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How To Watch Your Cell Phone On TV

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Slaying The Cable Monster: What You Need To Know About Hdmi Cables

How to Connect Your Phone to the TV

TVs have come a long way in the last few years, and HDMI has been evolving to match. Here’s what you should know about buying video cables for your TV, and why a cheap cable will usually provide the same performance as an expensive one.

We’re solidly in the age of 4K resolution, with 8K starting to heat up . That doesn’t even consider high dynamic range , which can process more information per pixel thanks to wider ranges of light and color. That’s a lot of data to send from your media streamer, Blu-ray player, game console, or PC to your TV, and you’re going to need a cable for it.

HDMI is the established standard for sending both video and sound from a home entertainment device to a TV over one cable. It’s the best way to hook up DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra HD Blu-ray players video game consoles and streaming media devices. If you’re hooking anything up to your TV that’s less than a decade old, HDMI is the way to do it. If you don’t already have an HDMI cable , or if you just want to rearrange your home theater setup and find yourself lacking the slack you need, you’re going to have to buy a new one.

Shopping for HDMI cables should be a simple process, but a wealth of choices, a wide range of prices, and a handful of potential holes to trip into can make it seem confusing and difficult. You need the right cable for the job, and ideally you want to spend as little as possible for it. After all, it’s just a cable. Right?

Buying A 32 Inch Led TV

First of all, you need to click Buy 32 Inch LED TV, and follow the below mentioned steps:

As this TV is available under Rs.9000, you can directly buy it after clicking the buying option

If you want to pay the money in installments, you need to follow these steps:

You will be able to view this screen after clicking on the link

In the next step, you need to click on the Option dropdown that is circled in black color

Once you click on the Option button, you will be able see multiple EMI options with 3 months, 6 months and 12 months plan. You can also choose from the options of Debit Card EMIs, Other Card EMIs and Amazon Pay.

It is recommended to Buy the 32 Inch Kodak LED TV by paying Rs. 1, 500 in 6 installments by choosing the 6 months plan

Now, that you have ordered a 32 inch LED TV successfully and is going to arrive in 1 or 2 days, lets move to the next step, i.e. connecting your smartphone to the TV:

How To Connect Your Android Phone To Your TV

You can stream your Android phone or tablet screen to a TV through screen mirroring, Google Cast, a third-party app, or linking it with a cable.

There are times when you’re watching something on your phone and you want to share it with the room or just see it on a bigger display. Those with Android devices have a few options, including built-in features, third-party apps, and cable hookups. Let’s break down your choices, from the simplest solution to the most complex.

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Underlying Support: The Many Roles Of Usb

You might think of your old USB Type-A port simply as a data port for connecting drives or peripherals like mice. But USB-C, depending on the specific port’s implementation, can do much more. One of USB-C’s most useful skills, when designed thus, is delivering enough power to charge the host device, such as laptop or smartphone. In fact, many lightweight laptops that have USB-C ports use them in place of a traditional barrel-style connector as the only option for attaching an AC adapter.

USB-C’s support for sending simultaneous video signals and power means that you might be able to connect to and power a native DisplayPort, MHL, or HDMI device, or connect to almost anything else, assuming you have the proper adapter and cables. The USB-C spec even factors in audio transmissions over the interface, but so far it has not replaced the 3.5mm headphone jack on computers to the same degree as it has on phones and tablets.

Make sure to check the specs on any PC you’re thinking of buying, because not all USB-C ports are alike. So far, every one we’ve seen supports both data transfers and connected-device power delivery over USB-C . But while the USB-C standard supports connecting DisplayPort and/or HDMI displays with an adapter , not every PC maker has connected the ports to every system’s graphics hardware. Some USB-C ports on a system may support video-out connectivity, while others may not or none may. Looking at the details is important.

Cable Types: The Speed Factor

Why not to use your phone while watching TV

HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 don’t matter nearly as much as their speed ratings, also defined by the HDMI Forum and HDMI Licensing Administrator. Those specifications touch on speeds with their maximum bandwidths, but they don’t specifically define every cable. That’s why HDMI cables are grouped together under one of four speed categories: Standard, High Speed, Premium High Speed, and Ultra High Speed.

Each category has its own sub-categories based on additional features like an Ethernet channel built into the cable or a stronger signal for automotive use, but the main label you should worry about is whether your cable is Standard, High Speed, Premium, or Ultra High Speed.

Standard is the most basic, and slowest, HDMI cable you can get. It has a bandwidth of 4.95Gbps, which is enough to send a 1080p signal to your TV, but not much more than that. Standard HDMI cables are rare to find in stores, but if you find an unmarked cable in a bucket somewhere, or hooked up to a home theater system that hasn’t been upgraded in five years, it might be Standard. These cannot support 4K video at all.

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Usb To TV: Connecting As A Storage Device

While the most common use case for connecting a phone to a TV using USB is for screen mirroring, there’s another option. Instead of screen mirroring, you can also simply view files like pictures on a TV.

However, this will require a compatible monitor, TV, or projector. Most modern displays should accept USB storage.

Of the various USB to TV connection options, this is the easiest. Since it only requires a phone, USB cable, and TV with a USB input, it’s simple to set up. Which specific cable you need depends on your phone.

On an iPhone or iPad, use a Lightning cable . Alternately, Android users need a micro-USB or USB-C cable. The USB cable that came with your phone or tablet should work fine.

Smartphones And How They Connect To Your TV

To connect your phone to your smart TV to screen mirror, both devices need to be compatible with one another. Android and iOS phones have different compatibilities.

For ANDROID Smartphones: Android smartphones version 4.2 or higher connect to the TV with Miracast wireless display standard.

For APPLE Smartphones: Apple iOS smartphones connect to the TV with Airplay

IMPORTANT! The FOLLOWING SCREEN MIRRORING INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR ANDROID SMARTPHONES.These screen mirroring instructions are for Android powered devices and may not work with Apple products. Apple products have different requirements for screen mirroring to a smart TV and may require additional adapters or equipment.

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Connecting Your iPhone To Your Smart TV

Some models of smart TV actually have iPhone support built in look for a feature called Airplay on your TVs specs.

For TVs that dont support Airplay, there are specific apps, depending on the brand of your TV, that allows you to mirror what you are seeing on your iPhone on your TV. This way you can play games and stream your paid subscriptions on a big screen.

Use Samsung Dex To Connect Your Samsung Phone To A TV

How to connect and watch your phone on your TV

Among the most popular Android devices available, you’ll find Samsung flagship handsets. These feature connectivity with televisions and monitors. For pure screen mirroring, you’ll need a USB-C to HDMI cable.

To connect a Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/Note 8 and later to your TV, merely hook up a USB-C to HDMI adapter. Plug the USB-C male into the USB-C charging port on your Samsung Galaxy device. Then run the HDMI cable into your TV.

However, Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, and Note 8/9 devices also include DeX. Bridging the gap between mobile and desktop, DeX offers a desktop experience run from your handset. You can run all the same Android apps, however, access your phone’s gallery, and basically get everything on the big screen

Since this is proprietary technology, the method for connecting a DeX-enabled Samsung phone to a TV differs from standard hookups.

For the entire Galaxy S8 and Note 8 line up, as well as S9 and S9+, you’ll need a dock to use DeX.

However, the Note 9 doesn’t require a dock. Instead, the Note 9 enters DeX mode with merely a USB-C to HDMI cable. That’s far more useful than a dedicated dock.

If using a dock, you will also need a power cable for powering the dock and charging your device. To find out more, see our guide to using DeX to turn your phone or tablet into a computer.

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Connect To The TV With Hdmi

The most reliable way to get your phone hooked up to the TV is with an HDMI cable. Practically every TV will have an HDMI port of some sort, which is used to transfer both audio and video from the same source.

Your phone wont have an HDMI port, but there are handy adaptors that will bolt HDMI ports onto your phones USB Type-C, micro USB, or lightning ports.

Some Android tablets will have mini HDMI or micro HDMI ports, which can connect directly to HDMI over a single cable. Whatever port youre hoping to connect from, make sure your cable is compatible with that connection.

Connecting Your Phone To The TV With A Casting Device

Wireless with Chromecast

Look, the solutions mentioned above require two or more adapters which sometimes need their own power supplies. Thats a lot of unnecessary cables. A cleaner solution would be to use a wireless casting device, such as a Chromecast.

If you have a TV with an HDMI port, simply buy a Chromecast, plug it into the HDMI port, connect it to your Wifi, and cast whatever media from your phone to your TV through the Wifi network. Very easy.

Chromecast to RCA

Now, you might have an older TV that doesnt have HDMI ports. Not to worry, the same solution for the phone works here too. There are HDMI to RCA adapters or converters that will allow you to convert an HDMI signal into RCA for an older TV.

Using these adapters for Chromecast is easier than connecting a phone to a TV because the phone requires one more adapter so its a little neater. But you will need to make sure the Chromecast has a good connection to your Wifi network.

Heres the outline:

Chromecast HDMI to RCA Adapter RCA to TV

Chromecast to SCART

For Chromecast to Scart, the solution is the same. Youll need to find an HDMI to SCART adapter. Make sure you still have those SCART cables. HDMI to SCART is a lot more common than USB to Scart.

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Using The Google Play Store

  • 1Open the Google Play Store. You can get a lot more than apps from the Google Play Store. Many popular television shows are available for purchase or rental from the store. While this isn’t live TV, you can quickly catch up on old episodes of your favorite shows.
  • 2Find the show you want. Use the search bar to enter in the name of the show you want to download. Scroll down to the bottom of the search results to see the “Movies & TV” results.Advertisement
  • 3Choose how you want to buy. Most television shows can be purchased as whole seasons or by individual episodes. You will see a listed price next to each episode in the season. Use the Season drop-down menu to switch to different seasons.
  • You will need to have valid payment information attached to your Google account. If you haven’t purchased anything before, you will be prompted to set up your Google Wallet account.
  • 4Choose between HD or SD. Newer shows will often give you the option to either “Buy HD” or “Buy SD”. HD stands for High Definition, and will result in better picture quality. HD is not supported on all devices, so make sure that your device can play it.
  • HD typically costs a little more than SD .
  • Older shows are only available in SD.
  • You can tap any episode to begin streaming it. Be aware that streaming can take a lot of data, so try to avoid streaming when you aren’t on a wireless network if you have a limited data plan.
  • Use An Hdmi To Av/rca Converter

    Watch TV (Television) online free in Nokia âS40 platformâs ...

    The only real reason why you would consider connecting your smartphone to your TV using an AV cable also called an RCA cable or composite cable is if you have a standard box-type TV or an old TV without an HDMI connector.

    If you have an old CRT or flat-screen TV that does not have an HDMI port for input, this method will work for you. In that case, youll have to get creative and use the AV/composite port thats the only one available on your TV.

    A bit of warning, though. There are a lot of videos on YouTube claiming to have done this and logically, it should work. But theres also a chance it might not work.

    What tools do you need?

    First, you will need a phone that has an HDMI output feature, in which case you can check the list I gave above or check with your manufacturer if your phone has it. Second, you need an HDMI output cable whether via USB-C or MHL.

    Third, youll need an HDMI-to-composite video converter. These are third party devices that you can buy from your local Radio Shacks or online from Amazon or eBay.

    What does it do? Your phone outputs video in high definition format, but an older TV wont have the technology to access that, much less display it on its standard definition display. You need a device that will down-scale the HD output from your phone to an SD signal that your TV will accept and be able to display.

    Lastly, youll need an AV cable to connect your video converter to the TV.

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    The Worlds Best Vpn Service

    Yes, you better believe it. IPVanish is the worlds best VPN service and the reason behind it isnt all too surprising once you know the kind of services it has to offer. For starters, unlike so many other free VPNs available online, IPVanish does not keep data logging. This means that whatever you do online, well, IPVanish is not keeping a record of it at all. This is very important as some free VPNs actually do keep records on its users and thats pretty bad because it means that your data is being recorded. Someone could access these servers and use them to track your online activity.

    But thats not all- IPVanish also offers a great number of resources to help you in case you run into any problems. A dedicated support team is available online 24/7 if you need some help. Additionally, you can also download IPVanish using the same account on various platforms from iOS to Windows to Android. Similarly, you can also use them across multiple devices from your mobile phone to your computer to your tablet.

    Of course, we get it. Youre probably wondering if IPVanish will slow down your devices. You dont have to worry about that. Tests have shown that IPVanish does not actually slow your internet connection, in fact, it actually increases this. You see VPNs work by creating a virtual tunnel between your device and the VPN server. All traffic sent over this tunnel is secure and encrypted guaranteeing your privacy.

    Save 71% of IPVanish now!

    TVs With Apple Airplay 2 Support

    The Several TVs from Samsung and Sony support Apple Airplay or Airplay 2. It’s a simple way of getting content from an apple device, whether that’s an iPhone, iPad or Mac, onto your TV.

    It works in the same as casting through Google. Look for the Airplay simple on whatever content you’re looking at on your Apple device, once pressed you’ll see a list of devices you can send that content.

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    How To Watch TV On An Android Phone

    Like all smartphones, Android phones are essentially mini computers, with a vast range of features and apps. Because of the definition on the screens it is now also possible to watch television programmes and films on your phone. This guide explains how to watch TV on your phone, using the ITV Player app. We will also give you some examples of alternative apps.

    Youll need:

    • An android smartphone.

    Follow these step-by-step instructions to watch TV on your Android smartphone

    Step 1: There are quite a few apps available to watch TV: Google Play has the ability to watch TV and Film for a fee, which is normally included on Android phones.

    Open up Google Play Movies or find the app from your apps menu.

    Step 2: From your Google app list, search for ITV Player. Tap on the Free button to install it.

    Step 3: The app will ask that you are over 18 years of age to download and watch. Choose OK.

    Step 4: The next screen will show the app requirements and permissions for you to download. If you are happy with the requirements, choose OK, otherwise choose cancel and do not download. Most apps will require some element of access to your phone and it is rare that they do not. Tap Accept and download.

    Step 5: Once the app has downloaded, choose Open.

    Step 6: You will now go to the main ITV Player page. Here you can search for a particular programme, or browse in the A-Z listing. Alternatively you can choose from each of the ITV channels to browse.

    Step 9: Your programme will start. .

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