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How To Wirelessly Connect Laptop To TV

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How Do I Connect My Computer To The TV Without Hdmi

How to Connect your Laptop to your TV Wirelessly

With HDMI out of service, you are essentially left with two options.

  • The first option is to look for a wired substitute, such as VGA, USB-C, or a DisplayPort.
  • The second option is to go wireless using the powerful wireless capabilities of your devices.

We have discussed the wireless part in detail under the heading How do I wirelessly connect my computer to my TV? in this article. We shall now discuss the wired options here.

The first step is to find a physical replacement for an HDMI. As mentioned earlier, you can opt for any out of the three options, namely: VGA, USB-C, and DisplayPort. The wire you go for ultimately depends on the features of your devices. VGA and DisplayPort are relatively standard in TVs and PCs these days.

We recommend going for a DisplayPort if either of the two devices supports it as it is known to offer better video quality. The chances are that your PC and TV might support different wire ports. For example, your TV might support the DisplayPort cable you have while your PC only comes with a VGA port. In such a case, we recommend purchasing a DisplayPort to VGA connector. Connectors are widely accessible in local shops and online. They also come in great variety, supporting different wired cables on either end.

Here is how to connect your computer to your TV without HDMI:

How To Connect A Laptop To Your TV

Are you trying to show off your vacation pictures to family members gathered around the living room? Is your laptop screen not big enough to watch a movie on a high-quality display? Maybe you just want to surf the web from the comfort of your couch using a wireless keyboard and mouse?

There are plenty of reasons you might want to connect a computer or laptop to your TV. It opens up a world of possibilities, so you can do everything from stream videos to play triple-A games on a 60-inch 4K monitor.

How Do I Connect A Macbook Pro To My TV

If you have a new version of the Macbook Pro, it will have come with a USB Type C Adapter that will enable you to connect to your TV.

You can then purchase a USB-C Adapter to HDMI Adapter. Options available are the Anker Adapter and the more expensive Digital AV Multiport Adapter.

Your MacBook Pro will come with a Thunderbolt Port that is able to alsoserve as a Mini Display Port.

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Option One: Wired Connection

Connecting a laptop to a TV used to be limited to a physical cable connection. If your laptop has an HDMI port, then establishing a reliable connection is as simple as plugging the HDMI cable into your laptop and an open HDMI port on your TV. Then just switch the TV input source.

There are two stipulations to this solution. First, connecting your computer to the TV using an HDMI cable is a screen mirroring solution, not a casting solution. In other words, your laptop must stay close to the TV, limited by the length of the HDMI cable. Second, some laptops dont have an HDMI port. This is the case with many newer laptops and Apple laptops. If your laptop doesnt have an HDMI port, then you will need a laptop compatible adapter.

Connect Windows Laptop To TV Using Miracast

How to wirelessly connect display from laptop to smart tv ...

Another special Windows feature, Miracast, allows your laptop to connect to your TV wirelessly. This way, you dont have to worry about finding an HDMI cable and looking for the ports.

Step-1: Open the Settings app using the shortcut keys Win + I.

Step-2: Select the Devices option using Windows 10 or select the Bluetooth & devices option on Windows 11 from the left pane.

Step-3: Select the Add Bluetooth or other device option on Windows 10. Click on the Add device option if you are on Windows 11. The image below shows the Add device option on Windows 11:

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Connect Your Laptop To Pc Via Miracast

  • First of all, you will have to make sure that your laptop supports Wireless Display. For that, head over to the start menu and launch Command Prompt as an admin. Then type in the below command and hit Enter:
    netsh wlan show drivers
  • Now scroll to the bottom and look for the Wireless Display Supported section. If it spells out Yes then your laptop supports Miracast. Now follow the below steps to connect your laptop to your smart TV without any cable, using the Miracast technology:
  • Head over to the Start menu and search for Settings.
  • Now go to the Display section and click on Connect to a Wireless Display.
  • Then click on your TV name from the right-hand side menu that appears.
  • Furthermore, also make sure that the Multiple Display setting is set to Duplicate these Displays.
  • Thats it. Your laptop screen will now be mirrored to your TV. However, as mentioned before, it is just a copy-paste of your laptop screen to your tv without the presence of advanced features. Furthermore, you might not perform any other functionality on your laptop till the time it is being mirrored to your TV. Owing to these limitations, people usually prefer to go for other casting methods like Googles Chromecast or Apples Airplay. Instructions for their usage are given in the next section.

    Connecting A Macbook To A Smart TV

    Whilst the most common method will be using Miracast, this isnt the only way to connect your laptop and smart TV together. This is especially true if youre using Apple products, as you can connect the two together in a different way.

    In the past, to connect the two you had to use a Macbook and an Apple TV together to link them up. But, Apple TVs arent the only device you can connect your Macbook to nowadays. You can also do this is newer models from big name TV suppliers like Samsung, Sony and LG.

    Connecting them works in a very similar way to with a Windows laptop. However, connecting an Apple device is through something we call Airplay. Airplay is simply a wireless casting protocol developed by Apple to enabled you to send files between two devices very easily.

    You can do this on a Macbook by just looking at the top of your screen you should be able to see the Airplay icon in your menu bar. If you cant see the Airplay icon, then you might need to enable it yourself first.

    You can do this by going into System Preferences > Display, and then select the option at the bottom to Show Mirroring Options in the menu bar when available.

    Now, you should be able to go back to your laptop and connect the two together. In case youre wondering, this is also the case for iPhones, which you can Airplay with the same method.

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    My Computer Doesn’t Have An Hdmi Port

    HDMI connections come in three sizes: full-size , Mini and Micro. The HDMI port on either your computer or your TV is likely to be a full-size connection, shown in red in the image below. Not all computers feature HDMI, however.

    If you have a recent model it may instead have a USB-C port, for which you simply need to use a USB-C to HDMI cable to connect it to the TV.

    You can also purchase adaptors for converting your laptop’s USB-C, full-size USB 3.0, DVI and DisplayPort connections to HDMI, which might be easier if you already have a standard HDMI cable to hand.

    If you go down the USB-C route but have only one USB-C port on your laptop, which is now occupied or required for charging, consider using a hub to add more ports – this model even adds an HDMI port.

    If your laptop doesn’t have any of these modern connections, you’ll need to use a VGA port to connect it to the TV. As VGA cannot carry audio, you must choose a cable that also has a 3.5mm audio connector, such as this one.

    What Wireless Device Can I Plug Into My TV To Stream Media And Mirror My Display

    How To Connect Laptop To TV Without Any Cable

    You don’t need a smart TV model to mirror your device’s display on your TV you just need to purchase a smart box. There are two main choices here, both of which plug into your TV via a spare HDMI port.

    Firstly, if you’re exclusively wedded to the Apple ecosystem, then the Apple TV 4K allows you to stream media as well as mirror your MacBook or iOS mobile’s display on the big screen.

    Alternatively, is cheaper, and works across a wider range of devices Windows, Linux and Android, as well as Mac and iOS. You can stream media from your mobile using a range of supported apps, and you’ll be pleased to learn that both Emby and Plex are supported.

    Chromecast works on laptops via the Chrome web browser and add-in. Once installed, click the Cast button to the right of the address bar to pick what to cast and where to cast it.

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    Connecting Your Laptop To Your TV Using Cables

    If you dont have a smart TV, then you can still connect your laptop to the TV, using an HDMI cable. Besides mirroring your screen, you can also use it an as an extended screen, as a dual-monitor setup. This helps a lot with multi-tasking, while having multiple applications running across displays. You can even dragand drop applications from one screen to another.To connect the laptop to the TV, use an HDMI cable. Almost all laptops sold today have an HDMI port. HDMI cables can carry full HD and 4K video and surround audio to the TV. If you dont have an HDMI port, then can use a VGA cable. VGA only carries video so youll need to use a 3.5mm audio port to send audio from your laptop to the TV, or external speakers. In the case of the TV not supporting VGA, youll have to make use of an adaptor.First connect the TV to the laptop using the HDMI cable. Change the source of the TV to the HDMI port using the remote control.

    On a Windows PC, you can press Windows key + P to open display settings immediately. Some laptops may have another shortcut too. This will offer different screen configurations –

  • Duplicate This works just like screen mirroring. It replicates your laptop screen to the TV. Its ideally used while giving presentations, where you also require the laptop screen to be on in front of you.
  • What If My Laptop And TV Have Different Ports

    Lets say, for example, that your laptop only has an HDMI port and your TV has an old VGA port. In this case, youll need an HDMI to VGA converter to get the job done. They are relatively inexpensive, retailing for as little as $8 on Amazon get yours via the button below.

    Once you have the converter, the process is very straightforward. Plug the HDMI cable into your laptop and the VGA cable into your TV. Then just plug the other end of the VGA cable to the converter to connect the two devices together. The last step is to select the PC or RGB input on your TV with the remote control.

    Step-by-step instructions:

  • Plug the HDMI cable into your laptop.
  • Plug the VGA cable into your TV.
  • Plug the VGA cable into the converter to connect the two devices.
  • Turn on the laptop and TV.
  • Select the PC or RGB input on the TV with the remote.
  • The connection between the two devices should be established automatically. But in case it doesnt, go to Settings > System > Display and make sure TV is selected. You can also adjust the resolution to match the one of your TV. One thats done, press the Windows key and P key and then select the Duplicate option.

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    Wirelessly Connect Your Windows 10 Pc To A Smart TV

    Do you know its possible to expand your screen real estate even if you dont have a second monitor? Well, the Project to this PC feature on your Windows 10 computer enables you to mirror your PCs screen with no extra software or hardware. Lets show you how.

    As youre working remotely, you may sometimes need a dual-monitor setup to enhance your productivity. Or, perhaps you just want to use a larger screen to watch videos or play your favorite games on your computer. Whatever the reason, do not let lack of a second monitor limit you. All you need is a Windows 10 computer and the Connect app.

    In todays Alltek Tip, well give you a step-by-step guide on how Windows 10 inbuilt screen mirroring feature enables you to use other gadgets for wireless display. Note that all the devices used must be compatible with Miracast technology. They should also be connected to the same network.

    What’s The Alternative To S


    As analogue technologies become depreciated, modern laptops increasingly ship without an available S-Video port. If this is the case, you’ll need to use the laptop’s VGA port instead. This is a practical solution if your flat-screen TV has a VGA port included a standard VGA cable coupled with an audio cable will be sufficient. You may even be able to view HD content this way.

    If you’re trying to hook up to an older analogue TV, however, then it becomes less feasible. You’ll need an expensive VGA to TV Converter box that costs almost as much as a budget HD Ready 19-inch TV with the required VGA port built into it.

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    Access Your Pc With Your Qled TV

    If you ever need to work from home but forgot your laptop at work, you can just use remote access to connect to and control your computer. However, in order to use the remote PC features, you must set up your computer’s user profile behorehand.

  • Before proceeding, make sure your PC is turned on and that remote access is enabled on your PC or Mac.

    Note: If you are unable to turn on remote access, it means that your current software version does not support this feature.

  • When you’re ready, press the Home button on your TV remote.

  • Navigate to and select , select PC on TV, and then select Remote PC.

  • Enter your PCs or Mac’s IP address or select a profile. To remotely connect to a PC, you must enter a correct user ID and password.

  • To register a frequently used computer, hover over Manage User Profiles, and then press Select.

  • From there, select Add, and then enter the computers information. Select Save when you’re finished.

  • Connecting Windows Laptops To A Smart TV

    If youre trying to connect your Windows laptop to your smart TV, then the likelihood is that youll need to use something called Miracast. This is essentially the same as a Chromecast, which you can use to stream content from your mobile onto your television.

    The difference is that most TVs dont have Chromecast built into them, and youd need an additional USB receiver. Smart TVs are instead built with a Miracast receiver, so this is how youre going to want to connect to your smart TV.

    Anyway, if youre using a Windows laptop then its going to have Miracast capabilities, and youll be able to connect them both together quite easily theres no need for any HDMI cables.

    On a Windows 10 Device, all youll need to do is scroll to the Display Settings, and click the option Connect to a Wireless Display.

    If youve set your smart TV up with your wifi properly already, your Windows device will then be connected with your TV. From here, you can mirror what youre going on the laptop onto the television screen, or use it as a second screen if you want.

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    How To Connect Laptop To Vizio Smart TV Steam Link

    Are you looking for the most hardcore gaming experience? Connect your gaming laptop to your VIZIO Smart TV and get the full experience of your favorite games!

    Before you can get started on this method, get your Steam Link device ready. Get one on Amazon if you still havent gotten one!

    Step 1: Launch Steam on your laptop and enter your login details.

    Step 2: Connect your Steam Link Device to your Vizio Smart TV, then pair it with your gaming laptop.

    Step 3: Plug your controller into the Steam Link USB port. You can now start playing!

    How Do I Connect A Macbook To My Smart TV

    How to Connect a Laptop to a TV Wirelessly| Microsoft Surface Screen Mirroring

    The latest MacBook models require a USB Type-C adapter to connect them to your TV. Apple provides a Digital AV Multiport Adapter, but if you want a simple USB-C to HDMI connection at HD quality, you can get away with a more affordable Anker USB-C to HDMI Adapter.

    MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros ship with Thunderbolt ports that double up as Mini DisplayPorts this allows you to skip right past the adapter to simply having a USB-C to DisplayPort cable. Just make sure it supports 4K resolutions like the Cable Matters USB-C to DisplayPort.

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    How To Connect A Laptop To A TV With An Hdmi Cable

    This is the simplest and easiest way to connect your laptop to a TV. All you need to get the job done is an HDMI cable, which you can An HDMI cable can handle both audio and high-resolution video, so its great for streaming your favorite TV shows.

    To make this work, both your laptop and TV have to have an HDMI port. If they arent super old , theres a good chance both have it on board. Turn on both devices and connect them using an HDMI cable. Then just select the correct HDMI input on your TV with the help of the remote control and youre good to go.

    Keep in mind that some laptops have a micro HDMI or a mini HDMI port, so youll need a different cable you can get it via the buttons below. Alternatively, if you already have a regular HDMI cable, you can just buy an adapter to save some money. You can get it here and here .

  • Connect the laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable.
  • Turn on both devices.
  • Select the correct HDMI input on the TV with the remote.
  • The connection between the two devices should be established automatically. But in case it doesnt, go to Settings > System > Display and make sure TV is selected. You can also adjust the resolution to match the one of your television. One thats done, press the Windows key and the P key and then select the Duplicate option.

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