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Can You Get Hbo Max On Lg Smart TV

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How Do I Get The Hbo Go App

How to Get HBO Max on a LG TV

Register or login on the GlobeOne app or online. Go to the Lifestyle menu and subscribe to HBO GO. Sign in or create an HBO GO account after being redirected to the HBO GO app and select Globe under Link existing subscription. Follow the prompts to complete your activation and start watching! Get 3 months access to HBO GO with Globe At Home.

How To Watch Hbo Max On An Non

The above methods were if someone owns an LG Smart TV. What if you still have a Non-Smart LG TV. There are plenty of ways to watch HBO Max on it. One of the ways is to use Streaming Players. These devices just exist to make Non-Smart TVs smart.

Mirror Your Smartphone Screen Using Chromecast

One of the very popular Streaming players is Google Chromecast. It lets you cast your Android Screen to your TV with an HDMI port no Smart TV functionality needed. So If you own a Chromecast already connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone. Now install the Google Home app for your Android or iOS smartphone.

After downloading the app connect to your Chromecast and then use the feature Cast my Screen to mirror your smartphone screen easily on your TV. In this way, you can mirror anything from your smartphone. As in our case, the aim is to watch HBO Max. Install HBO Max on your Android or iOS smartphone. Then start playing the content on your smartphone. It will be mirrored on your TV.

Connect The Apple TV Streaming Player And Install The HBO Max app

If you are one of the users who own a Non-Smart LG TV and Apple TV Streaming Box. You can install HBO Max on your Apple TV and start enjoying the content available on it. Follow the below steps to do so.

  • Go to Apple TV App Store.
  • Search for HBO Max and select it.
  • Install the app on your Apple TV.
  • Now log in using your HBO Max account.

After it you will be able to access all the content on your non-smart LG TV.

Use Airplay 2 To Watch Hbo Max On Lg TV

It is interesting to know that Airplay 2 is supported by LG TVs that were manufactured after 2019. So, if you have an iOS device, its possible to get Airplay HBO Max on your LG Smart TV. Mentioned below are those steps for you.

  • First, you should download and install the HBO Max app on your iOS device. After that, you should ensure that your LG Smart TV and iOS device are properly connected to a network. Be sure that both the devices are on the same network.
  • Now, on your HBO Max app, you should log in and choose a video to watch.
  • You can now pause the video by tapping on the screen and tapping on the AirPlay button. It is located in the upper right corner.
  • Now, you are supposed to select your LG TV as the device to which you add AirPlay.
  • HBO Max should now be playing that video on your LG television.

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How To Watch Hbo Max On Lg Smart TV Using Airplay 2

Only LGs 2019 OLED TVs, LG NanoCell SM9X and SM8X series TVs, and LG UHD UM7X series TVs support AirPlay 2.

Step 1.

Connect your LG TV to the same WiFi network as your Mac or iOS smartphone.

Step 2.

The AirPlay icon can be found on your Macs top Menu bar, then simply press the button.

Step 3.

Open the HBO Max app on your iPhone or iPad and tap the AirPlay icon.

Step 4.

Now select the LG TV from the list of options.

Step 5.

Your Mac or iOS screen will appear on your television.

Step 6.

Open HBO Max in a web browser on your Mac.

Thats all there is to it. Start watching or listening to your preferred stuff.

How To Subscribe And Sign Up For Hbo Max

How to watch HBO Max on an LG TV

It is easy for the old users of HBO Now because you can just sign in and watch. The new subscribers can follow the following steps to Sign up for HBO Max.

Step 1:

Go to HBO on your mobile or computer.

Step 2:

Select start the .

Step 3:

Then create your own account

Step 4:

You will get a 7-days free trial.

Step 6:

Now you get to enjoy HBO Max on your device.

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How To Get Hbo Max On Apple TV

  • First, you need to .
  • From home page on your Apple TV, open the App Store.
  • Use the Search bar to look for HBO Max and select it once you find it.
  • HBO Max on the Apple TV and launch the app.
  • Finally, enter your credentials to log in to your HBO Max account.
  • HBO Max supports Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD with the latest tvOS. We recommend you read our dedicated article on how to get HBO Max on Apple TV for all the details.

    Hbo Max On Lg TV Using A Laptop

    Do you wonder how to get HBO Max on LG Smart TV using a laptop? Heres how to do it. In fact, you need an HDMI port to do that. This method requires only two steps.

    • First, connect an HDMI input port of your LG Smart TV with the HDMI port on your laptop. Be sure to use a genuine HDMI cable provided with the laptop.
    • Now, connect your Smart TVs input to the HDMI port with the assistance of your LG TV remote.
    • If everything goes well, the laptop screen is supposed to appear on your LG TV. Now, get a web browser open on your laptop. Then, go to and sign in with your credentials. Thats it.

    However, what if your laptops display settings did not display on your LG Smart TV? In that case, you can read the below. Following instructions will explain how to do it on both the systems .

    For Windows 10

    • Go to the option called Display Settings after performing a right-click on the desktop.
    • Now, choose to Duplicate these displays located in the Multiple Displays drop-down list.
    • When prompted, choose the option called Keep Changes.

    For Mac

    • Connect your Mac to your TV
    • Then, choose the option called System Preferences from the Apple menu.
    • Choose Displays located in the View menu.
    • Now, you should select the option called Arrangement in the drop-down.
    • Now, in the bottom-left corner, navigate to Mirror Displays.

    For Windows 8

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    Watch Hbo Max On Lg Smart TV In Airplay 2

    If you own an LG Smart TV that supports AirPlay, you can use this feature to view HBO Max on your device.

    Step 1: Connect your LG TV to the same wireless network as your Mac or iOS phone.

    Step 2: Open the HBO Max app on your iOS device or Mac and tap the AirPlay icon.

    Step 3: From the list of options, select the LG smart TV.

    Step 4: Your computers and iOS devices displays will appear on your television.

    Can You Watch Hbo Max Offline

    How To Fix HBO Max on a LG TV

    HBO Max shows and blockbusters can be downloaded offline for 30 days. Once you start watching the downloaded shows and movies, the downloaded content will be expired in 48 days. Apart from this, only 30 downloads are allowed per account at a time. Besides, only five copies of a show or movie can be downloaded across devices.

    But are you actually downloading them?

    No, as per HBO, you are not downloading the shows and movies you save them for offline viewing. This is not truly downloading you save the shows and movies to watch later and will expire after 30 days of downloading.

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    How To Watch Hbo Max On Lg Smart TVs Using Youtube TV

    Youre probably familiar with the popular YouTube app, which offers a variety of videos as well as live television.

    We have some exciting news for you: HBO Max can now be featured on your YouTube app! Although it may be a little pricey for you, it will undoubtedly be worthwhile! Heres how to use the YouTube app to watch all of your favorite HBO Max episodes:

    Step 1.

    Go to the LG content store from the LG TVs home screen.

    Step 2.

    Then, using the search icon, look for YouTube TV.

    Step 3.

    Go to the download page and click the Download button.

    Step 4.

    Open the HBO Max website in a web browser on your smartphone or computer.

    Step 5.

    Then youll have to decide whether you want to sign up through a TV or a mobile service provider.

    Step 6.

    Scroll down and select YouTube TV from the drop-down menu. In order to complete the setup, you must follow the on-screen instructions.

    Step 7.

    Return to your LG TV and sign in with the YouTube account you used to sign up for HBO Max.

    Watch Hbo Max On Lg Smart TV Using An Ios Device

    Here are the steps you may take to watch HBO Max on your LG smart television:

    Step 1.

    First, you need to open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

    Step 2.

    After that, on your iOS device, download and install HBO Max.

    Step 3.

    Open the HBO Max app on your iOS device and start watching the content you desire.

    Step 4.

    On the media player, select the Airplay option.

    Step 5.

    After that, you need to check to see if your LG smart TV and iOS smartphone are on the same WiFi network.

    Step 6.

    Simply choose your LG Smart TV from the list of available devices.

    Thats the end of it. On your LG Smart TV, the content from your iOS device will continue to play.

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    How Do I Download An App On My Lg Smart TV

    On the remote control, press the Home button. > The LG Content Store will be available. > Choose the APPS category at the top of the screen. A list of available .apps in the selected category will be displayed. > Choose one app from the list. > Read the apps description and then click Install.

    This is the end of this short guide hopefully you find this guide helpful to know how you can watch HBO Max on different devices such as AirPlay 2, Windows, Mac, YouTube TV, iPhone, Chromecast, and many more.

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    How To Watch Hbo Max On Your Lg Smart TV Without App

    How to Get HBO Max on LG Smart TV

    HBO Max is now here and while it can be accessed on a number of devices, LG smart TVs are not included on that list. However, there are options.

    HBO Max launched recently and while it does come with support for a number of devices, LG smart TVs are not currently one of them. However, that’s not to say you cant actually watch HBO Max on your LG smart TV. Its just you cant download a dedicated LG smart TV HBO Max app.

    HBO Max is a major new streaming service and one that so far appears to have attracted wide attention. One of the reasons fueling all the attention is the wealth of content WarnerMedia has at its disposal. With HBO Max essentially being the WarnerMedia streaming service, it not only contains all of the content available through HBO, but also content from the many other networks and brands that now fall under the WarnerMedia umbrella, including Cartoon Network, DC, and TNT.


    In spite of the wealth of content, HBO Max is still a new service and one of the downsides of this is that new services do not always arrive to market with support for all devices and platforms. Over time this might change with new device support being added, although in the case of LG, it remains to be seen if that will ever happen. For example, according to the HBO help pages, the HBO Now app is still not available on LGs smart TV platform. In spite of this lack of LG support, there are ways around the problem when you combine the power of your LG smart TV with another device.

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    Use Roku To Mirror Your Smartphone Screen To Play Hbo Max

    If you own an LG TV with an HDMI port and also equip a Roku Device like the majority of people in the US, you can access HBO Max on your TV with a workaround, even though HBO Max doesnt officially support either of them. You can use Rokus inbuilt Screen mirroring feature to mirror the contents of your smartphone screen and then playing a title on the HBO Max app on your phone to watch it on your TV.

    How to watch HBO Max on Roku

    How To Get Hbo Max On Android TV

  • First, if you aren’t already a customer.
  • Make sure your Android OS TV is connected to the Internet and open the Google Play Store from the home screen.
  • Search for HBO Max and select it from the results.
  • Download and install it HBO Max.
  • Select Open to access the HBO Max app and log in.
  • HBO Max offers support for Android TV-enabled Smart TVs that have Android OS 5 or later – such as Sony Smart TVs, Hisense Smart TVs, the AT& T Streaming TV box, and the TiVo Stream 4K. See our dedicated article on how to get HBO Max on Android TV.

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    Mirror Your Windows Pc To Lg TV

    Just like you would on your smartphone, you can also mirror content from your Windows PC onto your LG Smart TV. Make sure your TV and PC are connected to the same wireless network. You can do so by following the steps below:

    Step 1 : Press the home button on your TV remote, head over to More > Device Connector > PC from your TV home screen, and then select Screen Share.

    Step 2 : In the next screen, select Miracast from the left sidebar, and click on Start.

    Step 3 : On your Windows PC, click on the Action Center from the bottom right corner, select the Connect tile, and then click on the LG TV from the list of options.

    Note: By default, the projection mode is set to Duplicate, which is what you need to select to mirror your PC screen. If it isnt, click on Change projection mode and select the Duplicate option.

    Step 4: You will now have to enter a PIN on your PC. This PIN will be displayed on your LG TV when you connect to it on Step 3. After entering the PIN, click on Next.

    Your Windows screen will now be mirrored on to your LG TV.

    Step 5: Open HBO Max on the web on your PC to start enjoying movies and TV shows on your LG TV.

    Stream Your Favourite Contents On Lg Smart TV With The Hbo Go App

    How to Get HBO MAX on LG Smart TV

    HBO GO is an online streaming service that delivers plenty of media contents from different categories. You can get access to new movies, recently aired shows, thought-provoking documentaries, sports contents and all kinds of special events in this app. HBO Go allows you to create a watch list and add your favourite titles to watch them later. You can install the HBO Go app on all streaming devices including Android, iPhone, , Roku, and other devices as well. You can install it on smart TVs as well. If you are using LG Smart TV, then HBO GO will be one of the best apps to stream contents.

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    How To Fix Hbo Max Sign

    Solution nt #1: Some users have found a solution to the AT& T connectivity issue. You can fix the problem by going to your AT& T account page and clicking on a link that asks you to activate your account with access to HBO Max. Solution nt #2: If you’re having trouble logging into HBO Max with AT& T when you’re stuck on the POST DATA screen, here’s the solution.

    Is hbo max worth it

    Hbo Max With Youtube TV

    YouTube TV came up with its TV app that features live TV channels. Luckily, you can install YouTube TV on your LG Smart TV. It costs $49.99/month and HBO Max alone costs $14.99/month. The total cost would be $64.9/month. It is a bit expensive, worth though. Moreover, YouTube offers 85+ Live tv channels.

    #1 Turn on your LG Smart TV and connect it to the internet.

    #2 Press the home button and select the Content Store from the home screen.

    #3 Hover over to the Search field and type YouTube TV with your supplied TV remote.

    #4 Select the YouTube TV app from the list of search results.

    #5 Click on the app info screen.

    #6 The app will be downloaded and installed on your TV.

    #7 Open a web browser and go to .

    #8 Choose Sign up through TV or mobile service provider.

    #9 Now scroll down and select the YouTube TV.

    #10 Complete the initial setup with the on-screen instructions.

    #11 Open the YouTube TV app on your LG Smart TV and login with your credentials that you used while signing up for the HBO Max.

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    Which Os Lg Smart TVs Run

    LG Smart TVs are based on a Linux-based TV OS called WebOS. No doubt LG Smart TVs are known for their great Display and picture quality. Their TVs are ranked equally to SONY, Samsung, and Panasonic TVs. But the one thing that LG Smart TVs certainly lacks is support for Android TV.

    Although WebOS supports LGs proprietary ThinQ AI voice assistant, Miracast for screencasting, integration with most of the small appliances. It would have been great if LG Smart TVs were running Android TV. Talking about the apps, WebOS has support for all major streaming services. Apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, etc. are available on it.

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