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How To Hide Cable Box Behind TV

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Redirect Cables To Another Room

Hide Cable Verizon Box behind TV on Wall

I decided to look into other ideas on where to put a cable box when mounting a tv, ones that would keep the clutter of cables to a minimum. Running cables to a different room was by far the most effective way of hiding a cable box.

A room behind the wall with the fireplace would have been ideal, and many examples showcased that. Lacking a room or closet behind the fireplace, I could also use the room above or a cellar underneath.

Some drilling would in fact be needed for the cables to be diverted through the wall to whichever available space. I found myself wondering, how would the cable box work behind a wall. This lead me to discover another piece of equipment I would need, a wired infrared repeater, to amplify signal range.

Tuck Away The Cable Box

All your peripheral devicescable boxes, Apple TVs, Rokus, etc.add to the mess of wires and, lets face it, theyre not the most beautiful things to have in your line of vision during screen time. Consider hiding them in a functional piece of furniture like a sideboard or cabinet. If the piece doesnt have a hole for the wires, you can easily add one with a drill and a hole-cutter attachment. Should you not want to have to open the doors of your entertainment center every time you turn on the television, opt for an infrared receiver that connects directly to the cable box.

How Can I Hide My Cable

8 Genius Ways to Hide Every Wire in Your Home

  • Hook Cords to the Back of Your Furniture.
  • Corral Them Behind the Couch.
  • Hide TV Wires in Plain Sight.
  • Run TV Wires Behind the Wall.
  • Tuck Cord Chaos Into Tubing.
  • Slip Them Into a Drawer.
  • Snake Them Through Baseboard Accessories.
  • Stash Wires and Routers In Books
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    Should I Put My TV Cable Box In A Media Cabinet

    If you have lots of devices that you simply cannot do without such as a cable box, blu-ray player, games console, etc then you can still use a media cabinet.

    A TV hovering above the cabinet can actually look quite cool, especially if you are able to hide the cables from the display into the wall for that super clean finish.

    Turn Your TV Wires Into A Wall Art

    How To Hide Cable Box Behind TV

    Hiding the wires is not the only solution. Sometimes you can leave them in plain sight, and still make them look great. Turning your TV cords into wall art is a stylish and creative way to manage and organize them.

    You can create anything from an abstract image to a silhouette of a city, object or person. If you want, you can decorate the cords with color tapes, ribbons or stickers to resemble flowers with leaves or anything else you like. Also, you can hang some postcards or giant letters. The only limit is your imagination.

    Before mounting the wires, draw an outline on the wall with a pencil that can be erased easily. Measure the length of the cords and plan the artwork accordingly. You can mount the wires to the wall with wall clips or mounting tape.

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    Put It On Your Mantle

    If youre lucky enough to have a fireplace that has a wide mantle, it could be possible to put the cable box right underneath your television. However, the vast majority of fireplaces dont have this option. So, dont feel bad if yours isnt that large.

    If you have a narrow mantle, you can look into purchasing a cable box stand. This will let your set the cable box up vertically, and the stand usually has a way to screw to the wall. So this way, its on the mantle, but the stand keeps your cable box from falling over.

    Use A TV Stand That Does The Job For You


    Its not the cheapest but certainly a stylish way to hide TV wires without cutting the wall. Dont get me wrong, Im not telling you should buy a new TV stand for the sole purpose of hiding the cords if you already have one. However, if you havent got a TV stand yet or want to replace the old one, it can be a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

    You can choose from many models on the market. I really like how easily the Ameriwood elevation TV stand solves the cable problem. It has three shelves where you can keep the cable box and other accessories while the snap-on back panel hides all the unsightly wires.

    Here you can check out the current price of Ameriwood TV stand on Amazon.

    If you have your TV mounted on the wall and you dont need a new stand, you can buy some floating shelves with a back panel and mount them under your TV. If you cant find any model with a back panel you like, and youre not afraid of some DIY work, you can make the back panel yourself using some plywood and slats.

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    How Do I Connect My Cable Box To My TV Wirelessly

    With a wireless video HDMI kit, simply connect a transmitter to the existing set top box in your living room and a receiver to your TV. Its a great option for people who dont want to run cables across the house. Instead, you and your friends can enjoy a wireless streaming experience wherever you place your TV.

    Run Your Cables To Another Room

    How To Mount A Cable Box & Hide The Wires In The Wall

    Many houses split the use of one cable box through multiple rooms. Running cables into another room, such as an AV closet, can be an excellent way to go about it. The best way to make the cable clutter minimal is to tie them together and have them run down the mantle, along the corner of the room, to the cable box.

    Among cable installers and interior designers, this is known as a home run solution. While it may not look the best, it does the job! You could even run some year-round garland or ribbon around the cables. That way, its pleasing to the eye but still bringing your favorite television shows into your living room.

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    How To Hide TV Wires

    Hiding TV wires is surprisingly easy! On a wall mounted TV, the biggest problem is messy wires dangling down from the back of your television. But this problem can be solved easily with a pack of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Reusable Ties!

    Wrap up each wire to shorten it and then secure it in place with one of our reusable cable ties. They even come in different colours so you can colour-code each wire.

    Send Video From Across The Room

    If there’s nowhere to hide your cable box, you can choose to put it in a nearby cabinet or closet and send the video signal and IR commands with a wireless HDMI kit. A basic kit, like the is easy to install and works at a distance of up to 150 feet. If you need even further range, the works at distances up to 600 feet. Price: $164.99 on IOGEAR, , pre-order for the Ultra Long Range 4K Kit for $599.95 on BHPhoto

    If you need more range, the IOGEAR Wireless 5×2 Matrix Pro will do the trick. It’s capable of sending Full HD 1080p video to a receiver up to 200 feet away. And, you can add more than one receiver, so you could use the cable box in your living room to watch TV in your bedroom.Price: $899.95 for 2 receiver kit on IOGEAR, check price on

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    Where To Put Cable Box For Wall Mounted TV Above Fireplace

    A nice relaxing living room quickly turns to annoyance when you dont have where to put cable box for wall mounted tv above fireplace.

    Our living room with a fully functional wood fireplace had been the highlight of the winter holiday. Once I had wrapped up all the decorations, my excitement turned to slight annoyance at the sight of the cable box.

    Faced with a tangle of cables looping near the tv above the fireplace, I scoured the internet and asked friends for ideas on how best to hide them. In trying to find where to put a cable box for wall mounted tv above the fireplace I stumbled upon some hurdles.

    Hide Your TV Wires Behind A Panelboard

    Hiding Cords

    If youre feeling crafty, you can put up a panel to hide the wires hanging from your TV. Panelboards come in many sizes and designs. You can pick one up with a flashy pattern, or you can also choose something simple.

    Cant find a pattern that you like? No problem! Cover the panel or board with fabric, and youre good to go. You can also paint it to match your wall or choose a design that will make your TV stand out. If you dont want to spend money on a panel and fabric, you can use wood pallets to hide the wires. You can paint the pallet board or leave it natural for a farmhouse or rustic design.

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    Use Cord Clips To Hide Your Wires Behind A TV Stand

    If your TV is sitting on some kind of stand, you can easily hide your wires by using cord clips. These small plastic clips usually have an adhesive backing, so you can stick them to the back of your furniture without worrying about damaging anything.

    All you need to do is place these cord clips around the back of your furniture and snake your wires around to your surge protector or other devices. This will also help you keep your cords organized and stop them from getting tangled up.

    If your TV stand has open space at the bottom, you can use zip ties to keep your wires from touching the ground. All you have to do is spool your wires and cinch them together with a zip tie in the middle. However, make sure there is enough slack so you can pull your TV stand out and access your wires.

    If you dont want to cut your zip ties every time you need to move a wire, you can also use Velcro zip ties. And, if you want to save even more space, you can use a flat outlet extender that lets you plug your cables in from the side. This can also double or triple the number of outlets you can plug your devices into.

    If you cant use cord clips or zip ties to hide your wires, you can always use a cable management box. These small plastic boxes are large enough to hide your wires and even a small surge protector.

    Creative Ways To Hide The TV Cables In Your House

    Cable ties

    While this doesnt hide your cables and cords, this is where the flanges offer value. By arranging your lines in just one strand, you look more coordinated, determined, and beautiful.

    Assuming you have a TV wall mount where you are very limited in what you can do with your TV cables, using cable ties may be your best satisfaction.

    Use a TV stand

    Some TV stands have an open back. Use it. Press your stand against the wall and make the TV cords out of viewa smart way to creative ways to hide TV cords.

    TV stands come in many different shapes and varieties, and each model is designed to fit different types of TV sets.

    For your flat-screen TVs, you can select from numerous flat-screen TV stands, which have distinctive ways of hiding your TV cords. There are also TV mounts for LED, OLED, and other types of TVs.


    Another creative way to hide the cords from the TV is to use tubes. TV cords are going to look a lot more organized in a cable wrap or pipe. Consolidate all the cables into a hanging line made of foam.

    Tape it up

    If you use a wall mount, you may have at least one or two cords hanging out. Tie them up, cover them with tape, and paint them for hiding components wall mounted TV. You hide them in plain sight with simplicity.

    Another option is to purchase a cable corrector. These kits offer a plastic rail through which you can feed cables or cords or hide a cord.

    Draw It

    Use your furniture

    You can add anchor cords during the edges with command cord clips.

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    How To Install A Swivel TV Mount

    Once you have these components, hanging the TV is fairly easy. Here is what we used:

  • Mounting the TV to the wall: We used this Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 19-84 TVs with Tilt and Swivel Articulating Arm and HDMI Cable, UL Certified It costs $50 and comes with all the hardware you will need to hang it, except if you have to add 2 x4s like we did.
  • I was a little skeptical that it would hold such a large TV, but it does and very well. The wall mount needs to be secured into the wall studs. Of course where I wanted to center the TV on the wall, there were no studs. 🙁

    To remedy this situation, we needed to attach two 2 x 4s that were long enough to be secured to the studs. We attached them to the wall with lag bolts. It does bring the TV out 2 more, but not a big deal. It would have looked nicer from this side view, but the 2 x 4s were needed. Once the 2 x 4s were secure we attached the swivel TV mount with the hardware it came with.

    The TV is centered on the wall, but the actual swivel TV mount is attached slightly off-center to the right. This is the way is is designed so that the swivel arm has room to move out and then side to side.

    Note: If you are going to use this exact swivel mount, figure out where you want your TV, then figure out where the mount has to go, it will not be directly centered behind it.

    When the TV is back against the wall, you dont see the swivel mount or cords.

    I used 2 of the large size strips.

    In Conclusion There Are Many Different Ways To Hide Cable Box Behind The Wall Mounted TV

    Hide Wires Behind Flat Screen – TV Box Installation

    How to hide cable box with mounted tv. Just put it towards the bottom of the tv, so the front of the cable box lines up close to the bottom of the tv. However, many televisions do not offer sufficient space to hide different cable boxes, especially if they are bulkier . Line up your component mount with the anchors.

    However, many televisions do not offer sufficient space to hide different cable boxes, especially if they are bulkier . Space for all the cords must be designated and left. Line up your component mount with the anchors.

    Moreover, what do i do with my cable box when i mount my tv? We have a really small mantel, and theres no nook for a cable box to be tucked into . Hide the cable box behind a wall mounted tv step 1:

    Besides, you still have to look at it! So, how do you hide that ugly cable box?! Hide the cable box behind a wall mounted tv.

    Insert your devices connect & tidy cords. A driller with 3/6 drill Then the cable box, dvd player, etc plug into the hub rather than the tv.

    Once the top of the tv mounted rails are hooked to the wall mounted plate, push the bottom edge of the tv towards the wall to engage the latches. Now we simply point our remote at the receiver we placed below our tv, and our signal is sent through the ir repeater to the cable box and the channel is changed! We started with wall mounts for game consoles but quickly realized that our customers wanted a cable box wall mount, too.

    Pin On Tips And Tricks

    Pin On Afterhideit Inspo

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    Conceal TV Wires Behind Wall Trim

    Its not the easiest and quickest way to hide your TV cords, but its certainly an eye-catching one. It can be a great solution when you want to hide TV wires over a fireplace.

    Its major disadvantage is that the cables are not so easy to access under the trim work if you need to remove or add one in the future. Thats why I only recommend this method if youre willing to spend some time disassembling the trim work each time you add or remove a new device to your TV set .

    So, the basic idea is to hide the cords in a channel formed by two slats and covered with a third one. Youll need to make both horizontal and vertical channels.

    Before you start the execution, I suggest that you plan and design the trim work on paper, and test the length of the wires. You can paint the slats any color you like, but do that before mounting them on the wall . For more detailed instructions, visit this website.

    Hide Your TV Wires In Plain Sight

    This idea is perfect for the artsy person. With a little ingenuity, you can take your messy TV wires and turn them into art. All you need to do is use clear plastic cable clips, double-sided tape, adhesive, or any other unobtrusive method to create a design out of your wires.

    If youre feeling more adventurous, you can also create more complex geometric patterns or use your TV wires to create a city skyline. One design that will no doubt appeal to techy homeowners is to form computer chip patterns using the TV wires.

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