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Where To Sell Old TV

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Write A Description That Can Be Used For Listings

Recycling Your Old TV

You should write a short description of your TV that is used in all places you sell it. This will be the description for selling broken TVs on sites, repair stores, online, etc. This way, everything is consistent everywhere you sell your old TV.

Some Information to Include in Your Description:

  • Selling price for your TV.
  • Damage of the product. .
  • Age of the product.
  • Dimensions/size of the TV.
  • The location you are willing to sell or drop off your TV.
  • Type a brief description about yourself, so people know who they are buying from and what your return policy is if something goes wrong.
  • Contact Information and payment terms

An Example of a TV Description Used for Listings:

This TV has some bad spots on the screen, but I tested the input port with another monitor, and it appears to work correctly. The TV has speakers and power supply, but I dont have the remote or cables.

Take Pictures of Your Broken TV: Be Sure They Include:

  • A picture of your TV from all sides, including the screen and plugged in, unplugged if necessary.
  • A picture of your TV with a current newspaper next to it showing the date.
  • A picture of your TV with you holding up a recent newspaper or other document showing some type of identification. This can be used so that people who see your listing know who is selling the item and can contact you for more information.

What To Do Before Trading In

It might be tempting to just fly through the questions youre asked on the trade-in website, print the shipping label, and send off your laptop, phone, or tablet to wait for your payment. There are two reasons why that isnt a good idea.

First, the questions youre asked on these websites are important in valuing the item you want to sell. Everything you send will be looked over before you get any money anyway, so if you give inaccurate information or completely false details, they might just send the item back and force you to repeat the whole process over again. Youll spend much more time doing that, rather than just answering truthfully and slowly the first time through.

Another reason to take your time is that there’s a lot of personal data you need to look over and decide whether to delete or back up before you sell them.

If youre selling a laptop or desktop computer, and youve already saved everything you want to keep, you should seriously consider wiping the hard drive clean. This will remove every file on the drive and prevent the next owner from possibly retrieving your information.

Theres a chance some of these trade-in services will wipe your phone or hard drive for you, but some explicitly say you are fully responsible for erasing any data. Fortunately, its not hard to wipe a hard drive, and you can easily reset your iOS device or reset your Android device if youre trading in one of those.

Selling Your Old Electronics Can Mean Cash The Sooner You Sell The Better

Selling your old electronic devices can mean cash in your pocket. The one caveat is that often the older or less desirable the device, the harder time youll have in selling it. If you have a recent generation Apple product youll probably have more luck than an older off-brand item.

My Nexus tablet was pretty desirable and relatively new at the time, so even broken it sold for almost 25% of its original price. The phone wasnt as desirable but was in like-new condition and in the right marketplace still fetched over 1/2 its original price. The last item I sold was a newer device and is still being sold new by the mobile network but since quite a few others popped up in the marketplace, the sales price ended up being lower than hoped.

So if you have some old electronics, why not try listing them and making a few dollars?

Have you tried selling old electronics online? What sites have you used, and how successful have you been?

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Figure Out Where To Sell It

While eBay is the obvious choice, it might not be the best option to sell your TV. Getting the TV to your buyer is going to be a significant hassle, one we’ll discuss shortly, but even if you have all the original packaging, TVs don’t like being reshipped even short distances. Selling local is a safer, easier option. Also, eBay charges fees, which the next two options don’t.

Craigslist is available in many places and is free, though there is the “stranger danger” aspect that you’re inviting someone you don’t know to your house — there are definitely weirdos out there. Just make sure you’re taking precautions to use Craigslist safely.

Another local option is . This, like Craigslist, is also free. It takes some of the anonymity out of the situation, as you can see the person’s FB profile. Profiles are easy to spoof or fake, but it’s something.

No matter what, brace yourself for no-shows and haggling.

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Online Sale Or Giveaway

Jyada Ka Maza!! Now earn little more by selling your #old #TV ...

If you don’t have enough stuff to get rid of for a full yard or garage sale, you can always try selling the TV somewhere like eBay, though making a profile and dealing with shipping puts a lot of folks off of this method.

If you’ve already got a Facebook account, Facebook Marketplace is a great way to keep things simple and local: Just snap a picture of your old TV, suggest a reasonable price point , and brace yourself for eager strangers.

In fact, there’s a healthy slate of options for selling or donating your stuff locally these days, including:

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Places To Recycle Your Old TV For Free

Selling your used TV is the ideal option, of course, because you can get some of the money that you spent on the television back, and you can put it toward a new one if you want to.

Another option to consider though is recycling your TV.

There are some companies out there wholl recycle your TV for free.

Selling My Old Devices

Selling your old devices can take a little bit of work, especially if youre trying to get top dollar for them. It pays to look around, get quotes at a few different sites, and see what you can get for them. On one of my devices I found that the average selling prices on eBay were about $25, but if sold on Amazon would bring in closer to $50. Another item I found I could get the best return by selling on eBay. All three of the items had no trade-in value when I looked at the popular trade-in sites like Gazelle and NextWorth. Typically it seems your devices have to be relatively new and popular, like iPads and iPhones.

This week I decided to sell three items. Lets take a look at how it went with all three.

Nexus 7 8GB 1st Generation Tablet

This item I didnt think Id be getting much, or any, money for. The tablet had come flying out of its case while I was walking through a parking lot, and landed screen down on the asphalt. The screen cracked and the touchscreen was inoperable. After doing some research I found that there was an active marketplace for repairable items on eBay where people will buy broken electronics and repair them.

Broken tablets like mine were routinely selling for between $25 and $50.

I listed the tablet on eBay and after a week at auction, it sold for about $41 with $9 shipping. Not too bad for a broken tablet that would have just sat in a drawer.

Virgin Mobile Optimus V Cell Phone

Virgin Mobile Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Broadband Device

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How Can I Sell My Dvds Online

Wondering how can I sell my DVDs online? Weve got you covered! Just follow these really easy steps:

  • Get an instant price for your used DVDs by entering the barcode on the back of the case or use our super fast barcode scanner on our FREE app to scan your barcodes.
  • Put your items into a secure box and ship them to us for FREE!
  • We’ll pay by direct deposit or PayPal when your items are processed .
  • For more information about the selling process, head over to our how it works page.

    Are Broken TVs Worth Anything In Cash

    Selling old TVs on ebay – Will they work? & How much are they worth?

    Even while it may seem simple to some, a television contains numerous operating parts and functions that even the average person is unlikely to be familiar with.

    TVs that have suddenly stopped working or are showing indications of deterioration may be fixable by someone else.

    A professional electrician may be able to help you if your television is still under warranty but is no longer in good working order.

    If you can solve the problem, you can avoid buying a new TV and find a place to store your old one. When trying to sell a broken TV, you may get pennies on the dollar, depending on its model and condition.

    In most circumstances, you wont be able to generate enough money from selling outdated appliances for scrap metal or parts, or for restoring and reselling them.

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    The Lg Electronics Recycling Program:

    The LG Electronics Recycling Program is a program that makes it easy for people like you to dispose of their old, unused, out-of-date, or broken LG electronics by simply dropping them off at one of several sites.

    Additionally, LG has a mail-back program where customers can receive a pre-paid mailing label to send their devices back to the companys recyclers for recycling.

    Million Devices Given A Chance At Second Life

    Thanks to your help, ecoATM has collected over 30 million devices over the past two decades that have been given new life or properly recycled. For Earth Month and every month our mission is to limit the amount of toxic electronic waste that enters our natural environment. Together, we can all work towards a healthier planet for future generations to come.

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    Consider A Warranty If Youre Accident Prone

    If youre concerned that you might end up breaking your expensive device because you tend to be a bit clumsy or accident-prone, you may want to consider purchasing an extended warranty from the outset for your device.

    One of the best places to do that in my experience is Square Trade as the costs are typically pretty reasonable and they cover things like drops and spills:

    Another thing to consider is that a lot of credit cards will offer extended warranty protection just for using their card. For example, I bought a GPS years ago that my credit card added a second year of warranty onto which came in handy when it stopped working.

    Why Should I Sell My Used Dvds

    VINTAGE TELEVISION Set 50s Atomic Console TV Mid Century Modern ...

    Whether youre looking to boost your account balance or struggling to find space for your old DVDs, all you need to do is sell old DVDs for cash with Decluttr today.

    Just get an instant valuation, pop your DVDs in a secure box and ship your items to us for FREE- well sort the rest.

    As well as making extra cash, youre helping keep your DVDs out of the landfill – its smart for yousmart for the planet!

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    Tips For Selling Your Used Electronics

    If you Google-search sell used electronics, the Internet will reveal a plethora of websites. But, we dont recommend using any that you havent heard of, or that require a hefty upfront fee. The above options are the best places to sell your used electronics and are trusted by many users.

    Aside from choosing the website youll advertise your device on, here are some tips for boosting your sale.

    First Impressions Matter

    You should spend some time dusting off your electronics before even thinking of a saleeven if theyre not in working order. If youre choosing a platform such as Craiglist where an interested buyer will meet you to exchange money, theyll want to assess the device first.

    Even if your electronics are in excellent working order, someone wont give it a chance if it looks dirty and uncared for. Theyll make the assumption that it hasnt been looked after, which could then affect its performance.

    Even if youre not meeting the buyer in person, theyll expect a certain standard when they receive the product through the post or look at pictures of the electronic online.

    Presentation is Important

    As well as ensuring your device is clean for the seller, you should also carefully consider its presentation on images, too. Before taking a picture, take a look at your background and ensure theres no clutter that could be distracting for potential buyers looking at your online listing.

    Try to Sell the Full Package

    Be Honest

    Donate Or Repurpose Your TV

    Your ancient TV could be a retro gaming hub for you or a gamer you’ve never met.

    I used to rescue CRTs from sidewalks all the time, and I’ve never once brought one home and found that it didn’t work. It’s a little baffling that someone would take a perfectly functional TV and just toss it out, but it happens all the time.

    If you’ve got old TVs sitting around that still workbe them flat-screen or CRTconsider donating them instead. Try calling up your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or even a school or public library, and see if they’re in need of a TV. We’ve donated all manner of TVs to the Goodwill around the corner from our office, so we’re here to tell you that it can be easily done. Try Googling “donate electronics.”

    Most charitable organizations like Goodwill or Salvation Army will accept TV donations, though you should call ahead to check if your TV is particularly huge.

    You might also consider calling your local hobby shop or video game storesome older games are still played exclusively on CRTs, and the gamers are always looking for working sets. Or for that matter, if you’ve got a penchant for older games, you could always find a new life for your TV as your retro-gaming hub and keep it yourself.

    This is a much better solution than just throwing it out. Not only are you avoiding contributing to world’s massive e-waste problem, but you’re also allowing the item to continue serving a purpose for someone who needs it . It’s win-win.

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    Determine If It’s Worth Selling

    If you’re just looking to get it out of your house, sure. Pretty much any TV will be able to find a home. Pretty much. If it’s an old cathode-ray tube or rear-projection TV, it’s unlikely to find many takers. Many new small TVs cost very little, so used older models might not be worth much. In some areas, you can donate the TV, which might yield a tax benefit more than the value you’d get in cash. You can also recycle it.

    If your TV is only a few years old, it’s probably worth something. If you forgot what you paid originally, Google can help you figure it out, though you’ll need the exact model number, usually on a sticker on the back of the TV.

    If you’re trying to sell a plasma TV, buyers might be wary there’s something wrong with it, like burn-in. To a lesser extent this could be true with OLED too, but as they’re nearly all newer than any plasma, this is less likely.

    Sell Your Old TV: 7 Easy Steps To Maximize Your Profit

    Recycling an old TV? It could cost you

    Is it worth selling? Where should you list it? How many photos should you take? Here’s everything you need to know.

    Geoffrey Morrison

    Geoffrey Morrison is a writer/photographer for CNET, Forbes, and The New York Times. He also the Editor-at-large for The Wirecutter. He has written for Sound& Vision magazine, Home Theater magazine, and was the Editor in Chief of Home Entertainment magazine. He is NIST and ISF trained, and has a degree in Television/Radio from Ithaca College. His bestselling novel, Undersea, and its sequel, Undersea Atrophia, are available in paperback and as an ebook on Amazon. He spends most of the year as a digital nomad, living and working while traveling around the world. You can follow his travels at

    If you find yourself looking at your TV not as a source of entertainment during lockdown but instead as a source of quick cash, you’re not alone. Maybe you got a new TV and your old TV is just taking up space. Maybe your kids spend more time on their tablets while their TV gathers dust. Or maybe you’re among the millions of Americans facing financial hardship lately and that TV is worth too much not to sell.

    Good news: That same financial situation means more people are looking for deals, and chances are you can find a buyer. Modern TVs typically have years of life in them and yours will probably make somebody very happy.

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    How Much Is My TV Worth

    We will be happy to tell you how much your TV is worth after our evaluation process. But before then, you have to tell us some information about your TV, including its model and cosmetic condition, in an online form.

    We will offer more money for a new TV in excellent condition while used and broken models may not get as much. Not to worry, though you will get the highest payout on the market at Buyback Boss.

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