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Can You Record On Sling TV

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How To Record On Sling TV

recording local channels on sling tv dvr could happen

Once you’ve got the Sling DVR, you can record shows from any part of Sling: My TV, On Now, Guide, and more, and fast forward through ads in your recordings.

The screenshots below are from Sling’s desktop app, but the instructions apply to the Sling app on all supported devices.

  • Browse or search Sling TV to find the show or movie you want to record. When you find it, click or tap on it.

  • Information about the series and its episode, or the movie, appears. Choose Record.

  • In the pop-up window, choose what you want to record:

  • Record All Episodes: Record all episodes of the show, including reruns.
  • Record New Episodes: Only record episodes that are airing for the first time.
  • Record This Episode Only: Record just one episode, not the whole series.
  • Cancel: Choose this if you don’t want to record anything.
  • When you record a movie, you won’t have all these options. Just choose Record and you’re done.

  • There’s no confirmation message that you’ve set a show or movie to be recorded to the Sling DVR. However, a new section is added to your My TV screen: Recordings, which lists the things you’re recording.

  • Slings Dvr Storage Space Is Somewhat Average

    For an extra monthly fee, youll get 200 hours of storage that saves indefinitely

    Earlier this year, Sling TV increased its DVR storage space and increased its monthly price by $5 because of it. Were here to say it was worth it.

    Sling TV used to come with a free 10-hour Cloud DVR storage . Now, Sling TV comes with a 50-hour DVR storage.

    If thats not enough for you and the five family members you live with, Sling TVs Cloud DVR Plus is an extra $5 per month for 200 hours of recording space. Your recordings will save indefinitely, so you wont have to worry about last years recording of 30 for 30 disappearing.

    Also, when you hit the record button on a TV show, a pop-up will ask you if you want to record all episodes, only record new episodes, or record this episode only. This saves you the hassle from going through and clicking record on every episode.

    But keep in mind: if you go over your 50-hour storage space, it will automatically delete recordings youve already watched and then your oldest recordings.

    For some families, 50 hours is enough. This means you can record about 50 TV episodes or 20 movies.

    If you want to record TV shows and movies and save them for years so you can watch them whenever youd like, you might find yourself upgrading to 200 hours of DVR storage space in the long run.

    How The Sling TV Dvr Stacks Up

    Sling TV has always been one of the most affordable streaming options out there. With plans starting at just $25 per month its nearly half the price of a lot of its competitors.

    Adding just $5 per month for DVR service its still the cheapest to date.

    One cool Sling TV DVR hack to note is that you can save recordings for a month after you cancel service. At this time, no other streaming service lets you access recordings after cancellation.

    Here are some other things to know when comparing the Sling DVR to others:

    • PlayStation Vue includes their DVR functionality with all packages but the cheapest options start at $44.99. Additionally, you can only keep Vue DVR recordings for 28 days, whereas Sling offers unlimited time to keep your recordings.
    • YouTube TV is $35 a month but gives you ABC, Fox and ESPN without cable for the extra money. The YouTube TV DVR also doesnt always allow fast forwarding on shows you record and does delete recordings after a period of time.
    • Hulu Live is still in beta with their DVR but is $39.99 and you can skip the commercials completely for an extra $4.
    • DirectTV Now offers an amazing deal, but does not offer a DVR yet, and has a starting price of $40 a month. Learn more here

    Remember, you can try Sling TV free for 7 days at any time and see how you like it.

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    Which Service Has A Bigger On

    Most live TV streaming services offer on-demand content from the channels in their lineups. If you see a TV show or movie in a channels programming lineup, you can probably watch it on-demand for some time after it airs. Both Hulu + Live TV and Sling TV offer such on-demand content. If there is a particular entertainment channel that you enjoy watching that is only available on one of these services, you should choose that service.

    Hulu + Live TV has a huge advantage over Sling TV in that a subscription includes access to its extensive on-demand library of movies, TV shows, and original productions. At the time of publishing Hulus on-demand library of shows includes animations , comedies , dramas . FX shows on Hulu also get a special hub.

    Some of Hulus original shows, such as Castle Rock, Casual, Catch-22, Harlots, Ramy, The Handmaids Tale, and the Veronica Mars reboot, are worth a watch, too. Just don’t expect the same number of quality options as you get with Netflix or Prime Video.

    Winner: Hulu + Live TV

    Why Record Without A Dvr

    Record Live TV with DVR

    For many people, DVRs are a convenience. They can record dozens or hundreds of hours of content for later viewing.

    Its true that DVRs can be convenient for recording. However, no solution is perfect, and that includes DVRs. Despite their convenience, they have their drawbacks.

    Some DVRs only work with one provider. If you switch cable providers, your old DVR is useless. You likely cant transfer your old DVR to your new provider.

    In addition, DVR fees are usually included in your monthly cable bill. Basically you rent the device and pay a little each month, on top of your regular subscription price and any other fees.

    For example, take Xfinity. They charge a DVR fee of $10 per month. Thats just for the DVR and doesnt include the price of a set-top box and the price of your channel package.

    Not every cable package will have all of the channels you want either, so you may have to pay extra for add-on channels. Plus, if you get a DVR from your cable provider, you will get locked into a contract, often for a year or two.

    So while DVRs may be convenient, theyre not for everyone. You may want to record television without one.

    If youre price conscious or dont see the value in paying for channels or equipment you wont use, recording without a DVR is the right solution. Or maybe you want to record some live television and combine it with a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu.

    Either way recording without a DVR is something to consider.

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    How Airtv 2 Works

    Be aware that the AirTV 2 itself is not a streaming video player, and it does not connect directly to your television. Instead, it hooks up to any over-the-air antenna and streams live TV to other devices, including phones, tablets, most streaming players, and some smart TVs. That way you can set up a single antenna wherever you get the best reception and watch on any TV throughout the house. You can also plug an external USB hard drive into the AirTV 2 and record local channels, effectively turning the device into a whole-home DVR for your antenna.

    Jared Newman / IDG

    The AirTV tuner has a coaxial input for your antenna, an ethernet port for optional wired network connectivity, and a USB port for recording to an external hard drive.

    What makes AirTV unique from other networked tuners is that it streams local channels through the Sling TV app. Although a Sling TV subscription is optional , adding one gives you a single menu for both antenna and cable channels.

    Once the AirTV 2 is plugged into outlet power with an antenna attached, you can complete the setup through the Sling TV mobile app for iOS or Android. This involves connecting to the AirTVs Wi-Fi signal in your phones network settings, entering your routers Wi-Fi password back in the Sling TV, and then connecting once more to your home network. The AirTV will scan for channels based on your zip code and pull in guide data fromo the internet, at which point you can use the Sling TV app on other devices to watch.

    What Platforms Do Hulu And Sling TV Support

    In addition to watching Hulu via a web browser, you can download dedicated apps on mobile platforms , media streaming devices , select smart TVs and TV boxes, and game consoles . Although Hulu supports live TV streams on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 owners do not get this same benefit.

    Sling TV offers apps and experiences on most of the same experiences, but is notably missing support for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles. However, Sling does offer an app for the Oculus Go and Quest, whereas Hulu dropped support for VR headsets.

    Winner: Tie

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    Which Devices Are Compatible With Sling TV

    Download the Sling TV app on your smart TV, smartphone, or tablet so you can watch Law & Order, or catch up on sports news with Skip and Shannon: Undisputed while on the train.

    You can stream Sling TV on these streaming devices:

    • Amazon Fire TV and tablets
    • Apple TV
    • iPhones, iPads
    • Android smartphones, tablets, and TVs
    • LG and Samsung Smart TVs

    Find out if you have a good internet connection in your home for smooth streaming. If not, check out our top internet providers for uninterrupted streaming.

    Our internet expert, Catherine McNally, says Xfinity and Verizon Fios internet are her top two recommendations.

    Can You Stream Sling TV On Roku

    Sling TV AirTV Anywhere Over-The-Air DVR | Overview and Unboxing

    How to Sign Up and Download Sling TV on Roku

  • to sign up for Sling TV.
  • Once youve signed up, go to the Home Screen on your Roku.
  • Launch the app store and search for Sling TV on your Roku.
  • Select Add to Home to install the app.
  • Once installed, log in using your Sling TV credentials.
  • You can now stream Sling TV on Roku.
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    Which Service Has A Better Channel Lineup

    For this section, we only consider the channels that are available without any additional hardware or add-ons. Sling TV can integrate the local channel feeds from an antenna that its OTA lineup does not include, provided you set up an indoor antenna, a TV tuner, and a compatible media streaming device. That extra hardware adds to the cost, however, and is tedious to set up, which partially defeats the purpose of moving to a sleeker OTA live TV setup.

    We consider the channel lineup in the New York City market for this article. The available local channels and regional sports networks will vary based on your location. At the time of testing, Hulu + Live TV offers around 75 channels, while Sling TV is limited to about 51 channels.

    How To Delete Recordings In The Sling Dvr

    Since you’ve only got 10 hours of storage in the Sling Cloud DVR Free option, you have to know how to delete recordings to free up space for new shows. Just follow these steps:

  • From the My TV tab, choose My DVR.

  • Choose Manage.

  • Choose the show you want to delete. A checkmark appears on each selected show.

    Pick all of your recordings with one button by choosing Select All.

  • Choose Delete.

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    How To Find Your Recordings

    If you want to find your recordings later, simply go to My TV and youll see your channels, your favorites, and your recordings. Under recordings, youll be able to see what Sling Cloud DVR has recorded for you. Just choose to watch it, and youre all set! Happy viewing.

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    How To Record On Sling Dvr

    Sling TV Subscribers Can Now Record ESPN Content on Cloud ...

    Recording live TV on DVR is easy just follow these few short steps.

  • Use the Guide in your SLING app to find something youd like to record.

  • Select the title youre interested in and tap Record to set your recording. Youll be able to record the rest of the episode youre watching or schedule future episodes to be recorded. With a series, you can record All or just New episodes.

  • To watch your DVR recordings, go to the My TV tab and scroll down to Recordings to select your show.

  • Keep in mind that DVR functionality isnt available on ESPN3, ACC Network Extra, SEC Network+ and Local Now.

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    From Channel Packages To Pricing Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Streaming Live TV And Getting Rid Of Cable Via Sling TV

    All products and services featured by IndieWire are independently selected by IndieWire editors. However, IndieWire may receive a commission on orders placed through its retail links, and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

    Ready to cut the cord? If youre looking for a budget-friendly way to watch some of your favorite cable channels and live sports, Sling TV is one of your best options. Its $35 a month, but new subscribers will only pay $25 for their first month with Sling TVs current promotion.

    Depending on the package you purchase, youll be able to have anywhere from one to four streams at a time, access to your favorite shows and local channels, and tons of movies. The Blue package is geared toward entertainment and news junkies, while the Orange package is best for families and sports fans. Read on for the breakdown of everything you need to know before you , including how it works, and how much it costs.

    Roku Device Features Settings & Updates

    • Float this Topic for Current User
    • Bookmark

    The Late Show comes on too late for me to view. I would like to know if there is a way to view on demand.

    Roku players are not DVRs, and have no recording abilities. There are devices that provide DVR services that you can use through a Roku, such as the HD HomeRun networked tuner. Myself, I have a media PC with a TV tuner and I use J River for recording OTA. The paid version of Plex also supports a TV tuner, and some specific channels might permit saving something in the cloud for later viewing.

    But if you want to record something that is streaming via your Roku device, it can’t be done.

    I am not a Roku employee, just another user.

    Roku players are not DVRs, and have no recording abilities. There are devices that provide DVR services that you can use through a Roku, such as the HD HomeRun networked tuner. Myself, I have a media PC with a TV tuner and I use J River for recording OTA. The paid version of Plex also supports a TV tuner, and some specific channels might permit saving something in the cloud for later viewing.

    But if you want to record something that is streaming via your Roku device, it can’t be done.

    I am not a Roku employee, just another user.

    yes, the red circles are visible for the shows when i am looking at the guide.

    I am not a Roku employee, just another user.

    Here’s what’s actually happening that is causing the confusion.

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    So Whats The Best Way Of Recording Television Without A Dvr

    As you can see, there are a few different ways of recording television without a DVR. Whats the best method? Thats going to depend on what you prefer.

    Take into consideration your budget. Think about how much television you will want to record, and how you will manage files. Also, think about ease of use and who will be using the technology.

    The best DVR-free option for recording television will be whatever method works best for your households specific needs.

    Hd Homerun Scribe Duo $200

    TiVo Stream 4K | Recording Live TV with Sling

    Service cost: Free or $35 a yearBest for: Those who want an all-in-one solution with low-cost DVR serviceWhere to buy: Best Buy

    The HDHomeRun Scribe Duo is an all-in-one dual-tuner DVR with a 1TB hard drive that can hold up to 150 hours of HD recordings.

    We found the HDHomerun Scribe Duo a bit confusing to set up. You get most DVRs to scan for channels by using an app or an on-screen menu, but the Scribe Duo requires you to go to a website for the initial channel scan and any subsequent rescans.

    Also, you need to connect the unit to your network using an Ethernet connection, not WiFi. That’s inconvenient for many people.

    Once you’ve connected the Scribe Duo to an antenna and tapped into your home network, you need to download the free Live TV app to a compatible Android or iOS device, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV player, Sony Android TV, or computer. And you need to register the DVR.

    Like most of the other DVRs in this group, the Scribe Duo doesn’t connect to the TV directly via an HDMI cable. Instead, you have to use the app loaded on one of the devices mentioned above. If you want to use the DVR free, you can watch live TV but you only get a 24-hour program guide and can’t schedule recordings.

    Step up to the $35-a-year subscription and you can schedule and record live TV shows, record an entire series of a show, watch live TV while recording another show, and pause on one device and resume watching on another one.

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