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What’s The Best Indoor TV Antenna

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The Best Indoor TV Antennas: Fix Bad Television Signal With A New Indoor Aerial

Best Indoor TV Antennas: Review & Comparison

Our list of the best indoor TV aerials helps you to say goodbye to glitchy TV channels and awkward programme pauses

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Even in today’s world of on-demand internet services, sometimes the easiest way to find what you want to watch is on regular TV. You might have one of the best TVs, but if it isn’t in a position where you can connect an external antenna easily, you need one of the best TV indoor antennas.

While environmental factors may come into play, the most common cause of poor TV signal is a rubbish antenna. A better antenna, used in the right way, is the path to better signal and the best TV antennas don’t even need the kind of minute position tweaks that the old guard demanded.

There are plenty of options, but we’ll help you to narrow down to a great option for you. The best TV aerial for a caravan is probably not the best TV aerial for your living room, though there’s a fair amount of overlap.

Browse indoor TV aerials at Best Buy

Mexonga Amplified Hd Digital TV Antenna 300 Miles Long Range Reception Indoor Hdtv Antenna With Amplifier Support 4k 1080p Vhf Uhf TV Channels And All TV With 13ft Coax Hdtv Cablei5

Price: $26.57

35 Miles

About this item

  • FREE CHANNELS: Enjoy Free lifetime 4k an HD channel with TV indoor antenna. By picking up most broadcasting signals in your area, you dont have to worry about monthly expensive cable plans and you can save $1020 per year.
  • UP TO 300 MILES RANGE :Amplifier Signal Booster, 300 Miles signal reception range, equip with new type switch control amplifier booster. Below 35 miles, Turn to the short range side! Above 35 miles, Turn the green light on.
  • 13FT Easiest To Install: Setup is a breeze no assembly required, you can easily install it in less than 3 minutes and 13FT long cable makes it easy to place the antenna in the best reception spot in your home.
  • PORTABLE POLE DESIGN: Suitable for indoor use, this HDTV antenna ensures portability and with 360 degree reception, you can be sure of strong signal strength.
  • SECURE : High performance coaxial cable with multiple protections. Pure copper material eliminates the loose contact problem, flame Retardant PC brings moisture and Lightning protection. No more worry about unstable voltage burn-out.

TV Antenna Shopping Tips

Putting up an antenna is easy, but before you buy one youll need to figure out what channels are available where you live, how strong the signals are likely to be, and what direction theyre coming from. See TechHives guide to choosing an antenna to figure all that out.

As a rule of thumb, indoor antennas are suitable for areas with strong or very strong signals, the attic/outdoor antennas work in areas of medium signal strength, and the larger outdoor antennas in areas of weak signals.

Once youve determined your needs, this article will help with your antenna purchase. But before we jump into our results, check out this video that explains how to determine which free over-the-air TV channels you can receive where you live.

Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read ouraffiliate link policyfor more details.


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The Best Indoor TV Antennas For 2022

Indoor antennas can solve a number of TV problems in one swipe. They let you cut your cable bill, receive HD or 4K broadcasts totally for free , and typically work with built-in TV tuners straight out of the box. And with todays indoor antenna designs, theres no need to mess with complicated outdoor placements: A nearby window or shelf is all you need!

If youre on the hunt to enable HD+ broadcasts for your home theater, weve got the best indoor TV antenna models you need to look at, starting with the user-friendly Winegard Amped Pro.

Note: Its a good idea to check your TV for a coaxial connection before you begin. Most TVs still have these ports, and they are necessary for many indoor TV antenna devices. Let’s get into it.

  • Some more rural users may want more than a 60-mile range

This Winegard antenna shows up on some of our other antenna lists as one of the most user-friendly options available the perfect choice if you dont want to waste time or energy adding an indoor antenna. The Amped Pro lets you skip right to browsing your free channels ASAP thanks to its friendly setup app and Bluetooth pairing, which cuts out any confusion for new users.

How Do Hdtv Antennas Work

Vansky HDTV Outdoor Antenna 150 Miles Range

Your local TV stations are constantly broadcasting HD signals, typically on the UHF or VHF bands. An HDTV antenna basically just tunes into those frequency bands, allowing your TV to pluck programming right out of the air. This is a great way to supplement streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ with live TV.

Of course, this means the available channels will be limited to what’s available in your area . Depending on your location, you could get over 100 channels or close to zero. To find out, you can employ a service such as Antennas Direct, which can tell you which channels are available in your area based on your zip code.

Also, because the signal is line-of-sight, your placement of the antenna can significantly affect its performance. We recommend testing out a few different locations to find out where the signal is better or worse. We also recommend mounting the antenna out of the way of foot traffic or other passing objects, as that can cause the signal to drop out momentarily.

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Antan Indoor Window Hdtv Antenna

Enjoy HD & 4K channels with ANTAN TV antenna no more need to pay huge bill on TV. You can watch over-the-air network broadcasts in uncompressed HD, including ABS, cabs, Fox, NBC, PBS, the Cw, Univision and plus more.

Enjoy all of local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programming with no monthly contract and save around 1000USD annually. . Sleek, paper-thin design -in addition to being exceptionally thin with a mount-anywhere design, this out-of-the way multi-directional antenna comes with a 15-foot coaxial cable that easily plugs into your HDTV . simply plug it in, mount, and scan for channels.

It delivers full 1080p HD to any digital-ready TV. . Easy installation: This antenna is very easy to install and very lightweight, making it easy to mount. You simply plug it in and scan channels through your TV to get it up and running. Hang the indoor antenna on a window or wall, or better position where owns better reception of your house as high as possible. . . Up to 40 miles: reception totally dependent on Location and the type of signal being transmitted in the area . Disclaimer:

Highlighted Features:

Vansky Indoor Amplified Digital Hdtv Antenna

The Vansky 2018 Upgraded Indoor Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna 50 Mile Range has similar features as the one from 1byone. The included amplifier gives the antenna the same range of 50 miles. However, instead of a switch mechanism, the amplifier is detachable. If you do happen to live less than 20 miles from broadcasters than youll want to remove the amplifier. Over the air programming in 1080 high definition is accessible with the Vansky antenna. Mounting stickers are included with the manufacturer recommending window placement. The antenna supports UHF/VHF channels and is an omnidirectional model. The antenna comes with a 16.5 cable for installation.

  • HDTV ready

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Using A TV Antenna With Smart TVs And Streaming Devices

While streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max may be taking a more prominent place in the living room, there’s still room for over-the-air broadcast TV. Whether you want free access to local news or just want to get more sports without shelling out for another subscription service, an HDTV antenna can still provide plenty of great stuff to watch, and having a smart TV or one of the best streaming devices doesn’t prevent using an antenna.

All of the best smart TVs for streaming also have built-in tuners for pulling in broadcast channels, and getting your TV channels programmed is an automatic process, with the TV scanning for stations and putting together a browsable channel guide in just a few minutes.

And several streaming devices are built with OTA content in mind. The Amazon Fire TV Cube, for example, can switch over to your TV’s built-in tuner seamlessly, without having to swap TV inputs or juggle extra remote controls. You can even get something like the , a DVR that lets you record OTA content, and enjoy it all using the same Fire TV interface your TV might already be using.

Bikuu Amplified Hd TV Antenna

Whats the Best Indoor, Outdoor, RV, or Attic TV Antenna?

This cheap version of a quality antenna has quite a great range considering how much it costs. Not only is the range great, but it also is built very well, and it comes with an amplifier which makes the price point even more beautiful. However, it seems that this antenna does not pick up the channels it promises as well as inaccuracy of the range that it states it reaches.

It’s important to keep in mind that your location plays a big role in what you might be able to receive on your antenna. Considering this is the cheapest option on the list, it’s rather amazing to see this range, which will bring you more channels. It’s also a quality-built antenna with an included amplifier, which makes it even more incredible at this particular price point.

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Antop Hd Indoor TV Antenna


WHY WE LIKE IT: This indoor TV antenna comes with a superb 80-mile range and a built-in adjustment dial, a great choice for people who want finer control of the reception range.

  • Can work on two televisions
  • 4G LTE filter to minimize interference
  • Includes built-in adjustment dial
  • May be too wide for tight spaces

We love this indoor TV antennas focus on reception amplification and connecting to multiple devices. A Power Booster dial works to calibrate a reception range from 0 to 80 miles, easily achieved by toggling gain with a clockwise turn of the dial to increase it and a counter-clockwise turn of the dial to reduce it.

One of this indoor antennas biggest strengths is its interference killers. An integrated FM antenna and 4G LTE filter work to minimize cellular waves that disrupt antenna reception. On the design side, it is very versatile, with a long, slender half-moon-shaped antenna sitting horizontally or vertically on a mounting stand. In many ways, it looks like a miniature soundbar, which should blend well with your entertainment center.

How To Choose The Best Cable TV Alternative For You

You can filter through the best cable TV alternatives in a couple of ways. The easiest, of course, is by price. If you want to spend less than $40 per month, you’ve got an easy buying decision. Sling TV either its Orange or Blue packages is the only option, and it costs a relatively low $30 per month. It may not offer as many channels, but everything else starts at least at $50, which can be frustrating when you also want streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus that cost $6 to $13 per month.

But if you need all of your available local broadcast channels ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC your choices move away from Sling TV to all of its competitors. Hulu With Live is the most affordable to give you all four locals and costs $10 less than YouTube TV. Plus, you get those buzzworthy originals like Normal People, Shrill, Ramy and Little Fires Everywhere.

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Chaowei Digital TV Antenna

  • Work Best Within 40 Miles-Chaowei DVB66 HDTV TV Antenna is a Passive Antenna. If you want a long range antenna, just add an amplifier to help get all free local channels in crystal clear quality pictures
  • Compact & Small TV Aerial-Only 5-inch Tall! But Dont let the size discourage you! Its tiny but powerful due to 360 degree signal reception! It doesnt take up a lot of space, easy to hide
  • With Magnetic Base-The weighted magnetic base allows it to be conveniently located where you can obtain more channels. Pls make sure attach magnetic base to iron surface for reception improvement
  • Well Thought Out Item-16.5ft coaxial cable is long enough for you to put on windowsills where the reception is better
  • Personality Design-Waterproof Design allows you mount it outdoor or on the roof for optimal reception Durable Low Profile design is perfect for optimal reception
  • Easy Setup-1. Screwed into your TV 2. Positioned in a desired location 3. Use the Menu on your TV to scan for channels. Few minutes later, you will watch live tv trough your HDTV or Smart TV
  • Commitment to Quality: Chaowei is a professional manufacturer of digital antennas with 15-year experience. Pls rest assured by choosing Chaowei brand. We will take full responsibility for any quality issue that may arise in regard to our products. If you have any issues with reception, contact us for full technical support and assistance

Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse Indoor TV Antenna

TV Antenna, Outdoor / Indoor Digital Smartpass Amplifier HDTV 80 Miles ...


WHY WE LIKE IT: This indoor TV antenna is characterized by a sleek, ear-shaped 60-mile range antenna and features a paintable surface using Sure Grip technology, an excellent choice for people who have custom colored windows or walls.

  • Intermittent signal reception from time to time
  • Not recommended for rural areas far from broadcast towers

This Clearstream amplified indoor TV antenna boasts a 20db in-line included amplifier for a respectable 60-mile range and Sure-Grip technology, which emphasize mounting options without the need for your adhesive or screws, One critique on this indoor TV antenna is that it is only compatible with UHF reception and does not capture VHF, which is popular with broadcast networks.

Installing this best indoor TV antenna for Los Angeles is a cinch. It uses two methods a power adapter and USB for direct wall or TV connection. A separate sticky strip and 12 feet of coaxial cable provide ample mounting options and window clearance. One critique of this indoor TV antenna is that it is only compatible with UHF reception and does not capture VHF, which is more popular with broadcast networks.

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Our Indoor Antenna Buying Guide

There are several factors to consider when shopping for an indoor HDTV antenna. First, there are many types of indoor antennas. For example, dipole antennas, which are often referred to as rabbit ears antennas, are a common type of antenna for local channels. Another option is loop antennas, which are a modified version of dipole antennas in which the two poles are folded and configured in a circle, square or a series of circles or squares.

You can also choose between an amplified and a non-amplified antenna for local tv stations. A non-amplified antenna for local channels can receive OTA signals from nearby broadcasting towers and doesnt require a connection to a power source. On the other hand, an amplified indoor HDTV antenna requires power, but it can boost signals impeded by interference such as buildings or trees.

Another consideration to bear in mind is the distance rating . Next, look at any additional features an indoor HDTV antenna offers, such as Bluetooth connectivity, an inline amplifier or different mounting options. Finally, there is your budget, the ease of setup and use and even the appearance of the indoor HDTV antenna.

Can I Get Local Channels Without An Antenna

Yes. If you don’t want to purchase an antenna or you don’t already get local stations through cable, there are several streaming options that provide local channels over an internet connection.

Ways to stream local channels without an antenna include live TV streaming services like Sling TV, Fubo TV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV. Each service offers a different assortment of channels, including many cable networks you can’t get with an antenna, so you’ll want to ensure that the stations you want are available.

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How We Test Cheap TV Antennas

All of the TV antennas we review in any price range are put through the same testing process to determine how many channels they will receive and how many of those channels are watchable.

All of our testing is done in the same location in New York City, an apartment that receives dozens of channels from a variety of broadcasters. Every individual antenna is connected to the same Samsung 4K TV and built-in TV tuner, and each one is placed in the same position to eliminate variables of environmental interference and to produce comparable results.

The Manhattan testing environment has more than 100 over-the-air channels available in the area, making it an ideal testing location for antenna reception of any range, with more sensitive, long-range antennas pulling in a higher number of channels. It also gives us a chance to determine the reception quality, by seeing whether or not those channels are clear and watchable. The best antennas will pull in more channels and a higher number of watchable results.

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