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Is My Lg TV Compatible With Alexa

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Connecting Your Lg Smart TV And Alexa

How to Setup Alexa with LG 4K Ultra HD Smart LED ThinQ TV

To begin the process, youll first need to download the Amazon Alexa app. The Amazon Alexa app is available for both Android and iOS, so you dont have to worry about needing a specific kind of smartphone. Once youve downloaded the app, you can proceed with the steps listed below.

Steps to connect your LG Smart TV & Amazon Alexa

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app and activate the search menu
  • Next, you can scroll down and see an entire list of brand and device types compatible with the Amazon Alexa app
  • Choose the brand of your TV, and its the specific model
  • The pairing process will begin and should take no longer than a few minutes
  • You may be required to enter a unique code or prompt to complete your smart TV and Amazon Alexa devices pairing, so keep this in mind.
  • If done successfully, your LG smart TV should now display on your TV list within the app.
  • Now that your TV has been connected, you need to assign the specific Amazon device thatll be used along with it
  • Locate the navigation menu on the side of the app
  • Find your Amazon device and click it
  • When a successful connection is established, a light should appear on the device
  • Now, ask Alexa to discover devices, Alexa will then perform a scan to find compatible devices nearby.
  • Once Alexa detects your TV, youll see a shortcut to access it in the app.

List of Current LG TV that supports Amazon Alexa

Stream your favorite content using nothing but your voice

What Can Alexa Do On Lg TV

Alexa can do different things on your LG Smart TV. You can use it to:

  • Turn your TV ON or OFF.
  • Turn the Volume Up or Down.
  • Set the Volume to a specific number.
  • Mute or Unmute the TV.
  • Change the channel.
  • Control Video Playback by playing, pausing, fast forward, or rewinding a video.

You can also use it to switch input to HDMI on TV or set the TV top set-top box.

Ring Integration With Amazon Alexa Echo And Fire TV

Ring was bought by Amazon in 2018, so its no wonder that it is by now well integrated with Amazons Alexa smart assistant. There is one thing you need to do before you can view your Ring Doorbell and Cameras through your Fire TV or Echo devices, and that is to integrate Ring with Alexa. Here is how you do that.

Note: The following steps are assuming you are using a mobile device. If you prefer to do it from a computer, you can find the Ring Skill for Alexa by following this link.

Steps to Integrate Ring with Alexa

  • Open the Alexa appYou can also do this on a computer, but Im assuming you are doing this on a mobile device like a smartphone of a tablet.
  • Open the Main MenuThis can be done by tapping the three bars in the top left corner of the Alexa app.
  • Select Skills & Games
  • Search is opened by tapping the magnifying glass close to the top right corner.
  • Type in RingAutocomplete will pop up with Ring before you even finish typing the work, if you want to save a few key strokes.
  • Select the Ring SkillThere will be a ton of skills with the word Ring in them, but the one you want should be the first options and will have the blue and white Ring logo. It is under the category Smart Home.
  • Do not select the Ring Doorbell Skill. This is not what you want. That skill in under the Games & Trivia category last I checked.
  • Login to Ring when prompted
  • Select Discover Devices
  • Give Alexa about a minute, and then it ill pop-up a list of devices it has discovered.

  • Select Settings
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    Connect At Fire Stick 4k To Your TV

    You can connect an to your TV. In this configuration you can control newer smart TVs with your voice however they require that you press the microphone button on the voice remote for voice commands to control your TV. There is a work around for this though. If you have an Amazon Echo device like the echo dot you can connect it via wifi to your Amazon Fire TV 4K stick and it will enable hands free voice control of your TV. The Fire 4K TV stick is not nearly as slick, or as easy to use or setup as smart TVs that have Alexa built in or the Fire TV Cube. If you want Alexa voice control of your TV we dont recommend this option as you can have issues getting Alexa and the Fire TV Stick to properly sync. Both the Fire TV Cube&Smart TVs with built in Alexa capability have great easy to set up interfaces that work. However the Fire Stick 4K is the least expensive option for to control your TV with Alexa.

    You can use the Fires Stick 4k to control your TV with Alexa voice commands by pressing the remote.

    How To Connect Alexa To Lg Smart TV

    How to Control Your TV With Alexa

    Amazon Alexa is an AI device that can transform your living space into a smart home. Alexa smart devices allow you to perform daily functions such as controlling your smart TVs, air conditioner, refrigerator, and washer in your smart home.

    The possibilities could be endless if you connect Alexa to your consumer electronics, such as LG smart TV. You can connect Alexa to your LG TV since LG smart TVs have ThinQ AI that works with Amazon Alexa device. You can be sure to issue a voice command to Alexa, and it will control your TV and other electronics connected to it.

    If youre looking to connect Alexa to your LG TV, then you have come to the right place. This post will look at how to connect Alexa to an LG TV. So, be sure to stick for a while for more information!

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    How Does Alexa Communicate And Work With Other Smart Devices

    Alexa is an artificial intelligence created by Amazon and lives in its cloud where it can use its database to respond and act upon certain requests.

    Smart devices are coming out at a much faster rate now than they were a few years ago thanks to the rise in popularity of Alexa.

    When you ask Alexa a question or tell her to do something, the device will translate the request into text and run it through its memory to see the best way to respond.

    If you want her to do something with another smart device, those technologies have the same AI that allows them to communicate with Alexa and respond to your request.

    Lg 2018 TVs Tap Google Assistant Alexa For Voice Control

    LG has announced that its high-end 2018 TVs will include voice control via Google Assistant built in and Amazon Echo skills, too.

    LG’s 2018 TVs include built-in Google Assistant, as well as compatibility with Amazon Alexa.

    LG has announced that select 2018 televisions will feature Assistant built in, which will enable users to issue voice commands directly via the remote.

    LG’s “Intelligent Voice Control with Integrated Google Assistant” will enable users to control numerous functions on the TV, as well as search from information taken from the Electronic Program Guide . LG says users will be able to issue commands such as “search for the soundtrack of this movie” or “turn off the TV when this program is over”. The TV’s Google Assistant also allows control of compatible smart home devices and streaming audio products.

    And if you happen to own a speaker you can control the TV via voice, no remote required. You can even turn it on and off with a voice command.

    LG says the TV will be compatible with devices as well, thanks to an Alexa skill, although commands will be more limited, and power on/off won’t be supported. Using the voice remote, the TV can control LG’s own;ThinQ products as well.

    Competitor Sony to its televisions in November 2017, which also used the remote control’s microphone. Sony sets also work with Alexa, thanks to a beta app.

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    What Are The Best TV Sets With Alexa Built In

    There are many factors to consider when choosing the best TV set with Alexa built in for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

    Size: TV sets with Alexa built in are available in a wide range of sizes. The ones were recommending are between 65 and 82 inches, which are best suited for home theater use. Smaller versions of these TVs are available if youd like one for your bedroom or mid-sized living room.

    Resolution: All of the TVs in this guide have a resolution of 4K , and support HDR , so recent TV shows and movies will look incredibly clear. Bear in mind older content wont look as good.

    Inputs: A TVs inputs , are used to connect gadgets like game consoles to your set. Our recommendations have at least three HDMI ports, which is the most commonly used input available right now.

    Lg TV Alexa Commands:

    LG Smart TV How to Setup With Alexa

    Alexa, turn on living room TV

    Alexa, change the channel to 200 on living room TV

    Alexa, next channel on living room TV

    Alexa, change channel to NBC.

    Alexa, change channel to Fox.

    Alexa, tune to channel 200 on living room TV

    Alexa, set volume to 20 on living room TV

    Alexa, turn down the volume on living room TV

    Alexa, mute living room TV

    Alexa, unmute living room TV

    Alexa, play on living room TV

    Alexa, pause on living room TV

    Alexa, fast forward on living room TV

    Alexa, rewind on living room TV

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    Factors To Consider When Buying A Smart TV With Alexa Built In

    There are multiple factors to consider when buying a smart TV with Alexa built in.;

    Just to get you an idea about the things you should investigate while buying a smart TV, we have listed out some of the factors below.


    You can find all the different sizes of Alexa built in TVs from43, 50, 55, and 65 screen sizes. However, we would recommend going for the 55, and 65 screen sizes as they perform well as a home theatre.

    However, you can go for 43 or 50 for your bedroom and mid-sized living room.


    Resolution is one of the important factors as it defines how clear video you are going to view in your TV. The higher the resolution is, the clearer the video would be!

    However, if you are watching old videos that did not come in HD, you would get that clarity.

    All the Alexa TVs in this guide is having resolution of 4K .

    Connectivity Options

    Smart TVs doesnt mean just having Wifi and Bluetooth, there are a lot of features that makes a smart TV smart. One of them is connectivity, the number of inputs your TV has.

    The HDMI ports play most important role, as more the HDMI ports a TV has, the greater number of devices it can connect to at a time.;

    You should also check the Ethernet ports as if you are watching movies online on Netflix or Hulu, you would not like buffering of the videos.

    We recommend, you have at least 3 HDMI ports in your Alexa TV.

    Refresh Rate

    Connect Your Alexa To Your Amazon Account

    • Open the Alexa app on your device.
    • Select the button labeled Setup Alexa on the app.
    • You will see a link to a website and a code.
    • Use your mobile device or computer to visit the website.
    • Enter the code you see on your TV.

    You can now use Alexa on your TV. But first, you need to;add Alexa Skills on your LG Smart TV.

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    What To Do When Your Lg TV Is Not Responding To Amazon Alexa Requests

    The Amazon Alexa is a popular product that seamlessly interacts with smart devices in your home, but what do you do when your LG TV is not responding?

    Since coming to the market a few years ago, Alexa, the artificially intelligent voice of Amazon, has taken the world by storm and currently resides in millions of homes across the globe.

    Alexa can help you with simple tasks such as settings reminders, can play music and interacts with other devices in our homes such as lights and TVs to make your life even more convenient.

    If that sounds appealing you can pick up an were sure you wont be disappointed!

    However, you might be disappointed if your LG TV is not responding to Alexa, so weve put together a guide to help you when it stops working.

    Samsung Smart TVs Compatible With Ring

    How to Control Your TV With Alexa

    It used to be that only a handful of Samsung TVs could be integrated with Ring, and the only compatible Ring device was the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. That is still true if you have the following model TVs:

    • 2018 models NU7400 and later
    • 2019 models RU7400 and later
    • 2020 models TU8500 and later

    The good news now is that you are not so limited in your options. Ring is directly integrated with SmartThings and can you can view your Ring video stream using the SmartThings app on your Samsung TV.;

    Is Ring compatible with Samsung? Ring is compatible with Samsung devices that are integrated with SmartThings. All Ring Cameras and Ring Video Doorbells can be viewed on all Samsung TVs that have the SmartThings app.

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    Samsung doesnt give me a list of TVs with the SmartThings app, but they do say:

    SmartThings functionality is the same across all supported models and is available on most newer Samsung Smart TVs.


    If you have a Samsung TV with apps you can install, your Samsung TV is likely compatible. Most Samsung TVs that are compatible will already have SmartThings installed.

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    Connect Alexa To The App

    Use the navigation menu on the left side of the youll be using to control your LG smart TV. Connecting the App with Alexa should not be a challenge since the App will enlist many Alexa devices after you have clicked on the menu.

    You will then select the Alexa device from the list then the connection will be successful. The Alexa device will light up to let you know the connection is successful and complete.

    Alexa Voice Commands To Control Your Ring Doorbells And Ring Cameras

    I suppose you need to know what voice commands there are to control your Ring Doorbell or Camera.

    To answer a ring:

    Source: Alexa Ring Skill Page

    If you are interested in setting up routines to automatically show your Ring video feed when someone rings the doorbell or there is a motion detection event, check out the Routine Set up section of this video.

    You can obtain the most current support for the Ring Alexa integration by visiting the Ring support page located here.

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    Choose The Smart Device

    and added the skills to help Alexa control your smart TV, choosing the device types you want to control becomes the next step. You can use the home button within the Alexa App to discover the device to add.

    Since your LG smart TV is one of the device types you are looking to connect to Alexa, you will add it within the Alexa App. Once you have successfully added your smart TV, the Alexa App will show in your TVs list.

    Once you have set up tv for Amazon Alexa App, you can be sure to proceed to the next step below.

    How Do I Use The Delay Wash On My Lg Washer

    How to Setup Alexa Voice Commands with LG Smart TV

    On most models this feature is activated by starting the cycle and then pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds. This function will delay the start of the wash cycle. The delay wash time varies by model some models can be set for up to 12 hour delay wash, while other models can be set up to 19 hour delay wash.

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    Fire TV Devices Compatible With Ring

    If you dont have a new Samsung or LG Smart TV, or you dont want to spend a could thousand dollars to buy a new one, there is a cheap solution that most people can afford.

    All Fire TV devices, except 1st Generation Fire TV Sticks, can be integrated with Ring. This includes Fire TV Sticks and Fire TV Cubes.

    Amazon Devices compatible with the Ring Skill

    • Echo Show
    • Echo Spot
    • Echo Speakers
    • Fire Tablets
    • Fire TV Cube
    • Fire TV Stick 4K
    • Fire TV Stick
    • Fire TV
    • Ring Smart Lighting Floodlight Battery
    • Ring Smart Lighting Floodlight Wired
    • Ring Smart Lighting Motion Sensor

    For the most up-too-date information, check the support page by clicking here.

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