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How Long TV Stand For 65 Inch TV

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How To Choose The Right Size TV Stand

65 Inch TV Wall Mount Installation – Mounting My 65 Inch Samsung!

Modern Blaze offers a variety of TV stands with built-in fireplaces. Our customers often ask us what size TV stand should they choose for their TV’s. This TV stand size guide will help answer this question!

The very first thing to know is that TV’s are actually measured diagonally. This means that a 55 inch TV is not actually 55″ wide. Another important thing to note is that the frame around the actual screen is also not included in the measurement. These factors make determining the appropriate furniture width for your TV a little more challenging. The guide below will give you a general idea of the minimum stand size you should use for your TV.

Diy Mounted TV Stand From Wood Planks

You still able to create a television stand if you only have thin unused woods. Along with your creativity, you can create a mounted television stand. You may add wheels so you can move anywhere you want. The simple design keep you easy to install the television system so you can use the television right away.

What Size TV Stand Is Right For Me

Once you know how large your TV is, you get to choose the best TV stand size you need. See the list of sizes below to find the exact size you are looking for. Dont forget to take a look at Dota TV consoles to scoop the right style for your home before landing on your brand-new media unit.

The television sizes below are diagonally measured sizes.

Best TV Stand for 65-inch TVs: For a 65-inch TV, the recommended media stand is at least 57-inches wide.

Best TV Stands for 55-inch TVs: Both medium and large TV stands work for 55-inch televisions from a 55-inch media console to an 80-inch one.

Best TV Stand Sizes for 43-inch TVs: A mid-sized media unit of 57-inch wide is a perfect fit for a 43-inch television. However, even a smaller size of 40-inch can be used for tight spaces.

Best TV Stand Size for 32-inch TVs: 32-inch televisions are very small screens that can fit into a smaller media unit. A 40-inch one works perfectly for this size and fits nicely almost anywhere. Note that we wouldnt suggest a large TV unit as it may create an unbalanced look.

Now that you have a detailed TV stand size guide, we hope that you come across your dream TV unit and let your living room be a reflection of your unique style.

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How Big Should A TV Stand Be

A TV stand would depend on these factors. First is the actual width of your television, including the case.

Second, your comfort and the distance required for comfortable viewing, and ultimately, the last factor is personal preference.

Various factors stem from personal preference, like the size of your room, the decorations on the walls, and many more.

For more related topics, visit our design guide.

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Find The TV Stand Height

Innovex Oxford TV Stand, 65

It is a general rule of thumb that the center of your screen should be positioned at or just below eye level. Ensuring that your TV is kept at a comfortable position involves some simple math: Measure the distance from the floor to the average sightline of viewers in your household, and subtract half of the TVs height. The perfect height for your TV stand will fall within an inch or two of the difference.

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Rustics TV Stand Ideas

Creating a simple DIY TV stand as simple as combining two wooden boards. It seems that you are combining two tables in one. Put the first wooden table on the top. Thats it! You have a spacious stand without any separators. You can still able to put the television safely and any kind of items there.

Simple Modern TV Stand Ideas

The strength of this television stand is on its storage. There are a lot of empty spaces to keep your favorite items. There is still enough space to put a small television on the stand. It is multifunction furniture because you can use as a table, cabinets, and television stand. Due to its simple design, you can put the stand for a modern bedroom or living room.

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How To Choose A TV With A Large Screen

When choosing a TV, you need to pay attention to TV dimensions such as height, width, and thickness . Of course, the dimensions of the TV shouldnt be the only factor when choosing a TV, but once you have decided on the brand, screen type, and other parameters, the size of the TV is what you should think about now.

The bigger the screen, the stronger the immersion effect. However, simply buying the biggest TV for all your money isnt quite right. In fact, the distance to the screen and the quality of the content affects the choice of diagonal size, and these parameters are closely related to each other. After all, the closer to the display, the more realistic the picture and the more noticeable all the flaws.

For example, for 40 inches it will be about 1.2-2.5 meters, but for 65 inches 2-4 meters. Provided the room is wide enough and you plan to watch quality digital content, you can go by this formula.

If theres not much space, and the signal isnt always in high resolution, you have to compromise, taking into account the dependence of the diagonal, distance, and quality of the content.

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How Wide Is A 65

WALI Universal TV Stand Table Top for 22 to 65 inch (Pros & Cons)

When you choose a TV, the most important thing you pay attention to is that it should fit in your room. It shouldnt be too big, or your eyes will get tired, but it shouldnt be too small either, because then you wont be comfortable watching it. It usually depends on the distance from your sofa to the wall on which the TV will hang or the table on which it will stand.

Large diagonal TVs are actually quite ambiguous devices. Everything about 55 inches and larger requires careful testing and analysis of various factors. After all, such TVs often cost a lot of money, which means you need to consider all the pros and cons. Unlike, say, a TV with a diagonal of 24 inches, which doesnt require serious analysis, because they often stand in the kitchen and work in the background while you cook something.

This is especially true for TVs with a diagonal of 65 inches. Well, lets find out how wide a 65-inch TV is.

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Very Simple Table TV Stand

You can apply this wooden board television stand if you have a large television. The size of the television stand and the television is balance and it doesnt make your small room looks too crowded. It is okay if there is a cabinet on the television stand ass long as you can watch the television comfortably.

Find The Right TV Stand Height

Before choosing your cabinet, you also need to take into account your TV stand height. The height of your TV stand is essential to have the best viewing experience .

As a general rule, you want the centre of your TV to be at eye level or a little bit below. To figure out the ideal height, sit in your favourite chair or sofa, measure the distance from the floor to your eye-level and subtract half of the TVs height. Within one or two inches of that height is the ideal TV stand height.

Finally, you have to think about the placement of your TV stand and the viewing distance. We recommend a viewing distance of at least 1.5 times your screen size. So if you have a 140 cm TV, we recommend a distance of at least 210 cm .

Now that you’ve figured out the perfect TV stand size for your TV, take a look at our great collection of TV units and cabinets. We have a wide selection of TV stands to fit your home, from small and narrow corner TV stands to large consoles and wide floating TV units. And to make sure your TV stand perfectly suits your style and personality, we offer modern TV units, minimalist, rustic/chunky, industrial and wood/oak TV stands. Dont hesitate, we offer free UK shipping over £50.

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How To Choose The Right 65 In TV Stand

In the One For All product range you will find 65 inch TV stands with different motion abilities. Depending on your wishes and needs you will find the perfect TV stand that will fulfil these. All of our 65 TV stands can be categorised into three main categories: flat, tilt and rotating. Thanks to our 65 inch TV stands you can experience the comfort of avoiding neck aches and always watching television at the right angle. Our stands are also ideal if you need more space in your living roomnow that the television is placed on a TV stand, you will not need any cupboards or TV cabinets.

If you want to buy a TV stand for your 65 television, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. It is important that you know beforehand what the most important function of the stand should be. Do you wish to tilt the screen a few times during the day? Maybe because there is a lot of sunlight shimmering on the screen? Or, do you want to be able to rotate the television screen to a certain angle? So, that you can watch television from different positions in the room? Or, maybe even from an adjacent room? For all of these wishes, there are specific TV stands that will fulfil these needs.

Diy Wooden TV Cabinet

Smart Home 151310 Mid Century Modern Dark Taupe &  Black TV Stand fit ...

You dont have to create a big television stand only to have a stand with cabinets. You may create a long wooden television stand and divide the space into several storage. Then, add chair legs to reach a comfortable height. Just take this DIY television stand if you have a small living room.

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Vintage Pallet TV Stands

A pallet is always working on any kind of home design applications including a television stand. This DIY TV stand is using a large and used pallet. The surface of the pallet used to hang the television. The rest of the space is used as a place to put some items including DVD player, game console, and also collectible items. The interesting part is the natural texture and pattern of the used pallet.

What Are The Dimensions Of A 65

There are three different dimensions you should consider: width , height , and depth . Also, dont forget that your TV can be mounted on a stand or mounted on the wall. In case you want to use a stand, dont forget to consider the size of the stand as well.

Now, lets look at the average 65 inch TV dimensions in inches:

  • The 65-inch TV width is 58 inches.
  • The 65-inch TV height is around 34 inches without a stand and around 36 inches with a stand.
  • The depth of a 65-inch TV is around 1.7 inches. Also, take into account that the stand has its own depth. The average stand depth is around 11.6 inches.

Usually, the dimensions of any object are written in W x H x D form, so a 65-inch TV would look like 58 x 34 x 1.7 without a stand. And 58 x 36 x 13.3 with a stand.

Now, lets look at the average 65-inch TV dimensions in feet. One inch equals 0.0833333 feet. 65 inches in feet is 5.42 feet.

  • The 65-inch TV width is 4.83 feet
  • The 65-inch TV height is around 2.83 feet without a stand and around 3 feet with a stand.
  • The depth of a 65-inch TV is around 0.14 feet. Also, take into account that the stand has its own depth. The average stand depth is around 0.97 feet.

Usually, the dimensions of any object are written in W x H x D form, so for a 65-inch TV, they would look like 4.83 x 2.83 x 0.14 without a stand. And 4.83 x 2.83 x 0.97 with a stand.

And look at them in cm:

The format W x H x D is as follows:

  • 147 x 86 x 4.3 without a stand.
  • 147 x 90 x 33.8 with a stand.

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Rustic Wood TV Stand Entertainment Center

Do you have an old bookshelf at home? Dont throw it away. Just use it as a television stand. It is a big size stand and suitable enough for a medium or large living room. You dont have to treat the old shelf with any complicated treatment. Let the old texture because it becomes a unique style for the television stand.

Minimalist Modern TV Stand

Fit Your BIG TV On Smaller Stands with PERLESMITH PSTVS04 Base

Apply a wooden board for a minimalist television stand. Just use another small wood as the leg as well as the separator. Make sure that the design is strong enough to hold the television. You may also paint the television with white color to make it more interesting. It is really a perfect TV stand for a minimalist living room.

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Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

  • Made from laminated particleboard with metal accents | The White Finish gives the stand a modern look perfect for any style
  • Product dimensions | Overall 15.75 D x 63 W x 20.5 H | Top Open Shelves 15.75 D x 16 W x 5 H | Middle Open Shelves 13.8 D x 46 W x 5.6 H | Cabinets dimensions 10.35 D x 14.6 W x 12.4 H
  • Weight limits | Holds up to a 70 flat paneled TV | Top Open shelves 30 lbs. | Middle Open Shelves 15/20 lbs. | Cabinet Top shelf 10 lbs. / Lower shelf 15 lbs.
  • Coordinate your living room, family room or basement with other Carson pieces like the Carson End Table, Coffee Table and Audio Stand
  • The open shelves provide plenty of space to keep your cable box, DVD or Blu-Ray player and video game system and still look organized. In addition to the open shelves are 2 closed cabinets to stack your DVDs, Blu-Rays and video games neatly in

Lets promote your entertainment space using this stylish Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand. This TV stand can hold up to a 70 flat-screen TV with around 120 lbs of weight. With multiple open shelves and two side cabinets, this TV stand brings a sleek look to your home theater system that is also available at a decent price and covers a years warranty.


This stunning-looking TV stand for a 65 inch TV is made of laminated particleboard with metal accents. Plus, it has a matte black finish to fit with modern and stylish home décor.


Cord hole

Simple TV Stand With Electric Fireplace

You can use any kind of used materials to be a new thing including the old ladders. Just cut them into the model above and create a simple television stand. The wood creates a strong separation between the television and the electric fireplace. For a simple treatment, you just need to let the ladders original without adding any colors or finishes.

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How High Should You Mount A 65

The height you mount your television varies based on the televisions size. If you have a 65-inch TV, mount it roughly 69 inches from the floor to the center of the TV screen.

If you so desire, you can do some math to determine the perfect height for your TV. Youll need a graphic calculator to do this.

Take the Tan of your reclining angle, which is 10-20 degrees, when laying back. Multiply this by the viewing distance from the TV. Add this number to the viewers eye level to determine the perfect TV mounting height.

Most wall mounts feature a design that can fit any size television. However, some models wont be able to hold up the weight of larger TVs. To make sure your television is stable, use a wall mount made specifically for your size TV.

Standard TV Stand Dimensions

Innovex Oxford TV Stand, 65

It is not common knowledge that TV sizes are measured diagonally from one top side an upper right corner, for example to its other bottom side the bottom left corner. This measuring process is also done on the screen itself, with the bezel measurement not included.

In choosing a stand mount for your TV, knowing the width of your television is essential. Width is measured from side to side, so you are looking at measuring the bottom corners of your television.

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Find The Actual Width Of Your TV

So first, you need to find out the size of your TV. If you already know the width of your TV, that is great, please follow the next step. If you dont, follow this TV size guide to see how it works.

TVs are measured diagonally. That means that only the size of the screen is measured and advertised, and not the frame around it. As such, your 140 cm TV does not actually have a 140 cm width.

The true size of your TV is actually smaller than its screen size. To find the perfect TV cabinet, you need the actual width of your TV, not just the size of the screen.

To get the full width of your TV, you can use a measuring tape and measure from the right edge of the frame to the left. Alternatively, you can call and ask the manufacturer or get all the details online by searching the make and the model of your TV.

You can also use this helpful UK TV dimensions chart to determine your TV’s dimensions:

2407 in2 1.553 m2

As you can see, a 127 in cm actually has a width of 101.9 cm . A 165 cm TV will have a width of 136.4 cm . However, please note that the UK size of your TV will depend on the manufacturer.

Take note of the height and depth of your TV as well, as it will be important in finding out the right TV stand, especially when measuring for a corner TV stand.

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