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What To Do With Old TV That Still Works

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Consider These Points Before You Buy A Converter Box

My Old CRT TV – Does It Still Work?

The cost of new flat screen TVs has come down so much that you might want to consider just buying a new TV if you can afford to spend a little more. Here are some reasons why:

  • You wont need to buy a digital TV converter box .
  • Your user experience will be much better since the tuner will be integrated with the TV.
  • If you get a smart TV, you can access subscription Internet content without having to buy a Roku/AppleTV/etc. .
  • Youll have incredible picture quality compared to your tube TV.
  • The TV will use less space, and you can hang it on a wall.
  • Flat-screen TVs use less energy than tube TVs of the same screen size, saving a bit of money over the long run.
  • Even if you buy a Sony 40 widescreen HDTV, the savings from canceling cable will pay for it in less than a year.

Whatever you decide, you should make sure there are broadcast TV signals in your area before making any purchases. Enter your zip code into the Station Finder.

Are TVs Worth Fixing

Although its not usually possible to fix a damaged screen, other repairs, such as replacing the motherboard or inverter, may be worthwhile. For those looking to reduce waste, fixing a cracked TV screen is worth it and, depending on the unit, may be more cost-effective than replacing the whole unit.

How To Dispose Of An Old TV In The City Of Philadelphia Pa

Disposing old televisions in Philadelphia is easy thanks to the city’s Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Events. Televisions should be recycled because they can contain pounds of lead and other toxic materials, including mercury in some older models. The Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off offers a monthly service at different locations throughout the city. Not only can you dispose of old televisions, but you can also get rid of other hazardous materials, including old gasoline, cellphones, paints and paint thinners, pesticides, fluorescent lights, mercury, lead. You can also dispose of TVs at any Sanitation Convenience Center Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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The Equipment Is Affordable

To get the most out of Dolby Atmos, you will need to purchase a few pieces of equipment. Remember that we mentioned earlier in this article that the TV set itself does not have Dolby Atmos. It is the extra equipment and accessories you purchase to go with it will have the Dolby Atmos surround sound features.

The good news here is that the additional equipment is affordable. To get this sound, you first need to pick out a new receiver to use.

There are a lot of models out there to choose from, and many of them , are affordable and nice to use. There are exceptions, and you can find high-priced receivers that cost thousands of dollars, but most of these are much lower and can fit your budget.

What To Do With Old TV

How Does a Flat Screen TV Work?

Got an old TV at your home? Dont worry, because today well teach you what to do with old tv sets. Well show you that there are much better alternatives than just throwing it away!

There might be many reasons why you might be looking for ways to get rid of old CRT television sets. Whether youre getting a new flat-screen TV for your home or youre planning to move soon, you need to know the right way in disposing of them.

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My Recommended TV Converter Boxes

OK, if you still want to buy a digital TV converter box for your tube TV, I recommend this one:

Check out my full review of the Mediasonic HOMEWORX converter box.

Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. I test or research each product or service before endorsing. This site is not owned by any retailer or manufacturer.I own this site and the opinions expressed here are mine.As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

How Do You Dispose Of An Old Or Broken TV

You have a few options when it comes to getting rid of an old TV.

  • Donate your TV. There are many local charities that accept televisions that still work. Keep in mind that you will probably need to drop it off on your own.
  • Take it to a recycling facility. Depending on where you live, they may offer a pick up service.
  • Return it to the manufacturer. Some companies offer to take old TVs back and recycle or refurbish them. Contact the manufacturer to see if your TV is eligible for this service.
  • Sell it. If your TV still works and isnt too old, you may be able to sell it to someone else.
  • Give it away for free. Again, if your TV still works, you may be able to find someone to come pick it up for free.
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    Screen Is Black But Sound Still Presentwhat To Do

    Watching tv and the screen just went black have tried turning off and on and unplugging audio still works fine I can change channels and hear different audio but no pictures through cable component or hdmi.

    1 -12–17 Just bought lg 65″ super uhd tv. 2 days old. Screen goes black. Returned for a new one two weeks later same thing returning this one also thank God it happen within the 30 days

    by jahjah1231

    TV screen goes black when watching Netflix or YouTube..never happen when watching regular TV or DVD…what causes that?

    by Veli Ndumiso Vodloza

    Veli Ndumiso Vodloza instead of ranting on here, it might actually be better if you ask your own question instead of making a comment to a 2 year old question. Go on here and ask a proper question. Give us the make and model of your TV and describe what is wrong with it. Let us also know if anything happened to it and what you have tried to fix it.

    I have a 65″ LG, OLED, 4K Ultra HD, Smart TV. I have had this TV for 1 month. The screen just went blank / black but everything else was working on it…. sound, apps pages, etc. but I could not get a video or satellite image at all. I decided to try resetting the TV to it’s original setting and it worked. I have a picture again. It is a complete pain as I now have to go back and set everything up again. But at least I can watch the TV again. Hope this helps some or all of you!!!

    Was this answer helpful?

    How To Throw Away A TV

    Old TVs Will Still Work

    Sometimes you need to throw away an old TV. How to do it can be a bit tricky, but weâve got your back. Check out the sections below to see if tossing, selling, donating or recycling is the best option for you.

    Did You Know: Tube televisions are one of the hardest electronic devices to throw away because they contain hazardous materials like mercury and lead. The best way to toss these TVs is a hazardous waste collection event.

    Where Can I Throw Away an Old TV?

    Dumpster Rental

    Renting a roll off dumpster is great if you have a TV to toss as part of a home cleanout. However, there may be restrictions due to local regulations.

    Curbside Trash Pickup

    Electronics are usually only collected on bulk pickup day and extra fees may apply. Some cities no longer take certain items, so call to see if your e-waste is accepted.

    Local Collection Events

    Many states consider e-waste hazardous. If thatâs your situation, you can take your television to a collection event. Call ahead to find out details and any fees that apply.

    Other Ways to Toss a TV

    Can I Sell My TV?

    Maybe you got lucky and won a new TV in a raffle or someone gave you one as a gift. Whatever the reason, if your old one is still works, thereâs no reason to pitch it if you can get something for it.

    Wherever you decide to sell your old TV, make sure you present the buyer with as much information as you can to avoid any issues. Things to include are:

    • Age.
    Choose Another Item

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    Can I Pawn A TV

    Happy pawnbrokers make the best offers, and few things put a smile on a pawnbrokers face like an item thats complete. For TVs, that means including the original box, remote control, power cords, and HDMI cables. While pawn shops will accept TVs without these items, they will certainly sweeten the deal if you do.

    Can You Recycle Your TV By Donating To Charity Or Loved Ones

    The most cost-effective solution to disposing of a TV is to donate it to charity. Even if its out of date, or worse for wear, non-profit organisations are more than happy to take them off your hands. Many have specialists on hand to restore TVs to the best possible state they can be in. However, its important to check if your local good cause accepts them, especially based on age and maintenance.Alternatively, if your TV is still in working order, ask around your family and friends. Given how many people have kids with games consoles, or spare rooms without a decent entertainment system, theres every chance you can have your old TV collected by a willing loved one.

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    Recycling Mystery: Plasma And Led TVs

    Youre ready to spring for a brand-new television, and now youre faced with a problem. What do you do with your old LED or plasma TV?

    If it still works, the best option is to pass it along to someone who can use it. But if it is beyond repair, sending that giant TV to the landfill is not a good idea. Its filled with chemicals and heavy metals that can contaminate soil and water. Instead, recycling that old television is the right path to take.

    Lets take a peek at some avenues for responsibly recycling your television. Read on to find out which option is best for you.

    What To Do With Old Computers And Laptops That Still Work

    How Much Radiation Does a TV Emit?

    Sometimes youll have a need for greater speed or capacity and get a new laptop or computer before your old one actually stops working. You also might also clean out an elderly parent’s house and come across a functional but non-used computer.

    Here are some ways to get rid of functional laptops and computers and put them to good use.

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    What Kind Of Batteries Can You Throw In The Trash

    Lithium-ion batteries are used in most portable devices, such as cell phones and laptops. Small sealed lead acid batteries are less common in the home and can be found in emergency call devices, emergency exit signs, security systems, electric scooters and other specialty items. Can I throw the batteries in the trash?

    All Those Dead Batteries

    There are a couple ways you can properly dispose of the single-use and rechargeable batteries that are common in flashlights, toys and other household electronics.

    Whole Foods, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Staples all have free drop-off spots for dead batteries. I suggest collecting your used batteries in a container and taking them in once it’s full.

    You could also check out Earth911, a website that helps you find the nearest recycling location based on the battery type you need to dispose of . can also help you find places to recycle your batteries.

    E-waste can have a second life after professional recyclers extract copper and other valuable materials.

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    How About Old Computer Monitors

    Essentially, old computer monitors have to follow the same path as old TV screens.

    The technology is the same, but there is one thing we would add here. While you might be able to give a CRT TV away for free, it might not be the same with computer monitors.

    Why, you ask?

    It’s because new computers use a completely different connection technology. This makes them incompatible with old monitors essentially making old computer monitors obsolete.

    The best thing you can do with those monitors is to recycle them. Good thing is pretty much all electronics recycling and disposal services will also accept old computer monitors.

    According to some estimates, there are around 5 billion pounds worth of CRT e-waste left in American households.

    Cable TV Vs Stream TV

    Does Analog TV Still Work?

    Cable vs streaming. Who will win?

    The statistics speak for themselves:

    90% of young people prefer accessing TV content online.

    Meanwhile, the number of pay-TV subscribers falls each year by 28%.

    Still not convinced?

    Check out more amazing cord-cutting stats here.

    Its clear more and more people switch to streaming TV. But why is that? And will cable TV soon become a thing of the past?

    Well, not quite.

    Its true that theres a boom of subscribers to streaming services. They offer flexibility, more freedom, and choice. That said, theyre not for everyone.

    If you follow a lot of different channels, TV shows, and sports, it might be as or even more expensive to switch to streaming compared to cable.

    Of course, you can try having the best of both worlds or at least until you see which one you prefer.

    You can see all the pros and cons of cord-cutting here and make up your mind.

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    Check The Power And Connections

    Most of the time, the best answer is the simplestone. So before you panic, check if everything is properly working or no looseconnections. And after which perform the following.

    • Switch off your TV and then unplug it.
    • After 15-30 minutes, plug the TV back in then press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
    • Next, release the button and turn on the TV again
    • If you are attempting to check the picture from a cable box or other devices, swap it for another device. However, if it doesnt work, consider accessing the setting menu on your TV.

    What To Do With Old TV That Still Works

    Now that you know the many dangers that come when incorrectly disposing of your old electronics, its time to know what you CAN do with them!

    Heres what to do with old TV sets:

    • Donate them to homeless shelters, schools, and senior centers.
    • Sell your old TV online or with a garage sale.
    • Return it to your manufacturer or retailer.
    • Recycle old TV sets through recycling centers or junk hauling.

    Down well explain how each of these ensures that your old TV is properly disposed of.

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    Indoor Vs Outdoor Antennas

    Indoor antennas dont generally provide reception as good as roof antennas. For one thing, they arent as large as these.

    Furthermore, they have a lower elevation and are blocked by the houses walls and other solid materials.

    Theyre most useful in highly populated areas, where local TV stations are likely to be within close range , but rural areas will most likely require a roof antenna.

    Advanced units often have a dial that changes their reception pattern, which you can use to select the setting that provides the best picture.

    Can I Use Dolby Atmos On My Phone Or Laptop

    Get an old vintage TV working

    In the past few years, there have been more computer and phone companies that claim they offer Dolby Atmos audio on them. This can help you watch some of your favorite live sports, sows, and movies on these devices and get a better experience.

    Keep in mind that for the best Dolby Atmos experience, you need high-quality speakers. And you often need several of these around a room.

    Your laptop or phone may be amazing, but it cant have speakers in front, beside, and behind you all at the same time. The Dolby Atmos experience is impressive on your phone or computer, but it will still lack compared to using Dolby Atmos on your home theater system.

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    Why Is It Important To Recycle A TV

    TV recycling can also produce valuable materials that can easily be reused, including plastic, glass, copper wiring, and even precious metals. They can be used to create new products and can also help reduce the amount of resources needed for the production of new metals, glass, and plastic.

    Like many other electronics, TVs contain chemicals that, if disposed of improperly, can damage our health and the environment. Responsible TV disposal, such as professional recycling, is important to prevent these chemicals from unnecessarily polluting the air and water.

    What Can I Watch With Dolby Atmos

    When Dolby Atmos was first launched, there wasnt a lot of content you could enjoy with this fun extension. In fact, one of the first movies that were released with Atmos in it was Transformers: Age of Extinction.

    Technology has come a long way since that time, and many films are using Dolby Atmos now. In fact, most of the Blu-ray films out there have the Atmos soundtrack, so you may already have the ability to watch several things with this.

    In addition to many of your favorite new movies, some sports channels can be done with Dolby Atmos as well. You will need to have the BT YouView + 4K Ultra HD set-top box to make this happen. Over time the offerings with this one will expand, and you will find more options for live sports as well.

    Netflix is getting into the games well. You can enjoy some content with Atmos, but you are a bit limited. The LG OLED TV allows for this as long as you have a version that comes from no later than 2017. Windows 10 and Xbox One offer Atmos through Netflix as well.

    The Apple TV 4K offers Dolby Atmos as well. It has the added bonus on many of its titles of offering not only Dolby Atmos but also Dolby Vision to the mix, which makes viewing much more immersive and enjoyable.

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