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How To Boost TV Antenna Signal

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Using An Antenna Amplifier To Boost Your Antenna Signal

How to Build an Antenna Signal Booster

Another way you can boost your antenna signal is by using an antenna amplifier. However, using this method can be costly because buying an antenna amplifier can be expensive. The good thing is that you can make your antenna booster at home without incurring extra costs. However, you need to know what an amplifier booster is and how it works before making one.

Remove The Extra Aluminum

A while back, adding aluminum foil to the tips of your dipole antenna was enough to guarantee clear reception. However, the hack only works with analog signals. Since the switch to digital TV, most indoor receivers can capture and decode transmissions without the rudimentary appendages.

Remove all unnecessary aluminum that did not come with the box. However, if you are still facing signal issues after trying this hack, try this next one.

Get A Better TV Tuner

Not all TV tuners are built the same. I have two televisions in my house. Both are different brand names and I noticed that one tuner picks up different channels better than the other. They are both using the same antenna with a splitter. Some TVs are equipped with better quality tuners. I would stay with quality brand televisions. Do some research on Amazon before buying a new television. You can also use a DVR tuner or the Tablo TV to supplement your bad tuner. These devices allow you to use your old TV and combine it with a better tuner. You can also record all your favorite over the air TV shows.

Channel Master:

See Our Review of The Tablo DVR.

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What Is A TV Signal Booster And How Does It Work

A TV signal booster kit consists of a HDTV antenna plus signal booster that extends TV station broadcast coverage into your home or apartment building by boosting or amplifying existing TV channel signals for clearer audio and video reception.

Cable antennas have been around for years and have gradually become old technology. New Digital HDTV antennas together with a booster will allow you to watch your favorite cable television shows without having to pay for an ongoing cable subscription.

A TV antenna booster will give you access to beautifully clear digital television shows for both standard analog and high definition TVs, and will catch all signals within approx. 100 miles radius.

A TV signal booster and amplifier helps HDTV antenna or standard TV antennas catch many channels that would otherwise be difficult to access and see. You can eliminate the cable and associated subscription costs to enjoy clear reception and more television channels in the comfort of your home living room, or business office reception area.

How To Boost Antenna Signal

How to Boost an Outdoor TV Antenna Signal

There are a myriad of reasons you might be getting a bag signal. From antenna placement and angle to materials in your home that cause interference.

But there are a few easy steps you can take today to get a solid antenna TV signal.

If you arent particularly tech-savvy or dont consider yourself a DIYer, it might be time to .

But if you feel up to it, follow this easy and quick guide to improve antenna reception.

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Using An Antenna Rotator

Consider using an antenna rotator if your areas transmission towers are more than 90 degrees distant from each other and your external antenna is unidirectional. The rotator allows you to re-orient the antenna to the next transmission tower without walking onto the roof and turning the antenna manually.

Weve written a detailed post about antenna rotators, including their installation and where to acquire them. There are a variety of antenna rotators to choose from. You shouldnt, however, skimp on them. The rotator you buy should be able to last for years, not just a few months.

Hiring a professional to install an antenna rotator on the mast may be mandatory or have a good DIY knowledge level. When using a remote control, its best to keep it near the television. To reduce the weight of the rotator, it should be mounted close to the antenna.

Do the first rotation, register the tower locations with the control units memory positions when installed, and then configure it accordingly. After that, you have to select a memory position for your antennas rotation using the remote control.

Use Your Rv Antenna Correctly

To be able to enjoy the reception, you should know how to use the rv antenna properly. There are 3 steps to follow to make sure you use your RV antenna assembly in the right way:

First, depending on your RV, there should be a crank to raise or lower it. To avoid stripping gears do not apply too much pressure to the crank

Second, make sure you have turned the signal booster on. These simple things are often overlooked and people spend hours looking for a non-existent complicated problem.

Third, turn your antenna. There should be a ring by the crank that allows you to move the antenna to a better direction.

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How To Improve Indoor TV Antenna Reception

Published By Dennis Restauro

Please note, while this article focuses on improving indoor TV antenna reception, the same tips apply for using an outdoor TV antenna.

Setting up an antenna for free broadcast TV over the air can be difficult if you have weak TV signals. Today, I will explain how to boost antenna performance, get more channels, and improve reception on your indoor TV antenna. But first, we need to discuss Noise Margin and its relation to your TV antennas ability to receive a TV channel.

Tip : Choosing The Right Device

Antenna amplifiers: How to boost your TV antenna’s signal for better reception

These are of two types: preamplifiers and distribution amplifiers.

Many people think of obtaining a preamplifier to amplify the signal immediately at the tower before it goes via the cable to the television. Typically, a preamplifier will offer enough compensation for transmission degradation, and no additional signal strengthening stages will be required.

When purchasing a preamplifier, many individuals choose to place it far from the antenna. For optimal performance, a preamp should be mounted on the antenna shaft. A preamps efficiency decreases as it gets further away from the antenna setup.

A distribution amplifier compensates for the transmission losses suffered by a splitter. Several splitters function as both an amplifier and a splitter. It is beneficial when you wish to transmit the signal to different rooms.

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Buy A Better Quality TV/network Tuner

Okay, now on to the tuners. My current setup leverages two SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND HDTV . I have to say Im a huge fan of these devices and this company in general. What these tuners allow you to do is stream your antenna signals to any device connected to your networkthis is awesome right!

The cable companies have just recently started advertising this capability with their systemsIve been doing this for almost 10 years! Ive recently done an article featuring my current setup, I high recommend you check out the article The Best HDTV Antenna Setup Right Now!

Each one of this tuners is a dual tuner, meaning, each antenna signal you bring in will effectively become two separate antenna signals. Meaning for each tuner box you have you can watch two different channels on two different devices. Example, Im watching one channel on my tablet and my son is watching another different channel on his tablet.

Each tuner has one RG6 coax F-type connector and one RJ45 Ethernet connector to go hard-wired to your router. These tuners also support wireless to your router, however, when at all possible I always recommend going wired that said with the advances in wireless technology, namely, Wireless AC, this isnt as important as it used to be say 10 years ago!

The other nice thing about SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND HDTV is they come complete with their own fully functional and FREE HDHomeRun software downloadable from the .

How To Boost TV Antenna Signals In 2022

1. Get Knowledge About Local Transmission Towers

First of all, you need to know where the TV signal towers are located in your locality. You dont have to worry about finding the information and getting it.

There are some websites found on the internet that provide this information as well as tell you about your tv signal strength, the direction of these towers, and their distance from your home.

2. Point The Face Of The Antenna Towards The Station Tower

Point the front face of your antenna towards the direction of the station tower. Note that your antenna is situated in such a direction to the tower that it doesnt have any obstacle facing like mountains or trees that could weaken the signals from the transmission tower.

3. Lift Your TV Antenna

Lifting your antenna higher is one of the best ways to get good signals as well as more channels on your TV. The higher the antenna goes up in the air the lesser are the chances of getting obstacles in the way of your signal from the transmission tower.

The ideal spot in ones home is to place the antenna on the roof of your home. In this way, its very unlikely to get distortion in the quality and quantity of signals being received by the TV antenna.

4. Change The Antenna Spot

Watch Video For More Details

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Place The Antenna In Or Near A Window

The fewer obstructions between your antenna and the broadcast towers, the better. And make no mistakethick walls and ceilings are certainly obstructions. Thats why placing your antenna in or near a window often yields the best results. Many times, this can give you the clearest line of sight to the broadcast tower, provided there isnt a major obstruction right outside of the window, such as a big tree or your neighbors brick wall.

A couple of important notes about placing your antenna in a window. First, beware of heat absorption from the sun. With the Mohu Leaf, the manufacturer recommends making sure the white side faces outside so the antenna absorbs less heat from the sun. Also, if youre using a flat antenna, make sure you securely tape all four corners to the window so that it doesnt bend or warp over time as this will hamper reception.

There Is Too Much Noise

How to Boost Your Indoor TV Antenna Signal?

How pure is the air around you? Do not panic. The majority of the composite elements are harmless. In addition, technological advancements continue to populate the air with a variety of signals for your convenience. For example, the indoor air in your urban home includes transmissions from mobile operators, internet service providers, radio broadcasts, and electrical impulses.

Additionally, your LED TV remote communicates with your TV via an infrared signal. Consequently, a high concentration of these signals can significantly affect FTA channel signals. For example, placing your indoor antenna next to your soundbar and router will interfere with your transmission.

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Tip #: Check For Nearby Items That Cause Interference

Reflective surfaces around your antenna or electromagnetic appliances in your home can distort and weaken incoming radio frequency signals.

Below are some culprits that conspire to reduce the quality of your TV viewing.

Inadequate Cable and Wiring Insulation

At times you may observe one or more TV channels dropping out due to the activation of an appliance . In some homes particularly ones with older wiring thats inadequately shielded such items might generate radio frequency noise that seeps into the AC power system.

Besides issues caused by lack of insulated wires, thinly sheathed antenna cables may also not provide sufficient insulation from electromagnetic interference.

You can test for noise effects by unplugging various appliances in your home and isolating the cause.

If for some reason youre getting interference and believe its caused by noise from one or more appliances, you might consider installing a power conditioner like the Furman M8X2 Merit Series 8 Outlet Power Conditioner and Surge Protector.

Power conditioners are devices that provide both electromagnetic noise filtering and power surge protection.

Now, these devices are often employed by audio professionals who install them in a central rack, along with sound equipment such as amplifiers.

But they may also be beneficial for your situation. You might want to similarly put a power conditioner near your TV and plug your devices into it.

Reflective Surfaces around the Antenna

How To Improve Rv TV Reception

Your RV TV Antenna reception isnt great? You are not alone! Lot of us face this issue. Thankfully, there are simple fixes that you can try to get better reception on your camper antenna.

Getting away from it all Doesnt mean you have to get away from it all. Many RVs come with a pre-installed television antenna.

But, there will be those times when you are out in the middle of nowhere and your t.v antenna does not receive any signals.

Here are some of the troubleshooting remedies to improve the reception.

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Check Youre Using Your Using The Optimum Transmitter

You may find that a stronger can be received from another transmitter than the one that youâre aligned to. A common situation in our area in East Sussex was to point aerials to Hastings to get Freeview before it was available on the main Heathfield transmitter. When the Heathfield transmitter completed its digital switchover in 2012 a stronger signal could usually be achieved by re-aligning the TV aerial to Heathfield after this date. This is something that we are still doing to this date and you may find that there is a similar situation in your area. Just be careful that your not realigning your antenna to a Freeview Lite transmitters as you will only get around half the services. For information on TV transmitters in the UK I advise this site.

Faqs About TV Antenna Boosters

Ways To Improve Indoor TV Antenna Reception

1. What is an ideal range of amplification that we should pick?

Ans. Any amplifier or antenna booster that can provide more than 10dB is a good option to pick and can significantly improve the current state of your TV antennas reception power.

2. Do TV antenna boosters also work with FM?

Ans. Yes, TV antenna boosters can also help elevate the FM signals and allow you to listen to distant channels in very clear quality.

3. Can we use two antenna boosters to double the amplification?

Ans. When you connect two boosters to the same connection line, it will boost the signals, but at the same time, it will also introduce a lot of noise in the line as well. So, instead of improving the signals, itll make it worse than before. So, its better to pick a powerful amplifier instead of using two units with one line.

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Antop Hd Smart Boost Antenna Amplifier

Antop is an exceptionally good brand that is highly popular because of its high-quality TV antenna amplifier options. From its wide range of offerings, we have picked this HD Smart Boost Antenna Amplifier for you.

One of the most interesting features of this amplifier is that it comes with an adjustment knob with which you can adjust the amplification between the range of 0-10dB and find the right settings for your TV. Apart from that, since this amplifier has two output ports, you can connect up to two televisions with this unit and use them efficiently.

As you might know, 4G/5G signals are a big interference for the signals that your TV antenna receives. Hence, this amplifier also comes with an HDTV booster that blocks 3G/4G/5G signals effectively and ensures that there is no interference from noises or unwanted signals. Moreover, it also improves the quality of VHF and UHF signals so that you can have a better experience watching your local channels.

Best Features:

  • Has a total of two output ports
  • Adjustable settings between 0-10dB range
  • Uses a professional 4G LTE Filter
  • Has a power indicator LED light


Protect Yourself From Power Outages And Lightning Strikes

Thunderstorms can create electrical surges, which can damage your household appliances. Storms can cause static electric charges to build upon the antenna, damaging any items linked to it, including your TV, amplifiers, and converter boxes.

Even if you dont live in a lightning-prone area, you should have a plan to cope with power surges because they are unavoidable. First and foremost, you should ground the coaxial line and external antenna. This shields the TV from direct lightning strikes and other common thunderstorm problems like static electricity accumulation.

For this project, we recommend utilizing AWG solid copper ground wire. We consider calling a professional installer for appropriate installation and codes relevant to antenna installation in your location.

Surge protectors can also be installed on the coax line between your set-top box or TV and the antenna. On the other hand, Surge protectors ground the coax cable and do not provide grounding to the antenna tower.

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How To Boost Indoor TV Antenna Signal

Setting up an antenna is one thing. But making sure that your TV antenna has a good reception is another. Even if you have purchased the best TV antenna, you can still encounter weak signals. And were here to help show you how to boost indoor TV antenna signals.

So before cutting the cord and your monthly cable subs, read our simple guide. This can make a whole lot of difference to your TV viewing.

And although this article is going to concentrate on improving signals for indoor TV antennas, you can also do the same thing for your outdoor antennas.

Jump ahead to:

Will An Indoor Aerial Booster Help With Freeview Reception

6 Hacks on How to Boost Antenna Signal

The short answer is: sometimes. Signal amplifiers have pros and cons and only help in certain situations.

First, its important to remember that if theres no signal in your area a booster wont make a difference. If the reception is zero, theres nothing to amplify. The same goes for very low signals while the amplifier might raise them a bit, you still wont get a strong enough signal to watch Freeview channels.

But wait, theres another possible problem an aerial booster is a pretty dumb device. It takes everything that comes into it and amplifies it. So, if theres a lot of electric interference running through your cables, for example the amplifier will amplify THAT as well, and your TV reception will be worse off than without the amplifier.

There are, however, several situations where an aerial signal booster CAN help:

  • When reception in your area is mediocre, but amplification will make it strong enough.
  • When youre running a long cable from your aerial to your TV, and you need to amplify the signal strength that the cable loses on the way.
  • When you want to connect one aerial to several television sets. The signal from the aerial is split between the multiple cables so a booster will give you more signal juice to spread around.

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