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How To Video Conference On TV

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How To Make A Video Call On Xbox One Series S Or Series X

Put Your Zoom Video Conference On Your TV With Google Chromecast

This option is heavily Microsoft-centric in that it requires an Xbox gaming console , a USB webcam, and a Skype account.

Hooking up a webcam and installing the Skype app from the Xbox store will let you make Skype voice or video calls on the big screen.

As far as we know, Xbox consoles dont support any other video-calling apps.

Why You Need To Know How To Make A Video Call On Firestick

There are many reasons why you need to know how to make a video call on Firestick but the most important one is convenience. Using your Firestick to make video calls makes communication simpler and more convenient, especially for the elderly, non-technical users, and the disabled who find it easier to use the TV remote than a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

However, todays smart TVs that run on Android TV operating systems dont support a USB webcam which would have otherwise made it completely easy to link your TV to smartphone or laptop. Your smart TV may have this feature but keep in mind that TV cameras are an extra cost and their setup is quite confusing to most users.

You could also use to make voice and video calls via your smart TV but in this case, youll need the best Alexa speakers or Echo devices and can only communicate with other Echo owners. This basically means that the person you want to communicate with must also have an Echo Show device to make a video call with you.

So, whats the easiest and most practical way of making a video call on Firestick?

Well, you can easily do it by sharing your iPhone, Android, or laptop screen to your Firestick and beaming the video call on your TV set. To share the screen of your device on TV, you must first enable screen mirroring on your .

How To Video Chat And Conference On Your TV

Video chat on TV with Phone, Xbox, PlayStation, Zoom, Facebook, WhatsApp and more

Video chat and conference applications and platforms have been around for a while.

But they have only recently become necessities.

In the post-COVID-19-world, video chat applications have become a cornerstone of our sanity, facilitating both professional and social connections.

Most people video chat and conference through their smartphones, which isnt always ideal. There are several issues with video chatting over phones:

  • Since youre holding the phone, the camera looms close to your face and looks pretty awkward think of all your grandparents up-the-nose video chat shots.
  • You may choose to hold the camera at a distance, but then an extension of your arm is always visible on-screen.
  • Video chatting over smartphones is even more difficult if you do a conference call. The smartphone screen is already small enough. But when you split it into smaller screens to accommodate all the participants, you can barely see anyone without squinting.

Thats why you need to start holding video chats and conference calls through your TV screens!

Chatting with friends, family, and colleagues over large TV screens will be a lot more comfortable because youll see everyone in the conference call clearly, and you wont have to hold the TV at arms length!

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Create A Custom Message For Conference Room Display

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your Apple TV AirPlay Conference Room Display.

Step #2. Now, click on Custom Message and then enter your message.

Thats it! The text will now appear on display.

Based on your specific requirement, you can set a befitting background that can make a perfect match for your presentation.

Option : Smart TV With An Integrated Camera

Why Has Television Made Such An Impact On Our Lives? Will ...

The easiest and most convenient way to video chat or conference on your TV is to get a Smart TV with an integrated web camera.

Most Smart TVs with web cameras have some kind of pre-installed video chat application. As such, all you have to do is find the app on your Smart TV, login, and start video chatting. The in-built web camera will instantly detect you and allow you to video chat. You wont need to connect any cables, use third-party devices, or buy additional cameras.

Prior to June 2016, there were many Smart TVs with built-in cameras which had a pre-installed Skype application. One such model is Panasonic TC-PVT60. Along with its pop-up camera with face-recognition, it also had Skype to provide for a hassle-free video chat. Besides Panasonic, Sony, LG, Toshiba, and many others also had TV models similar to this.

Unfortunately, in June 2016, Microsoft decided to stop supporting Skype for TVs, essentially killing the app for anyone who owned such a TV. A pretty unpopular move in the eyes of the owners of not-so-cheap TVs. Since July 1st 2016, the TV Skype app wouldnt work on their TV sets anymore. End of story.

Pros and Cons of Smart TVs with Built-In Cameras

  • You dont need to purchase additional devices.
  • You dont need to make connections to other devices.
  • Ideal for grandparents or those who are technologically-challenged because they can access a video chat app using a single button.

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Make Group Video Conference On iPhone Via Eztalks Meetings

Compared to other video conferencing apps like Skype,ezTalks Meetings provides HD video/audio conferencing service for Windows,Mac,iPhone and Android phone users along with richer features,such as meeting recording,file sharing,screen sharing,interactive whiteboard,group chat,remote control,meeting scheduling,and etc.

You can download its free trial to make a video conference with up to 100 participants as long as you talk for no more than 40 minutes. You can also purchase a paid plan to satisfy your actual needs. The following steps will show you how to use the video conferencing app for iPhone to make a group video conference on iPhone.

Step 1. Download the iPhone video conference app from App Store and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2. Open the app and sign up with your email address or directly sign in with your Facebook/Google account. If you have already become a member of ezTalks,you can just put in your email address and password. You can also directly use a Meeting ID and your name to join a meeting.

Step 3. Before starting a meeting,make sure your camera,microphone and speaker have turned on. And you can invite others to attend the meeting by sharing the link or the Meeting ID to others.

Step 4. After entering a virtual video conferencing room,you can start a meeting on ezTalks with others.

Through A Dedicated Device

Some devices take care of all your video chatting needs right out of the box: The , for example, recently got video chat capabilities. On top of streaming shows from Netflix and Disney Plus into your living room, it now allows you to make video calls to Alexa-enabled devices with screens, such as the Echo Show, Amazon Fire tablets, and any phone with the Alexa app installed.

Youll need to buy a webcam to connect to the Fire TV Cube and youll need to enable video calling on the device through the Alexa app on your phone: Go to the Devices tab, find the Fire TV Cube, and make sure the Communications option is set to Enabled. Amazon has a more detailed set of instructions you can refer to here.

Alternatively theres the , which is essentially an advanced webcam for your TV. All you need to do is plug it into a spare HDMI port on your television set, sign into your Facebook or WhatsApp account, and youre ready to get chatting with family and friends over a video link.

Your contacts dont need to have a Portal device set upthey can chat through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp on their smartphones too. Unlike the Fire TV Cube, the Portal supports group chats, and you can have up to 50 people on a video call in Facebook Messenger. Facebook has more on setting up the device here.

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Google Meet Video Chats Using A TV Are Now Really Easy

Google adds Chromecast support to its video conferencing service.


We’ve all spent time staring at our laptops during the pandemic video chatting with friends, relatives, and co-workers. It can become quite uncomfortable, but Google just introduced a new feature meaning you can now relax in front of a TV when using Google Meet.

In a post on the Chromecast Help support site, Google employee Grace Y. confirmed that Google Meet is rolling out Chromecast support over the next few days. It means that, with a Chromecast hooked up to your TV, it’s possible to start or join meetings from the comfort of your sofa. Google also sees it as offering another way for distance/remote learning to function where multiple people may want to work together in front of a bigger screen.

As , Meet on Chromecast requires the Chrome browser be running on your desktop PC or laptop. This is required because Meet continues to rely on the camera, microphone, and audio from your machine rather than the TV the video feed is being streamed to. It therefore sounds like a laptop is going to be much more practical for this setup as it can more easily be sat next to a TV.

Put Your Video Chats And Conference Calls On The Big Screen With These Devices

Make calls on the big screen with Google Duo | Samsung

With video chats and conference calls now second-nature for many of us, we thought it was time to make things more comfortable. Instead of hunching over your laptop or holding a smartphone up for an entire evening of socialising, video calls can be had on the television instead.

There are several approaches to take here, from dedicated devices to cables and even wireless options. All options put video calls on the biggest screen of your home, making it easier to see everyone and putting the call right in front of your sofa. No more Zoom birthdays at your desk.

Read More:

Portal TV by Facebook

TV video calls are what the Portal TV by Facebook was made for. This is a device that is similar in appearance to the now-extinct Xbox Kinect, and designed to sit on top or in front of your television. It has a 12.5-megapixel camera with a 120-degree field of view, plus eight microphones and integration with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zoom and GoToMeeting.

There is also Alexa built-in for voice control, and the device uses your TV for both video and audio. There’s a physical camera cover for when you want privacy, and the device works with Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

For many users, this will be the simplest and most efficient way to put a video call, either with friends and family or work colleagues, on the TV. The Portal TV can also be used to stream video from services like Netflix, and view live video feeds from smart home devices like video doorbell cameras.

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How To Make A Video Call Using Your Phone As A Wireless Webcam

For years, Tellybean developed software that lets an Android phone act as a wireless webcam for a video call on an Android TV streaming media device or smart TV.

And while the company is now defunct, its software still works and you can download it from the Google Play Store for both Android and Android TV devices.

Once its installed, the software lets you make free video calls to other Tellybean users. The best part about this solution is that, for Android and Android TV owners, theres no new hardware to buy. The bad part is that theres no guarantee the software will continue to work in the future, and theres no way to use Tellybean with other calling platforms.

How To Make A Video Call On Android TV Or Samsung Smart TV

Several companies including Sony, Hisense, and TCL use Android TV as their smart TV software, which means they, too, should work with Google Duo or any other video-calling app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. However, youll need a USB webcam for this to work and thats where things get a bit tricky.

Theoretically, almost any USB webcam should work. In practice, those who have tried this solution have had mixed results. Digital Trends reached out to Sony, Hisense, and TCL to find out if these companies maintain lists of webcams that are guaranteed to work with their Android TV models. Sony says it doesnt have such a list and neither does TCL, but TCL says it has tested many of these devices and, so far, all have worked just fine. Hisense did not respond by the time this post was published.

Googles Duo team claims that the app is also available for Samsungs Tizen OS, which powers its smart TVs if you have a USB webcam.

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If you arent familiar with Google Chromecast, this device plugs into any TV or monitor with an HDMI port so you can cast whats streaming on your phone or computer directly onto the screen. While its common to use Chromecast for entertainment, you can also use it to cast video meetings onto your TV screen. To do this, youll need a Chromecast device, a Nest smart display, or a TV with a built-in Chromecast.

You can snag a Chromecast for about $30 or so and connect it to your TV if yours doesnt have one built-in. Youll also need to use Google Meet to cast the video call to your screen.

Airplay Using Apple TV

Buy 75 inch 8K QLED Smart TV Online

Lastly, if you own an iPad or an iPhone, you can start mirror the device screen onto your HDTV. To be able to do this, youll need the Apple TV box connected to your television set. Setup and connectivity procedure is very simple. On your Apple TV box click on Settings > AirPlay and turn on.

On your iPhone or iPad, start the AirPlay compatible app. Just besides the on-screen volume controls, youll find the AirPlay icon, tap on that. It will display AirPlay compatible devices around you where you need to select Apple TV and turn on mirroring. Now you can make Skype video calls from your iPhone or iPad and the output will be displayed on your TV screen. These were some of the best ways to make Skype video calls on your non-Smart TV. We hope this article proves helpful and lets you make the most of your Smart TV and other smart devices. If you are contemplating on buying a new Smart TV, a smartphone or a tablet that lets you do this, you can drop in at any of the nearest Reliance Digital store. Our well trained and friendly store staff will be happy to assist you with all your technology needs.

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How To Make A Video Call On Facebook Portal TV

Its weird to think that Facebook, a company better-known for its massive social media and messaging presence than for its hardware, has one of the best ways to video chat on your TV, but it does. The companys $150 Portal TV is a device that incorporates a webcam and microphones and perches atop your TV. The smart camera can automatically follow you as you move around the room, and built-in apps like Netflix and Spotify make it a handy alternative to other streaming devices.

You can use it to call other Facebook Portal devices, but it also works with other video-calling apps, too, like Zoom, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, or Webex.

Naturally, because its a Facebook product, you can also initiate calls over Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Curiously, even though Amazon Alexa is built into Portal TV, Alexa-based video calls are not supported. Unfortunately, neither are Google Duo/Meet nor Skype, which means that as clever as the Portal TV is, its not a flexible as wed like.

Not everyone is going to be comfortable trusting a camera- and mic-equipped product from Facebook, but the Portal TV is a powerful video-calling device for TVs.

How To Use An Amazon Fire TV Cube For Two

Right in time for the holidays, Amazon’s Fire TV Cube player has gained the ability to make two-way video calls. Here’s how to get started.

The Fire TV Cube is one of ‘s more capable streaming devices and one of the latest features to be added is two-way video calls. Besides the new video calling support, the Fire TV Cube is an Alexa-enabled device, allowing users to get general information as well as answers to questions simply by asking the voice assistant. For those now looking to take advantage of two-way video calls, here’s what you need to know.

First released in 2018, the Fire TV Cube can connect to various other smart devices as part of a smart home ecosystem. With Alexa voice commands, its possible to ask the Fire TV Cube to dim the lights, check the forecast, and make adjustments to a smart thermostat. The second-generation Fire TV Cube was released in October of 2019, joining the many other Amazon Fire TV devices, such as the Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV Recast.


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How To Cast iPhone Or iPad To Firestick

You can also cast to Firestick from an iPhone or iPad device quite easily. To show you how to make a video call on Firestick from your iPhone device read the following step-by-step tutorial. The process can be used with any iOS device including your iPhone and iPad.

Youll first need to install the AirScreen app which is available free of charge at the Amazon App Store. The app will allow you to view everything happening on your iPhone or iPad on your TV screen.

You can also look for other apps that work the same way but most of them are actually expensive while AirScreen is a free app that gives you the same performance as the paid apps.

Heres how you can cast to Firestick from your iPhone or iPad:

1. Type AirScreen on the search function of your Firestick and choose AirScreen on the options you get.

2. Click download and wait until the file completes downloading. The app will be installed automatically.

3. Click Open to launch the AirScreen app and select Start Now.

4. Go to the bottom of the screen and click on settings.

5. Select Device name and input the name of your device then click Next and OK.

6. On your iOS device go to the bottom of the screen and select Tap Screen Monitoring.

7. Choose and select your Firestick device.

8. A checkmark will then appear to show that screen casting has been enabled.

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