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How Things Are Made TV Show

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Talk To Your Kids About

Making Stuff features ClearWater Design Canoes & Kayaks factory
  • Families can talk about everyday products they’re curious about and speculate How It’s Made. What things do you want to know more about? Which products seem mysteriously constructed?

  • Have you ever thought about where your food, car, furniture, sporting goods, etc. came from? How do you think people would get by if they were responsible for obtaining and/or making everything they needed themselves?

  • How do you think products are selected to be featured on the show? How does the show help the products it features?

  • How does How It’s Made inspire curiosity? Why is this an important character strength?

  • Premiere date: January 6, 2001
  • Cast:

Is It Any Good

Curious kids and adults will learn from the show, and some segments can really broaden your perspective. For instance, the segment on hatchery chicks might encourage a discussion about where meat comes from or families’ opinions about industrial versus sustainable food production. With its emphasis on facts, some might find How It’s Made lacking in personality. Some segments will appeal to viewers more than others, depending on your interest or familiarity with the featured item.

Shows Like How It’s Made: How Stuff Gets Made Shows

Are you someone who always explains things using ‘the cloud’, but has no idea what the cloud is? The good news is physical objects are a lot simpler than high-tech, and it proves surprisingly entertaining to see how they are made.

  • James May reassembles three household objects which have been stripped down to their constituent parts, gaining an insight into their intricacies and the way in which they were designed and built.

    Run Time: 30 Minutes

    John Ratzenberger celebrates American manufacturing and the skill of American workers as he travels to factories in towns throughout the country.

    Run Time: 22 Minutes

  • Fast-paced, fun and informative, Modern Marvels is The History Channel’s signature series focusing on historical technology. The series has focused on wonders of …

    Run Time: 60 Minutes

    The minds behind history’s most iconic toy franchises discuss the rise of their billion-dollar creations.

    Run Time: 46 Minutes

  • James May travels all over Britain to show the origins of some toys, and creates amazing things with them.

    Run Time: 60 Minutes

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    How Its Made Plot And Series Summary

    Television series that documents how various everyday products are made.

    Have you ever wondered how the products you use every day are made? How Its Made leads you through the process of how everyday products, such as apple juice, skateboards, engines, contact lenses, and many more objects are manufactured.

    You may also visit How Its Mades official website and IMDb page. You can also view How Its Made season 33 trailer on .

    Wtf Theyre Not American

    Top 10 Things in TV Shows That Make No Sense

    An Access Hollywood-like show that is solely dedicated to various actors who you thought were American but, turns out, they arent! WTF! People like Charlize Theron, Damien Lewis, Kate Winslet, Christian Bale, Andrew Lincoln, Hugh Laurie, Idris Elba, Toni Collette, and John Boyega. We would somehow squeeze five seasons out of this show.

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    List Of How It’s Made Episodes

    How It’s Made is a documentarytelevision series that premiered on January 6, 2001, on the Discovery Channel in Canada and Science in the United States. The program is produced in the Canadian province of Quebec by Productions MAJ, Inc. and Productions MAJ 2. In the U.K., it is broadcast on Discovery Channel, Quest, and DMAX.

    What Parents Need To Know

    Parents need to know that How It’s Made is a;fascinating fact-based educational series that demonstrates how all sorts of items are constructed. Occasionally segments focus on potentially disturbing products, like hatchery chicks, in which baby chickens are seen hatching and then being sorted by hand and machine onto giant conveyor belts for eventual shipment to farms . Little kids might not be interested or have the attention span to follow the different segments, but children who like to know how things work may very well be entranced.

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    Can This Home Makeover Save Our Marriage

    So long, old house! Val and her sassy team of opinionated home renovation experts are swoopin in to give a few lucky homeowners the house makeover of a lifetime, all in the hopes of saving these couples marriages. Hey, theyve already tried everything: Couples counseling, group therapy, adopting a dog, even having a baby! A home makeover could be just the thing they need to patch things up! Coming to TLC.

    When Rory Missed Lorelai’s Graduation To Visit Jess On Gilmore Girls

    Here’s How #8 – Radio & TV

    “It makes me so angry because Lorelai worked so hard to graduate and obviously wanted Rory to see that. But Rory was confused about her feelings, so she ditched school and visited Jess in NEW YORK. I know he changed, but in Season 2, I did not like him at all, so it makes me more frustrated that she did that. And on top of that, she forgot the fucking gift she bought for Lorelai!!!”

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    How TV Production Works

    Jackpot! The network has green-lighted the show concept we followed in How Writing a TV Show Works and How Getting Your Show on TV Works. Now it’s time to shoot the pilot episode. A pilot is the first episode of a show — they’re shot, fittingly, during pilot season, between January and May. If the network likes the pilot, it will pick up the show for the season and make it a series.

    When the network approves a pilot for filming, several things must occur. First, the showrunner and producers are hired. The showrunner is the person in charge. He or she works with the writers and script, casts the actors, is responsible for creative direction and usually oversees the project from start to finish. Sometimes the showrunner is the person who created the show’s concept, wrote the script or treatment and pitched it. Producers help the showrunner handle everything. They help with hiring the director, talent, crew, writers and assistant producers, and their first task is rewriting or updating the script. When that’s done, cast auditions are next. Then the producers hire the crew — and finally, the pilot is shot and edited. This schedule is generally outlined as preproduction, production and postproduction.

    At any given time, more than 80 people can be working together to make a TV show. The production team and the crew are as important as the talent and really make the show happen. Here’s a short list of some of the production crew.

    Why Women Are Paid Less

    Hillary Clinton and Anne-Marie Slaughter discuss the cultural norms at the center of the worldwide gender pay gap, including the “motherhood penalty.”

    Political correctness can sometimes feel like a tug-of-war between inclusivity and free speech. Experts discuss the concepts behind the fraught term.

    The female orgasm is more elusive when a man is involved. Discover the reasons why — and how women are embracing hands-on solutions.

    Can we uncover the secrets to extending the human lifespan? Experts discuss how developments in science — even the French lilac — hold some clues.

    Do zodiac signs prescribe your fate? Or do horoscopes’ accuracy lie in the placebo effect? Take a look at the science, history and lure of astrology.

    They’ve been used to command respect, punish criminals and mark achievements. Tattooists speak about the origins of tattoo traditions and rituals.

    Cricket experts look at how the confusing sport became so popular and discuss its evolution in becoming more accessible, entertaining and profitable.

    Do we overuse exclamation points!? Linguists and copy editors look at how the punctuation has adapted across history, literature and internet-speak.

    Despite decades of searching, we have yet to discover extraterrestrial life. Scientists discuss the reasons, including: Are aliens just too snobby?

    Is fake violence a sport? Fans, shoutcasters and eSports icons break down today’s video games and the explosive popularity of competitive gaming.

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    Season And Episode’s Notes

    • The “Historical Capsule” segment in Season 1, episode 9 incorrectly states that Florence Nightingale founded the Elizabeth Arden cosmetics company in 1930. In fact, the company was founded by Florence Nightingale Graham.
    • The background music in the “Pipe Organs” segment of Season 2, episode 2 is called “Variations for Organ on ‘O Filii et Fili√¶‘, Opus 49, No. 2″ by French organist and composer Alexandre Guilmant.
    • The “Techno Flash” segment was removed from the third season, and the “Historical Capsule” segment was removed from the fifth season.
    • In the U.S. version of the show, the “Condoms” segment in Season 28, episode 1 is replaced with the “Rubber Gloves” one, which is a duplicate of the same segment in Season 21, episode 1.
    • The Science Channel in the U.S. lists the seasons differently from the original Canadian version of the show:

    How Its Made Season 33 Release Date: When Will It Premiere

    16 Things We Wish Would Make A Comeback, Aside From Our ...

    Was How Its Made renewed for season 33?No, How Its Made has not been renewed for thirty third season yet.

    When does How Its Made season 33 come out?Discovery has yet to be officially renew How Its Made for season 33. As of September 2021, there is no release date scheduled for the new season. This does not mean the series has been canceled. The show may be on a break and the next season has not been announced or scheduled yet. We will update this post with more details as soon as they become available. If you want to get notified of the season 33 premiere, please sign up for updates below, and join the conversation in our forums.

    Tap below to check availability.

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    Im Having Satans Baby

    Buckle up for this new show on TLC: Beth is teeming with excitement. See, shes a new mom-to-be, pregnant with Satans child, and shes sharing all the ways shes getting prepared for the new arrival. Our cameras are there to capture all the drama, from the stress of picking out colors for the babys nursery , to the yoga routines she tries out to keep herself fit and healthy while pregnant with the spawn of Lucifer.

    Made In America Led Tubes From Independence Led Lighting Featured On Science Channels How Its Made TV Show

    Full How Its Made;Show Downloads at iTunes:

    How Its Made;Rebroadcast Schedule:

    For Reference: The Topic is LED Tubes and the show segment is on Season 27 Episode 4

    Greater Philadelphia, PA, May 23, 2016 ; Independence LED Lighting announced that Science Channel will profile the companys Made in America LED tubes on its celebrated How Its Made television show. The U.S. market broadcast is scheduled for Monday June 6 at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time.

    Each half hour program typically includes three different manufactured products. In addition to LED Tubes, the episode also includes chocolate peanut butter bars, and robotic medication dispensers.

    As a viewer and a fan of the How Its Made TV show, I was pleased that Science Channel chose to profile our line of energy saving LED tubes. We applaud the leadership team at Discovery and the Science Channel for inspiring people with the process of manufacturing and next-generation technology. Charlie Szoradi, CEO Independence LED.

    Beyond the initial broadcast, Science Channel airs multiple repeat broadcast reruns of How Its Made;episodes. To confirm the U.S. broadcast date and time as well as future reruns, see the Science Channel TV Schedule page:

    Profiles on LED Lighting: How Its Made does not repeat subject profiles, and Independence LED Lighting is the first coverage of LED lighting for buildings.

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    How It’s Made

    • Lynn Herzeg
    • Lynne Adams
  • United States
  • Zac Fine
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 minutes per segment, 30 minutes per episode
    Production companies
    Original release

    How It’s Made is a Canadian documentarytelevision series that premiered on January 6, 2001, on the Discovery Channel in Canada and the Science Channel in the United States. The program is produced in the Canadian province of Quebec by Productions MAJ, Inc. and Productions MAJ 2.

    How A Cathode

    HOW IT WORKS | Lego, Skyscrapers, Cake, Jacket | Episode 7 | Free Documentary
  • An antenna on your roof picks up radio waves from thetransmitter. With satellite TV, the signals come from a satellite dishmounted on your wall or roof. With cable TV, the signal comes to youvia an underground fiber-optic cable.
  • The incoming signal feeds into the antenna socket on the back of the TV.
  • The incoming signal is carrying picture and sound for more thanone station . An electronic circuit inside the TV selects only the stationyou want to watch and splits the signal for this station into separateaudio and video information, passing each to aseparate circuit for further processing.
  • The electron gun circuit splits the video part of the signal into separate red, blue, and green signalsto drive the three electron guns.
  • The circuit fires three electron guns down a cathode-ray tube, like a fat glass bottle from which the airhas been removed.
  • The electron beams pass through a ring of electromagnets.Electrons can be steered by magnets because they have a negativeelectrical charge. The electromagnets steer the electron beams so theysweep back and forth across the screen, line by line.
  • The electron beams pass through a grid of holes called a mask,which directs them so they hit exact places on the TV screen. Where thebeams hit the phosphors on the screen, they makered, blue, or green dots. Elsewhere, the screen remains dark. Thepattern of red, blue, and green dots builds up a colored picture veryquickly.
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