over the years we were lucky to have had great mentors. They were the rare producers secure enough in their own talent to share their knowledge.

    Working with them was invaluable. Those experiences allowed us to launch our own production company. Today, those mentors are still in business, making plenty of TV shows. Were thrilled to be their colleagues in the unscripted television industry.

    Its their example wed like to follow as we help new producers come into their own.

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