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How Much Is Spectrum TV

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Benefits Of Having The Spectrum TV App

Spectrum switching to digital only: how much will it cost you?

Why is using the Spectrum TV app for your free trial better than using other channels? Well give you a few reasons:

  • You can use the app on multiple deviceson your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet
  • You have a possibility of setting parental controls and prevent your children from seeing the inappropriate content
  • You can mark your favorite channels
  • You can use the app as a remote control for your TV

Spectrum TV Price Increases After Promo Period: Up To $35/mo

Spectrum bundle prices increase by $10 to $35 per month after the 12-month promo period ends. How much of an increase youll see depends on which Spectrum services you bundlecable TV prices go up $25 per month and phone prices go up $10 per month.

However, theres no contract, so theres nothing stopping you from calling and selecting a new promotion.

But many of Spectrums promotions apply only if you havent been a Spectrum customer for 30 days, so you may want to check out other options in your area. If you put in your zip code below, well show you the other cable providers near you:

Spectrum TV Package Tiers

Spectrum TV and Mi Plan Latino TV packages are available in three tiers: Select, Silver, and Gold. The Select level is the baseline, and the upgrades included with each higher tier are the same for both Spectrum TV and Mi Plan Latino TV. Going up to the Silver level costs $25 more per month and adds more channel options, including a few premium channels like HBO and SHOWTIME. Adding either of those channels to your Select plan by itself costs $15 a month each, so if youre interested in both, the Silver package is a great deal.

Gold tier costs another $20 more than Silver and adds even more channels and premium content including STARZ® and STARZ ENCORE. But even though its the highest tier, a Gold plan doesnt give you all the possible channels available on Spectrum. So if you want it all, you still have to pay for a few premium extras, which is kind of a bummer.


Price for 12 months when bundled. Data as of 11/12/19. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

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Check Out Our Top Picks

Best value


for 12 mos when bundled

Disclaimer: Limited time offer; subject to change; valid to qualified residential customers who have not subscribed to any services within the previous 30 days and who have no outstanding obligation to Charter. Spectrum TV® Silver promotion price is $74.99/mo;;standard rates apply after yr 1. Taxes, fees and surcharges extra and subject to change during and after the promotional period; installation/network activation, equipment and additional services are extra. General Terms: TV: TV equipment required; charges may apply. Channel and HD programming availability based on level of service. Account credentials may be required to stream some TV content online. Services subject to all applicable service terms and conditions, subject to change. Services not available in all areas. Restrictions apply. Enter your address to determine availability.;

One step up from Spectrum TV® Select, the Silver package gives you more channels and includes premium content like HBO and SHOWTIME.

Best selection


for 12 mos when bundled

With the most included channels of any Spectrum TV package, the Gold tier gives you plenty of viewing options.

Best bundle


for 12 mos when bundled

The Select bundle covers all your basics in one convenient package.

Data effective 07/03/19. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Spectrum TV Choice Free Trials And Deals

Enjoy Up to 250 Live Channels and 30,000 On

Currently, Spectrum is offering a free seven-day trial of Spectrum TV Choice for Spectrum internet customers.

As mentioned above, if you want a sweet deal on premium channels, Spectrum is offering the Spectrum Premium Pack, which includes HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, and THE MOVIE CHANNEL for a mere $15 per month. Good luck finding that deal anywhere else.

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How To Use Donotpay Virtual Credit Cards To Prevent The Auto

Knowing how stressful and hard any unauthorized fund capture can be for users, the creators of the DoNotPay app have come up with a solution in the form of virtual credit cards. Its simpleyoull never have to leave your personal card number when signing up for any kind of free trial again. Youre wondering how? Here comes the explanation.

DoNotPay creates a random number that youll be able to use when asked to submit a credit card number. There are no funds on these cardsthis means that the company cant charge you when a Spectrum free trial ends. The provider wont realize that the given credit card account is fake, and no funds will leave your real bank account for this purpose even if you forget to cancel the Spectrum streaming free trial.

You can create free virtual credit cards using your web browser;anytime you need them for free trial purposes.;

Just The Spectrum TV Essentials

If you’re ok with a streamlined selection of TV channels, one option is the Spectrum TV Essentials bundle, which is only available to internet subscribers. It’s the cheapest bundle option by far, adding just $19.99 per month to your internet bill, with no hidden fees. The drawback is it only has 60 live TV channels, but it offers a good lifestyle, entertainment, and news lineup, from Discovery to Food Network, AMC to BBC, and Nickelodeon channels for kids. Sports enthusiasts, however, are out of luck with this option, and local channels are not included. Note that you can only view TV Essentials through the Spectrum TV App on your devices.

FYI: It might be worth adding a home landline to your Spectrum bundle, which costs $9.99 per month or about 30 cents a day. It’s not a bad deal given the fact that it’s a safety measure in case your mobile phone is lost, damaged, or can’t be rechargedand if there’s an emergency, 911 dispatch knows precisely where you are .

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What Is The Cheapest Spectrum Internet Plan

Based on what was stated so far, you would think that $49.99 a month is the lowest that you can go for a Spectrum plan that only includes an internet connection.

However, did you know that you can even go lower than that?

Yes, you read that right. You can get a subscription from Spectrum that is fast enough for your basic internet needs for as low as $14.99 a month only.

The catch is that you must qualify as a low-income family or person first, before being able to avail of this specially discounted price.

Final Take: Is Spectrum TV Worth It

How to install Spectrum TV App on Samsung TV

Despite its tiny channel count, Spectrum gives you a lot for your money with all-HD channels, free premiums, a wealth of on-demand content, two DVR options, and the Spectrum TV app. You can feel comfortable youre getting your moneys worth signing up for Spectrum TV service.

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Do You Need A Cable Box For Every TV

A common question that many people have is whether they need to purchase a cable box for every TV in the house. In the past, this was an absolute requirement; you simply needed a cable box that could decode the signals for your TV. Now, however, its no longer the case.

Will you need a box for every television? In general, yes, but you can use streaming devices like FireStick/Apple TV/Chromecast instead. Only TVs that are connected to a digital cable box can get channels above 99 and use the interactive programming guide.;

Previously, people needed to pay a considerable amount of money just to buy the TV box, and this not only cluttered the console space below the TV, but it also increased their monthly expenditure. Nobody wants that. You are going to need a cable box if you have a mix of analog and digital channels, though many new and advanced television sets come with a built-in cable receiver. So, you clearly dont need a cable box to go along with every TV in your house.

Does The Spectrum TV Free Trial Automatically Renew After The Expiration

Spectrum TV isnt an exception when it comes to renewals after the free trial period. There were some cases when the Spectrum customer support was offering a 30-day free trial for TV services to Redditors without telling them that the paid plan starts automatically when the trial ends. These situations left the customers rather unsatisfied, which is why they kept leaving bitter comments all over the Internetand now everybodys aware of incidents like these.

In case you wouldnt like to go through the same problem, make sure you cancel the free trial at least a day before the expiration date.

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What Is Spectrum TV

As stated, Spectrum TV is the TV division of Charter Communications, which also offers internet access, landline phone services, and most recently mobile phone services via Spectrum Mobile. Charter started using the Spectrum brand name for its TV, internet, and phone services in 2014. It is currently the third biggest pay-TV service in the US, behind only AT&T and Comcast. It is available in parts of 41 states.

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Which Channels Does Spectrum TV Choice Have

How To Install & Watch Spectrum TV on Roku?

Spectrum TV Choice is like a custom streaming service just for you. How?

Well, what sets Spectrum apart from other live TV streaming services is that you get to choose 15 channels out of 65 popular networks to be on your channel lineup.

And you even get to choose premium channels, like HBO Max and STARZ, as part of your 15!

Depending on where you live, you could get only that 1015 channels that youve chosen. Some locations will give you the 15 channels youve picked plus 25 more. We urge you to sign up for the 7-day trial to see if it offers the channel lineup you and the family will enjoy.

Spectrum TV Choice channels you can choose from include the following:

  • A&E

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Spectrum TV Choice: Price And Packaging

The advertised cost of Spectrum TV Choice is $22 per month, but the actual price is $25 per month plus tax when you factor in Spectrums Broadcast TV fee. Spectrum also plans to raise that fee by $2 per month in March, and a Spectrum rep previously told me that the service becomes $5 per month pricier after two years.

As for what you get, all plans include the following:

  • Major broadcast networks
  • Your choice of 10 cable channels from a list of around 77
  • Public access and educational channels such as PBS and C-SPAN
  • Spectrums News 1 channel
  • Shopping channels, including QVC and HSN
  • Music Choice channels
  • Digital subnetworks, such as MeTV and Bounce, depending on your location.
  • An option to add HBO, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz, and Starz Encore for $7.50 apiece, or altogether for $15 per month.

For the 10 cable channels, TV Choice offers major national sports channels such as ESPN and FS1, all three major cable news networks, and popular entertainment channels such as AMC and HGTV. You can view the full list on Spectrums website, or view the chart below, which is based on Cincinnati markets:

Jared Newman / TechHive

Cancelling Spectrum TV Choice is more complicated, because you cant do it online. Instead, youll have to call customer service, firmly request to cancel, and and hope to avoid a lengthy trip to the customer-retention department.

Spectrum TV Streaming Channels Get The Best Options

When subscribing to a TV streaming service, the quality, number, and genre of channels are things, which matter the most. If you dont get the channel of your preference, then theres no point. With Spectrum, you get to ensure which channels you need to have on your lineup. Say goodbye to aimless channel surfing and get the channels, which you want to binge-watch!

  • Access 25 + prominent national TV networks like NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC.
  • Get Add HBO®, STARZ®, and SHOWTIME® at very affordable prices.
  • It also offers much-coveted Tier 9 news and sports national networks.
  • Enjoy control over all the viewing options with 5 local channelsadd;10 of your preferred channels;if you want.
  • Choose from categories like sports, lifestyle, kids, entertainment, etc.; there are more than 75 options to choose from.
  • The best part is that you only have to pay for the channels, which you wish to watch.

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How Much Will Spectrum TV Charge You After The Trial Expires

When the Spectrum 7-day free trial period ends, the Spectrum TV Choice will remain available by the regular package price of $24.99/month. Yet, certain reviews stated that theres an additional $6.00 expense for the broadcast tax noted on each bill, which tends to be quite misleading.;

Apart from the TV Choice, here are several prominent services Spectrum offers to its users, along with their prices. These dont have free trials, but they provide some additional channels that the Spectrum TV Choice doesnt cover:

The Name of the Service

Price per month

Spectrum TV Choice Live Channels

How To: Troubleshoot Spectrum Cable Box/TV No Signal

Spectrum TV Choice channels work a little differently. So listen up because this is super important: Spectrum TV Choice lets you choose only 15 cable channels out of the 65 Spectrum currently offers.;

Fortunately, you at least get to pick your Spectrum TV Choice channel lineup from a list of quality options.

Check them out, and choose wisely.

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Great If You Dont Care About Sports

The reason Spectrum TV Essentials and other skinny bundles are so much cheaper than other live streaming services is that they cut out all the channels that have the highest distribution fees namely, the stuff that must be viewed live, like sports, news, and awards shows.

If these things arent crucial viewing to you, a skinny bundle is by far your best option. You can also supplement it with a;TV antenna, which costs around $30, has no monthly fees, broadcasts in HD, and picks up your local ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC channels. That way, you can still see the biggest games and events without paying a colossal monthly fee.

How Much Does Spectrum Charge For Wi

As of now, there is no existing plan for Spectrum Internet that only includes a Wi-Fi subscription and nothing more.

However, what you have is a FREE Wi-Fi out-of-home that comes bundled in all internet plans from Spectrum.

This means that along with your home internet and home Wi-Fi, you also get to have Wi-Fi outside for free.

Through the many Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots spread throughout the country, you can be sure that you would stay connected all the time and wherever you go.

To take advantage of this, simply connect to the many Spectrum hotspots, named SpectrumWiFi. Then, open your browser to be redirected to the login page.

Then, simply login to your Spectrum account and enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi even outside of your home!

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Spectrum Streaming Service Channels: What Can You Watch

TV Essentials includes more than 60 channels, including some big names, such as AMC, Comedy Central, Food Network and HGTV. While that count is much higher than what you get from DirecTV Now or PS Vue and Sling TV , Spectrum’s channel selection is particularly limited.

As you might guess from Mr. Rutledge’s comments, Spectrum TV Essentials is focused on the set of channels classified as “entertainment.” This means it’s missing many popular news channels and doesn’t have any sports channels .;

Its selection also leans heavy on Verizon-owned channels , omitting Disney-owned channels such as ABC, the FX networks, and National Geographic TV.

Yes, BBC America, BBC World News and Bloomberg may provide enough news for some, but this service is missing the standard brand-name general news networks. Here’s the full channel list:;

  • A&E
  • Spectrum News
  • Sundance TV
  • The Weather Channel
  • WEtv

Race to freedomwatch #Curfew, a new action series available exclusively to Spectrum customers #OnDemand or with the #SpectrumTVApp. #CurfewSeries

Spectrum added its original programming shows such as L.A.’s Finest and Curfew to TV Essentials in May.

Spectrum Dvr & Equipment

Sign In

As noted above, when you sign up for service through Charter Spectrum, you receive its HD service for free. Along with this, you can sign up for:

  • DVR service – This is where you have the option to pause live programming and record your favorite shows.

  • Spectrum On-Demand – Charter Spectrum gives you access to a wide variety of entertainment options with its on-demand programming. With this, you have access to over 10,000 choices, including movies, TV shows, and children’s programming.

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How Much Does Spectrum’s Streaming Service Cost

The biggest reason to consider Spectrum TV Essentials is its low price of $14.99 per month. That’s $10 less per month than Sling TV’s entry-level packages, which are the cheapest we consider in our big Hulu Live vs. YouTube TV vs. Sling vs. Vue vs. DirecTV Now face-off.

Spectrum offers no other package options, so you can’t add any other channels on.

Spectrum Equipment And Dvr Rundown

After choosing a plan on the Spectrum TV website, you may be asked whether you want to use an HD-Box or the Apple TV 4K. Here’s the lowdown.

HD-Boxes cost $7.99 per month each and allow you to view in HD The box enables you to access the channels directly, and, for a fee, professional Spectrum TV installation and support are available. It also includes a universal remote, and you can pay an additional monthly fee for DVR storage.

Good To Know: Keep in mind, your rates may increase after the first year if you don’t sign up for a two-year package. There may also be surcharges and taxes, along with extra fees for equipment, installation, and additional services.

If you opt for the Apple TV 4K, it includes a voice-activated remote, which is an excellent option if you hate tiny buttons. You’ll have access to all your channels via the Spectrum TV App. Users can also upgrade to include DVR storage, which allows you to save up to 100 hours of your favorite shows and movies. Note that you’ll be on your own for installation, so reach out to a more tech-savvy family member if that’s not your strength. You can either purchase the device for $180 upfront or spread out the payment at $7.99 per month for 23 months.

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