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How To Program Sony TV Remote

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How To Perform An Auto Program

Programming Sony (X950H) TV Remote to Cable or Satellite Box (H Series – 2020 Models)
  • Using your remote or the buttons on the TV itself, locate the Menu or Home button.
  • Use the up, down or left and right buttons to move through the on-screen menu and locate the Set up or Settings menu.

    NOTE: All TVs are different in terms of the auto program procedures. The following is a general guide, but the steps or the terminology may be different for your model. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

  • Select System or Channels.
  • Select Program channels, Auto program, or Digital scan
  • Press Select,Enter or OK to start the scan.
  • IMPORTANT: If you believe that certain local channels are not appearing, after doing the scan, try adjusting the placement of your HD antenna and run the auto program again.

    Sony TV Universal Remote Codes Tips And Tricks

    January 28, 2021 by Shahbaz Ahmed

    As we know, a uniform remote control is but an excellent option if, on the offset that you may have lost your original remotes. One striking feature about Sony universal codes is that one can program Sony TV easily in their home theatre. Here in this article, we discuss the advantages of Sony TV Universal remote codes, and thus we briefly shall attempt to list and explain the types of Sony remote codes and how essential it is. Here, we shall attempt to gather and discuss the most significant Sony universal codes for the various methods of manual and digital programming.

    So, our first question is, how do we auto program DirecTV Cable remote with a Sony TV? For this, the input key has to be programmed crucially upon each set-top box universal remote. So we have to ensure that each of the Sony TVs, or any other device you wish to set up with the help of Sony universal remote codes, is plugged and on. It is a must to ensure that the batteries of the Sony TV remote, is in optimum condition. After that, it is crucial to make a list of Sony universal remote codes, of which the list has been provided further down this article.

    Listed here is the DirectTV Remote code list for Sony TV

    • 11100
    • 10000

    Some additional information is here to assist your knowledge about Universal Remote Codes for Sony:

    These are the RCA Sony universal remote codes for Sony TV.

    SONY TV 4-digit codes:

    Sony 801

    Sony Programming Instructions:

    • Stage 1
    • Stage 2
    • Stage 3
    • 002

    How To Program My Bell Satellite TV Remote Control

    Select your remote:


    Limited Warranty. Bell Canada warrants to you as the original purchaser the battery purchased for the Fibre Equipment for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase of the Original Battery from Bell when used in the Fibre Equipment . Fibre Equipment means the Home Hub 3000 modem or UPS , as applicable, provided by Bell in connection with certain of your Bell services. If the Original Battery fails due to a defect during the Warranty Period, Bell will replace the Original Battery with a new or refurbished battery . Any warranty coverage that remains during the Warranty Period on the Original Battery will apply to the Replacement Battery. No Replacement Battery has any new or separate warranty coverage. Bell reserves the right to limit the number of Replacement Batteries provided to Purchaser during the Warranty Period.

    My Battery Isnt Working. What Should I Do? Ontario and Québec residents please call Bell at 1 866 310 BELL and residents of the Atlantic provinces please call 1 866 342-7367, so that Bell can confirm that the Original Battery is within the Warranty Period and attempt to diagnose and correct the malfunction over the telephone. Be sure to keep your proof of purchase to establish the date of purchase of the Original Battery otherwise Bell may have to estimate the date of purchase.

  • Locate the remote programming code for your TV.
  • Turn on your TV and your Satellite TV receiver.
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    Program Your Bluecurve TV Remote

    Visit Programming your BlueCurve TV remote control for steps to program and setup your BlueCurve TV remote including learning how to pair and unpair the BlueCurve TV remote.

    After completing the Quick setup remote pairing, you have two options to for programming your BlueCurve TV remote:

    Learn more: BlueCurve TV Remote Control

    How To Program Sony TV To Universal Remote Control

    New RMT

    Step 1 : Switch on your TV set you want to program.

    Step 2: Hold your Sony universal TV remote to face your TV or device.

    Step 3: Find the âMenuâ button on your universal remote. Press on to the âSystem Setupâ button. It remote control will enter the Learning Mode.

    Step 4. Press the âTVâ button to switch to âTVâ mode.

    Step 5. Press and hold down the âMuteâ button on your remote. Release after the tiny LED light turns on.

    Step 4: Find and hold down the âSelectâ button. The light on your remote will flash twice.

    Step 5: If you got the process right, the tiny light will blink 4 times. When it does, pick any of the codes above for your device and enter. The button light will go off once you get the correct code. If not, try another code.

    Step 6. Find and press in the correct codes. If you get the right code, the LED light will turn on.

    Step 7: Press any of the functions keys on your remote control. If it works, that means you got the steps correctly. If it doesnât work, repeat the steps and try with another code.

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    How Do I Program My Universal Remote To My Tcl Android TV

  • To access the Google Play Store on a mobile device, simply go to .
  • You can use Google LLC to make Android TV remote control by searching for Android TV Remote Control.
  • Install the program after following the instructions onscreen.
  • Connecting your mobile device and Android TV to the same Wi-Fi network is important.
  • The Android TV Remote Control app should be open on your phone.
  • Change The Batteries On The Remote

    The next best fix that you can try is changing the batteries of your remote. In case your remote doesnt respond when pressing the button, then you should change the batteries of the remote.

    1. To troubleshoot the remote, remove the batteries and press the Power button for about 10 seconds. This will reset your remote by removing the residual power.

    2. Insert the batteries again on the remote after one minute of not using it.

    3. Make sure to insert the batteries properly on the remote.

    4. Now, operate and check whether the remote is working or not.

    If your TV remote is not working even now, then replace the old batteries with new ones.

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    Update The Sony Smart TV Software

    Updating your TVs software will always help you to avoid such problems. So, you must check for the software update and update to the latest version frequently. If you do so, you will get improved performance, security, and usability on your TV.

    To update your Sony TV software,

    1. Go to the Settings option from your TVs overlay.

    2. Choose Support & Settings option.

    3. Select System Software Update and click Software Update to update the Sony TV.

    Power Cycle Your Sony TV

    Sony | Learn How To Use Your TV Remote On Sony 2021 BRAVIA TVs

    If you didnt find anything wrong with your remote, then the problem is with your TV. A simple power cycle can make the remote work.

    1. Unplug the Power cord of the TV from the power button and wait for two to three minutes.

    2. After that, plug in the TV power cord and start the LG Smart TV.

    3. Now, check the remote with your TV.

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    How Do I Connect My Sony Remote To My TV

    Theres nothing worse than sitting down to watch your favorite show, only to find that the remote control is nowhere in sight. In order to avoid this situation, it can be helpful for you to learn how to connect a Sony remote.

    A Sony Remote Control Your TV with an HDMI input An available USB port on your TV or power strip The latest software update from Sony.

    How To Program Sony Remote

    If you were to lose your original remotes, you have a uniform remote control as an excellent alternative. And if you have Sony TVs, Sony universal codes have the impressive feature of being easy to program.

    We will briefly discuss how to program the Sony remote in this article and we also have provided remote codes for Sony remotes.

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    Program Your Gateway TV Remote

    New TV Remote Control RMT

    To program your Gateway remote control with your television and audio devices, start by powering on the equipment you would like to program into the remote and then follow these steps:

  • First locate the code for your television from the users guide that came with your Shaw remote, or see the digital Gateway Remote Manual.
  • Press and hold the MENU and OK buttons while pointing towards the TV until the POWER button on top of the remote flashes twice, and then release both buttons
  • Enter in the code you retrieved in step one. The POWER button should flash twice
  • Aim the remote at the television and then press the POWER key. If the television powers off you have successfully programmed your Shaw remote. If not, please select a different code for your brand of television and repeat the process
  • To program your AUDIO device please repeat steps 1-4 with the audio device code.
  • Note: The Shaw Gateway remote can only be programmed to control the volume on one device at a time. If you prefer the audio system to control the volume, please program the audio system after you have programmed the TV. If you need to change the device which controls your volume, please complete the following steps: Volume control through your television set:

  • Press and hold the MENU and OK buttons until the POWER button flashes twice, and then release both buttons
  • Enter in the code 9 9 3 1
  • Volume control through your audio system:

  • Enter in the code 9 9 3 3
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    Why Is My TV Not Responding To My Remote

    Low battery life may be the case with the remote control you wont respond to or control your TV.The remote should be pointed directly at the TV once you have turned it on.Certain types of lighting can also interfere with a TVs signal. It may also be damaged by something blocking the TV remote sensor.

    How To Program Sony Universal Remote Sony Rm

    Make sure to hook up and power on all the Sony TV or another device you want to set up using Sony universal remote codes. next, make sure the batteries are working in the universal remote. Note down the Sony universal remote codes from the list provided. Nothing is more frustrating to find out that you have not hooked up or universal remote batteries are bad after spending your evening on trying to program Sony universal remote.

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    Program Your Champion TV Remote

    To program your Champion remote with your television set and other devices, please start by powering on the television and then follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the SETUP key until the LED blinks twice, then release
  • Press the TV key or the device mode key to be programmed
  • Press and hold down the OK key
  • This can also be the digit key assigned for your device/brand found in the Champion Remote Manual.
  • Let go of the OK key when the TV turns off. Once this has occurred the setup should now be complete
  • Why Is My Sony TV Not Responding To My Remote

    How to troubleshoot your Sony TV remote control

    Ensure that no obstacles come in the way of your TV remote or near your TV.You can try pressing remote buttons over and over again in an attempt to unjam them.The voice controls are toying with themselves again after you repair the remote via Bluetooth.You can power your Sony TV by unplugging it for two minutes and turning it off.

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    Ads Are Too Intrusive

    I get having a banner across the bottom, but every so many button clicks , a big ad fills the screen forcing you to stop and begging you to buy. Renders this app unusable for me – at least the free version – since so many functions on a Sony TV require a sequence of many button pushes. Maybe thats the developers intent . Something about this design just seems wrong so Im on the fence about whether to buy even though the price is reasonable. Otherwise it seems to work fine. Agree with other reviewer, though…Sony should have its own factory app.

    How Do You Find Your 4 Digit Code On Your TV

    The code section is found in your Users Manual of your remote control. Depending on your remote, you will find some different codes on the manual. There are codes on the manual. Others will be written on a piece of paper that is included in the manual. Find your TV remote code by using the code matched by it on that screen.

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    How To Program The Panasonic Remote For Use With Other Products

    The television remote is not a universal remote therefore you cannot program it to operate other manufacture products.

    • However if you have a Panasonic DVD/Blu Ray Player connected with a HDMI 1.2 or higher cable, your Viera link is set to “On” in the television “Viera Link Settings” and set to “On” in the DVD/Blu Ray player “Viera Link Settings” you can operate the basic DVD operations button on the bottom of the television remote for models that have the button directly on the Remote. TV Models that do not have the DVD operations buttons directly on the remote will only be able to turn on and turn off the external device.

      Image varies by model

    Contact The Sony Customer Support

    OEM NEW Sony Remote Control Originally Shipped With: KDL40W700C, KDL ...

    Finally, you can contact Sonys customer support website and explain to them the problem you are facing. You can contact them through live chat and message them about the problem.

    These are the best fixes that can solve the Sony TV remote not working issue. If your TVs remote is functioning properly, make use of the fixes to solve the problem. The above-given fixes can be used for Sony Android TV and Sony Bravia TV remote not working issue. If none of the problems works for you, you can try the below alternatives.

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    Why Do I Have To Auto Program Or Scan The Channels

    When you first set up your TV, you must take steps to find the digital channels available to you. This process is called scanning, programming or searching for channels.

    NOTE: If you have a cable box, DVR, or Satellite Receiver, it is not necessary to scan because all of your available channels are ordered and controlled by the set-top box or DVR.

    Digit Universal Remotecontrol Codes For Sony TVs

    Programming Instructions for Sony Remote:

    Turn on the component to be programmed by your remote.Press the SET button on the remote control.Press the component button for the component being programmed.Using the number keys enter the components 2,3,4, or 5 digit code.Press the ENT button.Point the remote control at the component.Press the POWER button to verify operation.

    Sony universal codes are: 0128, 0013, 0002, 0071, 0380.

    If this does not work then repeat the procedure.Enter one code at a time until you find one that functions.

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    Lifesaver If You Lose Your Remote But The Ads Mess Things Up

    We misplaced our Sony remote about a week ago. Looked everywhere. Downloaded this app and we were like super excited to finally be able to watch our tv again. Godsend! But.. haha hella ads. It gets the job done for sure as in on/off but if youre trying to scroll, or fast forward/rewind it will get interrupted with ads!! Haha I rewound and entire episode of Loki trying to get through an ad. Worth it if youre desperate I suppose. Definitely gives incentive to find the lost one.

    Troubleshoot The Voice Feature

    Sony TV remote Fix. Reset / Re-pair. Bravia Android TV.

    Sony TV remote has a voice feature. If you find the button not working, you can follow the given method to resolve the issue.

    1. Check the status light of the MIC button that is located at the top front of the remote.

    2. If you see an amber LED, then there is a connection problem between the remote and the TV.

    3. Now, you have to restart your Sony TV.

    Next, you need to repair the voice command feature on the remote. To do so,

    1. Press the Home button on the remote.

    2. Choose the Settings option.

    3. Now, tap the Voice Remote Control option. This name may vary like Remote Control,Remote & Accessories based on the TV you have.

    4. Under that, click Activate MIC Button.

    5. Now, check the remote function on the TV.

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