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Can You Cast To Apple TV

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Airplay To Apple TV: How To Airplay Video From Your iPhone Or iPad

How to Cast Windows 10 to Apple TV

You can AirPlay any video simply by mirroring your screen. Some video players, like YouTube, will even let you AirPlay right from the video pane .

  • Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to bring up Control Center.
  • Tap Screen Mirroring.
  • Choose the device you’d like to AirPlay to.
  • If you’re not on the same Wi-Fi network as the Apple TV you’re targeting for example, if you’re at a meeting the Apple TV will display a code and require you to enter it on your iPhone or iPad before streaming over point-to-point Wi-Fi.

    Apple Lightning Digital Av Adapter

    Most apps will simply mirror the iOS devices display onto the television, but video apps such as Amazon Prime and Netflix might offer persistent playback controls while the video plays on the TV.

    Some video apps, such as Netflix, provide handy media controls when the adapter is plugged into a television.

    Jared Newman / IDG

    As for older iOS devices with 30-pin charging ports, Apple no longer sells its own 30-pin-to-HDMI adapter, but you can find third-party options, such as the JIMAT model shown below, on Amazon.

    How To Stream Apple TV To Chromecast

    Whether you have a free Apple TV subscription through a recent purchase or want to watch Apple TV Plus content on the big screen, we’ll show you how to cast Apple TV to TVs with built-in Chromecasts, or via the Chromecast dongle.

  • Make sure your Chromecast is on, plugged into your TV, and connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the Apple TV app on your iPhone or Mac.
  • Sign in if you haven’t already you may need to use a two two-step verification code.
  • Find whatever you want to watch and play it.
  • Tap on the cast icon.
  • Select the Chromecast.
  • Your show or movie will now play on the TV! For more on how to connect iPhone to Chromecast tips, read this. If you are using a non-Apple device, go to to set up Apple TV and watch it on your Chromecast.

    Master your iPhone in one minute a day: to get our FREE Tip of the Day delivered right to your inbox.

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    Mirror Android To Apple TV With Letsview

    Another tool you can consider using to connect Android to Apple TV is LetsView. It is a Miracast app that works on all devices platform. This includes Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Android TVs and soon to others. The fact that it is for free, you wont have to register or create an account to use it. It is unlimited use. Aside from that, you can use the screen recorder, screenshot and annotating tool. Meanwhile, if you want to try it, you can follow the steps below.

    • Connect them under the same Wi-Fi server. Then get an HDMI cable to connect your TV to your PC
    • Initiate the connection on your phone by clicking the Redetect button.
    • Once the name of your PC appeared on the screen, tap it and the mirroring will begin.
    • Since the PC is now connected to your TV, the casting will also begin on your TV.

    No Expensive Hardware Needed

    Roku now includes a feature Chromecast, Apple, and Fire TV can

    Mirror the screen and audio of your iPhone or iPad on any Chromecast with AirBeamTV. When you want to watch videos or apps on the big screen, AirBeamTV is the leading app for connecting your iPhone to Chromecast.

    You dont need expensive hardware or cables to cast your iOS device to your TV. Download the AirBeamTV app to cast your iPhone to Chromecast, without Apple TV or AirPlay.

    Step 2: Select Your Chromecast device

    Launch the Mirror for Chromecast app on your iPhone or iPad. Select the TV from the local receiver that you want to use for mirroring.

    When you use the AirBeamTV app for the first time, depending on your model Chromecast device, your TV might ask you to allow the connection. In that case, take your TV remote control and press OK to allow the connection.

    Step 3: Start Mirroring

    Step 4: Use Apps, Stream Movies, and More

    Your iPhone or iPad screen will appear live on your Chromecast device. Now you can open apps, video content and more from your mobile device. Watch shows and movies. Cast fitness workouts from your phone to your TV. Participate in online classes and more. You can view it all on the big screen with AirBeamTV.

    If you need any further assistance on how to use the app, please contact us, either via or through the Send AirBeamTV Log option in the app. Our support staff is available 24/7 to help you. Please also have a look at our FAQ section.

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    Use Airplay On Your iPhone

    These instructions are specifically for an iPhone, but the steps are similar for an iPad or an iPod touch. The biggest differences in the procedure depend on what app youre playing video from. Youll have to follow one of two sets of steps:

    • If you see an AirPlay button which looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing up at the bottom when you open up the app or a video in the app, tap on that to use AirPlay. For example, in the YouTube app for iPad, there will be an AirPlay button in the bottom right corner of the video.
    • If you dont see an AirPlay button, then youll need to select the apps option for casting, sharing, or playing content on a different device, and then tap the AirPlay option. For example, in the YouTube app for iPhone, you would tap the cast button at the top of the screen and then tap AirPlay & Bluetooth devices. In Photos, tap the share button . Then, scroll down and tap AirPlay.

    YouTube will display a pop-up list of casting options, including AirPlay.This is what your iPhone screen will look like when casting to a TV with AirPlay.

    • To stop casting, open up the AirPlay window in the same way you accessed it above and tap iPhone on the list of devices. This will return your feed from the TV back to your iPhone. In Photos, youll have to tap the AirPlay icon in the top right corner and then My Device.

    Mirroring To Fire TV And Chromecast

    If you dont want to buy a compatible AirPlay device or HDMI adapter, you can use mirroring apps to share your iPhone or iPad screen on Fire TV and Chromecast devices instead.

    Several apps offer this with varying degrees of success, but Ive gotten good results from 2kit Consultings Screen Mirroring apps for Fire TV, and Chromecast. These apps use iOSs Screen Recording feature to capture video from your iOS device and send it to the streaming player.

    2kit Consultings Screen Mirroring apps arent as sharp or responsive as AirPlay mirroring, but theyre a good enough alternative for Fire TV and Chromecast devices.

    Jared Newman / IDG

    Some caveats do apply: Youll experience some delay, video quality isnt perfect, and youll usually have to sit through an ad before you can mirror unless you upgrade to the paid versions of these apps. Still, these apps are good enough for mirroring photos, websites, presentations, and social media feeds.

    With Chromecast, be aware that you can also send video, audio, pictures, and information to your TV from thousands of supported apps. These apps will allow you to play content directly on the television, so you dont need to mirror your iPhone or iPad display.

    To stream media directly through Chromecast instead of mirroring your display, just look for the Cast button in supported apps.

    Jared Newman / IDG

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    How To Mirror iPad To Chromecast

    Follow this 3-step process and start mirroring your iPad screen to the big screen, no cables or hardware necessary!

    Step 1: Download the App

    Step 2: Select Your Chromecast

    Open the AirBeamTV app from your iPad. Click Start Mirroring on the menu. Select Mirror .

    Step 3: Start Mirroring

    Press Start Broadcast. Your screen will instantly mirror your iPad to your Smart TV.

    Want to know how to cast iPad to Chromecast? AirBeamTV apps cast to iPad 5th generation and later. So the app will work on any iPad running on iOS 13 or newer.

    What Do I Need To Connect My iPhone Or iPad To My TV

    How to Watch Apple TV plus on Chromecast

    There are a few different ways to connect your iPhone to your TV. Here is what youll need for each method described in this article. For more complete details, please scroll down to the corresponding sections below.

  • Connect via HDMI: HDMI-to-HDMI cable, Lightning Digital A/V adapter , open HDMI port on your TV
  • Connect via Apple TV: Wi-Fi connection
  • Connect via Chromecast: An open HDMI port on a Chromecast-compatible TV
  • Connect via Roku: iPhone, TV, Roku streaming device, Roku app
  • Connect via other apps: iPhone-compatible smart TV with AirPlay or AirPlay 2, or, for TVs without iPhone support, a DLNA-certified mirroring app .
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    How To Use Zoom Or Facetime With An Apple TV

    Speaking for myself and seemingly everyone I know, we are all on Zoom, FaceTime, Teams, Hangouts, Meet, Webex, or some other videoconferencing tool all the time, whether for paid work, volunteering and nonprofit involvement, the PTA, or socializing and family conversation.

    Unless youve got an iMac and its set up in the right place, you might find yourself squinting to see everyone on screenor leaning in or balancing a laptop on your lap. Its distracting for you and anyone with whom youre conversing.

    Theres a better way, if you have an Apple TV or a newer TV that supports video streaming over AirPlay 2: you can use AirPlay or AirPlay 2 to stream your Mac, iPhone, or iPads screen to the TV. If you purchase an HDMI adapter for a Mac or a mobile device, you can instead hardwire yourself into any TV with an spare HDMI port.

    How Can I Mirror My iPhone To My TV Without Apple TV

    You can purchase a Lightning Digital AV Adapter directly from Apple for $49. Youll use this adapter to connect your iPhone to an HDMI cable. Connect the HDMI cable to your TV, then connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the Lightning Digital AV Adapter. Your iPhone screen will instantly be mirrored to the TV.

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    How To Connect Your iPhone Or iPad To Your Big

    When youre trying to show off videos, photos, and other visual content from your iPhone or iPad, there are too many times when the small screen just wont do. Fortunately, you can connect those devices to your big-screen TV through several different methods.

    You dont even need a fancy smart TV to do it. Well show you several easy methods for screen mirroring, ranging from using a basic HDMI adapter to sophisticated wireless streaming.

    Keep in mind that if your goal is to watch streaming services such as Apple TV+, Netflix, or Hulu on your television, mirroring your iPhone or iPad is neither necessary nor the most practical solution. Instead, you can buy a low-cost streaming media player such as a Roku Streaming Stick+ or , plug them into your TV, and operate them with a proper remote control. Heres a link to our guide to the best streaming devices.

    Change Airplay 2 Settings On Your TV And Smart Monitor

    Can I cast Apple TV Plus on my Chromecast?

    You can adjust a few AirPlay 2 settings directly on your TV and Smart Monitor. Just navigate to Settings, select General, and then select Apple AirPlay Settings.

    You will find the following options:

    • AirPlay: Selecting this option will turn the AirPlay feature on and off.

    • Require Code: You have the option to require a passcode the first time you connect an iOS device or every time you connect one. You can also create your own passcode if desired. To clear all iOS devices from the TV’s or Smart Monitor’s memory, you can select Reset Paired Devices in this menu as well.

    • Subtitles and Captioning: In this menu, you can turn captions and subtitles on or off. There are also several options to adjust the look of the captions such as font, size, and color.

    • About AirPlay: Here you can find the AirPlay version that is currently running and see legal information about the software.

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    Connect An iPhone Or iPad With An Hdmi Cable

    While a wired HDMI adapter isnt as convenient as AirPlay for screen mirroring, its a more straightforward way of connecting, especially if Wi-Fi is flaky or unavailable.

    For an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with a Lightning connector, you can use Apples Lightning Digital AV adapter, which costs about $40. Cheaper third-party adapters are also available, but be aware that these will not support streaming video apps that use copy protection, such as Netflix.

    Apples official Lightning Digital AV Adapter is pricey, but itll let you mirror an iPhone or iPad on your TV with no hassles.

    Jared Newman / IDG

    Setup is easy: Just plug the HDMI cable into your TV on one end and the adapter on the other, plug the Lightning cable into your iOS device, and set the TV to the appropriate input. You can also plug a charger into the adapters second Lightning port to keep your iOS devices battery from draining.

    You Cant Cast Apple TV To Chromecast But There Is A Workaround

    • Post author

    Apple TV is one of the few apps that does not support casting, making it impossible to cast to a Chromecast device, including the newer . Although there is no ability to cast to a Chromecast device from the app, a web browser workaround does make it possible to watch Apple TV movies and shows on a Chromecast device. For owners of a Chromecast with Google TV, theres no need to cast Apple TV to begin with.

    The Apple TV app is a good option for renting or buying movies and show episodes, and is also how consumers can access Apple TV+. Although the Apple TV+ subscription service started off slowly, it has gradually been building out its library over time with high quality and popular content. At the same time, Apple TV device support has also been expanding, making it possible to access all the videos on more devices than Apples own hardware. However, there are still a number of devices that are not yet supported.

    The Apple TV app for iPhone and iPad currently doesnt support Chromecast. It is also unclear if thats going to change. Instead, Apple expects those using one of its devices to utilize AirPlay support. If a smart TV or streaming device does support AirPlay in addition to Chromecast, then AirPlay works the same as casting, making it possible to watch on a larger screen at home. However, this wont be an option for Chromecast users considering Googles casting device does not support AirPlay either.

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    Stream From iPhone Using Airplay

    To stream from iPhone to Apple TV using AirPlay-compatible apps, such as Apple apps that support audio, video, or photos, follow these steps:

    Many, though not all, third-party audio, video, and photo apps also support AirPlay.

  • Connect your iPhone and Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

  • On the iPhone, launch the app with the content you want to stream.

  • In the app, tap the AirPlay icon .

    In some compatible apps, the AirPlay icon is a little hidden. Look in the menu, by tapping its icon .

  • Tap the name of the Apple TV you want to stream to. Your video appears on the TV in a moment.

  • Control your content through the iPhone app. To stop streaming entirely, tap the AirPlay icon and then tap your iPhone.

  • Mirror Your Mac’s Screen

    Surface â Official Trailer | Apple TV

    The steps outlined below assume you’re running MacOS Monterey, the latest and greatest version of MacOS.

    1. Click on the Control Center icon in the menu bar. It should be next to the time in the top-right corner, next to the Siri button.

    2. Click Screen Mirroring.

    3. You’ll see a list of devices that are available on your network to mirror your screen on. Click the device you want to use. Your screen will flash and a few seconds later it will show up on the TV.

    Everything you do on your Mac will show up on your TV as long as AirPlay mirroring is turned on. When you’re done, click the Screen Mirroring button in Control Center again then click the name of the device you’re connected to stop mirroring.

    AirPlay 2 works on many newer smart TVs, allowing you to cast your phone’s screen to the TV you already own.

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    Is Google Chrome Compatible With Apple TV

    No. The official Google Chrome web browser cannot be used as an Apple TV web browser. This is because Apple does not want its users to install a web browser, the whole idea is to use the built-in casting features via AirPlay.

    However, Google Chrome has its own Google Chromecast device which can be used to cast content to your TV and even use your big screen like an Apple TV web browser. You can cast from the Chrome web browser via your phone or computer.

    The Chrome web browser has built-in support to cast content directly from a supporting device to the Apple TV.

    If you want to cast content from your Mac computer, you might want to check the best web browsers for Mac.

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