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How To Hide Cables On Mounted TV

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Hide Cables Easily For A Wall

How to Hide Your TV Wires for $10

Michael and I found the solution and the transformation to be a super easy DIY.

Honestly, this is the optimal solution to rid those ugly power and HDMI cables from the wall!

Once you dive-in and purchase a soundbar as well, you have double the need to hide cables!

Now I want to share the easy process and product we use to hide cables easily for our wall-mounted TV and soundbar

Magically, the TV will be in plain sight but you will hide cables behind the wall and theres no electrician necessary!

Hide Cords On A Wall Mounted TV

Think about it. You want your home to look put together, without the mess. Dangling cords from a wall mounted TV can be distracting andat least in my wifes eyesnot aesthetically pleasing. She is trying to teach us all that less mess = less stress. This includes unsightly TV cords. posted an informational post on How To Mount A TV On The Wall Without Studs? You can check that out.

Not to mention, the Legrand in wall power kit makes it easy for DIYers, which we are definitely becoming more of with our new house. After deciding exactly where we wanted our master bedroom TV to hang, it only took a few steps to have it hung nicely on the wall without any visible cords.

Watch this video from Best Buys GeekSquad for quick and easy installation instructions:

With the mounted TV on the wall, you use the included hole saw to cut two holes, then guide the power and other cables behind the wall from one hole to the other. Install the two grommets: one for plugging in the TV and the other for connecting power.

Thats it. You can now sit back watch your teams play on to victory.

Hide Cables Easily But Firstthings You Need To Know

In-Wall TV Power Kit to Hide Cables

You will be cutting into a wall.

Its not a large cut, but you do want to know that.

Also, make sure you have a pencil and a tape measure.

Beyond that everything YOU need is in the Legrand In-Wall Power Kit.

We found ours at Best Buy the first time.

Then I headed over to and each time we tackle a new room with a flat-screen, I just ship a new one to myself.

Last, we install the Legrand kit and it conceals the cables and wires behind the wall!

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Mount Your TV Bracket To The Wall

Do not be intimidated. This is easy!!

First, locate the studs in the wall. You want the bracket to be bolted directly to the studs.

Once your studs are all located and marked with a pencil on the wall, hold up your bracket, use a level, and use a pencil to mark all the holes where your bolts will go. Now remove the bracket and drill a pilot hole into the center of each of your bolt markings, like this:

Once your holes are drilled, put your bracket back up and bolt that bad boy to the wall.

Now double check to make sure everything is level.

Oh man, are we good or what?!

Your mounting kit is officially ready to go. Now the real fun begins.

Floating Wall Mount Underneath The Television

Wall Mounted TV and Hiding The Cords

One idea for where to put your cable box is to use shelves that are also wall mounted. These are typically placed below the television and can accommodate multiple devices in a variety of arrangements. Floating wall-mounted cable boxes offer a few specific advantages and disadvantages:

  • Ease of setup This can often be one of the simplest solutions in terms of setup and overall work involved.
  • Optimal remote communication Because the boxes are located without obstruction directly below or around the television, theres less likelihood of the receivers being fickle.
  • Wiring considerations Having taken the time to mount your television and cable box, the last thing you want is a mess of wires. Thankfully, many wall mounts for media console devices come with cable management clips to hide tv wires.
  • Potential clutter Because a wall-mounted television offers a pristine look, some might find a wall mount to clutter the area if hiding cords is not feasible. After all, the entire point of mounting the TV is to isolate it and open up space. If thats the case, you have other options:
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    How To Install A Swivel TV Mount

    Once you have these components, hanging the TV is fairly easy. Here is what we used:

  • Mounting the TV to the wall: We used this Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 19-84 TVs with Tilt and Swivel Articulating Arm and HDMI Cable, UL Certified It costs $50 and comes with all the hardware you will need to hang it, except if you have to add 2 x4s like we did.
  • I was a little skeptical that it would hold such a large TV, but it does and very well. The wall mount needs to be secured into the wall studs. Of course where I wanted to center the TV on the wall, there were no studs. 🙁

    To remedy this situation, we needed to attach two 2 x 4s that were long enough to be secured to the studs. We attached them to the wall with lag bolts. It does bring the TV out 2 more, but not a big deal. It would have looked nicer from this side view, but the 2 x 4s were needed. Once the 2 x 4s were secure we attached the swivel TV mount with the hardware it came with.

    The TV is centered on the wall, but the actual swivel TV mount is attached slightly off-center to the right. This is the way is is designed so that the swivel arm has room to move out and then side to side.

    Note: If you are going to use this exact swivel mount, figure out where you want your TV, then figure out where the mount has to go, it will not be directly centered behind it.

    When the TV is back against the wall, you dont see the swivel mount or cords.

    I used 2 of the large size strips.

    Stylish Ways To Hide TV Wires Without Cutting The Wall

    by James Mora | Safe Home

    The main reason I decided to organize and hide TV wires in my living room was that I simply didnt like the way they looked. They were ugly.

    However, theres another important reason to conceal them and thats safety. TV cords sometimes can be tripping hazards and theyre potentially dangerous for small children when they have access to them.

    If youre looking for stylish and quick solutions to conceal the jungle of cords without having to make any permanent changes, youre at the right place. Ive collected for you all the best ways you can hide your TV wires easily without cutting holes into the wall. Lets see them.

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    Use A TV Stand That Does The Job For You


    Its not the cheapest but certainly a stylish way to hide TV wires without cutting the wall. Dont get me wrong, Im not telling you should buy a new TV stand for the sole purpose of hiding the cords if you already have one. However, if you havent got a TV stand yet or want to replace the old one, it can be a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

    You can choose from many models on the market. I really like how easily the Ameriwood elevation TV stand solves the cable problem. It has three shelves where you can keep the cable box and other accessories while the snap-on back panel hides all the unsightly wires.

    Here you can check out the current price of Ameriwood TV stand on Amazon.

    If you have your TV mounted on the wall and you dont need a new stand, you can buy some floating shelves with a back panel and mount them under your TV. If you cant find any model with a back panel you like, and youre not afraid of some DIY work, you can make the back panel yourself using some plywood and slats.

    Option #: Powered Cable Pass Through With Soundbar Module

    How to Hide Wires for Wall Mounted TV – Easy DIY

    This is the pièce de résistance to in-wall cable hiding solutions. This bad boy routes AV cables and power from a TV like the previous model but also has a module for soundbar power. It’s perfect if you’ve got your soundbar mounted to the wall or TV. Have a SONOS PlayBar or Beam? Hiding the cables will help maximize it’s suave look.

    In addition to the circular saw drill attachment, it comes with a drywall saw that also works great for doing karate in the garage. Those pumpkins won’t stand a chance! Using the included template, you’ll use the saw to cut a rectangle hole in the wall behind the soundbar. Once the soundbar module is installed, you can plug it in right there and feed the sound wires up to the TV. It’ll make the soundbar look like it’s completely wireless, be ready for your friends to ask where you got it.

    And there you have it. The 5 best ways to hide your TV wires either on or behind the wall. If you’re not 100% sure what would work best for your setup, comment below or hit up our world-class customer support team. They’re available 7 days a week and due to the Minnesota winter weather we don’t want to go outside anyways.

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    TV Cord Hiding Installation Overview

    The outlet power is attached to a plastic tube that you place behind the wall via two holes that you drill into the wall behind the TV. Your TV cords run through the plastic tube.

    The top outlet has a power plug. This is where you plug in the TV. The kit has a power cable that you need to then plug into an existing wall electrical outlet that is low on the wall.

    Bundle All Your Cords Together

    A cord wrap or dock is a chicand easyway to keep all your wires in one place. You heard it here first: Bundling is one of the best cable hacks in the books. Electronics such as printers, computers, or phones come with a lot of connected cords, says Joanna Teplin, cofounder of the Home Edit. Using a cord wrap or dock to organize them helps keep everything streamlined and less cluttered.

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    The Best Cable Management Box

    Finally, for those looking to hide power strips and cables on the floor, the DMoose cable management box does the trick. It’s a sleek tray with a lid that’s big enough for surge protectors, plus it has slits on either end so you can route your cables while hiding the clutter. Thanks to the white box and woodgrain top, even if it is out in the open, it’ll still look neat and stylish.

    One reviewer wrote: “Easy way to tidy up. Itâs amazing how much cleaner our living room looks without a spiderâs web of wires below the tv!”

    Hide TV Wires In The Wall

    How to Hide Mounted TV Cables (Without Drilling into the ...

    Hide TV cords in the wall using recessed cable plates. How to do this is, first, use a stud finder. Locate two stud-free sections of the wall behind preferably one is behind where the TV will be mounted and the other by an outlet.

    Make cuts with a utility knife. Fit in two cable plates. Feed cords in and out of the wall. This way, youve concealed everything.

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    Weird Positioning No Worries

    Want to see the VIDEO of how this looks?

    Trust me, when we built our house, unbeknownst to me how it happened, but it did, the contractors put things in weird spots, like on right angles and wall warts, etc.

    The Legrand in-wall kit supports almost any type of power plug including right angles and wall warts.

    In the end, you can connect your television to cable and electricity in a seamless style with this Legrand flat panel recessed connection kit.

    Its crazy great how the in-wall storage takes control of cables and wires to eliminate tangles across your floor!

    Further, the white decorator plate provides a finished look.

    Last, if you ever need to get to the back of your TV, no worries.

    The Legrand flat panel recessed connection kit offers convenient access to the back of your TV.

    How To Mount A TV On The Wall

  • Get a measuring tape: youll need to make a note of some numbers. Firstly, measure your TV in width, height, depth, screen size and VESA sixes. Take a look at our how to measure a TV screen explainer to find out more.
  • Youll also need to know the weight of your television. Youll find this in the TVs product booklet, or you can look online if thats long since vanished.
  • Buy a TV wall bracket. Make sure its one that can accommodate your TVs screen size and weight and is compatible with its VESA sizes. More on them in a bit.
  • Get your drill, screws, bolts and wall anchors and an assistant, as the TV will need support while being fixed to the wall. You can install TV brackets on all types of wall, but its important to use the right wall anchors for each type .
  • Screw the mount to the back of your TV. There will be at least four bolt fittings indeed, you might have the option of adding more.
  • Lots of TV wall brackets need their swivel/tilt axes loosening .
  • Theres also another option: hire a professional to do it. There are lots of services out there, although some might not be currently offering home visits.

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    Use Dcor Items To Conceal The Cords

    When all else fails, Lavender says you can always employ décor accents you already have around the house to hide your TV cords from plain sight. “If you have a console below your flat screen TV, try placing a stack of books in front of the hanging cords to hide them,” he says. You can also position other popular décor items, such as houseplants, candles, and leaning artwork, along a console or cabinet to help cover up visible TV wires without having to alter the walls in any way.

    Ways To Hide Your TV Cords

    How to Hide TV Cables Without Cutting the Wall

    Hiding tv cords can be a real pain in the backside. Its not easy to do if you have brick walls, or are renting. But if you use your imagination you can successfully hide those unsightly tv cords.

    My preference would always be to access the wall cavity. Thread the cords through the wall. Its not that hard I promise. I have done it with my tv areas at home. This is a really easy tutorial to follow . We did the same thing at my house. You tie the cords to rope, attached to some flexi cable and thread it through. You can do this easily even if you have a bend to get around. Its fiddly, but possible. The only drama is if you add a new device at some point like we did at Christmas with a PlayStation, so we had a bit of mucking around to do!

    Heres how my lounge room looks see no cords in sight. The power point is behind the magazines. It was on the floor, but my husband did move it up. If youre not electrical savvy, then dont do this part yourself! However, I did want a powerpoint moved in my office and I got a proper electrician to do this for me and it was not expensive at all. It was such a quick job for him .

    The two photos above seem to feature a lot. Its probably the best idea going around. Use a piece of plastic pipe to thread the cords through, attach to the wall and then paint it the same colour as your wall. Then put some books or plants in front of it. I would recommend this project if youre a renter or have brick walls.

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    Before You Do Anything Make A Plan

    Think about all of the devices youll need to connect not just the boxes, such as gaming consoles or a cable box, but also your audio receiver, speaker or soundbar. Make sure that your shelving unit or cabinet has enough space to hold everything, and that you have enough cables and wire for every device you plan to connect, and that theyre all long enough.

    At Wirecutter, we recommend always planning to add one more HDMI cord than you think youll need, just in case you add a device later, after everything is set up. Its easier to install that cord now than to do so once everything is in place. When you know how many wires youre going to have, then youll know how to hide them, Mr. Puma said.

    For gaming or for a household with a lot of internet use, you may want to consider wiring an Ethernet cable to your TV and console from your modem instead of relying on Wi-Fi. Youll get the best speed with a direct line for the machines that gobble up the most bandwidth.

    Also, consider light, wall support and height when you choose a place for the TV. If youre mounting it on the wall, make sure youre mounting it to wall studs or solid masonry, and choose a TV mount rated to hold the weight of your set. Wirecutter recommends the Sanus VMPL50A-B1 Tilting Wall Mount, which can tilt up and down and works for TVs from 32 inches to 70 inches in size. For a TV in a cabinet or nook, choose a full-motion mount so you can pull the TV out for viewing.

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