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How To Reset Insignia Fire TV Remote

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Purchase A New Remote Or Buy New Batteries

Insignia Smart TV (Fire TV): How to Factory Reset Back or Original Default Settings

Insignias new models/technological advancements have made it extremely difficult to control your television manually and even if you have a device that has many buttons on it.

That is definitely going to be a hassle in the long term if you have to stand up every single time to increase the volume so you might as well buy a new remote or replace the batteries of the old one as soon as possible.

Insignia stores around you might sell remote replacements and all you have to do is make sure you know what model you have so that you pick up the right remote.

Can I Use Insignia Fire TV Without A Remote

Assuming that youve landed here because you were looking for a factory reset on your remote, we have figured that you might experience an issue with your Fire TV remote.

Now you know how to reset a Fire TV remote, it is easy to solve a variety of issues, but if your issue still persists now you will learn how to use your 3rd party device as a Fire TV remote.


You can use any mobile device such as .

  • Connect the device youre using to the same network as your Insignia Fire TV
  • Navigate to the dedicated application store (the Fire TV app is available for both Android and iOS
  • Open the Fire TV application on the device youre trying to connect
  • Follow the prompts that will appear
  • Select the Fire TV device you would like to remotely control
  • This way you will never worry about where your remote went or why it is not working again.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for a remote we recommend buying one of the supported remotes that weve listed earlier.

    Note that all universal remotes actually work with Insignia Fire TV and if you are having such an issue, there is nothing you can do.

    Why Reset Your Fire TV

    When it comes to devices with embedded operating systems, sometimes theres just a glitch in the machine you cant explain, and Amazons Fire TV line is no exception. Maybe a certain button on the remote just doesnt work right. Maybe it refuses to recognize your Wi-Fi network . Maybe despite entering your Amazon Prime credentials a dozen times in a row, it just wont phone home and load your vast Prime library.

    While we dont encourage people to take the scorched-Earth approach to fixing their gadgets, unfortunately thats sometimes the only solution that works. Whatever your ghost-in-the-machine glitch might be, theres a very good chance that a factory reset is the key to eradicating it.

    The price for resetting your Fire TV device back to a showroom-fresh state is that you need to go through and tweak all your settings as if you just plugged the device in for the first time: Wi-Fi credentials, Amazon credentials, any customization youve made, and so on. Furthermore, youll need to download all content again like apps and stored media.

    If youre not put off by the hassle and youre ready for that new-car smell, lets reset your Fire TV.

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    Why Has Insignia Fire TV Remote Stopped Working

    It is a very common issue that a user might face. Sometimes your remote might not connect with the smart tv. Here we have mentioned some of the reasons why the fire tv remote might not connect to your tv

  • It might be because your tv is not connected to the remote properly

  • You should try pairing your remote with the tv again

  • The batteries of the remote might be dead and it needs to be changed

  • Water might have seeped into the remote

  • If you have dropped down the remote many time. This means that the remote is broken inside

  • If your tv is not getting a proper signal from the remote then it won’t work properly

  • If the remote has been exposed to high temperatures it may cause damage to the particles inside.

  • Why Is Toshiba Fire TV Not Working

    How to safely Reboot and Restart the Amazon Fire TV

    There can be various reasons why Toshiba Fire TV remote is not working, among which TV not working properly being the major reason. Another possibility is that the buttons or button on your Toshiba Fire TV remote might have stuck.

    Follow these troubleshooting methods mentioned below on how to fix the Toshiba Fire TV remote not working issue:

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    Check Your Insignia Smart TV Receiver For Blockage

    If there is something getting in between your remote and the receiver on your TV, it wont work at all even though there is nothing wrong with your system!

    Most TVs have receivers that are harder to see than they were on your old CRT television, blending into the frame of the TV.

    That can make it hard to know where to point the remote, and hard to know whether or not a piece of home decor is blocking the receiver.

    Before you rush to the conclusion that your remote is broken beyond repair, check to make sure nothing is blocking the receiver on your TV!

    Sometimes, its that simple a candle, knick-knack, or piece of holiday decor has found its way between your TV and the remote. All you have to do is remove it, and youre on your way!

    Factory Reset The Remote

    Another thing you can do to fix the Insignia Fire TV remote not working issue is to factory reset the remote as it is possible that the remote may have become unsynced to your TV. You can try factory reset by pressing and holding: DPAD-left, back and the menu buttons for ten seconds.

    Remember that factory resent of the Fire TV device will remove all the Fire TV data and settings.

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    Program Insignia Universal Remote With Auto Search

    All the Universal Codes in the Remote Control goes through scanning process in the auto search method. The procedure of programming Insignia Universal Remote is a sequential step by step process. It should be done carefully. Below are the steps:

  • Turn on the TV for which you want the Universal Remote to operate.
  • Turn on the remote,tap on the device button for 3 seconds. The LED light shows that the device is all set to program.
  • Point out the remote to device and click on channel switches . Remote will show on/off signals. Press up/down until the device turns off.
  • Check the code by clicking on Power button. Device will turn on. Try changing the channels to check if the remote is programmed correctly or not.
  • Fig. 3 Universal Remote

    How To Restart Insignia Fire TV Remote Easily

    Insignia Fire TV: Only Power Button Works? How to Pair / Re-Pair Remote (3 Fixes)

    Before we jump right into all methods of factory resetting your Insignia Fire TV remote, we are going to take a look at how to perform a simple restart.

    Take out the batteries for at least 3 minutes and put them back in. Now you have successfully restarted your Fire TV remote.

    The simple restart just reboots the device providing you with a clean start. It is well-known that restarts are proven to resolve simple issues such as glitches and interference from other devices.

    So, if you are experiencing any issues, performing a restart or also known as power cycle can resolve your problems.

    If this is not what you were looking for under our next heading you will learn everything about factory resetting Insignia Fire TV remotes.

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    Hard Reset Your Insignia Fire TV

    Often, turning off your Insignia Fire TV isnt enough to eliminate all of its electrical power.

    It is possible for small packages of power to disrupt the reset process.

    This situation requires you to perform a hard reset on your Insignia Fire TV.

  • Remove the power cord from your Insignia Fire TV.
  • Keep the dedicated power button pressed for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Hold the power button while plugging in the TV.
  • Release the power button once you see the loading screen.
  • As these steps will restore settings to factory default, the remote will also be disconnected.

    So after you have completed these steps, you must resync your Fire TV remote by pressing and holding the home button for 30 seconds.

    How To Factory Reset Your Insignia TV

    Compared to a hard reset, factory resetting your Insignia TV is a more detailed procedure but one that produces better results. You have to use your TV remote during this process.

    To factory reset:

    • Turn on your Insignia TV by pressing the power button on your remote controller
    • Press the Home button to gain access to the main menu option
    • Scroll down, select Settings, and press the right arrow on your remote
    • Click on System and then once again use the right arrow key to enter
    • Go to Advanced Settings and then press the right arrow again
    • Select Factory Settings and then press the Okay button on your remote control. A code will be instantly displayed on your screen.
    • Key in the code in the slots provided and press Okay
    • Wait for the TV to reboot

    You will have completed the reset once your TV reboots.

    If you dont have a remote, use the first procedure to reset your Insignia TV. However, if your remote is functional, the second method is better.

    More About Insignia TVs

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    How To Control Insignia TV Without Remote Control

    Nowadays, everything has a workaround and multiple ways to get done, and this is true for Insignia TV as well. There are multiple ways to control the TV if the remote is lost or damaged.

    If you do not have the Insignia TV remote and wish to control your TV, there are three primary ways through which you can do this. In which you can use its buttons, a universal remote, the Insignia TV remote app, or by buying a replacement remote for your TV.

    The following are four options explained in detail if the remote control is not available.

    When Is Your Insignia Fire TV Loading Screen Halting

    Toshiba Fire TV Edition Lost Remote

    There are multiple places where your Insignia Fire TV could get stuck in loading. It can happen when booting up your Insignia Fire TV. It can also occur while opening up a menu, playing a video, and changing settings.

    In addition, according to users, an end of an update sometimes also gets stuck on the loading screen.

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    Use Original Hdmi Cables Or Power Cables

    You need to use original hdmi cables or power cables that came with insignia fire tv and you need to make sure the power supply is good and by using other cables which did not come with insignia fire tv then you can experience this issue. So use original power cables and connect it and you can also try to change with other power supply cables as well and fix insignia fire tv stuck on logo screen.

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    Factory Reset Insignia Smart TV Without Remote Control

    Go through the tutorial from the first point to the last point. Perform the reset sequence after reading the tutorial twice.

    1. Unplug the Insignia Smart TV from the power socket and turn off the unit.

    2. Press and hold the Power button on the TV physical control panel.

    3. Connect the TV power cable back into the socket while holding the Power button on the physical control panel.

    Turn on the Insignia TV.

    4. Release the Power button when the TV welcome screen appears.

    5. Give the Android TV time to load the Android Recovery Mode.

    All Android phones and tablets have the recovery mode, and it has similar options.

    6. Now, you have multiple options on the screen. Do not press any button and read the guide first.

    7. Use the navigation controls on the TV physical control panel.

    8. Choose the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option.

    9. Press and hold the Power button to activate the option.

    The factory reset process begins when you press the power button.

    10. You have to keep holding the button until the text color changes to a green color scheme.

    Thats how the Android system confirms the action.

    11. Release the power button when the confirmation message appears on the screen.

    12. Sit back and relax.

    Android system automates the process, and you dont have to do anything.

    13. Wait until it says Wipe data process complete 100% on the screen.

    14. Use the TV physical control panel and choose the Reboot System Now option.

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    How To Reset Insignia TV

    Categories Electronics, Insignia TV, Television

    Insignia TVs are among the electronics and appliances that are an in-house brand by the retail giant Best Buy. While Insignia TVs are a more affordable option than other smart TVs, they are not without their faults.

    As a general rule, you can reset the Insignia TV by disconnecting the TV from its power source for at least 60 seconds. If you are experiencing multiple issues with your Insignia TV, leaving the TV unplugged for several hours will help to clear any glitches and install any pending updates.

    Whether you purchased the Insignia TV new or you are the second or third owner, you expect your TV to work. This article will troubleshoot ways to reset your Insignia TV so you can get back to enjoying your favorite movie or television program.

    Fully Reset Your Insignia Smart TV

    Insignia Remote TV FIXED: Remote Not Working, Power Button or Other Buttons- TRY THIS FIRST

    The remote for your TV isnt very complicated even though it controls a smart TV, it doesnt work any differently than any other remote youve used in the past.

    It sends an infrared signal to a receiver on your TV, and the TV interprets the signal.

    That means that, of the two items, your TV is a LOT more complex than your remote. If your remote isnt working, your TV may still be to blame!

    To reset your Insignia Smart TV, you can use the buttons on the side/back panel or download the Insignia Remote App to your smartphone.

    Heres how its done:

  • Navigate from the main screen on your TV to Settings.
  • Then, select the System option.
  • Finally, select the option Reset to Factory Defaults, and your TV will revert to its factory settings.
  • If there is a disconnect between the TV and the remote, this should fix it.

    Note that you will have to sign in to your streaming services again after the reset.

    Alternative Reset Option

    If you dont have a remote control app on your phone, if your TV has no buttons, or both, you arent out of options.

    The simplest way to reset your Insignia Smart TV is by holding the power button for 10 seconds, or until the screen changes.

    Its a lot like resetting your iPhone hold down the power button, wait, and everything should go back to normal!

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    How To Hard Reset An Insignia TV

    Before resetting your TV, note that the action will revert most of your personalized settings and may delete your data and installed apps.

    To reset the TV:

    • Unplug the TV from the wall socket
    • Wait for at least half an hour before plugging it back in.
    • Plugin the TV back in, and it will prompt to start keying in system data anew

    It is best to point out that it would be better if you would leave the TV unplugged overnight and continue with the hard reset process the next day.

    Find Physical Reset Button

    Insignia TV makers have added a physical button on the rear side. TV owners should find the physical button using a flashlight, and the button should reset near the USB ports. All TV models have different chassis, so I cant give you the exact location of the information. The manufacturer printed the name, so try to find Reset on the rear side. Let me show you how to reset the Smart TV using the physical button.

    1. Pick up a ball pen.

    2. Reposition the TV on a comfortable side.

    3. Turn on the TV and keep it on Home Screen.

    4. Use the ball pen to press and hold the Reset button for thirty seconds.

    5. Release the physical button after thirty seconds.

    The company programmed the physical button to perform the reset without confirmation. The software begins the wiping process and waits for the setup screen. Setup the TV once the software restored the Android TV to default settings.

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    How To Use Insignia TV Without Remote 3 Quick Ways

    You may be wondering whether you can use the Insignia TV without a remote, or if there is any way to operate it using Remote Apps, and how?

    As a TV enthusiast, I always look for a way around to get things done.

    Its not uncommon to have trouble with remote controls, and sometimes they get damaged and we cant find them when we need them, although there can be multiple reasons.

    You will learn how to control the Insignia TV without its remote control in this guide. I am covering everything you need to know, including turning it on, programming it, resetting it, or making any other changes without using it.

    Without further ado, lets see how to operate your Insignia TV without its remote.

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  • Clean The Sensor Of Your Insignia TV

    Toshiba Fire TV Edition Remote Replacement

    You must clean the sensor of your TV at least once in two weeks. Because the sensor is covered with full of dirt, it may not receive the signal properly from the remote. So, clean the sensor and try connecting your remote with your TV.

    These are the best fixes that you can use when your Insignia TV remote is not working. You should ensure that there isnt any item that blocks the signal from the remote to your TV. If your remote is physically damaged, then you can purchase a new remote. You can surely resolve your problem with any one of the fixes given above. You can use these fixes for both the Insignia Roku TV remote and the Fire TV remote.

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