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How To Cast Prime Video From Phone To TV

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How To Cast To Firestick From Android Mobile Device

How to CAST Amazon Prime Video to Chromecast TV

Casting to firestick from an Android mobile phone varies for each device.

Oftentimes, users can simply open the notifications menu and choose âCastâ or âScreen Mirroringâ.

In this instance, we are using a Samsung Android smartphone. However, this will vary depending on the Android mobile device you own.

Use the guide below to Cast to Firestick from Android Mobile Device.

After enabling mirroring within the settings of your Firestick device, we can easily set up our Android for casting.

1. Swipe down or open the notifications menu on your Android and select SmartView

2. Select your preferred Fire TV Streaming Device

Your Android Device will now be cast to firestick or Fire TV and mirror the screen. Enjoy!

If you are looking for a way to control any Firestick/Fire TV device remotely, see our guide below.

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How To Cast Amazon Prime Video From Windows And Mac

Amazon has not released a standalone desktop app for either Windows or Mac. As such, the only way to cast Amazon Prime Video from a desktop or laptop computer to your Chromecast dongle is to use the Google Chrome web browser. These days, the casting functionality is built directly into the browser.

Once again, you need to make sure that your computer and Chromecast are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Also, ensure that your TV is showing the correct input channel.

When you’re ready, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  • Open the Chrome browser.
  • Navigate to Amazon Prime Video and enter your login details.
  • Find the video you want to watch.
  • Begin playback in the usual way.
  • In the upper right-hand corner of Chrome, click on the three vertical dots.
  • Click Cast.
  • In the dropdown menu, click on Cast tab.
  • Keep in mind that the Chrome browser can only cast videos up to 1080p, even if you have a 4K video and a 4K Chromecast.

    Other drawbacks include a lack of controls and a lower bitrate than that to which you might be accustomed. A lower bitrate can lead to pixelation and lower-quality audio.

    To stop casting, just click on the Cast icon in the Chrome toolbar, then click on the name of your Chromecast dongle for a second time.

    Casting Prime Video Isnt Working For Me What Else Can I Try

    The most common problem that arises when casting is a bad internet connection. Your device may have a weak internet connection, or the devices arent all connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Go to the network settings on your device and your smartphone or tablet. Ensure both connect to the most robust Wi-Fi possible and that theyre on the same band .

    Another issue with your video not casting correctly is that you may have the wrong input selected on your television. Using your TV remote, toggle between HDMI selections or verify which one the Chromecast uses by checking the connections on the back. If Prime Video is casting, you should see a message on your computer or smartphone screen that looks like this:

    If youre using a smartphone, you may need to check your low-power mode settings. The low-power mode can prevent casting because its trying to preserve battery life. Toggle the option off and retry casting.

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    How To Cast Amazon Prime Video On A Chromecast

    Whether you want to turn a personal streaming session into a viewing party, or just experience your Amazon Prime Video subscription on the biggest monitor you have to hand, casting Prime Video to a Chromecast is a neat way of doing so. Whilst Amazon and Google used to compete fiercely against each other in this area, making it nigh on impossible to do, it has recently been made super easy, regardless of your starter device.

    To cast Amazon Prime Video on a Chromecast, just follow the instructions below. For any additional queries or information, see our FAQs at the end of this article.

    Note: Amazon Fire TV users will not be able to do this, Fire TV already serves this purpose, and has a slightly different operating mechanism for casting.

    Note: To do this, youll have to have a Chromecast typically a dongle which plugs into a TV or similar device, as well as an Amazon Prime account to which you have legal access.

    Connect A Phone Or Tablet To A TV

    Amazon Prime Video: A Complete Guide &  Review

    With the right cable, you can connect your tablet or even your phone directly to a TV. For an iPad, for example, you need to get a Lightning to Digital AV adapter, which is available from any Apple store on online. For details on how to make the connection, read our article “How to connect an iPad to your TV in two different ways.”

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    How To Cast Amazon Prime Video From Your Android

    1. Open the Prime Video app on your Android device and switch on your smart TV, or a device like Chromecast or Roku. Make sure your devices are all connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    2. Tap the cast icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen to connect your Android to your smart TV or streaming device. Select the device or TV from the available devices list.

    3. Choose the movie or show that you want to watch and it will begin streaming on your selected device.

    Adjusting Volume When Casting Amazon Prime

    Many people think that you cant control the volume when casting from Amazon Prime other than using your TV remote. This would be unfortunate since casting a tab streaming Amazon Prime tends to run at a lower volume than most services.

    Thankfully, this couldnt be further from the truth. There are several ways to control the volume once you start casting the tab.

    First, you can modify the volume from Amazon Prime itself. While streaming in full-screen mode, youll see a speaker icon. Adjust this to maximum volume. Most likely, this wont be loud enough, but its a good start.

    Next, you can use the Google Home app to adjust the volume of your Chromecast device itself. This usually has the biggest impact on the overall volume.

    To access this screen:

  • Open the Google Home app.
  • Scroll down to the Chromecast TV youre casting to and tap on it.
  • Move the volume slider around the arc until the volume is loud enough.
  • The odds are good that you wont set this volume to 100% without the volume getting too loud.

    If you do get to 100% in Google Home, your final option is, in fact, the TV remote itself. Once youve set the TV volume to 100%, all volume settings for Amazon Prime casting are as loud as your casting experience can get.

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    Can I Download Prime Videos To Watch Later

    Yes! If you dont have internet and would like to download videos and tv shows from Prime Video to watch later, you can.

    When properly downloaded, you can cast pre-loaded content. If you dont see the download option first, ensure youre using the Prime Video app. Second, make sure that the app is updated.

    Some features of Chromecast get designed for Android users, although there are always workarounds for Apple fans. Those who use Android receive a seamless viewing experience.

    Watch Prime Video On Chromecast

    How Cast Amazon Prime Video On TV From Mobile Using Screen Sharing Or Mirroring

    To use Google Chromecast with Prime Video, you need the most recent version of the Prime Video app for either iOS or Android.

  • From the Prime Video app, select the Cast icon.
  • Select the Chromecast device that you wish to use. Your iOS or Android device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast. Please ensure that your Chromecast device is up to date. Also ensure that your Prime Video app and iOS or Android device are also up to date. If youre running an Android device, ensure that Google Play Services are also up to date. The Prime Video app on Fire Tablet cant connect to a Chromecast.
  • Select a title you wish to watch. This title will then be shown on the display that the Chromecast is connected to. If you wish to change Subtitle settings on Chromecast, on iOS devices, you must stop Casting to that device. Then select Settings> Accessibility> Subtitles and Captioning> Style and select a style for your Subtitles. On Android devices, while a title is being Casted, tap the three-dot menu on the screen. Select Subtitle styles and toggle on Show captions. You can also select Caption size and style options from that menu.
  • Note:

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    What You Need To Watch Amazon Prime Video On A Chromecast

    Before we look at how to watch Amazon Prime Video on a Chromecast, let’s first make sure you’ve got everything you need.

    Obviously, you will require a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. Access is granted as part of an Amazon Prime subscription you cannot buy standalone access. The price of Amazon Prime varies from country to country. In the United States, it costs $12.99/month or $119/year. In the UK, it’s £7.99/month or $79/year.

    You’ll also need a Chromecast streaming dongle. Two versions are available—the 4K Chromecast Ultra and the standard, non-4K Chromecast.

    The 4K model is more expensive. Amazon makes almost all its original series available in 4K, and plenty of movies also have a 4K option. Unlike Netflix, 4K access has no extra cost. Remember, you can only take advantage of 4K casting if you have a 4K TV.

    If you have an Android TV box, there is a good chance it has Chromecast support built-in. Check with the manufacturer if you’re not sure.

    Lastly, you will need a device from which to cast Amazon Prime Video. This could be a phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS are all supported.

    Note: We’ve previously written about if you’d like some inspiration on what to watch once you’ve got Amazon Prime Video up and running.

    Casting Content On Prime Video From Android To Your Smart TV

    Let us face it, your android mobile may have the best high-definition screen on the market, but the size of the screen matters a lot when you are trying to watch something.

    So rather than straining your eyes and trying to watch a long movie on Amazon Prime Video on your android device, just cast the content directly from your phone to your smart TVs.

    Just follow the simple steps given below and complete this transition:

    • Turn on your phone and your smart TV or device like Roku or Google Chromecast. Now open the Amazon Prime Video application on your device. Also, make sure that all the devices are connected to the same wifi.
    • On your mobile, when you open the Amazon Prime Video app, you will find an option listed in the bottom right corner. Click on the cast option. After you do that, a list will appear with TVs and screens available to play your content on. Select the output screen that you want to use for viewing the content in Amazon Prime Video.
    • Now, Just search for any title in the title bar and play the content on your mobile, and the content will be played on your Smart TV or selected screen.

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    Cast Android Screen To Smart TV

    But what if you dont want to carry an extra dongle with you all the time? Well, thats where smart TV comes in.

    Most smart TVs now come equipped with Miracast, meaning you can connect the phone to the TV directly, without the need for extra hardware. For instance, we have this LG smart TV with us, that supports screen mirroring via Miracast.

    For the unknown, Miracast is wireless standard, designed for mirroring a smartphone, Windows PC screen to television without requiring any physical cables. FireStick and Roku both use Miracast standard, and so does most Smart TV. This is why youll find most Mirroring devices are compatible with Android and Windows computers but not with Apple devices.

    Like Chromecast, Miracast also uses the peer-to-peer connection, meaning the mirroring can be done securely and without an Internet connection. Miracast hardware also supports HD and 4K streaming, we were able to play games and HD videos without any issues, even though the connection is wireless, there is no lag. And yes, for all those who are wondering, Miracast transmit both Audio and video.

    However, there is a downside to using Miracast. Unlike Apples AirPlay and Googles Chromecast, which can directly pick up the video source from the web Miracast on the other hand, can only mirror a devices screen. Meaning, with Miracast, your phones screen would have to stay ON the entire time.


    • Work flawlessly on Android and Windows 8/10


    How Do You Cast Video/content To Your Television From Amazon Prime Video App

    How to Chromecast Amazon Prime Video From a Phone/PC ...

    I would like to get my video and content to my television from my Android phone or tablet but does not support Chromecast.

    How do you cast video/content to your television from Amazon Prime Video app?

    • this question has 1000+ views… but no upvotes… if you viewers find this question useful… please upvote.Sep 13 ’18 at 13:20
    • Latest Prime Video android app has the capability to cast videos ..pls checkJul 16 ’19 at 7:23

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    How To Cast Amazon Prime Video To Your TV

    Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Jul 16, 2019 in , How To

    Last week, Google and Amazon finally announced that Prime Video is coming to Chromecast and Android TV. What this means is that you can finally cast content from Prime Video on your Android smartphone or device to your TV. If you are confused as to how one can cast Prime Video content, follow this guide.

    Google Cast implementation in Amazon Prime Video is pretty straightforward and the feature works as it does in any other app with Chromecast support.

    How To Watch Amazon Prime Video On A Set

    Amazon Video apps are also available for a selection of set-top boxes and this is generally the cheapest an easiest way to watch Amazon Video on your TV.

    Amazon’s own streaming devices – the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube – have access hardbaked into their operating systems, so you see the content as part of the home screen menus and search results. They are compatible with Alexa and offer a direct route to Amazon content.

    Amazon Prime Video is also available on common streaming sticks and boxes:

    4K Ultra HD and HDR support is available through the latest Amazon Fire TV set-top-box, along with Dolby Atmos sound. Some other devices only support sound up to 5.1 surround sound. It requires a HDMI 2.0 port with HDCP 2.2 copy protection enabled on your TV to work.


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    How To Cast Amazon Prime Video From A Web Browser To A Chromecast

  • Open up Google Chrome, and navigate to the Amazon Prime Video website. If prompted, sign in to your Amazon Prime account.
  • Locate the show or movie you want to watch and cast, and begin playing it back on your computer.
  • Next, pause the video playback, so that you dont miss out on anything whilst we prepare the cast to Chromecast.
  • If, for example, youre on a Google Chromebook, youll see the Chromecast icon already showing on screen up in the top-right by the Bookmarks star. If you dont immediately see it, however, youll need to which symbolise the Menu on Chrome. From the menu, select Cast
  • Now choose the device/TV you wish to cast to from the pop-up menu. Any device which has Chromecast built-in, or which you have a Chromecast dongle plugged into, should appear in this list.
  • Hit Play on your desktop/laptop, and your video will begin to play on your Chromecast device. You may see some lag, but this is no problem given youre now likely going to put the original device to one side, and continue watching on your TV.
  • To stop casting, just hit that Cast icon , and select Stop
  • What Is Prime Video

    Now Cast Prime Video On TV (OFFICIAL)

    The world has welcomed online streaming services with open arms. You will find everyone using one or another streaming service today.

    Many people have taken subscriptions to multiples of such streaming services. Everyone has bought an account or uses one from their friends.

    In this world, if you do not wish to be left behind, you have to have access to these streaming services. People talk about TV shows and movies regularly that are released on these streaming services.

    There are many streaming services on the market right now like Netflix, Hulu, Mubi, Disney+, HBO Max, and many more.

    Amazon prime video is one of these online streaming services. It is one of the most famous streaming services out there.

    Amazon Prime Video offers premium quality content in many qualities. It also offers premium quality sound settings to cater to all your needs.

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    Stream Amazon Prime To Chromecast With Google Chrome

    Using Google Chrome, log into your Amazon Prime account and find a movie or TV show youd like to stream. Go ahead and launch the Amazon video in your browser.

    Once the video is playing, select the three dots at the upper-right corner of the Chrome window, and select Cast.

    This will bring up another window that will display all of the detected Google devices on your home network that the browser can cast that browser tab to. Choose the television your Chromecast device is plugged into. Youll see the device turn blue once casting has started.

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