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How To Turn Roku TV On Without Remote

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Switching On The Tcl Roku TV

Element Roku TV: How to Turn OFF / ON without Remote

TCL on Roku TV is the same simpler TCL tv with a Roku OS. Roku TCL TV offers some special features like watching Netflix without an additional device. You will have a Roku channel store where you can purchase whatever you want and there is no monthly fee and you have to pay for whatever you purchase.

You can use the Nintendo switch for Roku’s TCL controls. You will need a Nintendo switch for this. Nintendo Switch is a gaming device that works as a composite console, and this device can control the Roku TV.

  • The first thing you need to connect the Nintendo Switch to the Roku TV via the dock.

  • Go to Home screen > System Settings > TV Settings > Turn on Match TV Power State.

Now the process is complete. The Roku TCL TV is also activated when you activate the Nintendo switch.


Turn On Tcl Smart TV With The Remote App

TCL doesnt have a dedicated application, but still, you can find some third-party apps for Android from Play Store and iOS from App Store. But then these apps arent from TCL developers.

  • You can connect your TV to the home Wi-Fi network and your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch the remote app on your TV.
  • Now, you can use the smartphone screen to control various functions on TV.

Unfortunately, the app doesnt work if the TV is turned off. If your mobile has an IR sensor, then there is a possibility to use the application to turn on your TV.

How To Access Setting On Roku TV Without A Remote

  • Open the Roku app on your phone. If you do not have the app on your phone already, be sure to download it first.
  • Select the remote icon. It looks like a little plus sign.
  • Your phone remote should have a Home button on it. Press the Home button.
  • Use the up and down arrows to get to the Settings icon.
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    What Is Tcl Roku TV

    Roku TCL TVs are simply TCL TVs based on the Roku OS. You can easily watch streaming services like Netflix without the need for additional devices.

    We can get a lot of special features from Roku TCL TVs. There is no monthly fee to use this but you will have to pay for the various services and channels available in the Roku Channel Store.

    The traditional way to turn on a Roku TV is to press the Physical button on the Roku. That button will be located on the side or bottom of the TV. This is the main way to activate the TV without a Roku remote.

    Back Of TV Left Hand Side

    How to Turn on Your Roku TV Without a Remote  Smart Home ...

    If you didnt find the power button on the back, right hand side of your Roku, its time to check the back left hand side of the television.

    Once again, move the TV slightly away from the wall and take a look, this time on the back, left side of your TV. You should spot a small power button there.

    If you own a Sanyo Roku TV, definitely check this spot!

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    Insignia Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

    The insignia TV Universal Remote Control has variety of features and the features have been mentioned below, if you use this insignia four device universal remote then the features will be yours. There are different types of universal insignia tv remote codes such as three digit codes, four digit codes, 5 digit codes and ns-rc4na-14, ns-rc4na-18 etc..

    From the below list we are going to mention all types of remote codes for this TV, try them now if you found any mistakes or any interruptions while trying to program your remote with the below codes leave your query too.


    Zenith 10017, 10178, 11423, 11661, 12731, 11365, 12358, 11463

    With the above mentioned codes we can easily control our Insignia TV with the Universal Remote.

    RCA Universal Remote Codes For Insignia TV

    135, 12049, 11423, 11564, 10171, 10463, 11810, 11892, 11963, 12184, 12417

    GE Universal Remote Codes For Insignia

    0103, 0189, 0217, 0135, 0133, 0116, 0167, 0456, 0029

    One-For-All Universal Remote Codes For Insignia

    0103, 0189, 0217, 0135, 0133, 0116, 0167, 0456, 0029

    Philips Universal Remote Codes For Insignia

    0911, 0520, 0323, 0115, 0914, 0213, 0318, 0247, 0504

    Magnavox Universal Remote Codes For Insignia

    12597, 13623, 11944, 11963, 11365, 11755, 11867, 11866, 12372, 11454

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    Re: Roku TV Setup Without Remote

    A working remote is essential for initial setup of Roku TVs and devices.

    As far as I know, the remotes supplied by the manufacturers of Roku TVs all control via direct line-of-sight infrared signals, and should just work when pointed at the TV.

    Make sure you have fresh batteries inserted in the remote in the correct orientation.

    Make sure nothing is obstructing the IR sensor on the front of the TV.

    You can test whether the remote is putting out a signal by pointing it at a digital camera — the camera in a phone or tablet will do. Press some buttons on the remote. If the remote is working you should see flashes on the camera screen.

    I am not a Roku employee, only a user like you.

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    Turn On Tcl Roku TV Without Remote

    Remote controls are included with every Roku player. Although Roku remotes connect to their players via WiFi, unlike most other remotes youve used. This means you wont be able to watch your favorite shows if your remote wont work. You can control your Roku device using your smartphone as a workaround to this problem. Check out these steps for how to turn on the Roku tv without a remote.

    Turning On The Roku Using Roku App

    How to Turn on TCL Roku TV without Remote for most TCL TVs #HowtoTurnonTCLRokuTVwithoutRemote
    • Install the Roku App from the App Store or from Google Playstore.

    • Connect both your devices, your smartphone and your Roku device, to the same wifi modem.

    • Open your Roku app and select the Device Icon at the bottom.

    • Now, the Roku device will appear. Click on the Remote icon that resembles your Roku TV.

    • Now, the layout that matches your remote will appear. You can control your device now with your Roku app.

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    She Then Can’t Hear Any Sound Or Turn Private Listening Off With Her Remote

    How to turn off roku tv without remote. You may switch on the roku tv without using the remote by pressing the power button. I will be suing the button on the tv itself. Then select devices in the app and tap the remote icon.

    Once you do this, your roku tv. Most likely the remote is ir based, so the remote has to be able to see the receiver window on the tv. Wait until the light will stop flashing and check whether the roku remote is now working with your tcl roku tv.

    Put the batteries back in the roku remote. Tap the remote icon located at the bottom of the screen. Press the pair button on the bottom of battery compartment.

    Someone asked for our cash app to day thank you. Tap the headphones icon in the bottom right corner. Previewthis article will show you how to control your tcl tv without tv remote, such as power on/off, volume up and down, website search and passcode input.

    Turning off the roku features of your tcl smart tv. > how do i turn on a sanyo roku tv without a remote? Connect the device with the app to the same wifi network as your roku player.

    If i disable private listening then turn the tv off we are fine. Tap ok on the mobile data usage status screen. New 101018e0011 replace ir remote control fit for.

    How to use your roku without a remote. Turn down the volume on your phone. How to turn off any roku device.

    Turn on your tcl roku tv. It is if i forget to exit private listening that i have a problem. Search for roku and install the app.

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    How To Turn Up Tcl Roku TV Without Remote

    If it the latter reprogram it for your tv but skip the first one that mute the sound and so if later one works as you wish.If the remote doesnt have tcl codes, the tv should also respond to one of the insignia code sets.If you are using a tcl roku 4k tv and you choose to connect it to the internet using an ethernet cable, follow the instructions below:If you have lost your remote or need a replacement, you can purchase a replacement in our accessories store here:

    If you have lost your roku remote you can easily find a replacement remote online or pick up a universal.If you need a replacement remote for a roku tv, you would need to contact your tv manufacturer.If you need a replacement remote for a roku tv, you would need to contact your tv manufacturer.If you need a replacement remote for a roku tv, you would need to contact your tv manufacturer.

    Its just hidden under the bottom of the tv in the center.Launch the app and go to the remote section.Launch the roku app on another phone and scroll to the bottom screen to tap the remote icon.Make sure that both your mobile device and your roku device are on thesame network.

    Make use of the interface of this app to control functions of your television set.Note that this tv does have one button on it, usually at the very bottom or on the back side near the bottom of the tv.Once connected, open the roku mobile app on your mobile device.One may also ask, how do i adjust the volume on my roku without a remote?

    Your tcl roku tv is.

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    Sometimes The First One That Roku Tries Isn’t Right

    How to turn on roku tv without remote tcl. Tcl roku tv power button location is given down of your tcl tvs front red lights behind. The remote button only shows if the tv and phone are on the same network. A standard roku ir remote, one without tv power and volume keys will not control a roku tv.

    Then connect your wifi to the app and then connect the same wifi to your tv. How to turn on the tcl roku tv without a remote. Follow the steps below, in order to restrict any channel from your ruku content list:

    You could just get a universal remote, though it won’t use roku code, unless of course if it actually has roku tv codes listed, it would respond to. Follow the instructions below as you complete the guided setup. When that happens, you have to use the original tv remote and turn the volume back on, then answer no to the screen.

    You will need your tcl roku tv remote to navigate the menu options. Turning off the roku features of your tcl smart tv. When you hand back to the logo area, you will feel a bump over there that is usually a tcl.

    Press it, and the onscreen menu will appear. If power is okay, check to ensure your tv is properly connected. Connecting an antenna, cable, or satellite box.

    On the front side of the tv, you will see at the middle bottom area where you will see the tcl logo. You have the option to disable the roku features of your tcl smart tv. Press the button for the tv to turn on.

    Factory Reset By Pressing The Reset Button

    How To Turn On Your Roku TV Without A Roku Remote

    Factory reset or hard reset is the method of restoring the device to its original system state by erasing all the information stored in the device.

    What that means is that your details and viewing preferences will be altered. Also, your Roku TV will get disconnected from your Roku account.

    You can do a factory reset in two ways.

    You can either do it using a remote control or by locating the Reset button on your TV.

    But since you dont have the remote control, you may stick to the latter.

    First things first, locate the reset button on your smart TV.

    But before that, remove all the cables from your Roku TV except the power cord.

    Once you have located the reset button, press and hold it for some time.

    You may also use a pen or something of that sort if you have difficulty using your hands.

    You may release the button when your TVs power indicator starts blinking rapidly.

    It means the reset is done, and you are good to go.

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    The Roku Chrome App Extension

    Because Roku offers API or Application Program Interface to third party developers, some of them have developed a Chrome Extension for the Roku app called Remoku. This works similarly to the Chrome app, but instead of using a mobile device, you can use a computer with a Chrome browser installed. If both your computer and Roku device are on the same network, this will work similarly to the Roku app.

    Turn On Tcl Smart TV With Nintendo Switch

    #1 Connect your Nintendo Switch to your TV via Dock.

    #2 From the home screen, select the System Settings option.

    #3 Choose TV Settings on the left side pane.

    #4 Scroll down and click on Match Power State.

    #5 Now, turn off your Nintendo Switch and turn it on. Your connected TCL TV will turn on.

    But then, the last two methods only work if you have enabled the settings beforehand. We recommend you to use the smartphone app or the physical button to turn off or turn on the TCL Smart TV. If you have any queries with your TCL Smart TV, write to us in the comment section below.

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    Is It Possible To Turn On Roku TV Without A Remote

    Well, the answer is Yes. You may not find a power button in any part of your streaming device. The TV to which your streaming device is connected is the master control. Your streaming device will be in standby mode until you turn on your TV.

    When you turn on the TV and switch to the HDMI mode to which your Roku device is connected, it will turn on automatically. So there is no need to turn on and turn off the Roku TV manually. Its response relies on the TV that it is connected to.

    With this guide, you can easily turn on or turn off your Roku TV without the remote control. This method is mentioned only to overcome some emergency situations. In case you have lost your Roku remote, make yourself get a new remote from the Roku store.

    Working With Samsung TV

    TCL Roku TV: How to Turn OFF / ON without Remote

    Features also depend on the specific TV model. Every Samsung TV model has its own methods and general rules on how to turn ON a TV without a remote control. These include:

  • Find a panel with buttons. It is often hidden behind a decorative strip. First, you need to find it, lightly press on it. And only after that, the buttons for controlling the equipment will open.
  • The main panel is located most often under the TV screen. Keys are touch-sensitive in most of the new models, except for the Power button.
  • The joystick. Just go into the settings via Menu and move the lever in different directions.
  • There is a separate Samsung TV & Remote app for mobile control. The program interface repeats the buttons on the remote control, so its easy to figure it out.
  • TV can be controlled without a remote control according to the general scheme given above. Another way is to go to the manufacturers official website and see the instructions for that TV. It is very easy to find out the panel or sticker on the device of your TV. It is most often located on the rear panel.

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    It Wont Let Me Watch TV

    It wont let me press the OK button I cant watch anything only thing its good for is the home the on the input the turnup turn down the play button and everything else on the remote but it wont let me hit the OK button what good is there a mail if you have to pay to watch TV I tried Netflix I tried Disney+ I tried the Roku channel it did not work none of the others did we lost the Roku remote the other day and we cannot find it we had a different Roku app that works perfect Who would want to get A Roku remote app that you have to pay to watch Netflix and everything who would want to do that?????I mean I cant watch anything . I can only go up and down , I cant watch anything.!.!

    How To Change Roku Speech Volume

    You may not have known before, but Rokus volume settings not only include the volume of the sound you hear when streaming, but theres also a speaker feature. This feature is enabled by default and speaks to you as you navigate through the menus.

    In case you need to change the volume of the Roku Speech feature, do the following:

  • Switch to the Roku home screen.
  • Go to Settings. They should be located on the left side of the Home screen.
  • After you open Settings, go to the Accessibility menu.
  • There you will see an option for Volume. Select it.
  • Once youve navigated, set the volume to low, medium, or high depending on your preference.
  • If you want to turn this feature off, press the Start button on the Roku remote four times in a row. Repeat pressing the button four times to turn the function back on.

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