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What Is The Cheapest Spectrum TV Package

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What Is Spectrum TV Choice

Spectrum TV Choice: Full Review

Like Spectrum and streaming? Well, Spectrum TV Choice is a live TV streaming service available only to Spectrum internet customers in certain Spectrum areas.

It offers a trimmed-down channel lineup and a lower monthly price than Spectrums traditional cable TV plan. So basically, its lean, clean Spectrum streaming. And dont worrywell tell you whether its worth it.

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Which Devices Support The Spectrum TV App

The Spectrum TV App works on Apple iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle devices, as well as Roku players, Xbox and Samsung Smart TVs that are 2012 edition or newer. If you want to watch on your computer, use the same username and password for the Spectrum TV App to log into Spectrums online TV viewing site.

What Is The Best TV Streaming Service In 2022

In our guide to the Best Live TV Streaming Services, we named YouTube TV the best streaming provider among six other streaming TV services. For $64.99 per month, you get 100+ channelsincluding tons of sports networks, thousands of on-demand movies and shows, three simultaneous streams, unlimited cloud DVR storage , and up to six user profiles. The app is also easy to use and runs like a champ on an array of compatible streaming devices.

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Prerequisite: Understand How Spectrum Works

Before we start, you need some basic information about how Spectrum operates.

Like most cable companies, Spectrum uses a tactic called introductory pricing to sell internet service. This means that the price they advertise is not the actual cost of service its a promotional rate for the first 12 months or so.

Unfortunately, this fact is often downplayed when customers sign up. In fact, if you ask a Spectrum agent what the final price is, they will invariably say: the standard rate at the time your promotion expires.

No matter how you ask, they will be hesitant to reveal the standard rate or the fact that the standard rate can change at any time. This is why so many customers are surprised when their bill suddenly jumps 40%.

The final pricing eventually shows up on bills, so Ive been able to track down the current rates. The plans are regional, generally divided between their upgrade service areas . The pricing is the same for each of the three tiers of service the only difference is the internet speed. While this site is focused on California, Spectrum pricing is more or less the same nationally:

Plan Name
$109.99/mo $129.99

As you can see, youre looking at anywhere from 1080% price hikes, depending on the promotion you signed up on .

You may also want to try and qualify for a subsidized plan, although those plans have much slower speeds and no TV options.

Lets get started:

Spectrum TV Equipment And Fees

Charter Communications
  • Broadcast fee: Up to $21.00/mo. All packages come with a Broadcast fee, which will vary depending on your package. With those two plans, you will only have to pay $12.95. This fee helps offset the costs of providing access to local broadcast or network-affiliated stations.
  • HDTV box fee: $9.99/mo. per box. Youll need a Spectrum HD TV receiver for every TV you want service on, and each one will add to your bill.
  • DVR fee: $4.99/mo. for one device, $9.99/mo. for two or more. Its a relatively small price to pay for DVR service, but youll have to schedule recordings strategically as you can only record two shows at once. You do have the option to pass on the DVR service, however, making this fee the only one you can avoid.
  • Installation: Spectrum charges a maximum of $19.99 for self-installation. In some areas, self-installation isnt available, and youll be charged up to $49.99 for professional installation.
  • Price increase after promo period: After 12 months with Spectrum, your promo period will end and your Spectrum bill will increase up to $35/mo. You can expect for your TV bill to increase by $25/mo. and if you have a phone bill, that will increase by $10/mo.
  • Late payment fee: $8.95 per late payment. However, this fee is not applied until 30 days after your original payment date, which is a fairly generous grace period.

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Spectrum Services In 2022

Finding the best Spectrum package doesn’t have to be hard work.

There’s a good selection of Spectrum offers available including internet, TV, and voice services. You can mix and match the services you’d like, making it more convenient to have all your services in one place and save on your monthly cost.

Offering a choice of services, Spectrum provides a large selection of plans to suit everyone. Make sure to enter your ZIP code in our coverage checker to find out what packages are available in your area.

Hulu Live TV Cash Back

  • Only valid for new Hulu Live TV subscribers.
  • Only valid once per household.
  • You must pay and maintain service for at least one month to be eligible.
  • You must click from The Streamable and complete your purchase on the Hulu Live TV website.
  • Youll receive gift card 4-6 weeks after purchase .
  • Cannot be combined with any other promotion and wont be eligible if you try to use a coupon code or cash back from another site.

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Spectrum Cable Customer Service

Cable companies are notorious for not having the best customer service, whether it’s general support or technical support. In this regard, Charter Spectrum lives up to this reputation.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index scored Charter Communications at 60. This places it in the bottom tier of cable TV subscription service providers with other companies like Time Warner Spectrum and Mediacom.

Want to see what real Spectrum customers have to say? Check out our Spectrum customer reviews.

Can I Cancel Spectrum In Person

Spectrum Internet and cable TV Packages l Charter internet l Spectrum internet packages and bundles

To cancel your Spectrum service, contact Spectrum at +1-833-267-6094 or through and confirm the breakup. Spectrum equipment can be sent back via UPS, FedEx, or in person at a Spectrum store. If theres a problem with your final bill, Spectrum will still help you out.

Does time Warner Cable have wireless service?

The deal would make Time Warner the only major cable company to offer wireless service as part of its bundle of offerings. Telephone and cable companies have been in a race to provide a quadruple play telephone, television, wireless and high-speed Internet service.

Does time Warner Cable provide Internet access?

Verizon Communications, Bell South, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and SBC Communications, which all provide broadband Internet access to consumers, say its unfair for city-owned networks to compete against private companies.

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How Much Is Cable Per Month

Standalone cable TV packages run $49.99$149.99 per month, with the average standalone TV plan costing $79 monthly. You can find cheaper basic cable TV packages, but we dont recommend them. You can get all the same channels by buying an over-the-air TV antenna for a one-time payment of about $25.00$60.00, which is much cheaper than paying a monthly fee.

Best TV Packages And Plans

These cable deals have so much to offer it may be hard to choose just one.

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.* Offer ends 8/20/2022. New approved customers only w/24-mo. agmt. Autopay & Paperless bill reqd. Prices higher in *2nd year. Regional Sports Fee up to $11.99/mo. is extra & applies.** For the first 12 mos. For the first 12 mos. Wireless speeds may vary.

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Qualify As A New Customer

Quick Tip

If you cancel your Spectrum service for 30 days or more, you should be able to sign up again for a new customer rate with the same account login, address, name, and phone number. I’ve only done this once personally, I’m not sure how many times it can be repeated before they bother to chase you about it.

If all of the above fails you, another way to get the new customer rate is to take advantage of loopholes in the Spectrum corporate process that allow you to become a new customer again.

There are four ways to do this:

1. Sign up under a spouse or roommates name.

This is the simplest approach, and is sometimes even recommended by Spectrum agents if you go to one of their store locations.

All you have to do is cancel service, then have your spouse/roommate call and sign up under their name, phone number, and email.

If you lease Spectrums modem/router, youll need to return this first. If you use your own, youll just need to act like it was left by previous tenant when you call to give the MAC address on the back of the modem .

2. Sign up with a new phone number and email address through a reseller.

Spectrum may notice you have the same name if you attempt to sign up with them directly at the same address. However, if you go through one of their many authorized resellers, youll get the same promo rate as signing up with Spectrum directly but itll be harder for them to cancel the order or notice that youre an existing customer.

4. Cancel and wait 30 days.

Spectrum TV Choice Vs The Competition

Service Electric Wifi Speed
Spectrum TV ChoiceView Plans $29.99/mo. 1540 Unlimited at home 2 on the go Up to 50 shows for 90 days 10+
Hulu + Live TVView Plans $69.99$75.99/mo.
Unlimited for 30 days 10+

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Compared to the heavyweights of live TV streaming, Spectrum TV Choice isnt our top pick.

Hulu + Live TVhas more live channels, more on-demand shows and movies, and a way better cloud DVR than Spectrum TV Choice.

Sling TV Orange + Blue with the Sports Extras add-on is fantastic for live sportsyou can get way more cable sports networks and major league sports networks than with Spectrum TV Choice for just $60 per month.

Philois the cheapest live TV streaming service . Its a few bucks cheaper than Spectrum TV Choice and has a good mix of lifestyle and entertainment channels.

The competition is stiff. So why would anyone choose Spectrum TV Choice? Glad you asked because we think there are at least a couple of good reasons.

The biggest upside to Spectrum TV Choice is its Spectrum Premium Pack, which you can add to your package for $15 per month. Its by far the cheapest way to get HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ with a live TV streaming package.

And then there are the local channels. Although Spectrum doesnt tell you up front which local channels come with Spectrum TV Choice, youll get more than you would with cheap livestreaming TV options like Philo that dont offer them at all.

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Is It Better To Bundle Internet And TV

If you plan on getting internet and TV anyway, you might as well bundle them. But before you do, make sure you’re getting the internet speeds you need and the channels you want without a cheaper option available elsewhere.

Signing up for a $70 cable package just to watch AMC, ESPN and TBS, for example, could have you paying more than necessary. Live TV streaming services offer similar channels to cable and often cost less — Sling TV, for example, has those three channels and costs just $35. Additionally, many providers sell a “basic” or “locals only” TV package that charges you for channels you can get over the air for free with a digital antenna. On the other hand, if you want regional sports networks, a cable TV package may be your best option.

To make things just a little more complicated, many internet providers now offer an internet and streaming bundle with streaming services such as YouTube TV, Sling TV, or their own exclusive streaming service in addition to traditional TV. We’ve included those bundles, when cheap, in the list above.

Is It Cheaper To Bundle Internet And TV

Bundling internet and TV together may come with a monthly discount depending on the provider. Spectrum and Xfinity both offer a bundle discount, but others including AT& T, Cox and Verizon Fios currently do not. Even if there is no discount available, bundling services may still save you money by cutting or combining installation and equipment costs.

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Compare The Best TV Plans And Pricing

Best internet and TV bundle $195.00/mo. Read Optimum review

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.*New approved customers only w/24-mo. agmt. Autopay & Paperless bill reqd. Prices higher in *2nd year. Regional Sports Fee up to $11.99/mo. is extra & applies.** For the first 12 mos. For the first 12 mos. Wireless speeds may vary.

These are three of the best TV packages out there, and each appeals to a different lifestyle.

DIRECTV is the way to go for sports fans because it has the most sports channels of any TV providerplus its the only place to get NFL SUNDAY TICKET . New customers who choose the CHOICE plan or higher get the current season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET free, plus three free months of HBO MAX, CINEMAX®, SHOWTIME, and STARZ. For the most sports channels, we recommend going with ULTIMATE All-Included .

Families will love DISH for its education and kids channels, excellent parental controls, and Hopper 3 DVR, which stores 500 hours of HD contentand can record up to 16 movies at once. We recommend Americas Top 200 . Since DISH charges $10 a month for the Hopper 3, your total payment for this plan would be $104.99 a month.

For the budget-conscious TV lover, we suggest Spectrums TV Select package . But if you have more room in your finances, you can add HBO MAX, SHOWTIME, STARZ & STARZENCORE®, and THE MOVIE CHANNEL for only $39.00 more per month .

Spectrum TV Choice Local Channels

Spectrum stream review

Local channels are a little trickier to figure out with Spectrum TV Choice because what you end up with depends on your location. Most likely, youll get ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

You might even get PBS or The CW .

To see what local channels you can get, follow these two easy steps:

  • Make sure Spectrum TV Choice is available in your area.
  • Check Spectrum TV Choices list of available networks.
  • Pro tip: It might sound old fashioned, but a TV antenna may be your best bet to get local channels. These days, a reliable over-the-air antenna wont take up much space in your house and should cost you less than $50.

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    What Is Included In Spectrum Voice

    Spectrum voice is a phone service that is offered by Spectrum. With Spectrum voice, you can make calls to anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. You can also make calls to more than 60 countries around the world.

    Spectrum voice includes unlimited nationwide calling and a host of other features. With Spectrum voice, you can keep your current phone number or get a new one. You can also add on features like call waiting, caller ID, and voice mail.

    Spectrum voice also includes a number of features that are designed to make it easy to stay connected with your family and friends. For example, you can use the Spectrum App to call and text from your phone. You can also use the Spectrum App to make and receive calls from your computer.

    Spectrum voice is a great option for people who want a phone service that is affordable, easy to use, and that offers a wide range of features.

    Why Is Spectrum TV Service So Popular

    This provider is one of the best cable service companies in the USA. It currently offers its services across 41 states. It uses a very powerful coaxial and fiber-optic network infrastructure to deliver its services. That is why service outage issues are few and far between.

    Apart from that, it offers amazing packages and bundles to its customers at affordable rates. So, no matter what your needs might be, you can find a package suited to them easily. If you want to enhance your Spectrum TV service experience with regional or sports content, you can subscribe to several add-ons. So, with every kind of service, this provider offers both quality and affordability.

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    What Is The Cheapest Spectrum TV Package

    Spectrum TV offers a variety of packages to choose from, each with its own unique set of channels. The cheapest Spectrum TV package is the Spectrum TV Select plan, which starts at $44.99 per month.

    The Spectrum TV Select plan includes 45 channels, including local channels, sports channels, and news channels. You can also add on premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz for an additional fee.

    If youre looking for a package with more channels, Spectrum TV offers a variety of other plans to choose from, including the Spectrum TV Silver plan, the Spectrum TV Gold plan, and the Spectrum TV Platinum plan.

    The Spectrum TV Silver plan includes over 150 channels, the Spectrum TV Gold plan includes over 200 channels, and the Spectrum TV Platinum plan includes over 250 channels. You can also add on premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz for an additional fee.

    So, what is the cheapest Spectrum TV package? The Spectrum TV Select plan is the cheapest option, starting at $44.99 per month.

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