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How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On TV

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TV Advertising Packages For Start

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On TV

Our start-up packages are perfect for brands who have already successfully tested on TV and digital and are ready to make a more substantial media investment for their next campaign. At this level, we would expect to be able to start thinking about a live-action shoot. Toast was lucky enough to work on Innocents first-ever TV advertising campaign. A simple shoot in a park with a chicken launched a global brand.

How Much Does It Cost To Put An Ad On TV In Australia In 2021

The average cost of a TV ad in Australia can range from a couple of thousand dollars to millions of dollars for only 15 to 40-seconds of advertising. There are many variables involved in the price of advertising on TV in Australia in 2020, including the production costs, the program youre advertising during, where and who youre targeting and more.

How Do You Put An Ad On TV In Australia

There are a lot of rules and regulations around what types of ads can be shown on Australian televisions and when. You can find a full list of advertising rules for broadcasters on the ACMA website.

For first time TV advertisers, youll want to speak to a media agency. They will help you align with the right people to plan, produce, edit and get your TV online and ensure it meets guidelines so it can actually happen.

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Average TV Ad Broadcasting Costs

For local television stations, advertisers can expect to pay a minimum of $5 per 1,000 viewers for a 30-second commercial. Based on data provided by Adage, a 30-second spot broadcast nationally averaged around $115,000 in 2020. The average cost placements for 30-second Super Bowl ads in 2020 were upwards of $5.6 million. Of course, how frequently you run your ad will also impact your total broadcasting costs.

If youre on a budget and not sure you want to invest a ton, consider alternative advertising and marketing channels, such as, say, billboard ads.

Two Main Costs Of TV Commercials

How much do TV ads cost in India on average for 30secs ...

1) A TV commercial needs to be produced2) The TV ad needs to be broadcast

If you have a fixed budget, you can spend less on the production and more on getting the message out on the airwaves. Conversely, you could spend a bigger chunk of the budget on the production of the commercial and spend less on the broadcasting. For most advertisers, the budget is dependent upon an evaluation of short and long-term business objectives.

Broadcasting costs can be as cheap as $25 for 30 seconds in a small market, or thousands of dollars in large markets. But of course, you cannot buy just one spot. Hence, youll be buying a package of spots. So, even on the low end, for the least expensive placements, youll be spending a few thousand dollars, depending upon the market.

Furthermore, do you want to produce just one commercial, or a few? Multiple commercials do a better job of getting your message across. Not only can multiple commercials reduce viewer fatigue, but they can emphasize a broader or more complex message via bite-size pieces. .

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How Much Does Local TV Advertising Cost

Getting the Most out of Your Advertising Budget

One of the most common questions business owners and advertising leaders ask is, How much does local TV advertising cost?

The answer? Well, it depends.

I know, not exactly what you were looking for when you searched for local TV advertising costs, but well get there I promise.

The truth is, very few things have such a cost variance as advertising on local TV. Were talking anywhere from $5 to several million per thousand viewers!

So, how do you decide if local TV advertising is right for you? Are there better options out there for advertisers?

Today, were going to discuss the cost, ROI, and demographics of local TV advertising, plus four high-quality alternatives that could get you more results.

Table of Content

  • How much does local TV advertising cost?
  • How local TV advertising rates are determined
  • Network demographics
  • Test out more affordable formats first
  • Advertising on Local TV: The pros and cons
  • Work with the experts: Alternatives to local TV advertising costs

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On The Various TV Channels

Once your advert is wrapped and ready to go, youll need a platform from which to deliver it. Lets look at what you can expect to pay on different networks for a 30-second slot. Keep in mind these numbers are subject to change.


Want to launch your advert during Good Morning Britain? That will cost £3,000 to £4,000. Add another £500 for mid-day slots. If you insist your advert is prime-time material you will need to fork over anywhere from £10,000 to £30,000.

Channel 4:

If your marketing budget is more constrained, you might want to consider Channel 4 where a daytime slot is only £1,000 to £2,000 and peak hours £10,000 to £20,000.

Channel 5:

If youre counting pennies Channel 5 might be your best option. A 30-second daytime spot will run you £800 to £1,600. While peak hours can be had for a relatively modest £2,500 to £4,500 per half-minute.

Sport Channels:

The costs for advertising during sporting events is almost entirely dependent on who is playing what sport. Prices can range from £10 for 30 seconds during an NBA game to £750 during a Man United or Liverpool match.

For more information, or to talk to someone about producing your TV advert, call Courage Media on +44 20 3372 4419.

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How To Create Your Own TV Ad

Many small business owners worry about finding the balance between professional-looking ads and the right budget. There are a few ways to create your ad:

Do It YourselfExperienced creators can build their own TV ad. You will need:

  • Professional video and audio equipment
  • Actors
  • Production and post-production staff

Work with a Local Broadcast or Cable CompanySmall businesses may want to go this route. Your local station will have a production team and staff to help build a commercial for a fee.

There may even be packages for building the ad and the cost of ad times.

Work with a Media AgencyCertain companies can help you build your commercial and help you buy ad time. If you take the route, ask for a sample of their work in advance.

What makes a good TV ad?

Keys to a Successful AdYour commercials will need to have several crucial elements:

  • WhoTell your audience who you arethe name of your business needs to be highlighted.
  • Reason to VisitThe audience needs a reason to come to your business, whether it’s a sale or new offering. This gives your ad purpose.
  • Further InformationGive the audience a way to find out more. Your website URL is the most effective method.
  • Unfortunately, simply putting up your business’ physical address will be hard to remember, unless you have heavy foot traffic.

    Google Ads Pricing Model

    How much does TV advertising cost? – BWP Bitesize

    Before we get into the average advertising costs of Google Ads, lets first take a look at how the pricing model works.

    There are two different types of Google Ad campaigns you can launch search and display network:

    Heres a quick breakdown of the differences between search vs. display network ads.

    When you launch advertising campaigns on the search network, these ads use a pay-per-click model.

    That means that you pay each time a user clicks on your ad and visits the corresponding landing page.

    With search ads, Google serves ad content that is relevant to users search queries, helping drive more qualified traffic to the advertisers site.

    These ads appear directly on the search engine results page just above the results.

    Display ads appear on Googles display network on sites across the Internet. Most of these ads appear as banners.

    These ads are ideal if you want to advertise on a site that has an audience that might be a good fit for your brand.

    Heres an example of where display ads might appear on a local website.

    With ads on the Google Display Network, you have three main options for pricing:

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    How To Control Television Airtime Costs

    • Advertise more than once: The more weeks you buy, the lower your cost per showing. Plus, the more times you run an ad, the more views youll likely get.
    • Lower your expectations: Be flexible with times, stations and days of the week.
    • Play with fire: If you can find a fire sale, youll have to purchase airtime in advance, but youll get a better deal.

    Cons Of TV Advertising

    • Lack of audience targeting
    • People may be tuned in, but that doesnt mean theyre paying attention to commercials
    • The audience is not actively seeking what youre offering, like with pay-per click campaigns
    • Difficult to track and measure performance
    • Requires a large upfront investment, which can make it a challenging marketing strategy for those just starting their own business

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    Not Sure Where To Begin We’ll Help You Sort It All Out

    See Samples below of commercials weve produced including price ranges from least expensive to most expensive:

    Potential budget range from $800 $1,000

    This commercial is made up of still photographs, a professional voice over, and provided artwork.

    Potential budget range from $1,500 $2,500

    We produced this commercial for Disney Cruise Lines, this commercial included animation and graphics with royalty free music and a voice over.

    Potential budget range from $2,500 $3,500

    This commercial was shot on a Canon C300, we filmed on location with one talent, HMU, professional voice over, and other voice actors.

    Potential budget range from $2,500 $3,500

    We produced this testimonial style commercial to promote a POS system, this was filmed in HD and included an animated logo at the end.

    Potential budget range from $3,500 $5,500

    We filmed this commercial in full HD, with a 4 man crew, also using a drone to capture the clients work in progress. This commercial is also being aired in local movie theaters for our client.

    Potential budget range from $6,500 $9,000

    This commercial was part of a series filmed over 2 days, we shot this on Canon cameras, with a 7 person film crew, including HMU, craft and catering. we used actual faculty and staff as talent.

    Potential budget range from $10,000 $15,000

    We filmed this commercial in several locations around the city on sea and land, filming with a full crew talent and extras.

    Potential budget range from $10,000 $20,000

    Guide To TV Advertising On Cable And Local Broadcast Networks

    How much does it cost to advertise on television?

    Reading time: In this article, well cover:8.4)Alcohol Ads

    According to Cengage Learning, television advertising still rules when advertisers make media purchases. Approximately 40 cents of each dollar spent on advertising derives from TV advertising. Television advertising enables marketers to reach local and national viewing markets. The largest share of TV advertising revenue is generated by businesses or organizations with nationwide advertising budgets.

    Digital advertising research tends to overstate the case about how and when television will die. After all, national and cable networks are populated by many of the same young, brilliant online marketers seeking to delight their customers. As digital and video marketing take on some of the characteristics of TV ads, television networks also convert ideas used by digital marketers.

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    How To Control Television Production Costs

    • Use freelancer platforms: Sites such as ProductionHUB can provide contact with creative pros who can write, edit and produce your commercial at lower costs than youd likely find with a media agency.
    • Buy individual commercial elements: Use a freelancer to put together creative elements you pre-purchase, including stock footage, music, graphic elements and more. Search through marketplaces such as VideoHive and Shutterstock to find what you need.

    Average Advertising Costs For Facebook Ads

    The average cost per click for a Facebook ad is $1.72. The average CPM, or cost per 1,000 impressions, is $7.19.

    Though the average suggested budget will depend on a variety of factors including your industry, niche, and location.

    Many small businesses plan to spend $0.50 to $1.00 per fan.

    This will need to be adjusted depending on your goals .

    And today, Facebook allows you to advertise either on:

    • Audience Network

    For the most part, Facebook CPCs are rather low across industries.

    Even the most expensive industries like finance and insurance, customer services, and home improvement still have

    relatively low average advertising costs.

    This is great news for small businesses that want to reach their audience while still generating an attractive return on investment.

    Indeed, Facebook Ads is a great way to advertise your business online. It provides highly targeted options thus allowing you to maximize your budget.

    So even with a limited budget, you are able to launch effective Facebook ad campaigns given the generally low cost of launching these campaigns.

    As we mentioned before, the Facebook ad platform makes it very easy for advertisers to control their costs across the board.

    Which is ideal for small businesses that are starting with lower ad budgets.

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    Cost Of TV Advertising

    For most businesses, the cost of advertising is a very prominent consideration, and this is no different when it comes to TV. The below section covers how TV is traded, what impacts the overall price and some other considerations that will influence the cost of TV advertising.

    The first and arguably most important thing to note is that, despite popular opinion, TV is not exclusively for the rich and famous or well established big advertisers. Advertising on TV need not cost millions of pounds. Last year 1,243 new advertisers appeared on TV. Nearly 900 advertisers spent less than £50,000, over 700 spent less than £10,000, and 500 spent less than £5,000.

    The commercial broadcasters are extremely well placed to help new advertisers in a variety of different ways:

    Not sure how to make a TV advert? The broadcasters have specialist creative teams who can advise, assist or produce TV-ready adverts for various levels of investment.

    Need help with the process? All of the broadcasters have specialist teams dedicated to new advertisers, with or without a media agency, and they are more than happy to help guide you through the process.

    Concerned about cost? There are a number of ways the broadcasters can help to reduce the initial outlay including incentivised pricing, free airtime, shared reward schemes and more.

    Speaking directly to one or more of the broadcasters can help kick start your TV journey. Contact details can be found here.

    Ready To Reach More Customers With Online Channels

    What Does TV Advertising Cost?

    Advertising on national TV has worked well for some businesses in the past, and will continue to work well for some businesses in the future.

    However, when compared to the online advertising channel, there are some clear shortcomings that come along with national TV advertising.

    If youre thinking about trying out national online advertising, wed love to help!

    At WebFX, our expert team of Internet marketers has years of experience structuring and managing lucrative online advertising campaigns. We know how to test and optimize so that you end up with the best possible ROI, and weve helped businesses across the country use smart online advertising to improve their bottom lines.

    Contact us today for more information, or for a free quote!

    Additional Resources

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    How Much Does It Cost To Put My Advert On TV

    In general TV advertising is bought and sold on a cost per thousand basis ie the price a channel charges to have your ad seen by 1000 people. This price is set by ITV and most broadcasters trade at either a discount or premium depending on a number of variables. The CPM cost of your TV advert campaign will vary based on the following factors:

    • Seasonality costs vary by month
    • The trading audience TV channels trade with agencies against many demographics
    • Advertiser demand if there is a high demand for TV advertising in the marketplace, you will pay more
    • Length of the creative 30 seconds is an industry standard for costing campaigns. If the length of your advert is shorter or longer than this, the costs will vary accordingly. The ad will need to be a multiple of 10 seconds in the UK market.
    • Time of day Certain day parts are more expensive than others. For example, buying daytime TV advertising between 0900-1730 is cheaper than buying alltime campaigns.
    • Regionality ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky give you the opportunity to target specific areas of the country. Generally this will be a higher cost per thousand than using the national only stations
    • Broadcast or Video-on-demand most broadcasters now offer catchup and VOD services you can buy more specific audiences through VOD but again cost per thousand will be a lot higher than broadcast channels

    A Television Campaign Budget Has Four Key Cost

    Airtime. Also known as the media buy, these are the fees charged by broadcasters for showing your commercial, and the fees to the media agency for the strategy and planning of the campaign. Airtime is always the biggest chunk of cash, and for good reason what would be the point of making a TV commercial if only a handful of people get to see it?

    AdSmart from Sky is a smart addressable platform that can seamlessly insert your commercial into ad-breaks in Sky and Virgin Media households. AdSmart uses precise targeting criteria to deliver the commercial only to homes that meet your carefully defined audience profile . AdSmart is powerful, and you can test the water with a small campaign for as little as £3,000.

    Production. Commercial production will usually account for less than 10% of the cost of the campaign. That percentage is not carved in stone but if you were to spend far more money producing the commercial than showing it to viewers, the lesser impact would be self-defeating.

    We can produce motion-graphics commercials from £2,500, and very simple filmed commercials in the ballpark of £5,000. Every creative idea is unique there is not a standard price for commercial production. That said, there are eventually diminishing returns where spending extravagantly on production is unlikely to make a commercial any more effective. The ad most likely to provide the greatest return on your investment is not necessarily the most expensive.

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