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How Do I Get Hulu Live On My Smart TV

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Best Ways To Add Hulu With Live TV To Your TV

How To Get Hulu on ANY Smart TV

Add Hulu with Live TV support to any TV in your house.

The best way to add Hulu with Live TV support to your current TV is to buy a Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick or an Apple TV.

You can get a Roku for $24.99, , or an Apple TV 4K for $179.99.

Any of these options will get you the latest Smart TV features and the latest Hulu app with Live TV support.

The Roku and Fire TV Stick options are very cheap and great for a bedroom or second room. You can even take it with you when you travel or move one from room to room. They are cheap enough that its fairly easy to add one to each TV though.

With the Apple TV, you get a few other options like the ability to play games, mirror your iPhone and you get access to the movies youve purchased from iTunes. It really depends on what other devices you use and what other media you want.

The Apple TV 4K streams in 4K, but Hulu and Hulu with Live TV dont stream in 4K. You can get a 4K Roku or a Fire TV Stick 4K if you want that support for streaming movies, but Hulu will be in HD.

If you are looking to upgrade, you can check out the Vizio M Series 4K TVs that are priced very reasonably and offer a ton of features.

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Can You Stream Hulu Live TV On Samsung Smart TV

How to Sign Up and Download Hulu Live TV on Samsung Smart TV

Hulu Live TV is available natively using Samsung Smart TV . Additionally, you may be able to stream to your Samsung Smart TV through Apple AirPlay .

Hulu Live TV app on Samsung Smart TV

  • to sign up for Hulu Live TV.
  • Once youve signed up, go to the Home Screen on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Launch the app store and search for Hulu Live TV on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Select Add to Home to install the app.
  • Once installed, log in using your Hulu Live TV credentials.
  • You can now stream Hulu Live TV on Samsung Smart TV.
  • Apple AirPlay

  • to sign up for Hulu Live TV.
  • Install the Hulu Live TV iPhone/iPad app.
  • Once installed, log in using your Hulu Live TV credentials.
  • Make sure your Smart TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone/iPad.
  • Start playing the content in the Hulu Live TV app and select the AirPlay icon.
  • Choose your Samsung Smart TV and it will start displaying on your Smart TV.
  • If you have a compatible TV and you dont see AirPlay as an option, make sure you update to the latest Samsung Smart TV firmware.

    Quick Fix No 3 Force Restart Your Samsung Smart TV

    If rebooting doesnt fix up Hulu not working on Samsung Smart TV 2021 issue, then try force restarting your Samsung Smart TV

  • Unplug your Samsung Smart TV from the power source.
  • Now, wait for 3-5 minutes.
  • Then plug it back in to turn on your TV.
  • Now open the Hulu app and check if you could use Hulu without issues.
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    How To Watch Hulu With A Casting Device

    A casting device or media box can be any device you plug into your TVs HDMI port. These include devices like Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. If youre interested, we also have a guide on how to watch Netflix via Chromecast.

    All these can help you watch Hulu on your TV by letting you cast videos on your TV or use a built-in app you can browse through from your screen. For this guide, though, well focus on using Chromecast and Roku.

    Watch Hulu On Your TV Via Chromecast

    How to Get Hulu on Samsung Smart TV?

    Google Chromecast is a small device that lets you quickly set up Hulu in a tap or click of a button, and the video youre watching will be instantly cast onto your TV.

  • Plug your Chromecast into a wall socket or TV USB port to power it up
  • Plug it into an HDMI port on your TV using an HDMI cable
  • Connect your smartphone or tablet to Chromecast in the Google Home app
  • Start watching Hulu from your tablet or smartphone
  • Tap the streaming button at the upper-right side of your devices screen
  • Select the right HDMI source from your TV
  • Enjoy your movie
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    What Channels Come With Hulu + Live TV

    Hulu + Live TV offers more than 80 channels. The lineup features local networks in many markets, including ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC.

    Hulu also has live sports, news, and entertainment via major networks like ESPN, NBCSN, FX, CNN, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Bravo, History, Discovery, Food Network, and more. The streaming service added access to more channels in 2021, too, including ViacomCBS networks like Nickelodeon, MTV, and Comedy Central.

    Check out our roundup of Hulu + Live TV channels to see a full list of networks that are included.

    Use A Streaming Stick

    For Samsung TVs that have no smart features like a browser, screencasting, or using apps, the easiest way to watch Hulu would be to get a streaming device like a Fire TV Stick or a Roku.

    These compact thumb drive-shaped devices plug into your TVs HDMI cable and add smart features to aging TVs.

    You can get them for really cheap from Amazon or a nearby retailer and can add a few more years to a TV that is currently doing well.

    Rokus come in the form of a thumb drive stick or as a mini set-up box, with the more expensive models being the latter.

    Fire TV devices are mostly sticks, with the Fire TV Cube being the exception.

    All of these are great choices if you want to watch Hulu on your non-smart Samsung TV.

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    How Do I Cancel My Hulu Subscription

    If you want to cancel your Hulu subscription, you need to access your Hulu account on a computer.

    • Open Account and click on My Subscription.
    • Under this menu, you will find the Cancel Subscription option.
    • Once you cancel your subscription, you can still access Hulu until the end of the billing cycle.

    Note that the cancellation of Hulu varies for those who signed up for the service through a third-party like Amazon or Disney+.

    How Can You Watch Hulu On A Smart TV

    How to Fix Hulu on a Smart TV

    You will need to get a Hulu account to watch Hulu, which you can do on the Hulu website.

    When signing up, you will need to choose a subscription plan and enter your payment information. Hulu also has a seven-day free trial option available.

    Once you have an account, you can download the Hulu app in the app store of your smart TV and log in with your credentials.

    For Vizio smart TVs, you can find the Hulu app in the cloud app drawer of the Smartcast system.

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    Update Hulu On Samsung TV

    It isnt uncommon to have to complete updates for the Hulu app. It isnt hard to do this its just a few simple steps. To update Hulu on your Samsung TV, follow these simple steps:

  • On your Samsung remote, navigate to the Hulu app.
  • Navigate to the Hulu app. Press and hold the enter key on your remote.
  • When the sub-menu appears, select the Update Apps option.
  • These simple steps will allow you to get the most up-to-date features on your Hulu app. When you complete updates, it gives you the newest version of the app and makes it run more smoothly. Updates dont have to scare you- they are straightforward to do.

    Hulu Shows And Movies: What Can You Watch

    An entry-level Hulu membership lets you binge entire seasons of hit shows, catch new episodes the day after broadcast, enjoy kids entertainment and Hulu Originals, and watch TV series and films old and new from major studios.

    • Palm Springs
    • Only Murders in the Building

    The platform also hosts older shows from dozens of networks, among them A& E, AMC, VH1, MTV, TNT, Disney Channel, and Discovery. So, youre just a click away from shows like Sons of Anarchy , Modern Family , Broad City , and animated classics like Bobs Burgers and The Simpsons . Whatever you pick, youll have a lot of fun watching it.

    Of course, you can bulk up your roster of content with the renowned Disney Plus Bundle. It unites a mind-boggling amount of popular TV shows from Hulu and blockbuster films from Disney+ with live sports action from ESPN+ – and all at a very reasonable price.

    With a Hulu with Live TV plan you can enjoy all this and 75+ live channels.

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    Reboot Your Samsung Smart TV

    Restarting the Samsung Smart TV will immediately resolve any temporary issues with streaming on the Hulu application.

  • Hold down the power button on the Television remote.
  • When you see the Samsung icon on the smart TV, start releasing the button.
  • Pause until the TV reboots before attempting to load Hulu.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

    Can You Watch Hulu Live TV On Smart TV

    Hulu Live Won

    Is there any way to watch Hulu live TV on a Samsung smart television? Although it is possible to download the Hulu app on recent models of Samsung smart TVs, you may not be able to watch live TV. Other features may be missing on your Samsung smart TV, including Premium Add-ons, My Stuff, Guide, and Remove from Watch History. Here are a few tips for watching live TV on your Samsung smart TV.

    If you cant watch Hulu live TV on your Samsung Smart TV, try clearing the caches and data. If all else fails, try rebooting the Samsung Smart TV. Once the TV restarts, wait for Hulu to load. If the problem persists, try the above steps. If none of the above methods work, you can try updating your Hulu app. If you have trouble finding Hulu on your Samsung Smart TV, follow these steps to get your favorite streaming service on your Samsung TV.

    After downloading the app, open it. Youll need the Samsung remote to get to the smart hub. Next, select the Hulu app from the search results. Next, tap the Update button on the remote to install the latest version of the app. You can then start watching Hulu live TV on your Samsung Smart TV. Just remember to update Hulu on your TV regularly to avoid any interruptions in the service.

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    Which Sports Channels Does Hulu + Live TV Have

    So you found yourself here in the most important section. And we are here to tell you that Hulu Live has a solid sports channel lineup.

    Hulu Live is one of the best services for college sports fans, and it even includes a channel you can rarely find anywhere else: ESPN College Extra.

    You might not get the Tennis Channel or MLB Network, but any sports fan can appreciate the live TV channels youll get with your Hulu Live subscription. But dont forget to type in your ZIP code to check the sports channel lineup in your area.

    Sports channels included in Hulu + Live TV are the following:

    • Olympic Channel

    Mirror The Hulu App From Your Phone Or Computer

    The Hulu app is also available on mobile, and it enables you to cast content from it to any Chromecast or AirPlay-enabled TV.

    Most Samsung Smart TVs support Chromecast and AirPlay, which is excellent if you dont want to install anything on the TV or fiddle with the TV remote.

    To cast the Hulu app from your phone:

  • Make sure the TV and your phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch the Hulu app on your phone.
  • Start playing the content you want to cast.
  • Tap the cast icon on the bottom part of the control panel that lets you pause and play the stream.
  • Select your TV from the list that appears.
  • To do this from your computer:

  • Connect your computer to the same network as the TV.
  • Open on your Chrome browser.
  • Start playing the content you want to watch.
  • Select your Samsung TV from the list.
  • Casting is the easiest way to get content from your phone or computer to your TV without needing a wire, but it depends on the performance of your Wi-Fi network.

    Fast Wi-Fi can give you more consistent casting quality, while slower connections can cause lag or quality loss.

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    Fix: Cant Watch Live TV On Hulu On Roku

    Many who watch Hulu on TV through a streaming device like Roku have experienced problems specific to the Hulu app. Either Live TV doesnt stream or the Hulu app itself doesnt open, throwing them back to the Home screen and denying access to what theyve paid for. This can be extremely frustrating, even after ones made sure that theirs is a supported Roku model that is compatible with the latest Hulu app.

    On their community pages, Hulu and Roku have offered a couple of solutions to users going through this problem. If the problem is regarding the Hulu channel not opening, then it would be better to simply remove and reinstall Hulu.

    To do so, go to Hulu to highlight it on the home screen.

    Now, restart Roku from Settings> System> Power> System Restart. Once Roku restarts, reinstall Hulu again. Then log in and continue.

    Another problem that was bugging many had to do with the Hulu not streaming live TV and displaying error messages when playing a video. This was due to a system bug but one that was fixed with the latest app update. So, before you start streaming Live TV on Hulu, make sure that the app is up to date. It is recommended that you regularly check for any available updates both for Hulu as well as Roku.

    How To Install Hulu App On Samsung TVs Of Older Models

    How To Use Hulu Live TV For Complete Beginners

    Nowadays, people have started to opt for Smart TVs by getting rid of their old TVs. But, few people love their old TV sets. For the older models of Samsung TVs, the users can abide by the following steps to add the Hulu App:

    Step1: Associate your Samsung TV with a power source as well as to internet connection.

    Step2: On your TV remote, you have to press the button.

    Step3: Then you have to click the Content View.

    Step4: Then you will have to tap the Internet TV.

    Step5: And locate the search feature.

    Step6: Make use of it to search the Hulu App.

    Step7: And then install the Hulu App.

    Step8: Launch the Hulu App, log in and start streaming it on your Samsung TVs of older models.

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    How Can I Watch The Us Open

    The tournament will be broadcast live on ESPN and ESPN2, with afternoon and evening coverage each day of the tournament. You’ll also be able to watch individual matches on ESPN Plus. Thankfully for tennis fans, all five of the major live TV streaming services offer ESPN and ESPN2. You can check out the full schedule and scores here.

    How Do I Activate Live TV On Hulu

    If you want to watch Hulu on your Samsung Smart TV, youll have to update the software on your TV first. You can update your software by visiting the Samsung Smart TV website and selecting the support option. If your TV does not receive updates, you can clear its cache manually or download an update for the software. Once youve done that, youre ready to enjoy streaming live TV.

    The first step in the process is to log in to your Samsung account. If youre using an older version of the smart TV, youll need to go into your account to find the Hulu app. Alternatively, if youre using a newer version, youll need to press on the remote and select apps from the list.

    Once youve done that, you can access the Hulu app on your Samsung Smart TV. Launch the smart hub and search for the Hulu app. Click the Download Now button to download the app. After installing the app, youll need to activate it. To do so, you need to go to the Internet @TV button on the remote. After this, click Activate to enable Hulu.

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    Setting Up Your Home Network

    If youre a Hulu Live TV subscriber, you need toset up your Home network, since this will determine the local and regionalchannels you can watch. To set up a Home network, you need a residential,non-mobile internet connection.

    To set up your Home network, log in from yoursupported device or visit your Hulu online account. Under the Privacy andSettings section, click Set or Change Home.

    How Can I Watch Hulu On My Older Smart TV

    How to Watch Hulu Live on Smart TV in 2021

    If you have an older smart television and want to watch Hulu, you may have trouble finding the app. The problem could be the TVs volume or that its muted. Changing the settings on the TV will fix the problem. If the problem persists, you can contact Hulu customer service. Theyll send a software update. In the meantime, you can play another title.

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    Which Devices Can I Use

    As listed on Hulus website, Hulu and Hulu With Live TV are available on a wide range of popular streaming devices, including both Android and iOS devices, Roku, Apple TV, , Fire tablets, devices, Android TV, , Mac and PC browsers, select LG and Samsung smart TV platforms, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and more. For gamers, Hulu With Live TV is available on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

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