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What Time Is Bill O Reilly On Newsmax TV

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What Biden & Co. really want | Bill O’Reilly

Bill OReilly is in talks to head back to cable news in his old 8 p.m. slot, but this time at Newsmax TV, sources exclusively tell Page Six.

A year after OReillys abrupt exit from Fox News, where he was the top-rated host in cable news, the controversial anchor who was forced out after the disclosure of sexual-harassment allegations and settlements paid to alleged victims is in advanced discussions with Newsmax about developing a new show, were told.

Newsmax is also chasing other former Fox News talent Greta Van Susteren and Eric Bolling have been approached to join as hosts of hourlong shows in prime time. Bolling already has a deal with CRTV for a digital show.

Adding to the Newsmax mix could be former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who were told is set to star on a politically focused late-night panel show.

An insider told Page Six, The deals are not done yet, but talks are in the advanced stages, certainly with OReilly. The thinking is, following a 6 p.m. news show, Greta would anchor the 7 p.m. hour, OReilly would be back at 8 p.m., and Bolling could smoothly continue on at 9 p.m. Spicer and his cohorts would go on at 10 p.m., with the later slot allowing the show to be looser. But the deals are not yet signed and sealed.

The OReilly talks progressed as veteran news exec Michael Clemente, Fox News former executive vice president of news, joined Newsmax Broadcasting as CEO in April.

It runs on cable and streams free online.

Film And Television Appearances

O’Reilly made cameo appearances in the films An American Carol , Iron Man 2 , Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Man Down .

In 2010, he famously appeared on The View, where they asked O’Reilly his opinion on whether to remove the mosque near the 9/11 memorial site. O’Reilly responded saying, that he believed they should and during the heated discussion stated, “Muslims killed us on 9/11” to which Whoopi Goldberg, and Joy Behar walked off the set. Barbara Walters chided the other hosts, and stated, “You have just seen what should not happen. We should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking off stage. I love my colleagues, but that should not have happened.” He also made appearances on various talk and late night shows including, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Bill Oreilly Reportedly In Talks For New Cable


Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Bill OReilly, the former Fox News star ousted following a spate of sexual-harassment allegations, is reportedly in talks to return to cable news on Newsmax TV. According to a source cited by Page Six, OReilly could get an 8 p.m. TV slot, pitting him against Tucker Carlson, his Fox News successor after he was booted from the network last spring. The deals are not done yet, but talks are in the advanced stages, certainly with OReilly, a source was quoted as saying. Newsmax is reportedly also wooing other former Fox News figures, including Greta Van Susteren and Eric Bolling. During OReillys reign at Fox News, he ranked as the top-rated cable news host with The OReilly Factor, but he faded significantly after leaving the network, resurfacing only as a commentator on Newsmax before launching his No Spin News podcast.

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Departure From Fox News

In April 2017, The New York Times reported that Fox News and O’Reilly had settled five lawsuits involving women who accused O’Reilly of misconduct. After the settlements were reported, the O’Reilly Factor lost more than half its advertisers within a week almost 60 companies withdrew their television advertising from the show amid a growing backlash against O’Reilly. On April 11, O’Reilly announced he would take a two-week vacation and would return to the program on April 24 he normally took a vacation around Easter. On April 19, Fox News announced that O’Reilly would not be returning to the network. The program was subsequently renamed The Factor on April 19 and aired its last episode on April 21.

O’Reilly later stated his regret that he did not “fight back” against his accusers the way Sean Hannity did when facing the loss of advertisers around the same time.

In late October 2017, O’Reilly’s literary agency, WME, announced that they would no longer represent him for future deals, and his talent agency, UTA, informed him that it would not be renewing his contract.

George De Mohrenschildt Claim

Bill OReilly &  Newsmax TV: Former Fox Host Returning to ...

In his bestselling 2013 book Killing Kennedy and on Fox and Friends, O’Reilly claimed he was knocking at the front door of George de Mohrenschildt‘s daughter’s home at the moment Mohrenschildt committed suicide and that he heard the shotgun blast:

In March of 1977, a young television reporter at WFAA in Dallas began looking into the Kennedy assassination. As part of his reporting, he sought an interview with the shadowy Russian professor who had befriended the Oswalds upon their arrival in Dallas in 1962. The reporter traced George de Mohrenschildt to Palm Beach, Florida and traveled there to confront him. At the time de Mohrenschildt had been called to testify before a congressional committee looking into the events of November 1963. As the reporter knocked on the door of de Mohrenschildt’s daughter’s home, he heard the shotgun blast that marked the suicide of the Russian, assuring that his relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald would never be fully understood.By the way, that reporter’s name is Bill O’Reilly.

This claim has been disproven by former Washington Post editor Jefferson Morley, who cites audio recordings made by Gaeton Fonzi indicating O’Reilly was not present in Florida on the day of Mohrenschildt’s suicide.

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TV Schedule For Newsmax TV

Start your day with real news and analysis from the Newsmax team.

A weekday news show from New York, offering the best take on the latest news, political analysis, newsmaker interviews, and information on health, finance and lifestyle.

John Bachman tackles big news from DC, NY and around America.

Breaking news, analysis and the best politics.

Chris Salcedo confronts the biased and unfair press and both political parties.

Sean Spicer leads a team of Washington insiders to analyze the top headlines and key news.

Greg Kelly Reports provides the hardest hitting stories from coast to coast.


Grant Stinchfield pushes for America First, exposing the hypocrisy of big media, Washington politicos, and Hollywood celebs.

Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino fight for America First in Washington, the big media, and big business.

Topics important to Americans covered in this fast-paced news program.

Greg Kelly Reports provides the hardest hitting stories from coast to coast.

Grant Stinchfield pushes for America First, exposing the hypocrisy of big media, Washington politicos, and Hollywood celebs.

Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino fight for America First in Washington, the big media, and big business.

Topics important to Americans covered in this fast-paced news program.

Chris Salcedo confronts the biased and unfair press and both political parties.

Filmmakers explore the story of the Nazi War Machine, from their origins as street thugs.

Would Bill Oreillys Viewers Follow Him To Newsmax

Bill O’Reilly is plotting the next phase of his comeback, according to the New York Post, which reports that the former Fox News Channel host is discussing a return to his 8 p.m. time slot, this time on Newsmax TV.

Don’t get Newsmax TV? Most Americans don’t, either. With a distribution of 50 million U.S. households, Newsmax TV reaches only about half the potential cable and satellite audience that O’Reilly’s former employer does. In actual audience, the gap may be even wider. Fox News was the most-watched cable channel in the first quarter of the year, averaging 1.45 million viewers throughout the day only five other channels claimed even half as many. A Nielsen spokesman said the ratings firm does not track Newsmax TV.

The question, then, is whether O’Reilly, who has been podcasting since his firing last year over sexual harassment allegations, is a big enough draw to make people watch a channel that few do now.

Can he bring Newsmax TV to the next level? asked Nicole Hemmer, a contributing opinion editor at U.S. News & World Report and author of Messengers From the Right, a book about conservative media. Newsmax TV isn’t particularly well known, and none of its shows has much cachet. Perhaps bringing on Fox’s former star could change that.

Hemmer said that in a deal between O’Reilly and Newsmax TV, success would be making Newsmax TV a household name, like Fox is.”

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Former Fox Host Bill O’reilly To Provide State Of The Union Analysis For Newsmax TV

Former longtime Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is returning to cable news Tuesday night as an analyst for Newsmax TV’s coverage of President Trump

Bill is one of the most remarkable newscasters in history, said Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy. His frank, no-holds-barred analysis is needed in American media more than ever.

Last April, O’Reilly lost more than 50 advertisers after The New York Times reported that he paid five women $13 million over allegations of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior.

In October, the Times also revealed that the former “O’Reilly Factor” host had paid $32 million in January 2017 to settle a sexual harassment suit filed by former Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl.

Ruddy had stated publicly he was interested in bringing O’Reilly onto his network, which launched in 2014.

“I may come back to television, it just depends,” O’Reilly said last year after his ouster from Fox. “We’re living in a pretty vicious age now. Whoever I work for is going to have to have a lot of courage to stop the far left from attacking sponsors and spreading lies about people.”

The 68-year-old former “Inside Edition” host currently hosts a podcast called “No Spin News” on his website, The podcast regularly utilizes Newsmax TV’s Manhattan studio.

O’Reilly was the top-rated host in cable news for 15 years until his termination from Fox in April 2017.

Real News For Real People

Bill O’Reilly on Fox Blocking Jeanine Pirro from Newsmax

Ruddy, 56, was on his way to lunch at , the historic Palm Beach club that Trump owns, when he spoke with the Deseret News. Breaking ranks with some conservatives and libertarians who refuse to wear masks during the pandemic, he asked the valet for a mask when exiting his car.

Ruddy also breaks ranks with some conservatives because hes friendly with former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Although Ruddy made a name for himself early in his career by questioning the circumstances of Clinton friend Vince Fosters death an investigation that turned into a book he later donated money to the Clinton Foundation and arranged for Bill Clinton to speak at the funeral of Ruddys former boss Richard Mellon Scaife.

Ruddy has spoken respectfully of Bill Clinton, even likening him to Nelson Mandela in a 2014 article in Politico.

Think about the outrageous things that were said about him, including by me, and he was able to overcome that and reach out to his critics and his adversaries and make them his friends and work together on the things we agree with, Ruddy said. Its on the level of Nelson Mandela that type of higher thinking and ability to forgive and forget, and its an example of how people who have partisan and ideological differences can work together for the common good.

The motto of Newsmax TV is real news for real people.

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In The Days Leading Up To The New York Times Story About His Secret $32 Million Settlement Bill O’reilly Had High Hopes About A Deal With Sinclair

He saw a path back to a nightly television broadcast — a perch he lost in April when Fox ousted him amid a sexual harassment scandal.

Now, however, there are fresh doubts about his future. The revelation about O’Reilly’s $32 million payment to Lis Wiehl, to stop her from suing him, has caused newfound embarrassment. “Nobody pays $32 million to anybody for false accusations. Nobody,” former Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson said.

Many others share her skeptical view. In the wake of the Times story, O’Reilly lost the agents who had represented him for decades. The board of United Talent Agency, UTA for short, decided to drop him on Monday. The move will take effect at the end of the year, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which was first to report on UTA’s decision.

Still, some right-wing media executives are not ruling anything out. “America is a very forgiving nation,” Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy told CNN.

O’Reilly’s spokesman Mark Fabiani said Tuesday that “he has lined up new representation already.” Fabiani said he could not identify who because “the firm isn’t ready to announce formally yet.”

When the Times story came out on Saturday, Fabiani decried the “leaks coming out of Fox,” raising the prospect of competitive back-stabbing. O’Reilly didn’t blame Fox explicitly, but he said he thought someone was trying to kill his chances at a new TV career.

In response to this story, a spokeswoman for the company said “Sinclair is not in discussions with Mr. O’Reilly.”

Political Views And Media Coverage

On The O’Reilly Factor and on his former talk-radio program, O’Reilly focused on news and commentary related to politics and culture. O’Reilly has long said that he does not identify with any political ideology, writing in his book The O’Reilly Factor that the reader “might be wondering whether I’m conservative, liberal, libertarian, or exactly what … See, I don’t want to fit any of those labels, because I believe that the truth doesn’t have labels. When I see corruption, I try to expose it. When I see exploitation, I try to fight it. That’s my political position.” On December 6, 2000, the Daily News in New York reported, however, that he had been registered with the Republican Party in the state of New York since 1994. When questioned about this, he said that he was not aware of it and says he registered as an independent after the interview. During a broadcast of The Radio Factor, O’Reilly said that there was no option to register as an independent voter however, there was in fact a box marked “I do not wish to enroll in party.” But many view him as a conservative figure. A February 2009 Pew Research poll found that 66% of his television viewers identify themselves as conservative, 24% moderate, and 3% liberal. A November 2008 poll by Zogby International found that O’Reilly was the second most trusted news personality, after Rush Limbaugh.

In a 2003 interview with Terry Gross on National Public Radio, O’Reilly said:

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Early Life And Education

O’Reilly was born on September 10, 1949, at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan to parents William James Sr. and Winifred Angela O’Reilly from Brooklyn and Teaneck, New Jersey, respectively. He is of Irish descent with a small degree of English ancestry. Some of his father’s ancestors lived in County Cavan, Ireland, since the early eighteenth century, and on his mother’s side he has ancestry from Northern Ireland. The O’Reilly family lived in a small apartment in Fort Lee, New Jersey, when their son was born. In 1951, his family moved to Levittown on Long Island. O’Reilly has a sister, Janet.

O’Reilly attended St. Brigid parochial school in Westbury and Chaminade High School, a private Catholic boys high school, in Mineola. His father wanted him to attend Chaminade, but O’Reilly wanted to attend W. Tresper Clarke High School, the public school most of his closest friends would attend. He played Little League baseball and was the goalie on the Chaminade varsity hockey team. During his high school years, he met future pop-singer Billy Joel, whom O’Reilly described as a “hoodlum.” O’Reilly recollected in an interview with Michael Kay on the YES Network show CenterStage that Joel “was in the Hicksville sectionthe same age as meand he was a hood. He used to slick it back like this. And we knew him, because his guys would smoke and this and that, and we were more jocks.”

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