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How To Set Up Sony Bravia TV

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How To Set Up Sony TV Channels

How To: Set-up your new BRAVIA TV (Tutorial)

Setting up TV channels on Sony BRAVIA is a very simple procedure, but you need to familiarize yourself with the main menu of the device. First, press the HOME button on the remote control, then navigate the menu that appears on the screen using the directional arrows of the same.

For this tutorial I used a 2015 Sony BRAVIA Smart TV , but the directions are the same for almost all TV models from the Japanese manufacturer. From the newly opened menu, reach the Settings item , marked with a gear icon and press the central button on the remote control to open it.

Once inside the Settings screen , locate the Channel Settings option . Enter the Digital Setup menu , then select the first item that appears on the screen, the one called Digital Tuning . To start an automatic channel scan, select the Automatic digital preset item .

Press the OK button when asked Do you want to start auto preselection? , then select the type of antenna you are going to use for automatic scanning. Cable TV is not widespread in Italy, so choose the Antenna option .

At this point, all you have to do is wait for the automatic scan to finish, with the channels that will be set up according to a list that respects the LCN digital terrestrial numbering system .

If you intend to reorder the channels , go back to the Digital Tuning menu , then select the Edit program list item . In the list that appears on the screen, there are all the scanned digital channels, sorted by number.

How To Use Netflix On Your Sony TV Or Blu

Learn about Netflix features on your Sony TV or Blu-ray player, and how to set up and sign out of your account. If you don’t know if Netflix works on your device, follow the steps in the Set Up Netflix section.

Netflix is available on many Sony devices, including Sony Android TVs and Sony Google TVs.

Watch On Sony Smart TVs

Its easy to set up the Apple TV app and start watching on your Sony Smart TV. Once you open the app on your smart TV, you can explore Apple TV+ browse movies, TV shows, and Apple TV channels or watch free episodes.

When youre ready to start watching, you just need an Apple ID to sign in. Afterward, you can subscribe to channels, purchase or rent movies, or purchase TV shows.

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How To Watch On Your Sony Smart TV

Depending on your Smart TV model, the Apple TV app will already be installed on your Smart TV. If it doesnt appear, contact the manufacturer for assistance in updating the firmware on your TV. For a list of specific Sony Smart TV models that support the Apple TV app, go to

  • On the Home menu, select the Apple TV app to open it.

  • On the Watch Now screen, scroll down to view Apple TV+, Apple TV channels, or featured movies and TV shows, then select an item.

  • Do any of the following:

  • Play the item or open it in a channel: Select Play or Open In. If you havent subscribed to the channel, follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Select the subscription button, then follow the onscreen instructions to confirm your subscription.

  • Select the subscription button, then follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Buy or rent a movie: Select Buy or Rent, then select the option you want and confirm your purchase or rental.

  • Buy a TV show episode or season: Select Buy, then select the option you want and confirm your purchase.

  • Why Is There No Google Play Store On My Sony TV

    Sony BRAVIA TV

    Your TV must have an internet connection and the correct date and time to access network services from the Google Play Store, Movies & TV, YouTube, and Games apps. Follow the steps below to make sure that your BRAVIA TV is connected to the Internet and that the Date & time settings are correct. Check network status.

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    How To Set Up Your Sony Android TV

    ByKate Kozuchpublished 23 March 21

    Simplify your Sony Android TV setup with this guide to getting started. how to connect your Sony smart TV to Wi-Fi

    If youre searching for how to set up your Sony Android TV, look no further. Getting a new TV holds a myriad of benefits improved audio, slicker interface, the latest smart home features and more. But there are certain steps youll need to take for the Android TV setup process before you can take advantage of your entertainment upgrades.

    The Sony 2020 TVs are powered by Android TV, the Google-based smart TV platform that integrates your set with the and puts the at your disposal.

    With built-in Chromecast, hands-free controls and thousands of apps to choose from, its no wonder youre motivated to set up your Sony Android TV the proper way.

    Voice Control On Your Sony Bravia Xr TV

    There are several buttons on the Sony BRAVIA remote control you can use to give you one-tap access to all of your Google TV operating system features. Even better? You can skip using your remote control to tap or scroll and just say, Hey Google to use your TV. All you need to do is tap the mic button and ask your Google to find a movie, search out a new TV show, play music, or open an app. You can also ask your Google TV a question, just like you would if you were using your Google Home speaker.

    If your SONY BRAVIA XR TV has a built-in microphone you can turn it on and ask your voice assistant a question without the remote just by saying Hey Google. For example, say, Hey Google, play Call My Agent on Netflix and the show will appear on the TV.

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    If You Have The Netflix Button On Your Sony Remote

  • Press the Netflix button on your remote.

  • Select Sign In.

  • If you do not see Sign In, select Yes on the Are you a member of Netflix? screen.

  • Select Yes to confirm.

  • If you don’t see Get Help, Settings, or the Settings icon:

  • From within the Netflix app, use the arrows on your remote to enter the following sequence:Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.

  • Select Sign out, Start Over, Deactivate, or Reset.

  • Netflix is available in Ultra HD on most Sony Ultra HD TVs. To stream in Ultra HD, you will need:

    Netflix is available in Dolby Vision and HDR on select Sony TVs and Blu-ray players. To stream in Dolby Vision or HDR, you will need:

    • A smart TV that supports either Dolby Vision or HDR10 and Netflix.

    • If you’re using an HDR-capable Blu-ray player, you’ll need to connect it to an HDR-capable smart TV via an HDMI port that supports HDCP 2.2 or later

  • A Netflix plan that supports streaming in Ultra HD.

  • A steady internet connection speed of 15 megabits per second or higher.

  • Subtitles & Alternate Audio

    Sony BRAVIA TV – Set Up and Quick Guide

    Learn how to turn on subtitles, closed captions, and alternate audio , which are available on many TV shows and movies. To check if 5.1 audio works on your device, go to any Netflix original to see if there is a 5.1 audio option. If not, this feature doesn’t work on your device. You can customize the appearance of subtitles and captions on many devices. Devices that don’t support customization will show subtitles and captions in their default appearance.

    On some devices, you can also stream select titles with Dolby Atmos audio, including the models below.

    • Sony BRAVIA Android TVs

    Picture adjustmentsSelect 2018 or newer Sony TV models have aNetflix Calibrated Mode so you can watch Netflix in the originally intended picture quality. Netflix Calibrated Mode can be turned on by going to your TV settings, selecting modes, and then turning the setting on.

    To connect your Sony TV, Blu-ray player, or home theater system to your Netflix account, make sure you are on the Home screen and select the option below that best describes your device.

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    How To Set Up Google On Sony TV

    The TV is properly connected to the Internet , but you are unable to use the Play Store to install applications to the internal memory as you are prompted to sign in to a Google account .

    Dont worry, the solution to the problem can be found again in the TV Settings , reachable via the HOME button on the remote control. Once inside the menu, scroll down through the directional arrows until you reach the Account section .

    Then select the item + Add new account in the list that appears on the screen, then choose to add a Google account and press the Login button . Once this is done, all you have to do is enter, using the keypad that appeared on the screen, your e-mail address linked to the account, then press the Next button and repeat the operation with the password .

    Now press the blue Login button when you have completed the procedure. In this way, you will be able to link your Google account to all applications that require access to it, such as the Play Store or . More info here .

    Control Your Smart Home Devices

    If you have a Google smart display speaker youll already know how great it is to have a hub for all of your smart home devices. With Google TV now a part of the Sony BRAVIA TV, your TV will become the biggest smart display in your home.

    All of the smart home devices youve added to your Google Home app will appear on your TV. You can turn your smart lights off and on, check out the feed from your smart cameras, and lock your doors, all from the main screen on your Sony BRAVIA TV.

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    How Do I Set Up Channels On My Sony Bravia TV

  • You can access your HOME tab by pressing it.
  • Then, go to Preferences under Settings.
  • Channels can be selected by choosing them.
  • Type the signal according to its significance.
  • You will then have the option of selecting an antenna.
  • The Digitization Channels feature can be added.
  • Simply click OK once youve selected it.
  • How To Set Up Other Sony TVs

    How to Set Up the Roku 4 with Your Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD ...

    In case you intend to configure other types of Sony TVs , which have no affinity with the menus and settings I told you about in the course of the guide, or simply have doubts about how to proceed in certain circumstances, I recommend that you refer to the Support section of the Sony website .

    First of all, connect to the support platform for Sony televisions and projectors , type the identification code of your TV in the search bar Model name or keyword and press the Search button .

    Otherwise you can use the internal search tools to download the individual manuals. To do this, click on the Manuals item , then select whether to view the guides for BRAVIA OLED Android TVs or not, or for LCD TVs .

    Select the item that corresponds to your TV model from the lists , then download the Reference Guide or open the Help by clicking on the relevant buttons. The .PDF file with all the instructions will be shown in a new browser tab, or it will be downloaded to the internal memory of your PC.

    If you have any further doubts, I recommend that you contact Sony support , which can be reached at 02.696.82.104 , available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 .

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    How To Set Up Sony TV

    You have decided to buy a latest generation Smart TV and, after a long search, you have relied on a Sony brand device . Now that youve bought it, however, you dont know where to start to configure everything according to your needs, am I right? Dont worry, Im here to help you.

    In this guide, in fact, Im going to show you how to set up Sony TVs . I will first talk to you about how to configure the channels, then about how to connect the Smart TV to the Internet and how to complete the access through your Google account. Also, Ill show you some settings to properly configure the HDMI outputs of your TV and fully enjoy 4K content.

    When youre ready, Id say start. All you have to do is take the remote control in your hand, sit comfortably on the sofa and spend 5 minutes of your precious time reading this guide. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a good vision!

    How To Set Up Over

    The next part of the first-time setup is to get your live TV sources. If you’re using an antenna or a cable connection that uses the RF connector instead of HDMI from a cable box, this is the time to get your channels set up.

    1. Select your live-content source. Make sure the connection is properly attached and select either “Set-top Box” for HDMI-connected cable and satellite boxes, or “Built-in Tuner” for anything that attaches to the TV with a coaxial connection.

    2. Run Auto-Program. Hit yes to begin scanning for available channels from your antenna or cable connection.

    3. Wait for the scan. The actual channel scan may take some time, so now is a great opportunity to make sure your favorite couch or recliner is well-positioned in front of the TV.

    4. Auto-Program is complete! Once the TV is done scanning, you’ll get a message showing you how many channels were found. If the number seems low, you may want to reposition your antenna for better reception and scan again.

    5. Setup complete. With channels scanned for, the initial setup is done.

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    How To Set Up 4k On Sony TV

    The 4K resolution is now available on almost all the latest generation Sony BRAVIA Smart TVs, but before intervening to change the inputs for playing content at this definition, it is good to understand how to check the compatibility of your TV at 4K .

    First, you can check if there is a yellow tag on the TV box that says 4K HDR or 8K HDR for newer TVs. If you dont have the box, you can check the Sony support site by typing your TV code in the search bar. You can find the code on the label on the back of the TV.

    Compatibility with 4K is indicated in the Specifications Screen Resolution section of the product page. If a resolution equal to or greater than the value of 3840 x 2160 pixels is reported , then your TV is compatible with 4K .

    To play 4K content from streaming services such as Netflix , or Prime Video , you must first check if you have a subscription that can view videos at this resolution . Also, you need to set the resolution from the internal selector to the platform you are using and you need to check if the network is fast enough to play this content.

    If you have all the requirements, once you have downloaded the streaming service application, the contents will be displayed automatically in 4K resolution on the Sony Smart TV.

    The same type of autoplay at full resolution also applies to 4K content stored and streamed via USB devices connected to one of the Smart TV ports, such as portable hard drives or USB sticks .

    How To Set Up Hdmi On Sony TV

    Unboxing and Set up guide | BRAVIA 4K HDR X80J with Google TV

    Among the many possibilities offered by a Sony Smart TV , there is also that of being able to individually configure the various HDMI inputs of the TV. The HDMI connection standard allows playback in 4K , both as regards the older connection standard called 1.4 , and on the most recent 2.0 and 2.1 .

    In addition, the HDMI inputs are capable of supporting HDR technology for content playback and gaming on the latest consoles, but only the HDMI 2.1 ports allow playback of content with HDR dynamic and up to 120Hz refresh rate .

    To connect HDMI devices to one of the TV inputs, I recommend that you check in the instruction manual of the TV which connection standard is present on the inputs, in order to choose the correct cable to buy .

    To configure the HDMI inputs of your Sony Smart TV, go to the TV Settings , which can be reached via the HOME button on the remote control and the appropriate icon on the main screen. Scroll through the list of options until you find the one called External inputs and access it.

    Then press on the Manage inputs button and then on the one relating to the HDMI port on which you intend to make changes. By default each input should be numbered .

    Once you have selected the input you are interested in, you can choose from the Display Settings and Labels menus . The first allows you to hide the inputs that are not used, by ticking the Hidden button .

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    What Is Google TV

    Google TV is a lot like opening up a search engine window on your Sony TV, only this search engine has a main screen thats already full of your favourite shows, movies, and apps. It even lets you control your smart home devices, right from your TV. All you have to do is log in with your Google account and youre ready to enjoy everything Google TV has to offer.

    There are over 400,000+ movies and TV shows across all streaming services on Google TV. Google TV has several pre-installed apps that are available as soon as you turn your TV on for the first time. Just connect to your homes Wi-Fi network and you can access Netflix, YouTube, Prime, Crave, and so much more. Everything is organized on your home screen for easy access, and you can customize your home screen if youd like to. Your TV will even make content suggestions for you based on what youve watched so you can always find something new.

    How Do I Control My Sony Bravia With My Phone

    How to register the Media Remote App with Bravia?

  • Connect your TV to the Network (to your wireless router, etc.
  • Install Media Remote application on your Android device.
  • Connect your Android device to the same Network your TV is connected to.
  • On your TV settings, make sure Remote Device/Renderer is set to ON.
  • Start.
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    How Do I Get My Channels Back On My TV

    Use your remote control to access the menu. An on-screen Menu button should be available to you if you dont own a remote control. Navigate to the channel you wish to scan, then click Channel Scan in the TVs menu. Extend the program and you can also adjust your settings automatically by scanning the program.

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