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What Is The Newest TV

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What Inputs And Outputs Do You Need

Watch BEFORE You Buy a New TV! (2021/2022 TV Buying Guide)

These days, it’s all about HDMI, which is used to connect everything from set-top boxes to video streamers, Blu-ray players to games consoles. Thanks to ARC/eARC , a single HDMI connection can even be used to output sound to an AV receiver or soundbar at the same time as it receives a video signal.

Currently, three HDMI connections is standard on budget and mid-range TVs, while four is the norm for premium models.

After HDMIs, USB ports are the most abundant on modern TVs. You can use these to keep devices charged , and some TVs allow the connection of flash drives and hard drives for the recording of live TV content.

On the subject of live TV, you can expect practically every TV to have an aerial socket via which it can receive Freeview broadcasts, but many also have a satellite connection. Be warned, though the presence of a satellite connection doesn’t guarantee that there’s a Freesat tuner on board. Without one, you’ll receive only a patchy and disorganised selection of satellite TV channels.

Other useful connections include optical and stereo outputs, which can be used in lieu of HDMI ARC to connect legacy audio equipment. Headphone outputs are still fairly common, too, though Bluetooth is also supported by most TVs now and Samsung TVs in fact now feature the latter but not the former.

The Best TV In : Top TVs From Lg Samsung Tcl Vizio And More

ByBrian Westoverpublished 7 December 21

Weve found the best TVs for you, with the best budget options along with 4K and 8K TVs

QLED TV: Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV
TV value: TCL 6-Series Roku TV
C350 Fire TV
8K TV: TCL Roku TV 6-Series 8K

You know you want the best TV, but finding the right model for your home and budget isn’t always easy. Checking all the right boxes is tough, especially as features like 8K resolution, OLED and QLED displays, mini-LED, HDR, smart home connectivity, voice control and more make it increasingly complex to find the TV you want.

It’s not as simple as buying the most expensive model you can afford. You want the whole package: great picture quality, rich sound, and all of the smart features available today, and it would be nice to save a buck or two while you’re at it.

Weve tested and reviewed the latest TVs from all the best TV brands including LG, Sony, and Samsung to help you choose the right TV for your home. Every TV goes through hours of testing and eyes-on viewing, so that we can find the best TV for your budget and needs.

Better Call Saul Season 5

One of TV’s only A+ shows kicks off its final season April 18 on AMC. But if you’re a cord-cutter who catches up with the show on Netflix, Season 5 arrives in early April. It’s one of the Breaking Bad prequel’s best, as tense and thrilling as ever. If you already watched Season 5, it still might be a good idea to refresh your memory with a rewatch before the Season 6 premiere, as it’s been two years since Saul last aired.

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Stream It Or Skip It: ‘agatha Raisin: Kissing Christmas Goodbye’ On Acorn TV A Holiday Special Staring Britain’s Most Fashionable Sleuth

Acorn TV continues to stream some of the best new titles from all around the world straight to our homes this February, including the premieres of Acorn TV Originals and Exclusives Agatha Raisin: Season 4 and Conviction: The Case of Stephen Lawrence. You should also make sure to keep your eye out for other incredible international titles like Aftertaste, Murdoch Mysteries: Season 15, and The Murder Maps: Season 2 all hitting the platform this month.

Read more below for our February highlights and the full list of whats new on Acorn TV.

Simple Tips For Getting The Best Picture From Your New TV

Introducing the All

Most TVs arent set up to look their best right out of the box, but a few simple picture adjustments can be a huge improvement.

Another important thing to consider if youre not wall-mounting the TV and you have kids in the house is to anchor the TV. Doing so will minimize the chances of the set falling over if someone yanks on it . An anchor system is cheap and easy to install. This item may seem frivolous, but no matter how stable a television stand can be, a TV can still topple easily if a child pulls on it.

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Adding A Sound System

TVs have built-in speakers that function well enough in the sense that you can understand dialogue, but beyond that they’re typically pretty underwhelming. With few exceptions, you can improve your movie and gaming experience greatly by getting an add-on speaker system, like a soundbar or a dedicated multi-channel home theater system.

If space is at a premium or your budget is limited, a soundbar is your best bet. Soundbars are long, thin, self-contained speakers that sit under or over your TV. Small and simple to set up, they’re less expensive than multi-speaker systems. Soundbars generally don’t separate the channels enough to accurately place sound effects, but they’ve become quite good at producing a large sound field around you. Here are some of our favorite soundbars.

For Small Spaces: Best 32

Buy a 32-inch LCD/LED TV if:

  • You dont have space for a larger TV: Our other picks are likely too big for small bedrooms or dorm rooms.
  • You dont want to spend much money: If youre shopping for a casual-use TV and you dont require a higher level of performance, this is a good choice.

Buy another type of TV if:

  • You care about picture quality: A larger LCD or OLED TV will provide an image with much better brightness, contrast, color, and detail.
  • Youve got plenty of space: A 32-inch TV will look a little odd in most suburban living rooms.

Why we like it: The TCL 32S334 is a great small smart TV that you can quickly and easily set up and use in most any space. It offers good picture and sound quality, and the built-in Android TV smart-TV platform supports all the major streaming video and music services. We like Android TVs customizable interface, and the remote is simple without being too simplistic, with helpful buttons and a microphone for voice search. Bluetooth audio output is available to send the TVs audio wirelessly to headphones or speakers, and you can choose a wired or wireless network connection for streaming.

Available sizes: 32, 40 inchesHDMI ports: two

  • The TCL 32S334 Android TV is our favorite 32-inch TV because it looks and sounds good, its easy to use, and it has the best assortment of helpful features.

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Other Good Lcd/led TVs

If you want the most accurate image: The Sony X95J has the most accurate image of any TV weve tested in both SDR and HDR modes, but be prepared to pay a higher price for that accuracy. Unlike most TVs, it reproduces HDR brightness perfectly, so everything is at the correct level. It also has the best image processing available of the TVs we tested, so it can reduce artifacts in streaming video and does a better job upscaling lower-resolution content to 4K. The local-dimming backlight is superb: Even though it has fewer dimming zones than the Samsung QN90A, it doesnt hide black details or create excess blooming around bright objects. But it cant get as bright as the Samsung QN90A with HDR video, only producing 1,000 nits compared to over 1,500, and the Samsung line costs less. The X95J uses the same wide-angle-viewing technology as the X950H but replaces Android TV with the excellent Google TV streaming interface. Plus it has a pair of HDMI 2.1 inputs that accept 4K 120 Hz signals from the newest gaming systems. But its only available in 65-, 75-, and 85-inch sizes, and the 65-inch version lacks the anti-reflective screen coating you get on the larger sizes.

If you prefer Google TV: TCL has also introduced an updated version of the 6-Series that uses Google TV instead of Roku, and it adds support for 4K 120 Hz signals over two of its HDMI inputs. It too comes in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch sizes.

Best Design In A Midpriced TV

New BRAVIA XR TV Announcement

Samsung is the TV brand that sells more TVs than anyone and one of the most popular is the Q60A series. Its sleek OLED screen design stands out compared to the other TVs on this list — although the ultra-thin OLED models are even sleeker — it offers better features and image quality than budget models like the TCL 4-Series, and it comes in a vast array of sizes. The TVs above are all superior values, but if you want a Samsung TV and can’t afford the QN90A, this is a great choice.

Sizes: 43-, 50-, 55-, 60- 65-, 70- 75-, 85-inch.

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Best TV Features To Look For

  • Smart TV – smart TVs let you download streaming and catch-up apps, such as iPlayer and Netflix.
  • PVR – record shows and movies onto a USB had drive. Twin-tuner PVRs can record two shows at once.
  • Freeview Play – you can scroll back through the previous week’s TV within its digital programme guide.
  • HDR – improves contrast, making whites crisper and blacks deeper, and there are several different formats to get to grips with. Read more in our what is HDR guide.
  • Voice control – change channels, inputs and even search for shows in apps with your voice.

Why You Should Trust Us

Ive been reviewing TVs and home theater equipment since 2008. I am an ISF Level IIcertified calibrator, so I am aware of what makes for a good TV image and how to get those things out of a TV. I have all of the necessary test equipment and software to provide objective measurements to back up my subjective opinions.

In addition to performing my own hands-on TV testing, I also rely on reviews from trusted counterparts. does a very good job of providing a large number of objective measurements for TVs and direct comparisons between models across all price ranges. Vincent Teoh of HDTVTest does superb TV reviews on his YouTube channel, and we often talk to him about TVs we are currently reviewing. Reviewed has lots of reviews, as well, but not the same depth of objective measurements that provides. David Katzmaier of CNET has one of the best test labs in the industry and can do side-by-side comparisons of multiple TVs.

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How To Choose The Best TV For You

If you’re trying to find the right TV for you, there are several factors to consider, from the basics of screen size and resolution, to the specific smart features and ports offered on a given model. We recommend most homes opt for a 55- or 65-inch TV with 4K resolution. We’re also big fans of smart TVs, which let you stream all of your favorite shows and use dozens of apps without a second device.

We have extensive shopping advice, like our TV buying guide and figuring out what size TV you should buy. And if you still have questions about smart TV features and capabilities, check out Smart TVs: Everything you need to know.

Performance: Our TV reviews also look at how well each TV performs in key areas, like picture quality and sound, so don’t forget to look up the model you’re interested in to see our TV reviews.

Ports: We generally recommend opting for more ports, so that you never have to manually unplug and re-plug HDMI cables to switch from your Bl-ray player to your game console or other device. Three ports is common, but nicer TVs usually have 4 HDMI ports. You’ll also want make sure at least one is HDMI 2.1 our guide to the best HDMI 2.1 TVs can help here.

Extra USB ports are also handy for powering antenna amplifiers or streaming sticks, as well as viewing media from USB storage.

Smart software: Some of the TVs are among the best Alexa compatible devices and you can own, so pay attention to which smart home platform the sets offer before choosing.

Is Sound Quality Important When Selecting The Best TV

Learning New TV Tech: All about 4K

To provide the best audio to complement the pictures, your TV should be hooked up to a separate audio system, be it soundbar or home cinema separates, but this isn’t always an option. So, here’s what we listen for when testing a TV’s speakers:

Bass: Deep, rounded rumbles that don’t cause the set to rattle or speakers to distort cramp or overwhelm the rest of the sound but that expand when needed.

Vocals: Voices should sound open, rich and clear, not boxed in, nasal or thin.

Trebles: Treble effects should sound clean, rounded and smooth in loud scenes and shouldn’t dominate the soundstage.

Soundstage width/depth: A good TV should throw the sound away from the TV, to the sides, forward and back, to give an extra dimension to what’s on screen, without losing any coherence.

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What To Consider When Buying A TV

As a consumer, you may feel like only a rocket scientist could possibly understand all of the technical specifications listed for each television set.

Dont get intimidated by all of the technical jargon. Once you determine what size screen you want, the resolution and refresh rate you need, and pinpoint any other features or functions you want in your new TV, the rest is pretty straightforward.

Don’t Forget Gaming: Features Matter

A good gaming TV won’t just have a great picture and sound. You also need to consider the connectivity options, gaming features and overall responsiveness of the TV.

While we already recommend holding out for more HDMI ports, an extra HDMI port can mean the difference between leaving your console connected and swapping it out for your Blu-ray player every time you want to fire up a round of Call of Duty.

While HDMI 2.1 is still relatively new, it’s a must have for any of the next-gen consoles. And certain features offered by the 2.1 spec have become much more common, like Auto-Low Latency Mode , which switches to game mode as soon as the console is turned on, and Variable Refresh Rate , which matches the screen to the frame-by-frame output coming from the TV, synchronizing the two for judder-free gaming.

To get a closer look at our favorite console-ready TVs, check out the best gaming TVs for 2021.

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Smart TVs: Most Already Are

An increasing number of sets come with built-in Wi-Fi for connecting Internet-based services like Netflix for streaming videos or to run apps for watching special-interest programs, downloading on-demand movies, playing games or even posting to Facebook. The latest models can even search for content across streaming services and live programming on cable and satellite.

In the past, you could have bought a less expensive “dumb” TV and made it smart with a streaming device like the $50 Roku Streaming Stick. But nowadays, it’s hard to get a TV that isn’t smart, even if you’re going for a small bargain model. Find out more about the functions and features in our guide to smart TVs and How to buy a dumb TV and why you’d want to.

Bottom line: Smart capability is now a standard feature in TVs, so it’s less and less of a factor in your buying decision.

What Are The Best Types Of TVs Right Now

Why You Should Wait To Buy A New TV | Best 2020 TVs


The lighting on OLED TVs is achieved by passing an electric current through an emissive, electroluminescent film. This technique produces beautiful color and high contrast and also enables screens to be extremely thin and flexible. LG Display is the only supplier of 4K OLED screens to mainstream TV manufacturers, meaning they all use the same panels, but picture processors and implementation all vary, so you can still expect differences between brands.

Quantum Dot/QLED

Samsung is the leading exponent of QLED, a variant of LED LCD display technology that uses a highly efficient Quantum Dot filter that increases brightness and color volume. QLED screens with a full array backlight offer the best performance when it comes to HDR peak brightness and LCD black level control.

LED TV: Direct LED

Sometimes called FALD , these displays are backlit by an array of LEDs directly behind the screen. This enables localised dimming meaning immediately adjacent areas of brightness and darkness can be displayed more effectively and greatly improves contrast.


With these Edge LED TVs, the LEDs of the backlight are mounted along the edges of the panel. This arrangement enables radically slender displays, but can’t achieve the same picture quality as directly lit LED sets. However, Edge LED displays do come in far cheaper which is why the more budget LED TVs out there use this technology.

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Best Supersized TVs That Cost $2000 Or Less

Sony XR-75X90J, Sony XBR-75X900H, TCL 75R635, Vizio P75Q9-H1, Hisense 75U6GThese 75-inch TVs sell for $2,000 or less, while most of our top models in this screen size cost $2,600 or more. All these sets have overall picture quality that earns Very Good or better ratings, but the HDR performance is mixed.

The Sony XR-75X90J, a 2021 model thats currently selling for about $1,600 though its listed in the box below for more, also has great overall picture quality, but does a better job with HDR. However, its not quite as good for sound. The Sony XBR-75X900H, from 2020, has similarly impressive picture quality but its HDR performance is below that of its sibling.

The TCL 75R635, which uses Mini LED backlights, does very well for overall picture quality, and its the only model in this group to earn top marks for HDR effectiveness. The Vizio P75Q9-H1 has also satisfying overall picture quality, as well as effective HDR performance. The Hisense 75U6G, a 2021 set, doesnt do as well for HDR, but its relatively inexpensive for its size and features.

All these TVs, except the Vizio, offer satisfying sound. All except the Samsung support the HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG HDR formats the Vizio also supports HDR10+. The Samsung lacks Dolby Vision but has HDR10+.

The Hisense is an Android TV, while the Sony has the newer Google TV system. The Vizio uses an Android offshoot called SmartCast, and Samsung uses the companys own proprietary Tizen smart TV platform. The TCL is a Roku TV.

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