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How To Connect My Lg TV To Wifi

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How To Connect Mac To Lg TV Using A Cable

How To Connect An LG TV To WiFi – 55UN7000

To connect LG to Mac, follow these simple steps from Apple:

  • Connect the video cable to your computers Thunderbolt, HDMI, or DVI port.
  • Attach the other cable terminal to the TVs video input port.
  • Select “Displays” and make sure you have selected the Default option for the display.
  • To add sound, click on the Apple logo and again go to “System Preferences,” select “Sound.” Choose the correct TV screen. Older Mac and TV models require using the computers headphone jack to add sound.
  • Note: If your computer has a Mini DisplayPort, choose a cable that supports both video and audio.

    How To Connect Mac To Lg Smart TV With A Dvi Port To An Hdmi Port

    First, ensure you have the correct Mini DisplayPort adapter.

  • Plug the adapter into your MacBook.
  • Attach one end of the HDMI cable to the TV screens HDMI port.
  • Plug the other terminal of your HDMI cable into the Mini DisplayPort adapter.
  • Note: To set up your TV screen as the audio source, follow the same steps above.

    How Can I Connect My Lg TV To Wifi Without The Remote

    As you already know, it isnt easy to operate a TV without a remote. This means you may face a lot of difficulties if you dont have a functional remote.

    Please note that connecting your LG smart TV without a remote isnt impossible. If you follow the steps below, youll be able to establish a strong WIFI connection in a matter of minutes.

  • Check for mouse and onscreen keyboard compatibility: You can visit the LG TV support site and find out whether your keyboard and mouse are compatible with your TV. Some of the recommended ones are Logitech K360, Logitech K400, Logitech K750, and LG MKS 1200. If you dont have a recommended option, consider any new keyboard or mouse thats a more recent model and is compatible with your LG TV.
  • Plug the mouse or keyboard into your TVS USB port: Youll likely find the USB port at the TVS back. Once you plug in the device, your TV will automatically recognize it.
  • After your TV has recognized the mouse or keyboard, turn on your router.
  • Long press the lone button on your TV: You can find it under the television. Use your mouse to click on the options when making the selection.
  • Out of the three options that appear on the screen, only click on Input.
  • On the new window that opens with other options to choose from, only click on Live TV.
  • Take the mouse to the TV screens right side for more options to show in a new menu. Go under Channel and click on Recommended.
  • Click on Router SSID on the Network setting page.
  • Enter your router password
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    Easy Ways To Fix Lg TV Not Connecting To Wifi

    Have you also experienced like me LG TV not connecting to WIFI? This is very irritating when your too expensive LG TV troubleshooting.

    When you try to connect it through the internet, it shows unexpected errors that vary upon TV and their software version.

    Well, you dont worry if your smart television showing any type of error while connecting to the internet or Wi-Fi. You will fix yourself through this untold guide.

    Actually, I faced two experiences. I wish it will never ever happen with you.

    The first one is, I come from the office and sat on my couch and command Alexa but, Alexa is not responding to my voice command.

    If you havent read yet, follow this link to know how I fixed Alexa not responding to voice command.

    And then, I think lets watch Netflix maybe it refreshes my mood. But I was totally wrong, my LG smart TV not connecting to WIFI. Huff! Bad luck.

    But the good thing is Im a technical guy and know how to fix all these, and I did. So today, Im sharing with you the easy ways to fix the connecting issues.

    Inside This Content

    Make Some Adjustments To The Wires Lead To Wifi Module

    LG Smart TV : SmartShare WiFi Direct

    This could be a pretty complex issue for many individuals. With that said, this specific solution has This could be a pretty complex issue for many individuals. With that said, this specific solution has proven to be extremely beneficial to many people. In this case, all that is required is that you remove the rear cover of the television. Then, the WiFi module should be disconnected. Once you have done that, youll be able to straighten the wires. You can do it with your fingers. That may fix the LG Smart TV not connecting to WiFi error. Mentioned below is how to do it.

    • Remove the screws that are located at the back of your TV unit.
    • Locate the WiFi module as well as the ribbon-like. It has a blue tape covering at the end of it.
    • Now, remove the blue-color tape from the WiFi ribbon cable. After that, you can straighten the cable that has been folded over.
    • In addition to that, straighten any other cables related to the WiFi module with care. That should be done if they appear to be twisted.

    That may fix the LG TV not connecting to the internet error.

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    How To Connect Lg TV To Wifi

    LG Smart TV offers lots of exceptional online features. But it would be a bummer if you wouldnt know how to connect your LG TV to WiFi to enjoy these perks.

    With an LG Smart TV connected to WiFi, you can access several websites and apps, including Netflix and YouTube.

    So how to use these functions, you ask? Just follow the steps mentioned in this article, and you will be good to go in a few minutes.

    However, your LG TV might sometimes show errors in connecting to WiFi due to some unknown reasons. But you dont have to worry about it keep reading till the end to know all the possible causes along with their solutions.

    Lets get started!

    Lg TV Not Connecting To Wifi

    My LG Smart TV not connecting to WiFi for the past couple of days. What could be the possible reason? Can someone help me to fix this error, or will I have to take it to a service center? Thanks in advance!

    Thanks to the advent of the internet, our regular TVs have become smart and versatile. With that said, LG Smart TVs are recognized to be very prominent products in the market. In general, LG TVs have a reputation for their smooth operation. But that does not mean that they are invincible or 100% fault-free. They can experience some issues at least once in a blue moon. LG TV wont connect to WiFi is one of those common issues reported so far. So, if your LG TV not connecting to the internet, this article explains the solutions you can try.

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    Connecting Your Lg TV To Wifi

    If you want to connect your TV to WiFi, follow these steps:

  • Press the down arrow key on your remote until you hover over Network.
  • Hit the center button on your remote to select Network.
  • Your TV will now open Settings. Click on the right arrow to enter the hovered Network menu.
  • Select the option Wi-Fi Connection by navigating down and selecting with the center button of your remote.
  • Hit the center button again to turn on the WiFi on your TV.
  • Select the WiFi network that you want to connect to. Again, use the up and down arrows to scroll through all the Wi-Fi networks and press the selector button in the center to connect to the desired network.
  • If your Wi-Fi is password-protected, use the virtual keyboard to put in the password. Once youre done entering the characters, go to the Enter button on the keyboard and press it.
  • Once youve entered the password, select the Connect option on the menu, then press the center button on your remote again to connect to your desired WiFi network.
  • Test your Wi-Fi network by pressing Home on your remote and going through your TVs app store, browser, or streaming services to check if youre connected to the internet.
  • Connecting to a WiFi network shouldnt take more than a few minutes. Make sure to have your WiFi password written down beforehand, or at least know where to find it.

    What To Do If I Cant Connect

    How To Setup Internet On Your LG TV – WiFi

    If your LG TV cant connect to a WiFi network, there are a few steps to try and troubleshoot the problem:

  • Turn off the Quickstart feature. To do so, press Settings on your remote, then go to All Settings > General > Quickstart. Press the center button on the remote until the Quickstart feature is off.
  • Power Cycle your TV: Turn off your TV, unplug it, then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  • Turn the LG TV back on.
  • Try connecting to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Alternatively, check the Date & Time setting on your LG TV:

  • Press Settings on your remote.
  • Select All Settings.
  • Select Time and Date.
  • Make sure the time and date settings are current.
  • If your router has a lease expiration date, an incorrect time can be why you cant connect to a network.

    Also, make sure that your TV has all the software updates needed:

  • Press Settings on your remote.
  • Go to All Settings.
  • Press on Check for updates.
  • Power cycle the TV, then turn it back on.
  • If you still cant get a connection, use an Ethernet cable to connect your LG TV directly to the router. A direct Ethernet connection works better if your internet router or modem is farther from your TV.

    If you cant get an internet connection with an Ethernet connection either, turn your internet modem off and on. You can also reset your WiFi network on the modem by pressing the WLAN button twice.

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    Connect Mac To Lg Smart TV With Airplay 2

    LG Smart TVs can connect wirelessly with various Apple devices, including MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. Since 2019, LG devices have come equipped with Airplay 2, making it easy to connect Mac to LG Smart TV. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Choose the destination device where you want to mirror.
  • Choose from the following options to optimize your experience:
    • Select “Mirror Built-In Display” to use your Mac resolution on your TV.
    • Or, select “Mirror Apple TV” to allow your computer to optimize the resolution.
    • Then, select “Use as Separate Display” if you want to use the TV as additional screen space instead of mirroring.

    Check For The Wifi Network To Fix Lg TV Not Connecting To Wifi

    First, be sure that all of the other devices at home get properly connected to your home WiFi. If none of those devices are connecting, it is unlikely that the issue is with your television. In that case, you can create a mobile hotspot on your mobile device. Connect it to the network and see whether it works without the LG TV not connecting to WiFi error.

    Once you have done that, you should double-check if your WiFi login information is correct. You are supposed to check if your television is attempting to establish a connection with the correct network. Also, you should check the accuracy of your password.

    Also, verify if your router comes with the maximum connections per channel configured in its settings. Do you see that the respective number is exceeding the maximum number? If so, your LG TV wont connect to WiFi. So, you should turn off any other devices you arent currently using. For instance, disconnect your Xbox. Then, you should see if that makes a difference.

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    Mobile Hotspot And Video Quality

    The steps are straightforward, and once you are through with the step, you can enjoy high-quality content on your smart TV however, you must adjust the resolution on your Smart TV if you do not have enough data on your mobile phone.

    Often if your mobile data reaches its maximum capacity or the hotspot is working at a low speed, you will get a low-quality picture on your smart TV. And, as per the speed, the content on the smart TV will start to buffer or be shown at the low video quality.

    Restart The Router To Fix Lg TV Not Connecting To Wifi

    LG TV Won

    Restarting the router is another simple solution if your LG Smart TV not connecting to WiFi.

    If you keep the router switched on for a pretty long period, they may experience some connection issues. In some cases, everything will get back to normal with a power cycle. So, you should ensure that other devices get connected to the same router without any trouble. If you cannot connect to any other device, theres something wrong with the router. To fix it, follow the steps below.

    • Switch on the router and find the reset button.
    • Then, you should press the reset button, probably with a paperclip, and hold it for 30 seconds. Please note that the duration may vary based on the router model.
    • Once the reset button is released, the router should get switched on.
    • If the TV or other devices fail to establish a connection yet, you may consider replacing the router.

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    Our Conclusion: Its Better To Connect Mac To Lg Smart TV Wirelessly

    When you want to connect Mac to LG Smart TV, it shouldnt be complicated. And it definitely shouldnt require extra hardware like cables and adapters. By installing a simple app on your computer, you can instantly stream to Smart TVs on the same network as your computer.

    Its simple to do with just a few clicks. It offers you adaptable features, such as mirroring audio and your desktop and auto-optimized resolution.

    Change Your TVs Time And Date Settings

    This trick might sound useless, but it is tried and tested by thousands of people on the Internet, so put your trust in it.

    All you have to do is find the time and date settings in your TV and change them manually. Here is how you can do it:

    Go to Settings > General > Date and Time > Untick Set Automatically > Set the correct Local Time and Date.

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    Set Your Wifi Extender Properly Best Signal

    In general, WiFi extenders are more affordable, but theyre tricky devices to set up. Here are some points on where you place your WiFi extender to boost your WiFi networks reach.

    While your router has more than enough reach to fill a small house with WiFi, it may not have the range to cover a larger home. Using a WiFi extender can assist to fill the space between your routers existing WiFi signal and rebroadcasting a fresh signal thats aimed at the unconnected nooks and crannies.

    For better signals, the placement of a WiFi extender is an essential thing to consider. Start with an initial plan, mark your routers location, the dead zones, and AC outlets. Keep an eye on the power outlet thats roughly halfway between the router and where you want the extenders WiFi signal to go. Plugin the extender and see the directions for linking it with your router. Once it gets operated, go to the dead zone and ensure it has been enlivened with WiFi. For further details, visit this site to attain more useful information about WiFi extender.

    Connect To Wifi Using Usb Mouse

    How To Fix a LG TV that Won’t Connect to WiFi

    With your mouse connected and your LG TV toggled to input:

    • Then move your mouse all the way to the right of your TV screen and click down on Recommended.
    • A Network Disconnected alert will pop up. Click Yes.
    • Your Network settings will pop up and you will be able to enter your WiFi network details to login!

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    Lg TV Wifi Wont Turn On 3 Simple Steps To Fix It Guide

    If your LG TV WiFi wont turn On, this write-up will help suggest a possible way to fix it. Read the full guide to troubleshoot it now.

    LG is one of the brands that has maintained relevance up till today. In short, theyve indeed earned their name when it comes to quality technology.

    From the dawn of smart TVs, LG has been there from the start. Their repute is built on supplying quality products that are not just reliable but affordable.

    This is the reason when one thinks about Smart TV, LG comes to mind. This has made them remain popular in the manufacture of TVs that are user friendly.

    Despite their quality products, everything wont work perfectly all the time because no tech product is guaranteed to deliver 100% without failure.

    In as much as LG has continued to improve their products, when things wrong it can be frustrating. The LG TV with its interesting features is indeed built to last for a long time, but issues tend to arise as you use it.

    Though the issues wont be fatal, one of the likely issues with LG TVs is the difficulty of connecting to the internet.

  • What can I do when my Wi-Fi wont turn on?
  • Unable To Join Available Network

    When you try to connect your TV with the router, LG TV error codes appear. To handle all these, make sure your router has enough range to connect it. But everything is fine but, still, it is not connecting to the network.

    Follow these steps to fix all these issue.

  • Unplug and plug the TV and wireless router first.
  • Now check router has MAC filtering disable and DHCP enable.
  • Also, make sure you changed your DNS server to googles static DNS server
  • All done now check your TV is connecting to the network.

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    How To Connect Lg TV To Wi

    In fact, everything is quite simple and theres no secret that you can figure it out on your own, but why waste your time, right? In that case, lets begin.

    • First of all, make sure that your router is turned on and connected to the network.
    • Second, press the SMART button on your LG remote control and select the HOME menu.
    • Enter the SETTINGS.
    • Enter NETWORK.
    • Enter the Wi-Fi connection. Then your TV will try to connect to any available network. If it fails or its not your Wi-Fi network, then see below.
    • If your TV hadnt connected to the network, select your router from the list of available connections. If its not on the list, check if your router is too far away. If its, try to place it near to your TV. Also, it may not be the only problem, you may have missed the first point and your router may be turned off or has no Wi-Fi connection.
    • If your router is on the list then you should choose it and click connect. To complete this action you will need to enter the password for your router . You can find more information on how to locate the password here.
    • If all the previous points have been met, all I have to do is to congratulate you on successfully connecting your LG TV to the Internet).

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