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Can You Add Apps To Samsung Smart TV

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About Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV: How to Download & Install Apps

With the development of technology, more and more advanced Smart TVs emerge. Samsung Smart TV is one of the most popular items among these Smart TVs. Compared with traditional TVs, this new modern TV applies internet technology, which helps the realization of two-way human-computer interaction function.

Samsung Smart TVs have an independent operating system and application platform. It pools entertainment, audio-visual, data, and other practical features to fulfill the individual and diversified needs of users. This provides an opportunity to add apps to Samsung Smart TV.

When connecting to the internet, you can enjoy many different TV content including internet TV, videos, digital music, online news, online games, and so forth. Sometimes, however, you may need to install some third-party applications like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube in order to get various app services.

Here comes up with a question: how to install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV? Lets keep reading.

How To Remove Apps

You can remove apps from the home screen or delete them altogether.

Home Screen

  • On the home screen ribbon menu, highlight the app.
  • Press the arrow down to access more options and choose Remove.
  • Select remove again to confirm, and thats it.
  • This only removes the app from the home screen, so you can still access it in the Apps menu.


  • Hit the Home button on the remote and navigate left to access Apps.
  • Choose Settings in the top right of the screen and highlight the app you want to delete.
  • Select Delete from the drop-down menu and confirm your selection.
  • Note: There are certain apps that you cant delete from the App menu. However, you can keep those apps away from the home screen.

    Ways To Add Apps To Samsung Smart TV

    Samsung Smart TVs have preloaded apps and games that give you access to your favourite content. You can also lock, move, and remove some of these applications.

    However, if you need to add more apps to your Samsung TV, you will have to download them from the Appstore. We will be recommending ways to add Applications to your Samsung Smart TV, both preloaded apps and third-party apps.

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    Activating Developer Mode On A Computer

    On your Samsung Smart TV, you must first enable Developer Mode, which is the second step.

    When you enable developer mode on your Smart TV, you will have access to a plethora of useful tools and tweaks for your device.

    It is possible to while in developer mode, which is one of the features.

    Please ensure that you follow the steps outlined below in order to enable this feature:

    1. Start by turning on your Samsung Smart TV.

    2. From the settings menu, select the Smart Hub option to activate it.

    3. Go to the Apps section of the website.

    4. Following your selection of the apps panel, you will be prompted to enter a pin number.

    On your remote, enter the number 12345 as the pin. For all Samsung Smart TVs, this is the standard security code to enter.

    5. The Developer mode configuration options will now be displayed in a separate window.

    6. To enable Developer Mode, toggle the Developer Mode switch to the ON position.

    7. Afterward, type in the IP address of the computer that will be used for connection to the TV and hit the OK button.

    Contacting Microsoft support will help you determine your computers IP address.)

    Restart your television and you should be good to go.

    Activating Developer Mode on a computer

    How To Add Apps To Samsung Smart TV Via Command Prompt

    Smart TVs: How to Add and Manage Apps

    Now that the prerequisites are out of the way, you can finally explore the different ways available to you to download these third-party apps.

    The first way is to download through the command prompt on your computer.

    The steps to do that are explained below:

  • Get the IP address from your smart TV via the network option on its settings. Write it down as you will need to write it in the command prompt.
  • There are many websites that give you good APK apps. Select the website that suits you the best and download your apps APK version from any online source.
  • On your Windows computer, run the command prompt from the search bar. Run it as an administrator by right-clicking on the name.
  • Run the command adb connect ABC.XYZ.w.mno. The letters represent your TVs IP. Enter the one you just copied from the network settings. After this command, your computer will be connected to your TV via Wi-Fi. Run the command install C\app.apk. In this case, the C was the drive we used to download the initial APK app on. You must input the drive where you have downloaded your APK version. Give it some time, and your app will be downloaded on your TV.
  • You can disconnect via ADB disconnect .
  • Find your new app on your Smart Hub.
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    How To Install 3rd Party Apps On Samsung Smart TV Faq

    How to install 3rd party apps on Android?

    In order to install third-party apps on Android smoothly, you need to enable the Unknown Sources option.

  • Download the .APK file for the app that you want to install.
  • Open your Android phone, and navigate to Settings > Security settings.
  • Turn on the Install from Unknown Sources
  • Use a file browser to find the downloaded app folder.
  • Right-click the .APK file and select Install.
  • Where to find app store on Samsung Smart TV?

  • Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and navigate to Settings
  • Navigate to the Apps section from the left pane.
  • You can select the Recommended or Recent Apps from the right side pane to open the Samsung app store. Also, you can click on the app icon itself to open the store.
  • Why cant I see an app store in Samsung Smart TV?

    What You Must Do To Prepare

    Third-party applications may be incompatible with your operating system or the manufacturer of your device when installed.

    Because the Samsung Smart TV uses the Tizen operating system, it has an obvious flaw in that you cannot freely install third-party apps on it.

    However, the apps can still be installed using an external storage device such as a USB flash drive, SD card, or Pend drive.

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    How To Find And Install Apps On 2018 Samsung TVs

    Samsung has a fully stocked store of apps and services to choose from, including more than 200 apps across categories for Video, Sports, Games, Lifestyle, Information and Education.

    Here’s how to find and install apps on your Samsung TV.

    1. Get to know the home screen. The home screen is your central location for apps, menus and more. Along the bottom of the screen is a row of icons for various apps, which slide right and left along the ribbon menu.

    2. Find apps to download. To find new apps, navigate to the left, to the apps icon. From here, you can either select Recommended and Recent Apps from the secondary menu, or select the app icon itself to open the Samsung app store.

    3. Select an app. To install an app, highlight the desired app tile in the store, and press Enter.

    4. Install the app. From the app-detail screen, you have the option to either open the app or add it to your home screen. Oddly enough, the Samsung app store lets you open an app and sign in to it without adding it to the Home menu, meaning you’ll want to hit the Add to Home button before you’re through. If not, you’ll need to find the app in the app store again just to open it.

    5. Sign in. If the app requires a login, sign in with your existing account, using the same email-and-password combination you use to sign in on your smartphone or computer.

    6. Open the app. To the right is a ribbon menu that shows all of your apps. Simply highlight the app you want and select it to open it.

    How Do I Update The App On My Samsung Smart TV

    Install Apps on a Samsung Smart TV 2021

    Most Samsung Smart devices have automatic updates enabled by default. So long as your TV is on and connected, updates to the ITV Hub will automatically push to your device as they become available. We highly recommended that automatic updates are enabled to ensure that you always have the latest and greatest version of the app!

    Some users have reported issues when updating apps on their TV. Sometimes it can take a few goes before the app has fully downloaded and installed, so we recommend retrying after a few hours if you are not successful first time around.

    If you decide not to enable automatic updates, you can still update manually.

    To manually update the ITV Hub app on Samsung Smart TVs 2014 and later:

  • Switch on the TV
  • Navigate to the Samsung Smart Hub
  • Navigate to the Apps area
  • Press and hold the select button on the ITV Hub app and a sub-menu will appear
  • Select Update apps and if an update for ITV Hub is available, select it
  • Choose Update – this might take a few minutes
  • To manually update the ITV Hub app on 2012-2013 Samsung Smart devices:

  • Switch on the TV
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    Here’s How Different Brands Handle The Process

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    Smart TVs are internet-connected devices that let you access, stream, and manage media content without an external connector, such as a Roku device. The Smart TV universe is built around apps, which are like internet channels. Smart TVs come preloaded with an assortment of apps, but it’s often possible to add more to customize your viewing experience. Here’s a look at how to add apps to Samsung Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs, and more.

    The process for adding apps to Smart TVs varies across manufacturers and models. This article offers some general guidelines that are likely similar for your Smart TV brand. Consult your documentation for your device’s specific steps.

    How To Find Apps On A Samsung Smart TV

    Aaron DonaldRead more August 9, 2021

    Samsung offers over 200 apps on their Smart TVs, including games, music, video, sports, education, lifestyle, and other categories. The process of finding and downloading these apps is relatively simple, and it will only take you a couple of minutes. You can also delete, lock, and auto-update all the apps on your Samsung Smart TV.

    In this guide, well show you how to find, install, and open apps on your Samsung Smart TV. Well also cover the process of searching for apps on an older Samsung Smart TV.

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    How To Add Apps To An Older Samsung Smart TV

    The older TVs like the 2011 or the 2012 version of the Samsung Smart TVs have the Smart Hub that allows users to download apps like Netflix directly from the store.

    However, like the newer version, the older versions were also based on Tizen OS and had the same limitations. To overcome these limitations, you can download third-party apps on your older TVs in the same ways that have been described in this article.

    The only things that you need to be worried about are the locations of the different options like the developer mode and the unknown sources option.

    They can be found in the menu option that is found on many remotes of the Samsung Smart TV from that period.

    If you have tried all the steps described below, but still cant get your desired app, just get a streaming stick like Firestick, that will solve all your problems.

    Follow the steps below to get more information on how to download third-party apps on an older version of the Samsung Smart TV:

  • Find the developer mode and the unknown sources option on your older Samsung Smart TV through the menu options. You need to navigate through the various options to access the developer mode under the apps option.
  • Then use an APK website to download the older version that is compatible with your older TV.
  • Use one of the three ways described above to complete the installation of the desired third-party app on your TV.
  • Follow these steps to add regular apps to your older Samsung Smart TV:

  • Select Apps
  • Click Done
  • How To Install Third

    How To Download Or Add An App To Samsung Smart TV

    Two major options need to be enabled before downloading your desired third-party app.

    You need to enable the developer mode as well as the installation from unknown sources option.

    The steps for enabling the developer mode are as follow:

  • From your Settings menu, go to the Samsung Smart Hub. You need to click the apps option in this Hub.
  • To access this section, the TV would ask for a pin. Enter the default pin for all Samsung smart TVs. This default pin is 12345.
  • The developer mode window will open. You need to turn on this option and enter the IP address of the computer you will be using to download the third-party apps.
  • The last step is to reboot your TV .
  • The steps for accessing the installation from unknown sources is as follows:

  • From your settings , go to the Personal tab.
  • Open the option of security in this tab.
  • In the security option, you will see the option for enabling unknown sources.
  • Enabling it will allow you to finally download the apps that you want to.
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    Who Makes The Apps For Smart TVs

    There are large app developing companies that make apps for smart TVs.

    They are usually independent of manufacturers of smart TV and develop different versions of their app to match the compatibility of the various smart TV operating systems.

    There are even individual programmers who create apps for mobile or TV use, and then those apps are bought by companies like Apple, Android, and others to fit into their app stores.

    If you are curious about who created your app, consider checking out the details in the description of the app in the store.

    How To Open Installed Apps On Your Samsung TV

    You’ll find all the apps on your TV listed under the section of the main Apps menu mentioned above. Your three most recently used apps also appear under Recent when you select the Apps icon from the menu.

    However, neither of these locations are convenient if you use a lot of apps. Thus, it’s a good idea to add apps that you use regularly to your home screen. You’ll see an Add to Home button on an app’s page right after you install it.

    To add one later, select the Settings gear at the top-right of the main Apps menu. This brings you to a page where you can see all the apps you’ve downloaded. Scroll down underneath one and choose Add to Home to place a shortcut to it on your main menu. You can move left and right to decide where you’d like it to go.

    From this menu, you can also choose Reinstall to grab a fresh copy of the app, if it ever becomes damaged for some reason.

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    What You Need To Prepare

    When it comes to installing third-party applications, they might be incompatible with your operating system or the manufacturer of your device. As the Samsung Smart TV comes with Tizen operating system, it has an obvious defect that you cant install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV freely.

    But it is still possible to install the apps using an external storage device like a USB flash drive, SD card, and Pend drive.

    How Do I Download Apps To My Old Samsung Smart TV

    How To Install Apps On Your Samsung TV

    You can search your required App in the Apps search box to find the App. If the App is not available in the Apps section, then your Old Samsung Smart TV doesnt support the application.

    Another solution is to download the App from the web source and use your USB drive to move the App from pc to Smart TV.

    When your booth the USB drive, you will see the stored apk file on the USB storage drive. Run the apk file and initiate the download process.

    Before you begin the installation process, ensure that you have grant permission to the third-party App in the security setting to allow Unknown Source.

    When you give permission, the Smart TV will allow the third-party App to get installed without any restriction.

    Latest Videos

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

    Once the App is installed, you will see the app icon on your home screen. Check if the app function correctly.

    Remember that the Old Samsung Smart TV may or may not support the latest apps. The OS of the Samsung Smart TV is not compatible with the newly developed application.

    You may encounter a problem in your App, which may not work correctly. Crashing is the most common error people experience when running the latest App on the old Samsung Smart TV.

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    How To Download Apps On Samsung Smart TV 2016

    Smart Hub is the name of the Samsung Smart TVs software program.

    Smart Hub can be used to look for the most popular application on the Samsung Smart TV and then download it to your television set.

    In addition, you can use the Smart Hub application to access images, movies, and music files that have been saved on external storage devices.

    Can You Install The Play Store App On Samsung Smart TV

    Samsung Smart TV does not permit users to install Android or Google OS on the TV. Hence, you will not be able to download the Android app on the smart TV. Although, Samsung Smart TV has its application that offers the app download facility.

    The Smart Hub is a web search application that has a library of popular applications. Search your required application. If the Samsung Smart TV supports the app, it will be listed in the App store.

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