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How To Watch Apple TV+

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How to Watch Apple TV Right Now

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Apple TV Channels And Other Content

Although theyre not technically part of the Apple TV Plus program, Apple TV Channels are a great way to get more out of your experience with the Apple TV app while waiting for more original content. It turns the service into something more like traditional cable TV, but without all the bloat.

The Apple TV Channels program is essentially an à la carte selection of TV channels and streaming services that you can subscribe to within the Apple TV app. This allows you to consolidate most of your streaming services into one place, with Apple getting a cut of every Apple TV subscription.

Its easy and convenient to subscribe with your Apple account from within the app, but your existing subscriptions outside of the app cannot be transferred over. You will need to cancel them and resubscribe through Apple TV.

However, there are a few other potential benefits to subscribing via Apple TV Channels, such as higher bitrate streams and media downloads. It also makes it easier to manage your Apple TV subscriptions from one place. Many subscriptions can also be shared with up to six family members, just like Apple TV Plus.

Heres a full list of confirmed Apple TV Channels:

  • Acorn TV
  • The Great Courses Signature Collection
  • Topic
  • Up Faith & Family

Apple TV subscription fees will vary by channel but typically hover around $5 or more. Apple TV Channel availability may vary by region, and HBO Now is no longer accepting new subscribers after the launch of HBO Max in 2020.

  • Hulu
  • Playstation Vue

Is Apple TV Plus Free

Yes and no. Normally, Apple TV Plus costs $4.99 per month. However, there are at least three legal ways to watch content streaming on Apple TV+ without paying anything.

Lets take a step back and look at the value of the subscription. What is Apple TV Plus? Its Apples native on-demand video streaming service launched on 1 November 2019. The platform features original TV shows and movies available on all devices with the Apple TV app. Its been known for the hot releases like The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston, Oprahs Book Club, and more. New originals arrive every month.

While Apple TV+ is definitely more affordable than Hulu or Netflix, its still very new. The amount of content you can stream is comparatively small. So before joining, we encourage you to take some time and explore the best Apple TV+ originals for free.

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Watch Movies TV Shows And Live Content In The Apple TV App

Watch movies and TV shows from popular streaming services, like Apple TV+, and subscribe to premium channels all with the Apple TV app.

Make sure that your device is compatible with the Apple TV app.

If you’re using a smart TV or streaming device, you may need to set up the Apple TV app first.

The Apple TV app comes already installed on your Apple devices. To use the latest features, make sure that your device is up to date with the latest version of iOS or iPadOS, macOS, or tvOS.

Can I Download Shows For Offline Viewing

How to Watch Apple TV+ on LG Smart TV? [Step by Step Guide]

Yes, with a couple of caveats. Apple appears to place no limits on downloads of the same content across iPhones, iPads, and Macs owned by the same account. For example, we downloaded the same episode of Servant on all three of these devices through the TV app with no trouble.

But thats where the freedom ends. Apple doesnt allow you to download Apple TV+ content on the Apple TV, nor does it allow for it on other streaming devices, smart TVs, or when watching shows on a browser.

Shows you download to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac will be available for 30 days, after which your devices will automatically remove them. You can also manually delete them through the TV app.

Unfortunately, theres no way to change the image quality of the downloads, which can be a pain since some episodes can take up more than 3GB of space.

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Does Apple Release Episodes Once A Week Or Drop Entire Seasons At Once

Apples approach varies. With brand-new shows, Apple will often release three episodes at once, with the rest of the season coming one episode a week. Second seasons and later may start off with just one a week, and some limited series make all the episodes available immediately.

New releases to Apple TV+ typically happen on Friday at midnight .

Reset The Apple TV App And Apple TV+ App

Before you sell or give away your device or uninstall the Apple TV app or Apple TV+ app, you should reset the Apple TV app and Apple TV+ app. Resetting the Apple TV app and Apple TV+ app signs you out of your account, removes your personal information, and restores the apps to their original settings.

If you reset the Apple TV app and Apple TV+ app on a smart TV that’s also signed in to the Apple Music app, then the Apple Music app will also be restored to its original settings.

  • Open the Apple TV app or Apple TV+ app.
  • Go to Settings.
  • On your smart TV, choose Reset Apple TV app and Apple Music, or Reset Apple TV+ app. Then confirm your choice.
  • On your streaming device or game console, choose Reset Apple TV app or Reset Apple TV+ app. Then confirm your choice.
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    How Do I Change The Streaming Quality So I Dont Burn Through My Data

    A single episode of an Apple TV+ show like See can use over 2GB of your mobile data. You can prevent Apples service from hogging so much data on your iPhone or iPad by going to Settings > TV. Youll see options to use cellular data or not, can change between Automatic and High Quality streaming, and can change the quality of downloads over cellular.

    What Apple TV+ Shows And Movies Are There

    How To Watch Apple TV

    The first wave of programming available on the service when it launched showed that Apple TV was going to be a contender when it comes to original programming with some huge names attached to several of their projects.

    From The Morning Show starring Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Anniston and Steve Carrell, to Ted Lasso starring Jason Sudeikis, there are a number of big shows on Apple TV+, with the streamers collection only growing.

    Dickinson starring Hailee Steinfeld is now in its second series, while Physical with Rose Byrne, Mythic Quest and Schmigadoon are all relatively new shows on the platform.

    Other projects that the streamer now has include:

    Other projects in the pipeline are:

    • Dolly, a courtroom drama with the twist of having Florence Pugh signed up to play a robot
    • Foundation, a sci-fi series starring Jared Harris
    • Invasion, a sci-fi series about an alien invasion
    • The Shrink Next Door, a dark comedy starring Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell as a charismatic therapist and his patient
    • Mr Corman, comedy-drama starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a teacher
    • Luck, animated comedy starring Jane Fonda and Whoopi Goldberg
    • Ben Stiller thriller Severance, starring Adam Scott and Patricia Arquette
    • In with the Devil, drama starring Taron Egerton
    • TheAfterparty, comedy starring Tiffany Haddish, Sam Richardson and Ben Schwartz

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    How To Cancel Apple TV+ Subscription

    If you dont like the Apple TV Plus channels or dont want to pay for the monthly subscription, make sure you cancel your membership in time. The 7-day free trial automatically renews into a paid subscription so you have to be prepared. Ideally, set a reminder for the payment due date or even a day before. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to unsubscribe on your device.

    To cancel Apple TV+ membership on Mac:

  • Open App Store on Mac

  • If youre not signed in, youll be prompted to enter your Apple ID password

  • Select View Information > Manage next to Subscriptions

  • Find Apple TV+ on the list and click Edit > Cancel Subscription.

  • To cancel Apple TV+ subscription on iPhone or iPad:

  • Access App Store on your mobile device

  • Select Subscriptions > Apple TV+

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Cancel Free Trial.

  • To unsubscribe on Apple TV:

  • Highlight and select Settings with your remote

  • Navigate to Users & Accounts and select your account

  • Select Apple TV+ > Cancel Subscription.

  • How To Watch The Free Apple TV+ Shows

    The TV app is the exclusive destination for Apple TV+, but the TV app is a little confusing because it blends together purchasable TV shows and movies from the iTunes Store, which you can buy or rent, the integration of content from other apps like Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer, and Apple TV Channels.

    The Watch Now screen does not really distinguish between content that you own and can watch, and just Apples general recommendations.

    The easiest way to get started with Apple TV+ is to open the Apple TV app on your device, and tap on the Originals tab.

    This tab takes you to the Apple TV+ channel page. This screen shows you all of the Apple TV+ shows and movies available to watch, separated into categories like comedy, drama and family fun.

    Note that is very stripped down compared to the native TV app on devices, and it only shows Apple original content. Both the website and the Mac TV app lack key features like the ability to skip intro or automatic next episode suggestions when you finish an episode.

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    Apple TV Plus Vs Apple TV

    While their names are nearly identical, Apple TV and Apple TV+ are very different products.

    Apple TV is a small digital media player that connects to your television, with apps that let you watch content from the iTunes store and numerous streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, and .

    Apple TV+ is Appleâs own streaming service that launched in 2019, with a focus on high-quality original TV shows and movies. You donât need an Apple TV device to watch Apple TV+.

    How To Watch Apple TV On Pc

    How to get an Apple TV+ subscription and free trial, so that you can ...

    If youve heard people talking about Ted Lasso, Severance, The Morning Show, or Dickinson, you might know you need to be an Apple TV+ subscriber to watch those shows.

    Theres no doubt that Apple TV Plus has been releasing some excellent content. Fortunately, you dont have to be a Mac user to use the streaming service. In this article, well go over a couple ways you can watch Apple TV Plus on a Windows PC.

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    Can You Subscribe To Other Streaming Services With Apple TV+

    Not in the Apple TV+ streaming service itself, no. That’s limited to original programming from Apple. However, you can use the Apple TV app’s Channels feature to subscribe to other services and then watch their content in the Apple TV app. To do that:

  • Go to the Available Apple TV Channels section of the Apple TV app and select a service.

  • Select the free trial button and follow the onscreen prompts to subscribe. Most services offer a short free trial.

  • Your monthly subscription will be billed by Apple using your Apple ID.

  • How To Get Apple TV Plus For Free

    In order to help boost its newcomer streaming service, Apple initially offered a free year of Apple TV Plus to anyone who recently purchased an Apple device. This includes iPhones, iPads, Macs, iPods, and Apple TV set-top boxes.

    However, the offer does not stand for new purchases now. Apple stopped offering a free year of Apple TV Plus in July 2021. From now on, youll get just three months of no-cost access before you have to consider a paid subscription. New Roku devices also include three free months of Apple TV Plus. Other new users can still get seven days of Apple TV Plus for free. Learn more about how to get Apple TV Plus for free at the link below.

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    Apple TV+ Is Everywhere

    Being a PC user is not a barrier to enjoying streaming shows and movies from Apple TV+. If you own even a single Apple device with a screen, you can stream Apple TV content on that device and mirror the screen on your PC. And if thats not appealing to you, well tell you about several other ways to access Apple TV+ on your personal computer.

    What Devices Are Compatible With Apple TV+

    How to Watch Apple TV on Android TV, Chromecast, Roku, and FireFox,

    It’s no surprise that you can watch Apple TV+ on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Macs via the web or the Apple TV app. But you can also stream Apple TV+ on many other kinds of devices.

    The Apple TV app is available on Samsung and LG smart TVs, Roku and , and Windows PCs via the web. Apple TV is also available for many Android TV OS devices, including Nvidia’s Shield TV, Phillips TVs, and more. Find out if your device is supported on Apple’s full list of Apple TV+ compatible devices.

    If your smart TV isn’t on that list, check out the LG, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio AirPlay 2-compatible TVs further down that page. They support screen mirroring using AirPlay 2. You can watch Apple TV+ on your iOS, iPadOS, or macOS device and then mirror your device’s screen to one of those compatible TVs.

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    Wolfboy And The Everything Factory

    Watch Trailer Released September 24, 2021 1 season

    In this charming animated series, William Wolf lets his imagination run wild. Along with his new Spryte friends, he might even have the power to change the world. William is voiced by Kassian Akhtar. The show is executive produced by Joseph-Gordon Levitt.

    Watch Trailer Read Related Book Official Podcast Released September 24, 2021 1 season TV-MA

    Based on the genre-defining novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation is an epic sci-fi adventure. Hari Seldon predicts the downfall of the Galactic Empire and recruits a band of exiles to carry out his plan to save the future of humanity.

    More episodes of Foundation are on the way. Apple has officially announced that the show has been renewed for a second season.

    Watch Season Two Trailer Read Related Book Released November 1, 2019 2 seasons TV-MA

    A drama exploring the power dynamics in the world of morning news broadcasts. The story opens with anchor Mitch Kessler facing sexual misconduct allegations. Newcomer Bradley Jackson aspires to replace Kessler in the prime-time slot, and clashes with longtime host Alex Levy . In the second season, the show unravels the ramifications further against a backdrop of the beginnings of the COVID-19 outbreak.

    The Morning Show Season Three

    The third season of The Morning Show is in development but a firm release date has not yet been announced.

    What Is Apple TV+

    Launched in November 2019, Apple TV+ is the companys TV and movie streaming service, which competes with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and other media content providers. The selection of titles is definitely smaller than is offered by its rivals, but Apple has slowly been building up a range of interesting bespoke content, often featuring big name stars like Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Will Ferrell, Tom Hanks, Paul Rudd, Tom Holland and others.

    To see our pick of the best available content on the service, read whats on Apple TV?

    Using the service costs £4.99/$4.99 per month, but theres also the possibility of getting three months for free when you buy an eligible Apple product. These include any new iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, Apple TV or Mac.

    There are also various other ways to get a free or reduced subscription to the service, such as when you buy certain products or if youre a student. We outline the options in all the ways you can get Apple TV+ for free.

    If you already subscribe to another Apple service, such as Apple Music, then it could be worth considering changing to Apple One, which offers various bundle combinations of Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+ and iCloud. To see what each tier costs and has to offer, read our should I get Apple One? guide.

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