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What To Put On TV Stand

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Conceal The TV With Plants

How to Setup any Flatscreen TV on Stand review

Now let me just admit something to you right here, right now: I am terrible at keeping plants alive. Thats why Ive showcased realistic fake-looking plants on the blog before, as well as this nifty Kmart hack which showed you how to create an eye-catching plant wall using artificial greenery.

Whether youre like me, or consider yourself a green thumb, either real or fake plants will work when it comes to decorating around a tv set. They wont conceal the TV completely, of course, but you can see above in the image from Reddit just how sublime all that lush plant life looks.

If nothing else it provides a nice sense of contrast to have that living stuff next to the electronic item.

Minimalist Modern TV Stand

Apply a wooden board for a minimalist television stand. Just use another small wood as the leg as well as the separator. Make sure that the design is strong enough to hold the television. You may also paint the television with white color to make it more interesting. It is really a perfect TV stand for a minimalist living room.

Graded Bedroom TV Stand

We especially love talking about bedroom TV stand because we present for you diverse storage style. This one looks graded with three layers and one open space for taking up the flat-screen television.

The storage looks light and strong. The stand seems to enable us to easily move it around. The television seems quite large and light. The other storage sections take up the DVD player and the candles. There are close drawers, as well.

The stand fits for your modern and minimalist bedroom that occupies tight space.

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Conceal The Ugly Stuff

Theres nothing more annoying than looking at a bunch of tangled cords underneath your TV.

I should know, I lived with it for three years! I finally bought a large water hyacinth basket last month to dump everything in. My only regret is not doing it sooner!

Cords, modems, and other bulky devices should be hidden from plain sight. Dont have a media console to conceal them? Get creative and use baskets, crates, or pretty boxes if you have them.

Assuming You Must Hang The TV

TV Stands Recommendation  HomesFeed

Again, another myth. I do agree that generally large flat-screen TVs that are hung on the wall look nicer and create a more streamlined look. But if youre renting or for various reasons are not able to wall mount your television, there is no need to despair.

So long as you are making sure that the media console youre placing your TV on is correctly proportioned to your television, its going to look just fine!

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Diy Industrial TV Stand Ideas

The reason to apply an industrial interior model is the out of the box design. Just take a look at the industrial television stand above. The used wood lodge along with some scratches gives unique and out of the box model for the stand. It is also suitable for a contemporary or modern living room or family room.

Choose A Cabinet With Glass Doors

Glass doors are great if you want to keep your space clean and clear but also dont mind seeing whats inside the cabinet.

That way, you can store books, pictures, or decorative objects that remain in sight but at the same time, you keep the space free from dust and dirt. Cabinets with glass doors are also great for people who dont always remember where they store things.

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Sideboards As TV Stands

If youre wondering if its appropriate to use a sideboard as a TV stand, my opinion is yes, absolutely. Sideboards are the right size height and length-wise to fit a television plus they have plenty of surface area for cable consoles or video game consoles. Whether you mount your tv or have it sitting on top, sideboards make excellent tv stands. The only concern you may have is the height in relation to your sofa. Its a good rule of thumb for your tv to be able at eye level when seated on the couch.

Originally when we were searching for something to put the tv on, all we could find was very modern-looking pieces, think black with glass shelving. I love a more collected over time look so an interesting wood piece of furniture fits better with my style. I think a sideboard or a buffet as a tv stand gives a more collected look, which I love. Sideboards are great as tv stands. They typically have some hidden storage that you can utilize for remotes and cords as well as childrens toys. Buffets and sideboards also work well as tv stands because they are an appropriate height and length. Our sideboard is on the taller side at over 40 inches but I like having the tv a bit higher than eye level when we are seated on the sofa.

Here are several great options for sideboard tv stands that are coastal casual in style.

If you are interested in more furniture options check out the posts below.

Attaching Your Samsung TV To A Stand

Fit Your BIG TV On Smaller Stands with PERLESMITH PSTVS04 Base

The first thing that you’ll want to do when you set up your new Samsung TV is attach it to the stand. Samsung TVs come with a stand that has been specifically designed for your TV model and all the hardware you need for installation. Equally, if you want assistance with your installation, Samsung will help get your TV set up and ready to use. Contact Samsung support if you want assistance with installation.

Use this guide for more information on:

  • compatible stands
  • where to place your TV
  • how to attach the stand

If you’re looking for your quick set up guide, read our FAQ on how to find your user manual and other documents.

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TV Stand Dcor Ideas To Make Watching TV More Enjoyable

If you have a vintage console, pair it up with distressed wooden pieces such as white bookends or trays that have the same antique vibe. If your TV stand is more rustic or country-style, texture wood bowls, clay pots, wicker ball ornaments, and metal buckets would look great alongside your stand.

Decorating a TV stand is almost the same as accessorizing a fireplace mantel or a coffee table. There needs to be a sense of balance between the elements that youll be incorporating to make it interesting and visually pleasing.

You can achieve movement by playing with heights, form, textures, and colors, and by layering or stacking pieces on top of each other. You also want to balance it out, as you dont want to make the TV stand décor so busy that it distracts the people from watching.

These 27 TV stand décor ideas will inspire you to elevate the look of your current TV stand.

Tips For Decorating Around Your Mounted TV

Most likely, if you have a mounted TV in your living room, you have the rest of the wall around it to fill as well. Its not so easy when you have all the entertainment necessities installed. They are the necessary base and you have to build around it.

Dont worry. There are several ways you can make your entertainment wall look like part of your decor instead of the sore thumb of the space. Check out these 15 tips for and see which fits your style the best.

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Amazing Corner TV Stand Ideas For Your Home

Looking for corner tv stand ideas? Choosing to place your tv stand in the corner is a great way to optimize space and achieve a very unique and innovative home decoration style.

When choosing a corner tv unit, there are some relevant aspects you need to keep in mind, such as height, viewing distance, style, and storage needs.

Read on and find tv unit and corner entertainment center ideas for your room.

Let The Furniture Do The Talking

Leick Home TV Stand

If your TV hangs above a piece of furniture with detailing or intricate design, let the item take center stage. Do not clutter the space and draw attention away from the individual beauty of your furnishings. Instead, let the furniture do the talking. According to Studio McGee, a simple TV console is an alternative for a less chaotic look. Keeping the area around your television stand subdued will let furniture pop.

To reduce distracting elements in this space, keep decor to a minimum. If you add decorative pieces, keep them simple and streamlined, allowing them to flow with the TV stand. You do not want decor items competing with the TV stand or statement furniture in the living room. Too many objects piled on shelves or stacked on a table will hinder the visual experience in your living room and confuse the overall look.

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Diy Rustic TV Stand With Metal Pipe

If you want to start an industrial DIY TV stand, you can use the image above as your inspiration. Here, you just need three different materials which are wooden boards, pipes, and wheels. It is a simple stand. The most important thing is that you can move the stand anywhere you want. The open space cabinet or shelf makes the area looks spacious.

Minimalist Bedroom TV Stand

This bedroom TV stand practices the same concept with the model at the third point. The two models utilize one table unit that contains studying or working desk, too. This time around, the bedroom TV stand looks minimalist and lengthy.

In this bedroom TV stand, you can thus see the tree ornament. You can further place more items besides the TV. There are the drawers beneath the TV for keeping DVD player, flash disks or other gadgets.

The television itself looks modern and familiar in todays electronic stores. Once again, prefer to watch not from the bedstead.

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Diy Bookshelf Turned Into TV Stand

It is hard to throw away your favorite furniture, right? Instead of removing it, you can just recycle it to become new furniture which has new function. Let say, the bookshelf above becomes a cool DIY TV stand. You can repaint and refinish the shelf and then put it for your modern living room or bedroom.

Diy TV Stand Out Of Pallets

How to install a TV Floor Stand + TV Mount |Texonic Model TSX5|

Unlike the previous TV stands, this one does not boast shelves. Not to mention, it has a classic design and rustic flair.

You can create the TV stand using stained wood pallets. Moreover, you need to prepare wood glue, nails, and screws. I guarantee the project is like a piece of cake.

There you have it, a host of DIY TV stand ideas. Whether you love something modern or traditional, make sure your TV console is sturdy enough. That way, it can hold the TV, entertainment stuff, and decorations without wobbling.

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Combine Cabinets And Shelves

A simple, rectangular corner tv unit with long legs, a cabinet, and shelves are great for having both a place for storage and space for decoration.

Put all the cords and everything you dont want to see all the time like the wifi modem or other devices in the cabinets and leave the shelves for decorative objects, books, music, and other elements you enjoy seeing all the time.

Use The Unexpected Corner

When the window takes up all the space in front of the largest wall where the sofa usually goes, then you may ask yourself where to locate the tv.

Choose a fairly narrow corner tv stand to place it in the corner right next to the window. That way youll be able to watch television from the sofa. Its also a great way to make the distribution of the living room furniture make sense in rooms like these.

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Black Corner TV Stand With Storage

If your walls are white or grey and your floor is not too dark, then having an entirely black corner tv unit with silver handles will provide a touch of sophistication to your room.

The combination of shelves and cabinets will allow you to place some objects on sight to break with the dark and at the same time make those objects stand out. Pair it with a patterned light carpet to add the final touch to the room.

Consider A Marble Slab Background

Furniture of America Lyle Contemporary TV Stand, 60" , Espresso ...

Previously on this list, it was suggested that you hang your TV on a wooden slab for a rustic look. But when you dont want to go with a rustic vibe, yet still want a sweet background for your mounted TV, look into making a background out of another material like they did in Prastitis. The background for this TV is made out of a gorgeous slab of gold and white marble, making the room look luxurious and refined.

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Concealing A TV: How Do You Do It

Which of these ideas for decorating around a TV set have you implemented at home? Or is there a nifty trick youve used that Ive not listed here? You know Id love to hear from you below. Drop me a comment and share all of yout TV decorating ideas with me and other TLC blog readers. Image via Ideal Home.

Diy Farmhouse Style TV Stand Ideas With Black Pipe

It seems that a thick wooden board is useless. Actually, it is not! For a creative person, a thick wooden board can be turned into anything including a television stand. Just mix it with any kind of used materials such as pipes. Voila! A DIY TV stand with natural atmosphere is ready to use and make your living room looks fresh.

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TV Stand With Bookcase Combination

You can also use your old bookcase to have a new function at home. Just put the bookcase in the horizontal position. Use the back of the bookcase as the surface of the television stand. Actually, you dont need to replace anything except the damage parts. Then, you can put some additional accessories such as a glass or ceramic vases.

Simple TV Stand With Electric Fireplace

How To fit a Universal TV Central Stand – TV swivel base to replace the wide TV Legs

You can use any kind of used materials to be a new thing including the old ladders. Just cut them into the model above and create a simple television stand. The wood creates a strong separation between the television and the electric fireplace. For a simple treatment, you just need to let the ladders original without adding any colors or finishes.

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Match Your TV Stand With Your Furniture

Do you have a modern, traditional decoration style? Have a large low modern corner tv style with drawers and shelves.

This kind of dark brown wooden piece of furniture is ideal for storing all your video and gaming devices, as well as showcasing classic decorative objects like candles, portraits, books, vases, etc.

Idea : Surround The TV With Built

This option makes the TV look intentionally placed almost like a part of the furniture. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, the big screen takes a back seat to all that gorgeous, show-stopping cabinetry. Plus, open shelving gives you the chance to show off your decorating flair.

Added bonus: by incorporating cupboards underneath the shelves, youll gain heaps of hidden storage to tuck DVDs and gaming paraphernalia out of sight!

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Make Sure Its The Right Fit

Low corner tv stands are good for living rooms because people usually watch tv from the sofa. Large nordic metal legs go great with wood, for a modern style living room.

Tall corner tv stands on the other hand are usually suitable for rooms where you need a lot of storage space, as they usually come with lots of cabinets. Theyre good for kitchens, as one usually watches television from the dining table.

Identifying The Right Or Best Tree

TV Stands Recommendation  HomesFeed

Hopefully, you’ve already taken things like where the deer are bedding and feeding in correlation with the predominant wind direction. If you’ve done your homework and you’re trying to pick the tree to set up in a given area, I’d suggest the following.

Ensure you have a sufficient backdrop of coverage. This is key if there are taller trees or bushes behind you . By taking your backdrop into account, you are ensuring you won’t be silhouetted, decreasing the odds of a deer picking you off. It’ll also give you more grace when you’re moving or drawing back your bow. It might also lend more branches to hang your gear from.

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Create A Gallery Wall

This is by far the most popular decorating tip because it works! Place your TV off-center and create a gallery wall around it. Make sure to hang your frames above and around your TV so that your TV looks like it belongs on the wall. The art around the TV will create visual interest, and the TV will no longer be the areas main focus.

Have a hard time curating art? Check out these gallery wall art prints for less than $15:

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