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How To Decorate TV Stand

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TV Stands With Open Shelving

6 Tips For Decorating a T.V Stand/ Bookshelf

Modern TV stands are more likely to feature open shelves in unique designs that are as decorative as the items you choose to display. Before you begin decorating, however, remember to create a sense of cohesiveness with either color or style and place items in groups of three to create interesting vignettes. If you need a shelf or two for storage, find a chic basket or tray to keep the look tidy.

Concealing A TV: How Do You Do It

Which of these ideas for decorating around a TV set have you implemented at home? Or is there a nifty trick youve used that Ive not listed here? You know Id love to hear from you below. Drop me a comment and share all of yout TV decorating ideas with me and other TLC blog readers. Image via Ideal Home.

Simple Farmhouse Style TV Stand

This is another simple DIY TV stand due to its design. Just manage the rectangle wooden stands in a zyg-zag position. You can use three wooden stands, especially to match the height of your sofa. The higher the stand, you will also have more empty space to put your favorite collectible items for a cool accessory.

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Cover Your TV With A Curtain

Curtains arent just for window coverings! They can also be a clever way to cover your television if you dont want to worry about TV wall decor. If you have a fireplace in your living room, with an inlet to the side, just place your TV on a console in the inletthen hang some neutral curtains in front of the inlet! This way, you can pull the curtains across to hide the TV when not inuse, giving the illusion of a large window or neutral wall. So, when the curtain is shut, the fireplace remains the focal point of the room.

We love this option because curtains are so easy to pull back and forthso you dont have to physically move anything when you do want to use your TV. Its a simple and affordable solution!

This is perfect for

Those who want a clutter-free, streamlined look without electronics. Its also perfect for rooms with wall nooks or cabinets, and those in small apartments, studio spaces, or multi-purpose rooms where you dont want the space to be all about the TV, but also want it nearby for when you do want to use it!

Vintage Pallet TV Stands

Most Beautiful and Incredible TV Stand Design Ideas

A pallet is always working on any kind of home design applications including a television stand. This DIY TV stand is using a large and used pallet. The surface of the pallet used to hang the television. The rest of the space is used as a place to put some items including DVD player, game console, and also collectible items. The interesting part is the natural texture and pattern of the used pallet.

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Whats Your Dcor Personality

Your home is your little kingdom away from the stresses of the world. So you want it to be exactly how you like it. Before you decide which option to go for, think about how it blends with the room and how it meshes with your homes style.

  • Want to make it a focal point? If your room is large, a wall unit media center like the Milano Set 145EF-BK-BK Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center could work very well. Choose a large piece like this one to command the attention of the room and make an impact.
  • Whats the current layout? Think about your current floor plan and the existing challenges and considerations of the room. Each home is different, so whats your unique situation? Do you often entertain? Have you got little ones to worry about? With children running around, media centers can be advantageous as they offer plenty of room for hiding trip-hazard wires and clutter away.
  • Whats the vibe? By changing the furniture you can give a breath of fresh air to a space. This allows you to transform the atmosphere of the room, so which way do you want to take it?

The pros:

The cons:

  • Not great if youre looking for a statement piece. The TV stand is usually small and discrete, so it wont make a big visual impact.
  • If youre wall-mounting with a TV below, youll be committed to the space and wont be able to easily move the stand around.

The pros:

The cons:

Simple TV Stand With Electric Fireplace

You can use any kind of used materials to be a new thing including the old ladders. Just cut them into the model above and create a simple television stand. The wood creates a strong separation between the television and the electric fireplace. For a simple treatment, you just need to let the ladders original without adding any colors or finishes.

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Idea : Surround The TV With Built

This option makes the TV look intentionally placed almost like a part of the furniture. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, the big screen takes a back seat to all that gorgeous, show-stopping cabinetry. Plus, open shelving gives you the chance to show off your decorating flair.

Added bonus: by incorporating cupboards underneath the shelves, youll gain heaps of hidden storage to tuck DVDs and gaming paraphernalia out of sight!

Floating Corner Flat Screen TV Stand For A Clear Space

Tips & ideas on how to decorate old tv stand and organize as a decoration table Easy and Efficient

Having a floating corner tv stand is a smart home decor strategy. Being it for saving space or just to relax the view, it looks great and it also helps to balance the space.

If you have a lot of furniture or decorative objects distributed throughout the room, you can use a floating tv unit to create a nice, clearer corner. Dont add much, just a candle or a book, and the tv, placed on the unit or mounted on the wall.

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TV Stand With Bookcase Combination

You can also use your old bookcase to have a new function at home. Just put the bookcase in the horizontal position. Use the back of the bookcase as the surface of the television stand. Actually, you dont need to replace anything except the damage parts. Then, you can put some additional accessories such as a glass or ceramic vases.

Rustics TV Stand Ideas

Creating a simple DIY TV stand as simple as combining two wooden boards. It seems that you are combining two tables in one. Put the first wooden table on the top. Thats it! You have a spacious stand without any separators. You can still able to put the television safely and any kind of items there.

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The Best Ways To Decorate Your TV Stand

November 5, 2016 By Kenny

In many homes, the TV stand sits at the center of the living room. This makes it a focal point of your room and an important piece of furniture. Many people want to decorate their TV stand to make it more attractive. In this article, well explore some ways that you can dress up your TV stand.

Amazing Corner TV Stand Ideas For Your Home

60 Beautiful Farmhouse TV Stand Design Ideas And Decor (14 ...

Looking for corner tv stand ideas? Choosing to place your tv stand in the corner is a great way to optimize space and achieve a very unique and innovative home decoration style.

When choosing a corner tv unit, there are some relevant aspects you need to keep in mind, such as height, viewing distance, style, and storage needs.

Read on and find tv unit and corner entertainment center ideas for your room.

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Utilize Wallpaper As A Backdrop

If you dont want to think about how to creatively decorate the wall behind your TV, but you also dont want to settle for a boring blank wall, add some wallpaper on the wall behind the TV! This creates a decorative accent wall so you have no need for additional art or TV wall decor.

This simple yet bold approach to TV wall design adds personality to the whole space and saves you the headache of hanging any other art or shelves on the wall. The simple black and white wallpaper above compliments the TV and console, creating a cohesive look.

This is perfect for

All spaces and styles of homes, since wallpaper comes in all sorts of prints, patterns, and color schemes. And you dont have to skip this if youre in a rental! Just use peel-and-stick wallpaper, or hang a large wall mural behind your TV for a similar effect.

Try A Paint Effect On The Wall

Im so obsessed over the concrete feature wall above. Why: because its from my Camberwell design project and it turned out so beautifully .

It was a tough one convincing the client to let me paint a concrete feature wall in her home, but she finally trusted me to go ahead with it and I am so glad she did. In the end, she was just as elated with it as I was .

A paint effect can be a great way to take the harshness of the TV set away. And because theres a lot of darker browns, greys and black in the space, the TV set looks right at home.

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Put Up Pretty Wallpaper Behind It

A little pattern can go a long way and make your TV look cute in the process.

Which is your fave?

I would LOVE to build some sort of TV cover-up one of these days to ours. Or maybe save up for one of those snazzy Frame televisions?

Do you have a great TV decor setup at your house? Spill the deets!

You can check out more living room decorating ideas here.

And if you want to save this post for later, you can pin it here:

Built A Floating Media Unit

How To Decorate Around The TV | Easy Tips For Decorating Around Your TV Stand 2020

If you prefer a more minimal look, we love the idea of building a floating media unit. In the room above, we mounted the TV on the wall above a large floating storage shelf. And below the shelf, we placed some poufs, which can be used as ottomans when kicking back to watch a movie!

This is perfect for

Small spaces, where you dont have the square footage for a media cabinet. But this shelf, specifically, still gives you a little bit of hidden storage space! It also allows for additional compact seating options, with the poufs and the chair on the sideperfect for hosting guests when you dont need the TV to be the central focal point of the room. And, of course, its perfect for those who love modern and minimal spaces.

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Diy Restoration Hardware TV Stand

Using some super cool plans from Shanty-2-chic and Ana White, this old cabinet has been been a bit longer adding 6 doors instead of 4 and thats what makes it a perfect TV stand. The long black handles and hinges pop out on the white hue of the stand just perfect, while the design of the doors makes it a great example of simplicity.

Details : frillsanddrills

Turned Shelf Into TV Stand

You dont have to spend money only to create a DIY TV stand. Just try to find unused furniture such as your old shelf. Then, recycle that old shelf into a new product which is your television stand. The top of the shelf can be used as a television stand whereas the storage can used to keep all of your important items safe.

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Hang Your TV Within A Gallery Wall

In this living room, weve disguised the television within a gallery wall by hanging framed art around the TV. Of course, the TV isnt actually disguised. But the way the art is hung frames the TV on the cabinet, making it less of an eyesore. This TV wall decor approach takes the focal point away from electronics and gives the TV wall a more decorative look. Opting for a darker wall color also creates less contrast with the TV, helping it blend in even more.

And this arrangement is easy to personalize. You can use any type of art, in any stylereally making a unique look of your own! Above, we opted for a grid layout, using art prints that are all part of the same collection, in similar styles. But you could also go for an eclectic gallery wall with more of a randomized layout. Another option? Family photos!

This is perfect for

Rooms where the TV is located along a large wall, where you have plenty of space to create a stunning gallery.

Once You Have Your Console In Placehere Are Some Ways To Design Around It

Most Beautiful and Incredible TV Stand Design Ideas

a. Soften the transition: Here the softness of the window treatments helps ease the transition from TV to wall/window, and repeating the black and white color scheme ties everything together.

c. Create a gallery wall: Gallery walls are a fun way to decorate around the TV and display a collection of your favorite photos or artwork at the same time.

d. Add shelves: Adding the shelves brings another level of interest to a gallery wall and the stained wood ties it together with the console.

e. Build a niche: So clever to combine the feel of built-ins with the more interesting look of your favorite entertainment console, chest or hutch for a unique look.

Here theyve used two chests side by side.

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Diy Farmhouse Style Buffet

While this table shared by Liz Marie Blog is worked up as a beautiful buffet, you can always work it up as a TV unit all thanks to the simple and versatile shape that it flaunts. The farmhouse touch is brought out not only by the unpainted surface of the unit, but also by its frame which features three shelves and legs alone.

Details : lizmarieblog

Diy TV Stand With Home Theater

You need to create a television stand with a lot of cabinets or storages if you want to have a home theater. The DIY TV stand above is a good example because it has three different parts which can be used to install the other television sets. You can also keep some of your favorite DVDs there. The black color finish makes the stand looks elegant.

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Give Your Room A Stylish Look

What about using your tv stand unit to give your room a stylish look? Small and simple furniture, with rectangular contours, can turn into a wonderful piece just by adding details like golden brass hardware in the corners and drawers.

Mount the tv on the wall instead of placing it on the media stand unit so the cabinet stands out.

Install It Above Your Fireplace

Assembling TV Stand | Decorating My Living Room! (simple) | Faceovermatter

Concealing a TV is done best by bringing in another focal point. If you have a fireplace, youre already halfway there. Placing a TV set above a fireplace makes the entire section of the wall a wow moment. And if the fire is crackling, all eyes will be on it. Dont be afraid to try a TV on the wall near a fireplace either.

As you can see above in the image from Samsung, it makes for a fabulous design moment when you style up the mantle too. The image above showcases Samsungs QLED TV, which again further helps to reduce the big black box effect a regular set brings with it. But even with a regular box this fireplace idea still looks stunning.

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TV Stand Decorating Ideas Your Own Way

Entertainment centers should not be neglected as crucial decor points. We hope this blog post has opened your eyes to some of the possibilities of decorating around your TV.

Be sure to start working on your space and come up with some interesting ideas that you love. Enjoy the process and have fun sprucing up your space!

Use The Unexpected Corner

When the window takes up all the space in front of the largest wall where the sofa usually goes, then you may ask yourself where to locate the tv.

Choose a fairly narrow corner tv stand to place it in the corner right next to the window. That way youll be able to watch television from the sofa. Its also a great way to make the distribution of the living room furniture make sense in rooms like these.

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Match Your TV Stand With Your Furniture

Do you have a modern, traditional decoration style? Have a large low modern corner tv style with drawers and shelves.

This kind of dark brown wooden piece of furniture is ideal for storing all your video and gaming devices, as well as showcasing classic decorative objects like candles, portraits, books, vases, etc.

How To Decorate Around A TV Stand:

How To Decorate Around A TV
  • Start with a blank slate! This will give you a fresh perspective and room to try a couple of options. If your tv stand is in front of a window, use white curtains for an empty canvas.
  • To keep styling easy peasy, use accessories in the same color family. I chose one side of the media stand for a grouping of two candles and a plant and the other side has one tall vase with stems.
  • Keep accessories in groups of 3 or 5. Use a tray, books, or basket to coral them and /or add visual height.

A floor lantern that I turned into a plant terrarium is by adding a faux plant, brass animal, and a Japanese paper fan is another good option and has a more eclectic vibe. Its bigger scale takes up the entire space on one side of the tv.

If you have enough wall space around a modern tv stand try hanging a gallery wall like this stunning one from Homey Oh My.

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