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Where To Put TV In Small Living Room

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Where Do You Put A TV In A Small Living Room

10 TV Cabinet Ideas and Mounting System Best for a Small Living Room

A TV needs to be at the correct height in relation to your sofa, says Celine Erlam of Indie & Co. You shouldnt need to look up to view. Ideally, place it central to the sofa.

The size of the TV is a personal choice. Dont rule out concealing your TV – you can even fit a projector in the ceiling, which drops down when in use, as well as concealed built-in speakers.

And before you start any work, always think about the audio systems and TV that you have so you can conceal any cabling.

Consider Color Combinations In A Small Space

A carefully considered color clashing combination can create a small living room TV scheme that truly sings with joy. This is a space for both socialising and retreat, so you want shades that both enliven and comfort you. Pink and green is one of my favorite color combination in rooms they play really well off each other and its a great way to cheer up a room, says Lucy Barlow, founder, Barlow & Barlow.

A TV surrounded by storage is a practical solution and can be softened with the addition of books and favorite pieces. Paint your living room shelving in a statement color to standout rather than hide it away.

Beware Of Light Sources

Reflections are a TV displays worst enemy. Excess light from a window or light fixture pointing at your TV can make content that should look high resolution, bright, and vibrant look muted and muddy. Its also not advised to put your TV directly in front of a window, because the natural light could compete with the screen youre looking at, causing eye strain.

Whether you have an OLED or LED TV , most modern TVs have glossy screens, which amplify these issues. Under ideal conditions, they produce richer images with better contrast, but theyre more susceptible to reflections. If theres a window directly in front of your TV, youll have to close the blinds every time you want to watch something during the day. That kind of defeats the purpose of those wonderful windows, no?

couch Samsung

Ideally, you want to place your TV so the screen wont be hit by direct light or subjected to an obnoxious reflection. Realistically, that means the windows in your living room should be perpendicular and, hopefully, somewhat far from your couch and TV. Letting your TV light itself will ensure you get the best picture possible.

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Ideas For Placing Your TV In A Small Room

Decorating the living room involves dealing with a television in one way or another! Most people see the TV as a focal point in the living room and having to compromise on the TV for the sake of furniture is a big no no! How and where do you mount your television? Especially when it comes to a small room, the solutions get trickier! We’ve come up with 22 great ways to make your media station sparkle. A small room isn’t going to be a problem anymore, not after what we’re about to show you! So, where should you put your TV? On a TV unit, wall or perhaps elsewhere?

Keep Unsightly Wires Hidden Behind A Wall Of Storage

2020 Best Media Room Ideas

Technology is an important factor in most living rooms, from Wi-Fi access to background music, and the trend is towards totally concealed solutions. Although many modern systems claim to be wireless, theres no getting away from charging docks, routers and aerials, all of which require cables.

To keep these hidden, incorporate dedicated spaces for all the media you use within your small living room storage ideas, specifying small insets in the backs of shelves and cupboards to allow cables to run behind fittings.

If you are fitting a wall of storage that incorporates a space for your TV, allow sufficient room should you decide to invest in a larger model. Try not to create too big a gap, as your TV will look awkwardly small.

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How Big Should Your Living Room TV Be

I love big TVs and when wall mounted, theyre out of the way so go big 65 plus. Why not, right? It may seem gargantuan at first, but trust me, youll love it in short order.

When our 65 TV arrived, my wife and I thought it was ridiculously big too big for the room. However, within a week we now wonder how we ever watched the 32 TV.

An Innovative Design For The Wall

Rather than having a dedicated wall unit for the television set, you can go for an interesting design such as this. Having asymmetrical shelves to store artifacts is a really good idea! Not only are the aesthetics of the room enhanced, but also, there is a shift in focus from the complete lack of a wall unit!

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Challenge 1 Where To Put A TV In An Open Concept Floor Plan:

If you have an open concept floor plan, you know that an expansive space, like a great room, can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed when it comes to TV placement. You may have a lot of options, but how do you know which location is best for a TV?

A good place to start is to consider the sightlines within your great room and adjacent rooms and how you use your space – or how you would like to use your space.

Because there are fewer walls dividing the overall space into individual rooms, the TV in your great room can be viewed in other rooms like the kitchen, dining room and maybe even outdoors on a porch or deck.

If the thought of catching up on your favorite show while you prep dinner, or keeping an eye on the game while you enjoy a beautiful summer evening on the patio is appealing to you, you should consider mounting your TV using a full-motion mount.

A full-motion mount allows you to easily move your TV left and right, and tilt your TV downward. Point your TV towards the room you are using, and when youre done, easily move it back to flush.

One more thing to consider in an open concept floor plan is traffic patterns as they differ from the more structured room-to-room movements of a traditional floor plan. Youll want to be sure the sightline between your TV and sofa isnt in a high traffic area. Having family members traipsing in front of the television during your favorite show is best avoided if possible.

Tuck The TV Into A Corner

Small Living Room Ideas IKEA Home Tour (Episode 212)

Corners tend to be some of the most underutilized parts of a room, particularly in a small space. Take advantage of every nook and cranny by wall-mounting your TV in a corner, like in the home above from Oasis Design & Remodeling, or displaying it on a corner TV stand. That way you wont risk it overwhelming the room.

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Dark Grey With Decorative Ornament

Just with single flat TV, you can enhance your living room vibe into a cozy one. But you can have more if you can combine it with cabinetry to hold several ornaments.

Looking at this design, the screen is mounted at the wall and flanked by tall speaker in both sides. The ground cabinet offering a great spot to store and hold various additional elements.

Beside tall speaker, there are couple plantations, chandeliers, and vases that backed by dark grey wall. Of course you can change this ornament or even add according your taste.

Small Living Room Layouts With TV Idea 8

A TV over Fireplace idea is suited for small spaces that value a warm and cozy atmosphere. Comfort can be prioritized even in small living rooms, right planning and layout is the key. Surround your living room with comfy sofas and have white as the dominant color in the room for a clean and airy look.

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Choosing The Right Dcor For TV Rooms

We are talking about small rooms with limited space here, which means that the décor choices you make will be absolutely vital. A small TV room with a modest television set, maybe a Blu-ray player and additional gadgets requires very little in terms of actual square footage. With contemporary wall-mounted sets and sleek entertainment units, even the tiniest nooks can be turned into a cozy room that serves you well. Add a cool sectional or a plush couch to maximize seating in the room, and you can even throw in a couple of ottomans for kids.

Built-in, custom banquette seating saves space and also offers additional storage options, while an iconic piece like the Eames Lounger or the Bubble chair will bring both style and finesse to the room. The choices you make depend on the number of members in your family, the purpose of the room and the size of the room itself. The neutral backdrop paired with bright and colorful furnishings leaves you with a playful vibe.

Lighting And Color Inspiration For TV Rooms

Best Place For TV In Living Room

Lighting is an essential component of any entertainment room, and getting it right in the small room can be a challenge at times. Dedicated TV rooms can have a darker, moodier ambiance that gives the impression of a more luxurious home theater. Colors such as black, dark gray and deep violet on the walls along with smart ambient lighting work best in such rooms. If the TV room is a part of the larger living space or is utilized as a home office, laundry, guest space or playroom, then pick a lighter backdrop and a more cheerful ambiance. Style is another consideration, and with a small TV room you can try out fun themes and styles that move away from the one used in the rest of the home.

If your TV sits in the living room or bedroom, then opting for a separate TV room is a smart idea, no matter how small it is. The change in lifestyle that it brings is something you will notice almost instantly!

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Creating A Library Around TV

One can also create an amazing space by building a small library around TV to lend an interesting look or can simply turn the space into a bookshelf entertainment center. That way, many other things, and household items could be placed.

Some designers also consider hiding the TV set in plain sight as the best option for small living rooms. One can easily camouflage it in a frame or sliding doors to accentuate the aesthetics of the living room.

If you get the size right, then placing it right above the fireplace will make it a natural fit. The ideal height for placing or mounting the TV depends on personal preference but making it too high can disturb the visual experience and can cause stress. Secondly, it depends on the distance and size of the TV and the height of the sofa.

Where Should I Put My TV In Windows

Remove glare from your eyes. Windows are frequently a source of frustration since the glare from natural light makes it difficult to see clearly and can cause eye strain. Avoid placing your television in front of a window or directly across from a west-facing window. Another, even more straightforward alternative is to cover your windows with opaque, room-darkening blackout shades.

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Make A Mini Media Centre

Create a compact set-up that will slot into the corner of a small living room without encroaching on floor space too much. Shelves above and below the TV will provide storage for consoles and players, with an additional drawer unit underneath to house games and discs.

Start by fixing a panel of MDF onto the wall and mounting the TV on to it. Then add two floating shelves, one at the top and one at the bottom. Paint the whole unit the same colour for a cohesive look, a couple of shades darker than the wall colour to make the area stand out. Add a couple of lidded ottomans under the lower shelf to provide extra storage and seating for game players.

Use Your TV As A Room Divider


Your TV can provide so much more than entertainment, it can also add architecture to a room. No matter how small your apartment, you can create two livable spaces say, a living room and a bedroom using the TV as a room divider. Just check out the example above from an apartment listing on Innerspec . Bonus points if it swivels because then you can watch in both rooms. Just make sure you secure it properly and try to hide as many of the wires as possible.

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Different Heights Angles And Materials Can Deliver A Personalized Viewing Experience In A Space That Looks Good

Mitchell ParkerplacementDesigner:Dwell Designed Construction Location: Size: Homeowners request.TV placement.Other special features.Designer tip.Wall paint: Lattice, Sherwin-WilliamsDesigner: Jenifer WileyBuilder: Zachary Custom HomesLocation: Size:Homeowners request. TV placement. Other special features.Designer tip.Uh-oh moment. Location: Size:Homeowners request. TV placement.Other special features.Designer tip.Location:Size: Homeowners request.TV placement.Other special features.Designer tip.Uh-oh moment.Designer: Intrinsik ArchitectureLocation:Size:Homeowners request.TV placement.Other special features.Designer tip.Location:Size:Homeowners request.TV placement.Other special features. Designer tip.Wall paint: Gray Mist in matte finish, Benjamin MooreDesigner:Design WestLocation: Size:Homeowners request.TV placement.Other special features.Designer tip.Wall paint: Pure White, Sherwin-WilliamsLocation:Size:Homeowners request.TV placement. Other special features.Designer tip.More on Houzz

White And Blue Contrast

Blue teal color offers bold statement for everything where ever its applied, especially if you know how to applied correctly to suit with your living room design and theme.

Take a look to the white wall at this modern living room in which at some part is painted with blue teal to create balance to the teal sofa. You can see a continuity of blue teal among white and some black.

The TV is installed to the wall directly on the blue teal area. Overall, this design arrangement is pretty extraordinary since this idea is rarely found at anywhere.

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Stylish Ways To Fit A TV In A Small Apartment

A TV is a comforting addition to your home. Its there for you when youre binging on Netflix and it doesnt judge when you fake a sick day. But while we dont want to live without our TVs, its also quite the challenge to decorate around it. Even if you have the slimmest screen possible, its still just a giant black box in the middle of your living room, and in a small space, it starts looking more and more like a black hole. Dont worry, were not going to tell you to get rid of your screen no matter how small your place is. Here are 14 tricks to help hide, camouflage and disguise your TV so that it blends smoothly into the rest of your decor.

1. Add It to Your Gallery Wall: If your TV is small enough and you are able to mount it on the wall, blending it into your gallery wall is a sneaky option to draw attention away from the the empty frame.

2. Unique Furniture: Hiding the TV inside a cabinet isnt a new idea, but you dont have to settle for a bulky, ugly TV cabinet. Thanks to smaller and thinner screens, you can tuck your TV into a pretty desk or wardrobe and no one will ever know. Plus its cheaper to use a piece of furniture you already have than buy a piece dedicated just to the TV.

3. On a Swing Arm: A media center wasnt an option in this studio apartment. So instead, the TV was put on a swinging arm, allowing it to be positioned wherever whether youre sitting in the living room or on the bed.

Blend The TV Into The Background

living room yellow chairs and ott wall units for modern built unit ...

Setting the TV against a dark backdrop is a clever way of camouflaging it in a small living room so that it doesnt dominate the space entirely. Painting the wall black, navy or a very-dark grey, will help the TV merge into the background, so that the ‘big black box’ isnt the first thing that grabs the attention every time you enter the room.

And having one dark end wall in a small room, will also give the effect of the wall receding, which will make the living room feel more spacious too.

Distract from the TV further, by setting it into a wall of storage, with built-in shelving for display pieces that will pop against the dark background. Drawers and closed-in cupboards will give extra hidden storage for other media kit and equipment.

If you are looking for discreet storage, fitted furniture has the advantage of being built to suit the particular need of your room. From the configuration through to the finish, made to measure furniture ensures you make best use of available space and tailor it to your unique requirements, says Rachal Hutcheson, National Retail Manager at Sharps .

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Match Your TV To Your Living Room Vibe

If you haven’t discovered the fire videos on Netflix and Youtube, you need to. They are a game-changer and we swear there is a placebo effect going on that makes you feel warmer definitely more cozy anyways.

In this living room, the TV area really adds something extra to the room, and is in fact the focus, but in a good way. The ‘wood’ frames the TV and links it to the lovely cabin vibe that’s going on in the rest of the room.

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