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How To Lower TV Mount

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How To Mount A TV Above Fireplace Ideas

How to Lower a Wall Mounted TV.

Positioning your TV and fireplace together might sound pretty straightforward, but there are few other options to consider depending on the look, your space and style you want along with existing floor plans and layout.

One of the most important concerns we hear is that a TV located above a fireplace is at an annoying viewing angle, and this can be true, as most TV installed above the fireplace will be beyond your eye level when you are seated. Solution for that problem is a TV above fireplace mounts offered by a tranquil mount.

After purchasing a TV and TV mount, you have to decide where you want to mount your TV. Here are several ideas where you can mount your TV in your room, which looks great.

1. Mount your TV above fireplace:

Whatever your opinion of installing a TV over a fireplace maybe, there is no denying that it is undoubtedly a trend. There are two significant benefits that the TV above fireplace arrangement has going for it:

  • When done correctly, installing a TV above the fireplace is an easy way to create an overall balanced look with the fireplace below and TV on top.
  • Placing the TV and fireplace in one place also makes a single focal point, which can simplify your furniture arrangement.

2. Place Your TV Next to the Fireplace:

Now if you dont want to mount your TV above the fireplace then here is another option. You can install your TV next to the fireplace. It also looks good with your layout.

3. Mount a TV Perpendicular to the Fireplace:

Decide On A Location And Test A Template

  • Check to ensure that the template is centered.
  • Test the viewing angle from different parts of the room.
  • Make sure the TV is at the right level. If itâs too high, youâre likely to strain your neck while watching.
  • Lightly mark the outline with painterâs tape, and then remove the template from the wall.

Best TV Wall Mount : Don’t Skimp On This Step

Here’s a shortlist of 6 of the best TV wall mounts based on ease of installation, television size and function.

Today, most TVs are relatively low-profile, making it possible to skip the bulky television cabinet and go with a sleek, wall-mounted look. TV wall mounts also make it possible to save space, which can be a lifesaver in smaller rooms. However, shopping for a TV wall mount can be a challenge. There are many options to choose from, making it difficult to decide. You’ll find the best TV wall mounts come in three main types: flat, articulating and tilt.

Flat TV wall brackets are the simplest — they attach your television to the wall in a fixed position and don’t move in any way. Then there are the articulating or full-motion TV mounts. They’re capable of turning or swiveling to face other directions. Lastly, tilting TV brackets can be angled up or down, which could be useful when you’re trying to avoid screen reflections or glare. The following are the best TV wall mounts available now.

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Anyway To Lower TV Without Moving Wall Mount

  • If you’ve ever wanted to ask questions on industry standards when setting up your home theater, you’re in luck! Peter Aylett, 30 year integrator and partner at HTE Acoustic Interior Design will be answering questions until Fri. Nov. 26th! The thread is now open, and you can join in here!

Lowering A TV Using A Wall Mount Is It Possible

SANUS Low Profile Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket for 40"

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to wall-mount my tv in a new apartment. The layout is a little strange, though. The drillable section of the wall is way too high and the the needs to be much lower for it to be comfortable to watch.

From what I’ve seen after searching high and low, the options of the mounting units allow you to swivel the tv but not move it lower on the wall. There are mounting options that allow you to really move the tv , and I could turn the mount 90 degrees so I can move the tv lower, but it looks like this could be dangerous. I don’t think these mounts are designed for this.

Any help and advice are greatly appreciated!!

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Mounting Your TV: Viewing Angle

When it comes to horizontal angles, of course, having the TV screen perpendicular to your eyeballs is perfect. But Jorgensen says the newer TVs have such clarity, wide viewing angles and refresh rate, that the sweet spot isnt entirely necessary to enjoy your television. She says that having the screen at +/ 25 degrees horizontally is perfectly acceptable. She stresses that comfort and the reduction of glare are more important than the measure of the angle itself.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

For all that we liked about the Sanus VMPL50A-B1, its not without its downsides. None of them, though, offset the mounts positives.

The low profile of the VMPL50A-B1 is one of this mounts primary benefits, but this also means you have limited room to run wiring behind it. Its true that tilting the TV forward opens things up a bit. But if you have a TV with rear-facing inputs, there is a chance that you will have to remove the TV from the wall if you need to change any wiring.

We also found that, once installed, the Sanuss monitor brackets sat very close to the wall. So when we were removing the television, we had to be extra careful not to press the brackets back against the wall and mar it.

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Determining The TV Height

There are a few things to think about when determining how high you should mount your TV. First of all, take into consideration how you watch your TV. Is it always while seated on the couch or do you watch it while standing frequently? Or is it a combination of both?

One of the great things about a mounted TV that swivels and tilts is that you have more flexibility to adjust your TV to the ideal angle you are going for. However, if you frequently watch your TV while standing, you may want to mount the TV higher than someone who always watches it while lounging on the couch.

ProTip: The industry guideline of 42 is lower than you may expect, but it is recommended for the best quality and the most comfortable view thus avoiding any nasty neck strain.

Considerations For Determining Your TV Mounting Height

How to Hang A Low Profile TV Wall Mount – FireFold

There are several factors to consider when deciding how high to mount your TV. Two of the main factors that you will want to be aware of before mounting your TV are the size of the screen and the distance from the TV to the primary viewing position. Also, think about the location of your television as well. Are you mounting a TV to a corner? Is it going above your fireplace? Do I need an extra long arm TV wall mount? When making this decision, its helpful to have a tape measure handy that you can use to try out different heights, mark them on the wall, and mock-up a cardboard cutout to verify the positioning you are looking for. Ideally, you want the center of the TV to be at your eye level to prevent your neck from straining as you binge-watch your favorite shows and movies1 .

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Remove The Safety Locks:

Most times, TV mounts dont come with locks. However, if yours does, work on it. It can also be any lock mechanism.

If its a screw-type lock, use a long screwdriver to unscrew the locks at the lower part of the TV. You can use a flashlight to see it. When youve done so, you can easily pull the lower TV away from the wall. So, youll be able to finish the remaining process.

For a pull string lock, two pieces of strings are attached to a latch. All you have to do is find the strings at the lower part of the TV and pull them hard. Theyll make a click sound, and the lower part of the TV will no longer be attached to the wall.

If its a horizontal locking bar, youll be able to access the bar lock from the sides. Theres usually a long bar that goes from the left to the right side of the TV. It can be pulled out from one side only, so try it out to be sure of the side. Then pull it out.

However, your owners manual can come in handy in case your TV comes with a new or special kind of lock. Once youve removed the lock, youll be able to tilt your TV forward easily.

Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount Best Articulating Pull

The ECHOGEAR Full Motion Wall mount takes up 8th place on our list of best pull-down TV mounts because of several premium features. These features include its heavy-gauge metal construction and its ability to hold television displays that stand between 37 and 70 inches in size. With accordance to height, this wall mount can hold up to 132 pounds.

The product on its own has an exceptional quality of construction as it can help push television sets up to 16 inches from your wall and 2.6 inches away from the wall. Whats more? This product has an installation time of about 30 minutes and employs 13 studs to hold your television screen in place.

ECHOGEARs wall mount also features a 130 degrees swivel that can provide for more flexibility in viewing while no tools will be required to adjust the television.

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Other TV Wall Mounts We Like

We liked several other mounts that we tested, but one or two small drawbacks caused them to fall behind our picks.

The Peerless-AV ST650P is a good tilt mount. In most ways, its nearly identical to the Sanus VMPL50A-B1, but it holds the TV farther off the wall , and locking the TV into the wall bracket is not as easy.

A former upgrade pick , the Sanus VLT6 tilt mount also allows the TV to shift slightly to each side. Like the Sanus VMPL50A-B1 tilt mount, this model can tilt up and down and offers a post-install level adjustment, but here you can also extend the TV off the wall about 5½ inches, so its like a mini full-motion mount. This flexibility gives you a lot of room for wiring and lets you angle the screen to the side a little. The VLT6 is the only tilt mount we tested that can attach to metal studs. The back of the TV sits 2¾ inches off the wall, 1 inch more than with the Sanus VMPL50A-B1.

For an inexpensive tilt mount, we also liked the UL-approved EchoGear EGLT3. Its very similar to the Monoprice EZ Series, but it makes one trade-off. On the positive side, it offers post-level adjustment, whereas the Monoprice doesnt. On the negative side, the mount holds a TV off the wall more than 2¼ inches, about a half-inch more than the Monoprice does. If youre unsure of your skills at getting a mount level on the wall, the EGLT3 might be a better option, but we expect most people will be happier with the more-discreet Monoprice.

TV Mounts Vs TV Brackets

Peerless Universal Ceiling TV Mount Lower Assembly for Mid ...

There may be some confusion on whether you need a TV wall mount or TV wall bracket when, in fact, the two terms overlap. Brackets are a common type of TV mount where the actual TV bracket is attached to the wall. A TV mount can be any type of mount that attaches it to a wall, for example a TV arm wall mount. Having split TV wall brackets built-in can make it easier to mount a TV in a corner of a room or flat-screen TV low profile mounting.

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Choose The Amount Of Motion:

The various types of wall mounts have varying motion. You should choose if you want your TV flat on the wall or if you prefer it to be moveable. Also, choose the level of movement.

Furthermore, it may not be based on just preference. Another reason you should choose the motion is based on your lifestyle and your viewing position.

If you have little children and pets, you may want your TV to be above the viewing level. Then it would help if you consider tilting or full-motion wall mounts.

TV Corner Wall Mount Options

If you want to position a TV in a wall corner, you want a single TV arm bracket where the extendable arm pivot point isnt too close to the corner side of the wall plate.

A TV corner bracket like this will make it less likely that the TV mount will be seen when the TV is positioned in the corner of the wall.

Both long arm wall mounts below will work in a corner.

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Pros And Cons Of Tilting TV Wall Mounts


Tilting brackets have the highest compatibility without having to make any modifications for mounting any type of flat screen TV or monitor thats VESA mount compatible.

  • Suitable for any type of flat or curved screen televisions LCD, Plasma, LED & OLED
  • Suitable for any type of flat wall Drywall & wooden studs, Drywall & metal studs, plaster . concrete, brick, tiled wall & etc
  • Wide wall plate Easy to center the TV wherever you want in most cases with Lateral Shift
  • Most of the Tilting TV wall mounts we carry provide enough clearance from the back of the TV to the wall to reach behind the TV for easy cable connection & management regardless of the orientation of the cable connection whether pointing sideways or downwards or facing backwards towards the wall.
  • You can tilt the TV down to get better viewing angle if your TV is mounted high above a fireplace.
  • You can tilt the TV up in order to gain even more space to access the cable connections on the back of the TV if you ever need to change cabling without having to dismount your TV.
  • Extra Wide Wall Plate option available such as SKU: 1017 for mounting extra heavy televisions. Extra-wide wall plate allows you to reach up to 3 studs that are 16 apart .
  • Ideal to use with component wall shelf, in order to hide all the left over cable slacks behind the TV so you dont see any excess cables anywhere else for cleaner look & finish.
  • Easy to install and manage wires behind the TV


How To Remove TV From Wall Mount

How To Install A Low Profile Tilting TV Mount For TV’s Between 37″ To 70″ #17-314-002

Mounting TVs on the wall is gradually going out of style as most residences do not allow altering the walls within the house. There are several reasons why you might want to remove the TV from its wall mount in your home.

Some of the most common reasons include relocation, procurement of a bigger TV, home restructuring, etc. Regardless of why you want to remove your TV from its wall mount, we will recommend how to go about it without damaging the wall or your TV.

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Dealing With Stud Spacing

Now that you know where your studs are, you need to figure out if they are spaced so that you can attach the mount on both sides and whether the stud locations allow you to center it. If the mount cannot be attached on both sides, there are a couple of ways to accommodate it. First, consider making a mounting plate or cleat out of a durable material, such as plywood or metal, to span the distance between the studs. If possible , cut the plate down so that it will be concealed once your TV is attached. If youre worried about aesthetics or that your homemade mounting plate will be seen, think about painting or staining it for a more professional, finished look. The plate can be attached to the studs using wood screws, but lag bolts are typically a little stronger. With the plate in place, you can then secure the base of your mount to it. The same technique can be applied when attempting to center the mount on the wall, however, there is another solution. Sliding TV brackets feature a base that expands or contracts to accommodate varying stud distances and allow for easier centering. You can also consider purchasing a mount with a single stud mounting design. Just keep in mind that larger TVs usually require more than a single stud design, so making your own mounting plate may be the best option if your TV is particularly large or heavy.

Left To Your Own Devices

This one doesnt have to do with physically mounting your TV per se, but once you get that bad boy securely situated, youre going to need to start coordinating and calibrating all your devices cable, media player, video game consoles, smart home assistant, et cetera. We arent going to lie there will be remotes. Many of them.

Youll see enough triple A batteries to last you a lifetime. Youll spend endless minutes scrolling through options and selecting languages. You might not know what youre doing, but the textbook-sized instruction manual will be menacing enough to keep you at bay. Maybe your instincts are good. Maybe youve got a tech-savvy friend. Or maybe

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