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How Does Apple TV Work On Roku

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How To Watch Apple TV Plus On Roku

Apple TV Vs Roku – Best streaming device for our clients between Roku and AppleTV 4K units

It might seem counterintuitive at first, but you can watch the original movies and shows on Apple TV Plus using plenty of devices that Apple doesnt make. As much as the company would like you to buy an iPhone or an Apple TV 4K, it wants subscribers wherever it can get them. Heres how to watch Apple TV Plus on Roku, including costs and compatible devices.

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Apple TV Plus is available on Roku through the Channel Store and should work with any Roku device made in the past few years. It costs $4.99 a month after a seven-day trial, or you can get three months free when you buy an Apple device. It’s also included with any Apple One subscription.


Roku Vs Apple TV Smartphone Apps & Control


The Roku smartphone app is basically a second remote control with greater controls and functionality. The Roku app easily connects to your device, allowing you to access all the basic remote functions, such as volume, channel surfing, etc. It comes with a trackpad, allowing you to scroll through the menus.

The Roku app also has a search tool. If you dont want to use the TVs keypad, you can use the smartphone app to search for content using your phones keypad. You can also use the Roku app for private listening by connecting your headphones to your phone, either through the headphone jack or by Bluetooth.

The Roku apps most useful feature, however, is mirroring. Roku allows you to mirror your phones screen to your TV, including your photo galleries, home videos, etc. However, Rokus mirroring feature has its limitations because some streaming platforms and apps place restrictions on mirroring.

You can download the Roku app from the or Apple Store.

Apple TV

The Apple TV app provides a smartphone version of the interface on your Apple TV. It provides menus of Apple TV content and allows you to subscribe to other apps and channels. You can also use the search bar to type the name of content instead of typing it on your TV screen.

The following is an overview of things you can do on your iPhone without an app:

So, what do you do if youre an Android user?

You can download the Apple TV app from the Apple Store.

How To Install The Apple TV App On A Roku

Start by looking for Apple TV in the list of installed apps on your Roku’s home screen. If the Apple TV app isn’t already installed and in the channel list on your Roku, you’ll need to install it.

  • Press the Home button your Roku remote.

  • Using your Roku remote, choose Search.

  • Search for Apple.

  • When you see Apple TV appear in the results, select it.

  • Select Add Channel. You might need to enter your Roku security code before the channel will download.

  • After the app is installed, select OK.

  • Press Home.

  • The app is now installed. Find Apple TV in your list of installed channels and select it.

  • When Apple TV app starts, you should log in or follow the directions to start your subscription. Apple TV+ service costs $5 per month after your initial seven-day trial .

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    Best Features: Apple TV 4k

    The Apple TV 4K can run apps from all the major streaming platforms.

    Apple wins the best features category, but it’s closer than you’d think given the price difference.

    Both boxes deliver the best-quality 4K HDR streaming from compatible apps, as well as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Both also work with Apple’s AirPlay 2 system for casting content from an iPhone, iPad or Mac to your TV and HomeKit for controlling the box with Siri, as well as Apple TV Plus.

    App support, notwithstanding Roku’s spat with YouTube TV, is similarly comprehensive between the two, although the Apple TV integrates other Apple services including Apple Music, Arcade and Fitness Plus that Roku lacks. The calibration feature for adjusting your TV’s picture quality via an iPhone is a nice, clever bonus.

    While Arcade is great, if you’re a gamer it’s the Apple TV’s inclusion of the Steam Link app which gives it an edge over the Roku by enabling you to stream PC games to your TV. The Apple device also enables the connection of four simultaneous Bluetooth controllers for intense couch-based gaming. By comparison, the Roku only enables two audio-only connections at once.

    Both companies get points for supporting their devices with constant software updates. Roku’s addition of AirPlay to older TVs and boxes back with Roku OS 10 and Apple’s rollout of TVOS 15 recent examples that both still care about their users even years after they purchase the devices.

    Is The Roku Ultra A Good Apple TV Alternative

    Roku Ultra VS Apple TV 4K: Is Apple TV $100 Better?

    Of course, I tested Netflix out on the Roku Ultra when I moved over, and I’m not getting any audio glitches. Just clean, immersive Dolby Atmos sound.

    If you want a great and fast 4K streamer, and you’re not on a limited budget, I’d always recommend the $99 Roku Ultra before the $179 Apple TV 4K . And they do most of the same things. Both stream in 4K UHD with HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

    And as I went back to the Roku Ultra, I quickly realized that it has almost everything I want from a streaming device. It’s got an ethernet port for stable and speedy 4K streams. Its larger housing casing means faster performance than you get from Roku Streaming Sticks. And its remote may be a bit chunky and not as minimalist as the new Siri remote, but it certainly feels good in the hand and its lost remote functionality beats that of the Apple TV .

    That said, going back to the Roku Ultra has meant a bit of relearned muscle memory. As I wrote when I left Roku for the Apple TV, the latter’s integration into the Apple ecosystem is almost too-strong. When I want to watch TV, I just flick down the top right corner of my iPhone’s home screen and tap the remote button. From there, I can hit the power button to turn on my Apple TV and the LG TV it’s connected to, and I’m rocking and rolling. It’s great. That said? I’ve already learned to just embrace remembering the Roku remote and the Roku app in my phone. It’s a little more friction, but it’s not the end of the world.

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    What Is Apple TV+

    Image courtesy of Apple.

    Not to be confused with the Apple TV streaming box, Apple TV+ is a subscription-based video-on-demand streaming service.

    Apple TV+ offers up original content that includes TV shows and full-length feature films. Enjoy high-quality content without ever leaving your couch.

    TV Originals

    • Billie Eilish: The Worlds a Little Blurry
    • The Year Earth Changed

    Apple TV+ currently costs $4.99/month, but viewers have the option to enjoy a 7-day free trial period before committing to the service.

    Apple TV+ is also included in Apples Apple One service bundle, which bundles and discounts several Apple services. For anyone fully entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, Apple One is an excellent option.

    Additionally, purchasing a new Apple device, such as a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, includes 1-year of Apple TV+ at no additional cost.

    Install Apple TV On Fire TV

    Lets see how to install Apple TV on your Firestick/Fire TV.

  • Launch Fire TV/Firestick.
  • Using your Firestick remote, click Search icon and enter Apple TV.
  • Here, you should see the Apple TV app. Go ahead and click that app.
  • Click the Get button.
  • Once the installation gets completed, you will see a button titled Open to launch the app. Otherwise, you can return to the home screen using your Firestick remote.
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    Apple TV Not Working On Roku

    If Apple TV is not working on Roku, you need to reset your device. Press the home button five times on the Roku remote. Then, press the up arrow one time and hit the rewind button two times. Finish by pressing the fast forward button twice. This will force a restart.

    Once its done restarting, allow the Roku a few minutes to reconnect. It shouldnt take very long and Apple TV is hopefully going to work for you now!

    How Do I Get Apple TV+ On Roku

    What Is A Streaming Media Device: Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Firestick

    Here is how you can enjoy Apple TV+ original content from your Roku device

    Apples video-on-demand streaming service, Apple TV+, isnt exclusive to its own devices. You can easily enjoy the service on Roku devices too.

    Well show you how to find, download, and install the Apple TV+ channel on your Roku device, and well answer some common questions that you may have along the way.

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    How To Fix Apple TV+ Problems On Roku

    There’s a ton of reasons why Apple TV+ might not be working on Roku from problems with your internet to your remote to your Roku itself. However, there are more than a few quick things you can try out with your Roku to get Apple TV+ up and running again.

  • Restart your Roku. Like many electronic devices, powering off and then powering back on your device can fix any number of strange, temporary issues you might be experiencing.

    Depending on your Roku, restarting it may entail shutting it off and turning it back traditionally, or it could involve you disconnecting it from power and then reconnecting it once again. Either method works.

  • Restart your modem and router. If you’re having internet connectivity problems it will render the Apple TV+ service to be unavailable. Most of the time resetting your router and modem will clear this up.

  • Reset your remote. If you use the Roku app as your remote, make sure the app isn’t having problems connecting to your Roku. Sometimes, problems can be with your input device and not Apple TV+ or the Roku itself.

    If your batteries in your Roku remote haven’t been swapped out in a long time, the remote could be dying and may start working erratically, not controlling apps properly and making them seem like they have something wrong with them.

  • How To Download And Watch Apple TV On Roku

    If you are looking for ways to watch Apple TV on Roku, youve landed the right place!

    Roku has recently started streaming Apple TV content through the Apple TV channel on Roku. You can watch all Apple TV content, including Apple TV originals, movies, TV shows, and kids content on your Roku device.

    With the Apple TV app on Roku, you can also stream, rent, or purchase videos from your iTunes account by connecting your Apple ID. If you dont know how to download and watch Apple TV on Roku yet, this post will get you sorted.

    Contents on this page

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    Apple TV Vs Roku: Whats The Difference

    Before we talk about the differences, it is important to understand the similarities. Both Apple TV and Roku Ultra feature lighting fast performance with almost no load times. The picture and sound quality on both devices are virtually identical. They both support 4K and feature Dolby Vision Atmos so the viewing quality on both is impeccable. They also both feature voice controls with Rokus new Voice Remote Pro.

    But we are here to find which is the best device which means it is time to look at the differences between each device. Lets take a look at how the two match up.

    Reinstall The Apple TV App

    Apple TV vs. Roku

    If none of the above fixes worked, youll want to try reinstalling the Apple TV app.

    Go to the Roku HOME screen and locate the Apple TV app. Once you find it, hit the asterisk * button on your remote this opens the Channel Menu.

    Once youve done that, the REMOVE CHANNEL button should appear. Click OK and wait for it to be uninstalled from your device.

    You should turn your Roku off and on again afterward. Then simply go back to the Apps section and install Apple TV again.

    Hopefully, this fix worked for you!

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    Why I Ditched Roku For The Apple TV

    ByHenry T. Caseypublished 24 October 20

    If youre willing to pay a premium, the Apple TV is the perfect streaming device for iPhone owners

    The Apple TV 4K seems crazy expensive at $179, and on the surface it doesn’t really offer a lot more than cheaper competitors. Yet I noticed that I was starting to use it a lot more a few months ago, as I stopped using my Roku Ultra.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like the Roku Ultra a lot. I bought one for my parents for Christmas last year. But once I freed its HDMI cable in my rat’s nest of cords behind my TV, and put that cord into my Apple TV 4K, I have never really looked back. Both are on our list of best streaming devices heck, the Roku Ultra is ranked higher but for me, personally, I’ve made my choice.

    My change of habit was enabled by the fact that as the editor in charge of streaming devices at Tom’s Guide, and during quarantine I’ve basically collected all of the major streaming devices behind my TV, so I can test and compare.

    But my decision to start using the Apple TV 4K more, though, is more about how most of these devices do a lot of the same things and it’s the few ways they stand out that can push you to use one over the other. Let’s dig in:

    Apple TV Has The Perks Of The Apple Ecosystem

    When I want to turn on a streaming device and watch something other than HBO Max, the Apple TV wins again because I own an iPhone. A simple downward swipe from the top right corner of my iPhone’s lock screen gives me a Remote button, which then allows me to turn the Apple TV , on and the Remote app comes up so I can find the apps and such I want.

    While I try and keep my iPhone away from myself when I’m watching good TV , that’s not always the case. When it’s time to make lunch, and I amble into my living room/kitchen, it’s much easier to pull my phone out of my pocket than it is to go hunting for a remote.

    And I’m always looking to watch YouTube during lunch, as I’m not one of those folks who can watch videos while they work . So that pattern became the norm, and the Apple TV continued to become my dominant streaming device.

    Yes, I could turn on my Roku from the Roku app, but Apple doesn’t give you the ability to customize the Control Center screen where the Apple TV button is. I really wish it would, though.

    The integrations don’t stop with just the iPhone. The Apple TV app brings Apple TV Plus to other devices, but Apple Arcade games are not on any other device than the Apple TV. Plus, the upcoming Apple Fitness Plus service is also going to be exclusive to Apple’s hardware, inside of the Fitness app. That includes Apple Watch integration for sending your personal activity .

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    The Way To Set Up Your Roku Players To Your TV

    To watch any Apple TV content on your Roku, first of all, you have to connect your Roku to your TV as the following steps:

    • Step 1: Plug your Roku directly into the HDMI port of your TV. In the case of the Roku streaming box, you can connect your Roku and TV through an HDMI cable
    • Step 2: Connect your Roku with a power source
    • Step 3: Open your TV, then move to the Input option
    • Step 4: Select the suitable input from the on-screen menu
    • Step 5: Connect your Roku to the Internet network through Wired or Wireless

    If you want to get a wired connection, you have to connect your Roku Ethernet port with your router/ modem.

    For Wireless choice, select the name of your Wi-fi network from the list, then click on Connect button. Maybe a password is needed. Now your Roku is ready to use.

    Netflix’s Weird Apple TV Audio Problem

    Overview: Apple TV channel for Roku

    Do you know when a glitch turns into a problem? For me, it happens when said glitch keeps happening. For me, everything turned sour when I was binge-watching Formula 1: Drive to Survive, the docu-drama that takes cameras behind the scenes of the cutthroat world of F1 live streams.

    During one of the louder racing scenes, I suddenly realized my TV’s audio went out. Then, the audio came back. But since I’m the kind of “blame myself first” person, I was just assuming I’d sat on the remote by accident, and I was at fault. But this past weekend, as I had my Apple TV remote in my hand, the audio cut out when the series was introducing us to veteran driver Niki Lauda, who was providing a pearl of wisdom.

    Confused, I did what most people would do: I opened Google to hunt down an answer. Unfortunately, I found other folks having the same issue. Redditor u/FloppyBacon89 wrote about “audio cutting in and out on Netflix” ever since the tvOS 15.2 update, and u/junkie888 had something similar . Over on Apple’s forums, users BidiM and Stoner looked for help, but found little resolution.

    I tried to repeatedly test the Apple TV 4K to see if I could replicate the bug. I’m using a Belkin HDMI cable that Apple sells, my LG 4K TV is modern enough not to have this problem and so I’m not sure what’s going on here. I’ve also reached out to Apple and Netflix for comment, and will update this article if I get any.

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