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How To Remove Apps From Vizio Smart TV

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VIZIO Support | How to Customize the App Row on your SmartCast TV

Now that you know how to uninstall apps from the older and newer series of Samsung Smart TVs, youre probably wondering if its possible to delete all apps. Perhaps you dont want them cluttering your space. Sadly, you can only delete the apps you install. The pre-installed apps cant be removed as the Delete option is disabled. These are usually Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

That said, there are hacks to do this. But keep in mind it wont work for all models. Still, you can try the following if you want to delete a factory-installed app:

  • Hold the Homebutton on your remote.
  • Choose Apps.
  • Press the Number button, then then press 12345.
  • Developer mode now opens.
  • Next, click on OK to turnDeveloper Mode on.
  • Developer Mode is now on, so choose Close.
  • Go to Settingsin the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the apps you want to remove.
  • Navigate to Lock/Unlock and select it to lock the app.
  • Next, youll have to type 0000. A lock icon appears on the app.
  • Navigate to and select Deep Link Test.
  • Youll get a popup window. Highlight Content id and type anything you want, then select Done.
  • Youll now need to write a password. However, youll choose Cancel.
  • The Deleteoption, which was disabled before, should now be enabled.
  • Select the pre-installed app you want to remove and choose Delete, which is no longer grayed out.
  • Managing And Customizing The App Row

  • At the top left side of the screen, youll see an icon labeled Customize App Row. Using your remote, select this icon.
  • Then, simply select the app that you want to move.
  • Use the left or right arrows to move the selected app.
  • Finally, when you have it moved to where you want it to be, press the OK key, and thats it.
  • The whole line of Vizio Smart TVs is a bit confusing to many of its users. Although thats the case, weve covered pretty much everything about adding and managing apps on these devices, so applying them in the right manner will surely ease up the complications. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

    Also, check out our iPhone Tips and Tricks, PC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks if youve got queries for it or want help. Thank you!

    Using Vizio Smartcast Mobile

    If you own a VIZIO SmartCast TV, you also have the option of downloading the VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app for Android or the App Store.

    The app allows you to manage and build your own list of apps that you want to cast to your VIZIO smart TV. From the app, you can power on/off devices, play/pause content, and modify advanced settings.

    The VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app works with supported VIZIO SmartCast products:

    • 2016 and 2017 VIZIO SmartCast UHD Home Theater Displays
    • 2018 and 2019 VIZIO SmartCast TVs
    • VIZIO SmartCast Sound Bars
    • VIZIO SmartCast Crave Speakers

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    Why Cant I Delete Apps On My Vizio Smart TV

    The VIZIO SmartCast platform includes a wide variety of applications that can be accessed from the home screen of your TV. There is no method to delete an application at this time but, if you click here, you can watch a video that will teach you how to reorganise your apps so that you can move the ones you arent using right now farther down the list.

    How To Update Apps On Vizio Smart TV

    How to Update Apps on Vizio Smart TV [Working]

    To Update apps on your VIZIO Smart TV, follow the instruction given without skipping because the only way to update apps is by re-installing the app you want to update.

    • On your VIZIO Remote, press the V or VIA button.
    • Now highlight the app you want to update.
    • Press the yellow button on your VIZIO remote.
    • Hit the Update option if it occurs, or else highlight the option Delete App and press OK.
    • To confirm the deletion of the app, highlight the Yes option and press OK.
    • Go to App Store, Highlight the Deleted app, and press OK.
    • Tap the option Install and wait for the app to re-install.

    You have now successfully updated the app to its latest version.

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    Best Way To Delete Apps From Vizio Smart TV: Free 101

    Smart TVs are the new big boys in the gadget arena, taking their roots nearly a decade ago when it was just a little bit of interactive TV where one could play games and stuff. Still, recent developments have made them into such valuable and elaborate tech gadgets that they are rapidly replacing conventional cable and satellite TVs. In todays tech talk at toolspond, we are going to discuss the Vizio smart TV and how to add or delete apps from Vizio smart TV. Continue reading.

    Many manufacturers and big tech companies regularly venture into the market of smart TVs with new and improved innovative designs and feature every now and then. Vizio is one such brand that makes fantastic, one-of-a-kind intelligent TVs, which should be your go-to choice if you are looking for a new TV for your living room!


    Gone are the days of cable tvs and satellite dishes proving their sole monopoly over the television broadcasting market. Now there are more integrated gadgets known as smart tvs that combine the features of a TV and a smartphone, let alone the calling quality, but those days arent far anyways, you know!

    Smart TVs are internet-enabled flat panel televisions that, in addition to receiving terrestrial and cable signals like a traditional TV, can connect directly to the internet and run OTT applications and web browsers.

    How Do You Add Apps To A Vizio Smart TV

    To download apps, you will need to make sure your Vizio TV is connected to the internet. If your Vizio TV is a 2018 model or later, you will need to use SmartCast to stream your favorite TV and movie apps. Pre-2017, and you can install apps through the VIA or VIA Plus platforms.

    However, if you own a 2016 to 2017 Vizio SmartCast HD TV, then you will need to stream apps from your personal computer, tablet, or smartphone and cast them to the TV using Chromecast or Apple AirPlay. If you own a Vizio SmartCast 4k UHD TV or a standard Vizio SmartCast TV, then all the apps come preloaded onto the television.

    If you do not see the app that you would like to use preloaded on your Vizio Smart TV, then keep in mind that any type of Vizio TV can use a Roku, Fire Stick, or some other 3rd party input device that will allow you to download all the apps that you need.

    That being said, let us take a look at how you go about downloading apps to a Vizio Smart TV using Viva and Viva Plus platforms as well as how you use SmartCast

    To find all the information you need, all you have to do is do a quick web search and you should get hundreds of results.

    However, we have done that part for you and have reviewed some of the highest-rated tech websites as well as the Vizio website to provide all the information you need here in a quick and easy-to-read format.

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    Airplay Streaming Apps From Your iPhone To Your Vizio TV

    Vizio TV SmartCast is also compatible with AirPlay 2.

    This means using your iOS device including an iPhone, iPad, or iMac, you can stream AirPlay content to your VIZIO SmartCast TV.

    The process is simple. Follow these steps:

    • Open a streaming app on your iPhone or iPad.
    • Select the media you want to stream.
    • Select the TVs name. This will start streaming the media.

    Vizio Smartcast Versus Via Or Via Plus TV

    How To Install Apps on a Vizio Smart TV

    VIZIO smart TV comes in two kinds: VIZIO Smartcast TV and VIZIO Internet App TV. Does it matter what type of TV you have to install and manage apps? The answer is Yes.

    VIZIO Internet App or the VIA TV does allow you to download and manage apps. Older versions of VIZIO smart TVs feature the VIA or the VIA plus. By the time VIZIO upgraded its TV models, it features VIA Plus and the new Smart Cast. Later and new models of VIZIO all feature SmartCast.

    There are selected apps pre-installed on VIA and VIA Plus TVs. But, VIZIO also allows you to search for the apps you want and install them through the VIZIO App Store. All you have to do is navigate your way through your remote control.


    Now, if you have the VIZIO SmartCast TV, all apps are pre-installed. Unfortunately, you cannot add the apps manually. If you want to stream an app on your VIZIO Smartcast TV, you will need to cast it from your mobile phone or laptop computer like you do with Google Chromecast devices. If you need to update the apps, VIZIO Smartcast TV will automatically update them once you update your TV OS.

    Still, you already have mainstream apps installed on your VIZIO Smartcast TV. You can watch content from Paramount+, Plex, CBS News, , YouTube TV, Netflix, NBC, , and more.

    With the VIZIO Smartcast TV, you also have the option to customize the row position of your apps. It has the Customize App Row feature where you can move your apps up and down to shuffle them how you want them to be.

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    How To Delete Apps On Vizio Smartcast

    SmartCast platform comes with installed apps, so the platform neither allows you to install nor uninstall apps. And there will be no need to manually update the apps, as the TV will do it automatically.

    If you want to use an app not on the platform, you can screen share or mirror your screen and activities.

    The only solution to uninstalling the apps is to reset factory settings, and you can do this by the following steps:

  • Press your Menu button.
  • Choose System menu > Reset and admin > Reset Factory Settings.
  • After the reset, you will have no app installed, and your SmartCast should be as good as new.

    Vizio TV Apps Not Supported

    Some of the applications on your Vizio TV may be functional, but when you go to use or download one, your TV will display that the application is not supported.

    This can be aggravating because owners expect such a high-tech item to be able to support and download any application that is available. If your apps are displaying Not Supported, read on for a solution.

    If your Vizio TV apps show Not Supported, your TV may need to be updated with the most recent firmware.

    To do so, press the Home button on your remote and then go to System > Check for Updates, and your TV will check for updates. If one is available, it will be installed automatically.

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    How To Add Or Delete Apps From Vizio Smart TV

    Well, sometimes there is a case when too much variety is often disturbing and often feels like clutter. There is an avid need to delete some things from every aspect of our lives. On the contrary, sometimes adding some things might prove useful. Running on the sidelines of this above discussion, Vizio smart TV has many features which to someone might prove a little too much and again, to another one, a little less.

    Hence, the gist of the following discussion will be: how to add or delete apps from the Vizio Smart TV.

    To add or delete apps from Vizio Smart TV, there is are some prerequisite conditions :

    The model of the Vizio Smart TV in hand should be known.

    The feature of the program which is currently being chosen should be known.

    While the first one is pretty self-explanatory, we shall now move on to the 2nd point.

    There are mainly three modes, or fundamental features, of a Vizio smart TV, where there is a role for apps and an option of usage, including apps. These can also be termed the platforms of the Vizio smart TV. Continue reading to know how to add or delete apps from Vizio smart TV.

    Deleting Apps On K/ku/ks Samsung Smart TVs

    How to Update Apps on Vizio Smart TV [Step by Step Guide]

    To delete apps from the 2016 Smart TVs series:

  • Press Homeon your remote control and select Apps.
  • Next, choose Options in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • From the menu bar, select Delete.
  • Pick each app you want to remove and select Deleteto uninstall it.
  • Wait until you see theyve been removed.
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    How To Delete Any App From Smart TV/ How To Delete Applications From Any Smart TV

    Uninstall Apps on Vizio Smart TV?

    Here the users are provided with the easiest steps to remove apps. Users can also distinctly know the varied processes used on various Vizio TV models. The users can opt factory reset to remove all the apps on a smart TV. However, users can follow these steps to remove the selected apps. Now let us understand how to uninstall apps on Vizio smart TV.

    The users can uninstall apps on the Vizio smart TV with the simplest methods given above. They can also opt for the factory reset process to clear all the apps on a smart TV. Even though the methods to remove apps are the same, there are slight differences in the steps. These differences arise due to the availability of varied models.

    Users remove or uninstall an app when it is of no further use. At times users delete it for its improper functioning. But can the users, uninstall apps on Vizio smart TV easily?. Of course, the process of uninstalling apps on Vizio smart TV is so easy. The user should be aware that, there are different models in Vizio TV.

    Deleting Apps On E/eh/es And H/hu/f Samsung Smart TVs

    If youve got an older series from the Samsung Smart TV library, removing apps is still possible. Get your remote control and do the following:

  • Select Smart Hub, using the remote for your TV.
  • Choose an app you want to uninstall.
  • Then, hold Toolson your remote control.
  • Choose Deleteand then Enter.
  • You must now confirm you want to delete an app, so highlight Yes, and press Enter on the remote.
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    How To Remove Spectrum App From Vizio Smart TV

    If you want to remove the Spectrum App from your Vizio Smart TV, you can follow these instructions:

    • First of all, turn on your Vizio TV and press the Home button on your remote control.
    • Then click on the Smart Hub button.
    • After that, click on the App icon and head to My Apps.
    • Now, choose the Spectrum TV App and click Delete.
    • Finally, select Yes to confirm the action.

    Once you have completed these steps, you will no longer see the Spectrum App in the list on your Vizio Smart TV.

    How Do I Delete Apps And Reinstall On My Vizio Smart TV

    Clearing Your Vizio Smart TV Cache

    If the app still appears at the bottom of your Vizio TV screen after deleting it, scroll to the app that was not functioning, then press the OK button. Your Vizio TV will give you the option on the bottom to Install or Reinstall the app. You can then use down arrow to select the app and press OK.

    How do I reset my Netflix?on my Vizio TV? Press the menu button on your VIZIO remote and choose System > Reset & Admin > Reset to Factory Settings.

    How do I reinstall Hulu on my Vizio Smart TV?

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    What Is Smartcast On Vizio Smart TV

    SmartCast is VIZIOs operating system for our connected TVs. It is our own built-in-house solution that leverages both Chromecast and Apple AirPlay, SmartCast is described as a solution that utilises both Chromecast and Apple AirPlay. HomeKit is also incorporated into it. All speech assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri, are supported by our company.

    Cast Streaming Services From Your Pc To Your Vizio TV

    As mentioned, you can also use your laptop to stream media on your Vizio TV. If you have a Windows 10 laptop, you can simply follow the casting procedure you use to cast media using your smartphone.

    All you have to do is open the Chrome browser, select the cast option from the menu and share the screen you want.

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    What Are Via And Via+

    Some older Vizio TVs use the VIA or VIA+ smart TV platform instead of SmartCast.

    VIA and VIA+ platforms work like many other smart TVs. You have a set of core apps and can add more apps via an app marketplace. VIA and VIA+ also support mirroring or casting content from some apps using your mobile device.

    Identify The Model Of Your Vizio Smart TV

    Getting Apps On Vizio Smart TV

    Before we can proceed, it is an essential step that you identify what model your Vizio Smart TV falls into. This is because the method for adding apps to Vizio Smart TV differs depending upon the model/system you have. Divided into three categories, your system should be any one of these Smartcast, Vizio Internet Apps or Vizio Internet Apps Plus. To find out the model of your Vizio Smart TV, you can check the user guide or identify your model from the breakdown of Vizio TVs from the following list:

    • 2015 and older Vizio Smart TVs offer Vizio Internet Apps or Vizio Internet Apps Plus
    • 2016 and 2017 Vizio smart TVs offer Vizio Internet Apps Plus or Intelligent Cast
    • 2018 and newer Vizio smart TVs offer Smartcast

    With that out of the way, well get right onto the point.

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