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Where Is The Smart Hub On My Samsung TV

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Why Cant I Access Smart Hub On My Samsung TV

The Samsung TV Smart Hub – Easy to Use and Watch

The smart hub is the main access point for Samsungs smart TVs. If youre not able to access it, you should first try to restart the television. You may have to restart the WIFI router, too. Otherwise, you can try to follow the instructions provided on the screen. If youre still unable to connect to the smart hub, check for a pending firmware update and restart the TV.

If this solution doesnt help you, try updating the Smart Hub. Make sure you have a working internet connection. If you dont have a strong connection, you should be able to update it automatically. If youre unable to upgrade the smart hub, it will automatically reset itself. If it doesnt update, you should exit the app and restart your TV.

The next step is to reset the Smart Hub password. You should check the power cords and other cables to make sure they are not loose. If you still cant access the Smarthub, try restarting the TV. The other problem may be a misconfigured Samsung TV. To resolve this, simply follow the steps in this guide and you should be able to access the SmartHub again.

What Is The Icon For The App Drawer

The displays on an Android smartphone that display icons for all applications. Often referred to as a app tray, it is a sequence of screens on which the icons are alphabetically sorted. The applications may be started by touching the icons, and the icons can be copied to the home screens by dragging and dropping them.

Samsung TV Smart Hub Not Showing Up/not Available/not Working/not Supported

If you turn on your TV and find that the Samsung Smart Hub is not even showing up, is not available, is not working properly, or the TV reads that this function is Not Supported, you may find yourself wondering why you ever messed with technology to begin with. This issue can be so frustrating especially considering that the Samsung Smart Hub is the main point in which you choose to go to either movie, application, TV, or internet.

If the Smart Hub of your Samsung TV is not showing up, is not available, is not working, or is reading Not Supported, there is a simple solution that typically will get things back into working order within a matter of minutes. Simply start a Smart Hub reset by pressing the Home button on your remote > select Settings> choose Support> select Self Diagnosis> then choose Reset Smart Hub.

After the reset has been completed, your Samsung TV will automatically restart itself and you should be able to have complete access to the Smart Hub again. If this doesnt work the first time, many users have had success with second, or third tries. Therefore, give it a few more goes if you dont see the restoration of your Smart Hub after the first reset.

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How Do I Fix The Smart Hub On My Samsung TV


There are a few things you can try to fix the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV:

1. Restart your TV. This can often fix minor glitches and issues with the Smart Hub.

2. Update the software on your TV. Sometimes there are updates available for the Smart Hub that can fix issues.

3. Reset the Smart Hub. This will erase all of your custom settings and data, but it can sometimes fix major issues.

4. Contact Samsung customer support. If none of the above options fix the issue, you may need to contact Samsung customer support for further assistance.

Samsung TV Smart Hub Keeps Crashing: How To Reset It

Presto App Added To Samsung Smart TVs
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Ive owned a few models of Samsung TVs over the years, and one of the features I use a lot is the Smart Hub. Its extremely convenient to use, but it sometimes has issues.

Last weekend, I turned on my TV and navigated to the Smart Hub section to search for a movie, but it just wouldnt work.

I tried turning the TV off and back on and ensuring that my internet was working properly, but the Smart Hub kept crashing.

I went online and realized there was only one proper solution to this problem. Id have to reset the Smart Hub to get it working again.

To reset the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV, navigate to Menu, Settings, All Settings and click on Support. Now, select Device Care and Reset Smart Hub. If you havent set a PIN, the default is 0000.

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How To Activate Smart Hub In Samsung Smart TVs

In some instances, the Hub may not work because you have not followed the correct Samsung Smart Hub setup.

If this is the case, follow these guidelines to activate the Samsung Smart TV hub:

  • Press the Smart Hub button on your remote.
  • You will see a message displayed as Downloading Installing Starting.
  • You will also see an internet connection message suggesting that Smart Hub is connecting to the server automatically.
  • Select Agree on both windows.
  • An update message will appear on the screen.
  • Press OK on your remote.

It will take about four minutes for the application to download and install or to complete the Samsung Smart Hub setup.

How Do I Add Acorn TV To My Samsung Smart TV

Acorn TV is now available on Samsung Smart TVs 2018 or newer. To download the app please follow the following directions:

  • Go to the Home Screen on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Launch the app store and search for Acorn TV on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Select Add to Home to install the app.
  • Once installed, log in using your Acorn TV credentials.
  • If you have an older model Samsung Smart TV you can use Smart Cast to stream using the following directions:

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    Program Not Available Error Message

    If you are getting any error messages like a program currently unavailable, then you might be not able to access the show. The error is indicating that these shows dont have online streaming permissions rights and you have to wait for their availability. And, you will be not able to do anything in this scenario. Also, make sure you have chosen the correct region on the TV. Sometimes the error can also throw if you have chosen the wrong region in your TV.

    What To Do If An App Doesnt Work

    How to Reset Smart Hub on Samsung Smart TV

    There are four options to get an app working again.

    Option 1 Cold Boot

    • Press and hold the Power button on the remote until your Smart TV turns off and boots up again.
    • Alternative: Unplug the TV from the wall, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

    Option 2 Software Update

  • Select Settings from the TVs main menu, then choose Support.
  • Navigate to Software Update and select Update Now.
  • Tip: When prompted to install a new version, its best to do it immediately. Postponing software updates may cause lag and buggy apps.

    Option 3 Delete and Reinstall

    Deleting and reinstalling an app helps remove some of the bugs. This is previously described above.

    Option 4 Smart Hub Reset

  • Go to Settings from TVs main menu and choose Support.
  • Under the Support menu, select Self Diagnosis or Device Care.
  • Choose Reset Smart Hub and enter your PIN to initiate the process.
  • Important Notes: After the reset, you might need to reinstall the rogue app. If there are still issues, you may have to contact the developer.

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    Update Your TV Firmware

    Ensure that your TV is running on the latest firmware. You can check this by pressing the Home button and clicking on Settings.

    Navigate to Support and click on Software Update or Firmware Update, depending on the model of your TV.

    If there is a new version, download and install it. It should fix the issue with the Smart Hub.

    If youre already on the latest firmware, youll need to reset your TV to see if it solves the problem.

    Automatically Launch The Most Recently Used App

    Enable this feature for easy access to your frequently used apps. Turning on the TV will conveniently launch the corresponding app.

    Step 1. Press the Home button on the remote control and navigate to Settings> General.

    Step 2. Select Smart Features> Autorun Last App.


    • If you are having trouble with your Samsung Smart TV, you should always check to see if there are any software updates available as these may contain a fix for your problem.
    • Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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    What Is A Third

    People have the misconception that third-party apps are not safe. When you heard it the first time, you might think it might be connected to the illegal application type.

    Or some may think the third-party application might be harmful to the Smart TV as they may bring malware or virus into the TV software.

    On the contrary, third-party apps are safe and are not considered illegal apps. If it would have illegal, no OS has supported downloading the third-party App on any device.

    Android enables users to install a third-party application on their smartphone device.

    Individual developers develop third-party applications. These developers release their free and paid versions on open-source platforms.

    The app developer from the development manages everything for the future upgrade. These apps are fantastic and perform very well on your device.

    The apps are designed to solve a specific problem or entertain you.

    You can download the App from an authentic source and install it on your device for free. You can also get the paid application downloaded from the online source.

    You may have to pay monthly subscription fees to the development company for using the App.

    Discover Interesting Contents Apps And Brands

    ÐÑÑÑие СмаÑÑ Ð¢Ð Ð¡Ð°Ð¼Ñ?Ñнг (Samsung): как вÑбÑаÑÑ, ÑенÑ, оÑзÑвÑ

    “Samsung work with partners to provide ads and recommendations to consumers that help them discover and explore content, apps, and brands on devices with the Smart Hub UI including our Smart TVs. These ads may appear in certain spaces of the device, for example, as engagement tile ads or in banner form, or within certain apps such as Samsung TV PlusA consumer has the ability to opt out of receiving interest-based advertising at any time via the Privacy Choices app or device settings but generic ads may still be shown. Ads availability, ads format and ad campaigns may vary by region, model, and model year.For more information, please visit”

    • Smart service and GUI may vary by model and region.
    • User’s acceptance of the Smart Hub Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy is required before use.
    • Availability of services is subject to change without prior notice.
    • Actual product and remote control may vary from images shown.
    • Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only. Product appearance and design specifications that do not affect product performance are subject to change without notice.

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    What Happened To Samsung Smart Hub

    The Samsung Smart Hub is a hardware device that connects to the Internet and a mobile app for control of smart home systems. The Hub is now discontinued, although you can still purchase the second-generation version, which costs $125. It is currently being offered for a discount price of $35, however. While Samsungs hardware is no longer manufactured, it is still available for purchase for those who have an existing SmartHub.

    Unfortunately, the first-generation SmartThings Hub is being killed by Samsung, and the ecosystem that it helped create is being shut down. The company has replaced the Classic SmartThings app with a branded app, and will be killing off the smart hubs open source Groovy IDE. This decision will likely drive the price of many smart home systems down. However, the future of the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem is still bright.

    In the past year, Samsung has been busy upending the SmartThings ecosystem. Back in 2012, the company launched the largest Kickstarter campaign in history and raised $1.2 million for its first smart home hub. In 2014, the company purchased the company and announced that it would be shutting down the platform in 2020. In June of 2020, the first generation SmartThings Hub will be retired. This means that you can no longer control your devices using the Hub.

    Learn More Here:

    If You See The Netflix App On

  • Select Netflix from the Home screen.

  • Select Sign In.

  • If you do not see Sign In, select Yes on the Are you a member of Netflix? screen.

  • If you are not yet a member, set up your membership online.

  • Enter your Netflix email address and password.

  • Select Sign In.

  • Your device is now connected to your Netflix account.

    To start over or sign in with a different email address at any point during this process, use the arrow keys on your controller to enter the following sequence:

    • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up

    • Select Sign Out, Start Over, or Deactivate.

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    Samsung TV Smart Hub Not Working

    Categories Electronics, Samsung TV, Television

    The Samsung TV Smart Hub is a feature that offers users the ability to browse the internet, download apps, find new games, and even talk with friends. What do you do when the Samsung TV Smart Hub is not working, continues to update, or wont update at all?

    If your Samsung TV Smart Hub is not working, wont update, or repeatedly updates, you can try a few different solutions. These include resetting the Smart Hub, completing a software update, resetting the internet, and deleting unused apps to create more storage among other solutions.

    Samsung TVs Smart Hubs ability to search for movies, use the internet, discover different apps and perform other advanced tasks makes it something that many Samsung users cant live without. Therefore, when the Smart Hub encounters problems, this can throw a major wrench into users experience. Continue reading to find solutions to your Samsung TV Smart Hub problems.

    What Is Smart Hub And How To Use It

    Install Apps from Smart Hub on your TV | Samsung US

    Smart Hub is an intelligent menu system for Samsung Smart TVs and Projectors. Through the Smart Hub, you have access to all the functions, browse the internet, install and use various apps, view photos and videos or listen to music stored on external storage devices, and perform more functions.


    • Screenshots and menus may vary depending on the model and software version.
    • Some Smart Hub services are paid services.
    • TV and projector must be connected through the internet to be able to join all the Smart Hub features.
    • Some Smart Hub features may not be supported depending on the service provider, language, or geographical area. Smart Hub service outages can be caused by disruptions in your Internet service.
    • To use Smart Hub, you must agree to the Smart Hub service agreement and the collection and use of personal information. Without giving consent, you cannot use the additional features and services. You can view the entire text of the Terms & Privacy by navigating to Settings > Terms & Privacy.

    A great way to get started is to get familiar with your Home screen. Follow the guide below for more info.

    Note: The image on your TV or projector may differ from the image above depending on the model and geographical area.

    On the Home Screen, you can easily run the apps you have used previously or frequently. The apps can also be moved or deleted from the screen.

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    How To Connect A Pc To A Samsung Smart Hub

    You can stream music, pictures and videos from your PC to your Samsung Smart TV through the Samsung Smart Hub, provided that both devices are connected to the same network. Although Samsung provides an AllShare application you can install on your computer to make it a DLNA server, it’s easier to enable the DNLA server capability that’s built into Windows Media Player. Once you’ve shared content on your PC, you can authorize the PC to play media on the TV and browse your content through the Smart Hub.

    Update The Software On Your Samsung Smart TV

    A Samsung Smart Hub update problem may also cause it to stop working. Fortunately, updating the application wont take much time as long as you have a good internet connection.

    To update Samsung Smart TV software:

    • Go to Settings.
    • Navigate to Support > Software Update.
    • Select Auto Update.

    Your device will start to update itself automatically. While Smart Hub is being updated, give it time to complete and ensure you do not switch your TV off.

    You can also update the software over the internet. To do this:

    • Go to Settings.
    • Select Support and go to Software Update.
    • Select Update Now.

    The device will start to download new updates. Once the process ends, your TV will reset automatically. If there are no updates, select OK and exit.

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    How Do I Find Out What Model Samsung TV I Have

    The model code and serial number are located near the bottom of the TV as part of the old model. If you want to find out more about your newer Smart TV, you can use Menu Support Contact Samsung. This information can be found in the following sections.

    Samsung introduced the first television in 1970 to a global audience, one of the worlds most successful and recognized businesses. If your Samsung television does not have a smart or non-smart model, you may want to check it out. To begin, the television set can be studied using the simplest method. If you find your Samsung TVs model code UNRU7100FXZA, it may appear to be a two-digit number. However, each digit in a TV has a different meaning depending on where it was made and where it comes from. Samsung televisions made between 2017 and 2020 are subject to the code in the preceding example.

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