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Is This Is Us On TV Tonight

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How To Watch This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16 Live Tonight

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Its hard to believe that only three episodes are remaining on NBCs This Is Us. Where has the time gone?

Last weeks episode will go down as one of the most emotional and heartwarming episodes of the series. It was dedicated to Miguel and his story. From humble beginnings in Puerto Rico to eventually becoming the Big Threes stepfather, Miguels journey has been one of many peaks and valleys.

Although Miguel faces discrimination, he finds success in construction, much to the dismay of his father. After burying the hatchet with Rebecca, Miguel marries Shelly, but it ends with two kids and a messy divorce. When his father, Risto, dies, Miguels mother reassures her son that he was proud of Miguel and that he will find love again someday.

As we all know, that love was Rebecca, and the two former friends reconnected in 2008, starting a romantic relationship shortly after. In the present day, Rebecca is struggling both physically and mentally. Although Miguel is trying his best to accommodate her needs, it begins to negatively affect Miguels health.

This Is Us Finale Spoilers Preview

While the cast has been tight-lipped about what happens on the This Is Us series finale, we do know that the last episode, titled US will revolve around the Pearson Big Three Randall , Kate and Kevin as they mourn the loss of spoiler alert Mandy Moores character Rebecca, who death has long been teased on the show.

Next week, we say goodbye to the Pearsons.

Don’t miss the unforgettable final episode of #ThisIsUsFinalChapter TUESDAY 9/8c on @NBC.

This Is Us May 18, 2022

Moore told NBC that the finale will leave fans both satisfied and sad. Metz, meantime, described the finale as make you feel good, warm, fuzzy, content. I think the nostalgia is gonna be seeping from the TV screen, she reveals. And well be weeping. It will be a beautiful goodbye.

Adds show creator, Dan Fogelman, We want to be a bit of a hug for our audience whos watched the show for the last four or five or six years. And I think we did it. I hope it makes people feel something and reflect on their lives and families.

The This Is Us season series finale airs tonight at 9pm ET / 8pm CT on NBC. Watch it for free here with a free trial to DIRECTV STREAM.

In this article:

Here’s Who Is On Steph’s Packed Lunch Today

In April 2019, Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall on the show, said that this is the moment that the rest of the seasons will build toward.

In commemoration of the show’s history, the cast told the Hollywood Reporter what else fans can count on seeing on This Is Us’ final edition and also took a trip down memory lane.

Justin Hartley shared with the publication: “We will tell you, as performers, that youre as good as the dialogue. Oftentimes, not even. There is not a better-written show.”

“And to sustain that for six years? Its a testament when people ask why its ending. Because nothing has slowed down its ramped up.”

Dan Fogelman also stated: “The characters are becoming fully realized. Chrissy and Sully are going to a place their characters have simply never gone.”

“We have lived in the heaviness of Jacks death, and its returning to that first season where it was just nice to be in that home and with that couple.”

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Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched Tuesday’s episode of This Is Us.

With This Is Us quickly approaching the end, the latest episode began one week after Miguel’s heartbreaking death and forced the Big Three to face some difficult facts about their mother.

Titled “Family Meeting,” it was time for Kate, Kevin and Randall to sit down and have a tough conversation about the best plan of action in care for Rebecca, who was already a shell of herself amid her Alzheimer’s battle, in the aftermath of losing Miguel. While each of the three Pearson siblings had their own ideas of what would be best — from Rebecca moving into Randall and Beth’s home to the trio flying in to visit their mom when their schedules allowed — they separately, but unified in their goal of making sure she was taken care of, came to a decision by the end that ultimately had their mother’s comfort in mind.

Kevin and Sophie proposed that they move back into the home he built for Rebecca once The Man-ny‘s series finale finished taping, and Madison and her family — including their twins — would also relocate back to the East Coast, something she and her husband had already been thinking of doing to be closer to their side of the family. Of course, getting to that solution wasn’t easy. But the important thing is that they all got there. “We have an opportunity here to give Mom exactly what she wanted, for her and for us,” Kevin tells his brother and sister.

“OK,” Randall simply says.

How Lots Of Episodes Of This Is Us Season 6 Are Left

This Is Us

A really pleasurable, amusing, tense, intimate episode of #ThisIsUs tonight. This sort of a clever script by Julia Brownell and expertly directed by our incredibly have Toby, @SullivanTweet! Hope you delight in!

Dan Fogelman February 1, 2022

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Despite the fact that the sixth and closing year of This Is Us is heading to have its to start with huge break, there are nonetheless a great deal of new episodes to glimpse ahead to. In situation you didnt know, there will be a whole of 18 episodes in year 6. So are 13 new episodes left right after This Is Us Time 6 Episode 5 airs tonight.

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How To Watch All Seasons Of This Is Us Online

Binged the finale and now want to catch up on the award-winning series? You can currently stream all previous seasons of This Is Us on Hulu. The Hulu on-demand service costs just $6.99 a month and lets you watch This Is Us online, in addition to Hulu Originals like Only Murders in the Building, Handmaids Tale and more.

Prefer to pick and choose or own the content? Amazon Prime Video lets you download individual episodes of This Is Usstarting at just $2.99. Or you can download entire seasons for just $19.99.

Prefer a physical copy? Amazon has the first three seasons of This Is Us available on DVD, starting at just $10.

This Is Us Year 6 Episode 5 Is On Tonight Feb 1 out?v=Nqr6GJiiGEs src= frameborder= permit=accelerometer autoplay clipboard-create encrypted-media gyroscope picture-in-picture allowfullscreen>

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 5, Heart and Soul, will be the new episode that airs tonight on NBC. The networks synopsis for the up coming chapter reveals Kevin visits the construction site for the dwelling hes creating for Rebecca . Malik and Deja also have controversial news to share with the family members at evening meal.

Meanwhile, the preview for episode 5 of This Is Us Season 6 teases more storylines to arrive. In the earlier, Jack information Rebecca as she teaches youthful Kate how to perform the piano. Then the teaser suggests that Rebecca and Miguel will finally share bits from their early appreciate story. Kevin reunites with Cassidy when he heads back again to Pittsburgh. The promo also hints that Beth and Randall arent admirers of Deja and Maliks upcoming information.

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When Is The This Is Us Series Finale

The series finale of This Is Us is here, with it airing on Tuesday, May 24, at 9 pm ET/PT on NBC. After 105 episodes across six seasons, viewers last hour with the Pearson family is titled “Us” and will see the Big Three come to new understandings about life.

Here is the promo for the This Is Us series finale:

US viewers who do not watch the series finale live will be able to watch in on-demand on Wednesdays via Hulu and Peacock.

In the UK, This Is Us fans have to wait two days before the latest episode is available on both Prime Video and Disney Plus, so for this week’s episode that’ll be Thursday, May 26.

Once you’ve watched the This Is Us finale, read WTW’s pieces on fan’s reactions to the final episode:

North Carolina Governor: This Storm Can Still Be Dangerous And Even Deadly

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North Carolina is preparing for Ian, which is predicted to strengthen into a hurricane again Thursday evening before making landfall in South Carolina.

“For North Carolinians I want to be clear: This storm can still be dangerous and even deadly,” Gov. Roy Cooper said during a Thursday afternoon press conference.

He said they’re expecting heavy rains, flooding and gusty winds. The state is also facing a chance of tornadoes, coastal flooding and landslides.

Power outages are likely in portions of the state, Cooper added, encouraging residents to prepare with food, flashlights and extra batteries.

While residents should have a place to go if they need it, the governor warned people against driving during the storm.

Meanwhile, North Carolina’s government and various agencies are preparing for the storm as well, according to Cooper.

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Small Protests Pop Up In Havana Over Blackout

A few hundred Cubans took to the streets Thursday night in Havana demanding the restoration of electricity, protesting more than two days after a blackout hit the entire island following the passage of Hurricane Ian.

An Associated Press journalist saw a total of about 400 people gathered in at least two spots in the Cerro neighborhood shouting, “We want light, we want light,” and banging pots and pans.

It was the first public outpouring of anger after electricity problems spread from western Cuba, where Ian hit, and knocked out all of the island’s power grid Tuesday night, leaving its 11 million people in the dark. The storm also left three people dead and caused still unquantified damage.

In addition to power problems in Havana on Thursday, Internet service was out and cellphones didn’t work

At one of the protests, on Primellef Street, police arrived, but demonstrators remained on one of the corners. About 10 blocks away, on the Calzada del Cerro, other protesters surrounded a work team trying to repair a pole and a light transformer.

The two groups of protesters were still in the streets late into the night, but the gatherings remained peaceful.

The government hasn’t said what percentage of the population remained without electricity, but electrical authorities said only 10% of Havana’s 2 million people had power Thursday.

Nfl Live Stream For Dolphins Vs Bengals

  • Live stream: Amazon Prime

If you want to watch “Thursday Night Football” in 2022, you are going to need a subscription to Amazon Prime. It will be the exclusive streaming home of “TNF” for the next 11 years, and the games will only be broadcast on over-the-air TV in the local markets of the participating teams.

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South Carolina Governor Says The Concern Is Always Human Error Ahead Of Ian’s Landfall

Tropical Storm Ian is expected to restrengthen into a hurricane and make landfall again in South Carolina on Friday. Officials from the state shared an update on the storm and its preparations on Thursday afternoon, with Gov. Henry McMaster saying, “the concern is always human error.”

The governor encouraged everyone to prepare for the storm before the rain and wind arrives. He also asked that residents look at official sources and maps to have a better understanding of how their areas could be affected.

“We know what’s coming,” McMaster said, referring to Ian’s destruction in Florida.

He said the state is expecting the worst of the storm between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Friday. In Charleston, high tide is around noon which means water levels will likely peak then.

State officials’ biggest concern is the storm surge, which could range between 3 and 7 feet along the entire length of South Carolina’s coast. Areas near lakes and rivers could also see significant flooding, according to the National Weather Service meteorologist John Quagliariello.

Wind gusts are forecasted to reach up to 60 or 70 mph, likely ripping off shingles and damaging roofs. Extensive rainfall could result in flash flooding, Quagliariello added, warning people not to drive in such conditions.

Tropical storm warnings extend beyond the coastline, and well inland, according to Quagliariello. Conditions should improve by late Friday night or early Saturday.

Hurricane Warning Issued For South Carolina Coast

Omgosh FINALLY!! CAN NOT WAIT!! tonight! #ThisIsUs

A hurricane warning was issued Thursday morning for South Carolina’s entire coast from the Savannah River to Little River Inlet.

The area is expected to get hit hard by Ian, which is now churning off of Florida’s east coast as a tropical storm. It is expected to regain strength and hit South Carolina Friday as a hurricane.

“Maximum sustained winds have increased to near 70 mph with higher gusts,” the National Hurricane Center said in its 11 a.m. advisory. “Ian is expected to become a hurricane again this evening and make landfall as a hurricane on Friday, with rapid weakening forecast after landfall.”

The hurricane center also said:

  • A storm surge warning was issued from South Santee River to Little River Inlet, South Carolina, and for the Neuse River.
  • A tropical storm warning was extended northward to Duck, North Carolina, including Pamlico Sound.
  • A storm surge watch was issued from Little River Inlet to Duck, including the Pamlico River.
  • A tropical storm warning was discontinued for the Gulf coast of Florida and Lake Okeechobee.

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What Will Happen On Season 6 Of This Is Us

During season six, audiences can expect to learn the complete narrative of how Rebecca and Miguel met, eventually fell in love, and “found their way back to each other,” according to show creator Dan Fogelman.

He also addressed the topic of whether Kate and Miguel are still alive in the future, despite their absence from the flash-forward scene at Kevin’s house.

He also spoke on Kevin’s love life, the chance that he may still end up with Madison played by Caitlin Thompson while reconnecting with his exes.

We’ve seen hints of a flash-forward sequence with a sick Rebecca laying on a bed at Kevin’s house since the season 3 finale.

Producer Warns That Fans Will Need A Beach Towel To Wipe Up Their Tears For The This Is Us Episode Tonight

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, This Is Us executive producer K.J. Steinberg teased the monumental hour. She said, I dont want to say, Bring out the tissues, because its not special enough for how special this episode is going to be. Id say, Get a beach towel instead of a box of tissues.’

Elizabeth Berger added, Were going to see the final chapter of the Kate and Toby love story, and were also going to see some real exciting, beautiful new chapters beginning as well all in one episode.

This was something entirely different for us in terms of the way time is moving in this episode, she revealed. Im massively impressed with anybody that follows along with the entire thing. Even our writers had to really, really focus their brains on breaking this one and following along with it. But we are very, very excited by the way it came out.

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 12, Katoby, airs tonight, April 12, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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How To Watch This Is Us

For cable subscribers, you can watch This Is Us live on NBC when it airs on Tuesday nights, or online at or on the NBC app. You can also watch new episodes as they air with a Hulu LIVE subscription. However, if you don’t have cable or missed the initial broadcast, you can catch up the following day when the new episodes are uploaded to, the NBC App, and Hulu. And if you don’t mind waiting a little longer, new episodes are also uploaded to Peacock eight days after their initial air date.

Meanwhile, if you need to catch up on older episodes, every episode of This Is Us is currently available to stream on Hulu

Either Swim Or Drown: Crews Rescue Trapped Residents

Tomorrow’s Front Pages Tonight | Tuesday 27th September

Residents of central Florida woke to high winds and catastrophic flooding, forcing hundreds of people to flee their homes.

In some cases, people were carried to safety by rescuers. One woman cried in relief to escape the flood waters.

“We’re going to bring them out to higher ground and then we’re going to be shuttling them to shelters,” Osceola County Sheriff Marcos R. Lopez said.

Rescue crews also raced to evacuate residents of an Orlando nursing home, where rising waters.

A woman and her 72-year-old mother were forced to swim out a window to reach safety. “You have to, like, either swim or drown,” the woman said.

Another two people were plucked from their sailboat overnight as dramatic rescues took place across the region.

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