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What Can I Clean My TV With

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How Do I Clean My TV Screen?

How to clean a television screen is determined by the type of monitor you have. Older models allow you to use traditional cleaning solutions that wont damage TV screens, where the brand new models require a gentler touch.

So, what are the different types of TVs, and how can you tell the difference? Many households have a mix of the new and the old, so a cleaning method for one TV may not work for all of them in your home.

CRT screens, short for cathode-ray tube, were the most common television screens back in the day. These were the classic tube-TVs which can be cleaned using traditional glass cleaners like Windex. After the technology began to improve, plasma TVs slowly made their way onto the market.

These televisions were similar to the CRTs, except for their larger, but slightly less heavy, sizes. Most plasma screens also began using anti-glare coating, which meant cleaning them with a window cleaner would not work.

The LCD TVs and LED TVs are the newest types of TVs which have gradually made the CRT and plasma models obsolete. These TVs boast a lower energy consumption, better brightness levels, and a higher resolution than their predecessors, all of which are essential qualities in the age of HDTV.

The most significant difference between the LED and LCD TVs is their light source, which hinges solely on whether the television uses LED lighting or traditional bulbs, respectively.

Ways To Clean A TV Screen Without Streaks

There are many ways to clean a TV screen without streaks, whether you have a Samsung, Sony, or another TV brand. Cleaning a screen TV without streaks by performing routine dry cleaning of the surface is the easiest way to remove dirt and dust. The same technique is useful when cleaning a laptop screen.

  • Electrostatic cloth

Never wipe your TV down with paper towels or toilet paper. These materials are mildly abrasive and leave tiny scratches on the surface, which leads to the dulling of the screen.

Make sure the television is turned off while cleaning, and always use a soft, electrostatic cloth or duster. Clean the screen surface weekly using one of these items to remove dust and tiny particles. Dusting ensures that there arent any bits of dirt that potentially leave scratches during wet cleaning.

How To Clean A TV Screen Using A Vinegar And Water Solution

Vinegar is the all-purpose cleaner that just makes your life easier. Not only is it effective at removing stains, odors, and most bacteria, it makes an excellent DIY TV screen cleaner. This natural TV screen cleaner is non-toxic and easy to make.

  • Lint-free cloth

Mix the vinegar and distilled water, using equal parts of both ingredients. Add these to a spray bottle and spray them onto a microfiber cleaning cloth. Just as with the dish soap and water solution, it is important not to spray the solution directly onto the TV screen to avoid excess liquids seeping into the electronics.

The owners manual for Samsung TVs warns that moisture inside the Samsung TV screen can cause the TV to stop working and increases the risk of electrocution or fire. Instead, spray the solution onto the cleaning cloth, then wipe down the TV.

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Five Steps On How To Clean Your TV Screen

Before you start, unplug your TV.

  • Use a dry soft cloth, ideally microfibre or similar to something you might clean a pair of glasses with. Don’t use a rough cloth or kitchen roll. The abrasive surface could scratch your screen.
  • Clean gently in small circles, being careful not to put much pressure on the screen.
  • Some TVs are less stable than others and you may need to support the back of the screen with your free hand – particularly OLEDs where the screen is incredibly thin at the top.
  • If there are any stubborn marks, use a water solution or specialist TV screen cleaner in line with your manufacturer’s policy. Put the solution on the cloth, not directly on the screen.
  • Let the screen dry fully before plugging your TV back in, in case the cleaning substance reacts badly with a hot screen.
  • A clean screen is one thing, but there are numerous settings you can tweak to make sure you’re getting the best picture. Input your model into our tool on getting the best TV picture to see how to get your telly looking its best.

    Don’t Forget The Remote Control

    How to Clean an LCD Television or Plasma TV

    Remote controls can not only get dusty but also harbor a fair number of germs.

    Heres some basic advice about cleaning your remote controls. We also have more details on how to sanitize your remote control during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Remove the batteries before you start cleaning. Then start by turning the remote upside down so that the buttons are facing downward, and tap the remote against your palm to dislodge any debris that might have fallen between the keys or buttons. Wipe down the entire remote with a soft cloth that has been sprayed with a tiny bit of alcohol diluted with water. The cloth should be damp, not wet.

    To clean in and around the buttons, you can use a cotton swab dampened with the alcohol/water mix. More stubborn debris lodged deeper into the keys can be dislodged with a dry toothbrush or wooden toothpick.

    Last, wipe down the whole remote once again with a dry, soft cloth and reinstall the batteries. Thats it!

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    How To Clean Flat Screen TV Without Streaks Using Water

    Cleaning a TV screen with plain water works well to remove everyday dirt and is one of the safest solutions. If your TV is heavily soiled, consider using a homemade TV cleaner for tougher jobs. This is also the easiest way to clean eyeglasses and other glass surfaces without streaking.

    • Microfiber towel

    To clean glass without streaks and to eliminate ugly fingerprint smudges on your television, fill a bottle sprayer with distilled water. Turn the TV off and spray a soft cleaning cloth lightly with the water. Rub the TV screen gently in a circular motion.

    Do not spray water directly onto the screen and do not apply too much pressure while cleaning. Use a dry towel to buff the screen gently to ensure all lint and dirt are gone.

    Clean Your Keyboard And Mouse

    If you spend hours each day using a keyboard and mouse, over time theyll develop a lustrous sheen of natural hand oils. We recommend that once a week you unplug your keyboard, flip it upside down, and shake all the dust, skin particles, hair, and crumbs out. Then wipe down the keycaps with a microfiber cloth to remove some of the oils.

    For your mouse, wipe the surface down with a microfiber cloth. If gunk builds up on the feet of your mouse or keyboard, wipe it off with a microfiber cloth, and use a toothpick to remove any stubborn bits. If you need to give your peripherals a deeper clean, check out our full guide on how to clean your keyboard and mouse.

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    • Dust, skin particles, and hand oils will eventually accumulate on a keyboard and mouse. Heres how we clean them.

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    Dish Soap Lcd And Led Screen

    Dish soap can also be used on LED and LCD screens, albeit with care. Before you use a dish soap solution, first wipe the screen with a dry cloth to remove dust. Now, dip your cleaning cloth in the dish soap solution. Squeeze off the liquid then gently wipe the screen. Make sure you cover every surface area. Once you are done, dont waste time to clean otherwise, the solution will dry up on the screen leading to a blurry vision. Rinse the cloth with water to remove soapy residue then take the dry cloth you used to wipe off the dust once again to dry the screen.

    How Often Should You Clean The TV Screen

    How to clean a TV screen the right way | Avoid damage to your 4K flat screen!

    You should clean the TV screen as necessary.

    – Microfiber cloth designed for cleaning eyeglasses or camera lenses

    – TV screen cleaning solution

    – Water

    Theres no specific rule, but if you notice an annoying, greasy mark, deal with it as soon as possible.

    If dust is the only thing that shows up on your screen, cleaning it once a week is good practice. Make sure you regularly clean the TV as you dont want dust to enter the casing and cause damage.

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    How To Clean Your Flat

    Don’t overthink ita soft cloth may be all you really need

    When you shop through retailer links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. 100% of the fees we collect are used to support our nonprofit mission.Learn more.

    Over the past couple of years, many of us have been spending much more time at home, and focusing more on cleaning everything from refrigerators to ceiling fans.

    As with other electronic items, televisions can attract dust and get marred by blemishes, such as childrens fingerprints. Fortunately, cleaning your flat-screen TV is a straightforward process that doesnt require any pricey chemicals.

    While youre at it, also pay attention to the remote controls for your TVs, cable boxes, and streaming players. These get handled much more than TVs and harbor pathogens along with plain old grime. We have advice for cleaning both TVs and remotes below.

    When it comes to TVs, the current market is dominated by superbright, big-screen LCD and OLED TVs. However, many of us still have older sets, including plasma TVs, which companies stopped manufacturing in 2014, and even CRTVsalso called tube TVswhich started disappearing around 2008.

    If youre cleaning an older tube TV, you have a bit more flexibility because its screen is made of glass and can be cleaned like other glass items in your household. In thisand only thisinstance, its okay to use a window cleaner, such as Windex.

    How Should I Clean My TV Screen

    For general cleaning of the frame and screen of your TV, you should use a soft, clean, lint-free, dry cloth. We recommend using a microfibre cloth. You should never use any type of window cleaner, soap, scouring powder, or any cleanser with solvents such as alcohol, benzene, ammonia, or paint thinner. Never use abrasive pads or paper towels. If you do, you can scratch the screen or strip the anti-glare coating off the screen and cause permanent damage. To clean your television correctly, follow these steps:

    Unplug or turn off your TV before you begin. To clean the screen, wipe away smudges and fingerprints gently with a clean microfibre cloth.

    Please note: do not spray water or any other liquid directly onto the TV. Any liquid entering the TV may cause a failure, fire, or electric shock

    Clean the body or panel of your TV with a microfibre cloth dampened with a small amount of water. Once clean, remove the moisture with a dry cloth.

    Please note: the exterior and screen of the TV can be scratched during cleaning. Do not apply strong force when wiping the exterior and screen to prevent scratches

    Once the TV is clean, remove any moisture using a dry cloth.

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    All Purpose Dish Cloth

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    For Dirt and Grime

    The best way to clean a computer screen that has some grime and stubborn dirt is to use a damp sponge. I would suggest that you try The Crown Choice All Purpose Dishcloth as it has a non-scratch material that is safe on your screen. Also, skip harsh cleaners and use distilled water instead.

    Step 1: Dip the sponge or dishcloth in diluted water then remove excess water.Step 2: Wipe on the stubborn dirt or stain on the screen without pressing too hard. Keep in mind that the screen is a bit sensitive and may get damaged when you push hard on it.Step 3: Dry the screen using a lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth.

    Can I Use Vinegar And Water To Clean My Flat Screen TV

    Can I Clean My TV Screen with Windex?  Best Homely Tips

    Vinegar and water can make a really good solution for cleaning. To make it even better, you can add a little bit of dish soap. Soak a piece of cloth in the solution preferable a microfiber cloth.

    Then wipe the screen from one end to the other in one direction.

    Make a solution of equal parts water and vinegar . Dampen a cloth in the solution and gently wipe the screen. Again, rubbing and scrubbing will damage the screen.

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    How To Clean A Tube TV Screen

    If you have an older CRTV or tube TV, you can use the same glass cleaner you use on your windows. First, unplug your TV and wipe any dust away with a microfiber cloth. If you need to, you can moisten the cloth with a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water.

  • Turn off your TV and unplug it.
  • Wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth to get rid of dust and debris.
  • Moisten your cloth with a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water.
  • Wipe the screen again with a dry cloth.
  • Once you get your TV cleaned, you can make it look even nicer by mounting it. Take our short quiz to find the best tv mount for you.

    White Vinegar And Water

    If water alone isn’t cutting it, don’t panic and definitely don’t grab just any of your nearest cleaning chemicals, either.

    According to Digital Innovations, ammonia-based cleaners can wreak havoc on your flat screen TV. Ironically enough, people used to regularly use Windex to wipe down their old school TVs back in the day, but the popular window cleaner can actually degrade the protective layer of LCD flat screen TVs. Better to be safe than sorry!

    Instead of harsh cleaners, mix up a 50-50 ratio of distilled water and white vinegar for a deeper clean. The Kitchn recommends combining the two in a spray bottle, then giving a spritz onto a lint-free cloth. Wipe down the flat screen in an S-shaped pattern to avoid any more streaks, then give it another pass with a dry cloth. This will stop the at-home vinegar mixture from sticking behind on the screen, and inevitably forming those unsightly water spots.

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    Do Electronic Screen Cleaners Work

    Yes, they do. There are actually cleaners specially made for cleaning tv screens. Screen cleaners contain distilled water, isopropyl, and alcohol solutions. If you must use an electronic screen cleaner, make sure you shake to content before use. Also, apply on a limited portion of your cleaning cloth.

    Note: Once again, avoid spraying the screen with the screen cleaner or any cleaning solution, including water.

    How To Clean A Flat

    Cleaning Your Flat Screen TV

    To clean a flat-screen TV, first, turn it off and unplug it. Then use a dry microfiber cloth made for electronics or glass to wipe off any dust and debris. If you have any hard-to-remove stains, you can dampen your cloth with distilled water and a small amount of soap.

    These steps work with any LED, LCD, OLED, or plasma TV screen. However, we recommend that you check your owners manual if you still have it, or search for it online. Some TVs have very specific rules on how to properly clean the screen.

  • Turn off your TV and unplug it. Turning your TV off is safer, and you can see more dirt and smudges when the TV is unplugged. Plus, this gives your TV a chance to cool down, which will help you clean it better.
  • Using a soft, dry microfiber cloth, gently wipe the screen in a circular motion to clean off any dust and debris. Some TVs come with their own cleaning cloths. If you dont have this cloth, you can use an anti-static microfiber cloth, like the ones used to clean eyeglasses, camera lenses, computer monitors, and vinyl records. Never use paper towels, tissues, or rags to clean your TV screen. These contain fibers that can leave scratches on your screen. Also, remember to avoid pressing down too hard. Pushing on the screen too hard and cause pixels to burn out.
  • If that fails, use a solution of mild dish soap and distilled water. You shouldnt need much soap. In fact, Panasonic only recommends a solution of 1 part neutral detergent to 100 parts water).
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    How To Properly Clean A TV Screen

    Not all TV screens are created equal. Some are screens made of thick glass, especially with older models like tube TVs. Others are made of more fragile materials, which can easily be damaged if you clean them the wrong way. Using Windex or other harsh cleaning agents can do irreparable damage to most flat-screen TVs. Heres how to clean your TV without damaging it.

    How To Clean Your Cleaning Cloths

    Once youve gunked up your microfiber cloths with dust and skin oils, youll need to clean them. The manufacturer of the MagicFiber cloths recommends hand-washing them in warm water with no detergent and hanging them to dry.

    Sometimes warm water alone isnt enough to get grease and oils out of your cloths. So I tried cleaning two microfiber cloths, one with a pea-sized drop of Dawn soap and one with a pea-sized drop of our recommended laundry detergent diluted in a bowl of warm water.

    Both options cleaned effectively and didnt damage the cloth. Id be inclined to use the Dawn again in the future because its more effective at degreasing, and it leeched a bit less black dye from the cloth. If you do this, be sure to rinse the cloth very thoroughly before you use it again, to remove any traces of soap. Hang it to dry.

    One Wirecutter editor regularly throws his microfiber cloths in a delicates bag in the washing machine, but we dont recommend doing this for a few reasons. Using fabric softener, laundry detergent containing fabric softener, bleach, or dryer sheets will coat your microfiber cloth. And if you wash your microfiber cloth with cotton or any other materials that create lint, that lint will cling to your cloth.

    This article was edited by Connor Grossman and Alejandra Matos.

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